Martyrdom in Islam

Hello, Ali

My predominant take is a psychological one, and I have been teased recently about the Muslim attitude to children and my perception that it objectifies them and turns them into “things” rather than views them as people in their own right.   This particularly links in to the continued Islamist indoctrination of little children in Gaza and the West Bank and elsewhere into Jew hatred.   I can find little in learned journals, however, about Arab/Muslim child rearing.

What can you tell me about Arab/Muslim customs of child-rearing which might predispose parents to giving up their children to the Hamas and Fatah death cult?   This is against human nature, the instinct of which is to protect the young rather than use them for score political points.

Do Arabs objectify their children?  Do they value them less? I don’t think so.

A large mural encouraging children to become martyrs by walking on mine fields.

Yes it is against human nature to destroy one’s child deliberately.  The problem is not reserved to Arabs.  All Muslims engage in this irrational conduct.   This attitude is common among all cultists.  How can we forget that over 900 Americans followers of James Jones drank a poisonous Cool Aid after administering it to their children in Guyana? Of course what they did was against human nature.

During the Iran Iraq war children were encouraged to walk on mine fields in front of tanks to clear the way.  Parents sent their children to do this knowing they will not come back. It absolutely makes no sense.

To understand this we have to understand the mindset of Muslims. Muslims are taught that this life is worthless. It is only a testing ground. The real life is the one that follows in the afterlife.  All cults teach this baloney.  Here, there is suffering. There, one will find boundless bounties and happiness.   This life can be tempting and if we get too attached to it we will lose the one in the hereafter, is the narrative.  Muslims grow up learning that a few years of lousy living in this world is not worth losing the eternal life in paradise.

Death, not life, is the focus of the life of a Muslim. Muhammad said a wise person is one who always thinks about his death.

A Muslim is also never sure whether he will make it to paradise.  He could end up in hell despite his best efforts. There is no guarantee.  Allah is quite whimsical and may choose to send to hell those who do good deeds and there is no one who can question his decision.  Allah abides by no law, including his own. He does as he pleases.

Humans’ journey through life is compared to that of migrating birds that may land to eat and drink. But if they become too attached to this world they will miss their destination.  The temptations of this world, its luster and lures can entangle the soul.  A bird whose wings are muddied cannot fly and will not reach his final abode.

The more one is attached to this world the less he will have the chance of getting into the paradise.  Everything can act as attachment and test – money, family, children are all tests. Life itself is an attachment.

There is only one guarantee to reach the paradise.  It is to give up everything and become a martyr.  A martyr will not feel his death.  He won’t suffer. The pain is guaranteed to be less than the pain caused by an ant’s bite.  But the rewards are humongous.

This is a bargain no Muslim wants to lose.  Isn’t blowing up oneself against human nature?  It is not that Muslims objectify their own selves. It is because of this belief. If martyrdom is so great why should they deprive their children from it?

Muslims don’t think they are sacrificing their children. They think they are ensuring their eternal life. This is the best gift they can give to their children. They realize their inability to ensure a decent future for them in this world, but they know for a “fact” that their eternal life is secured if they become martyrs.

Muslims talk about martyrdom all the time. They eulogize it and consider it the noblest thing one can do and the highest station one can achieve.   Getting education, going after science and becoming the next Einstein does not appeal to a Muslim child as much as martyrdom does.  Becoming an Einstein requires hard work and genius, the chances are that you won’t make it. Becoming a martyr requires one act of courage and you are set for eternity.

Large murals glorifying martyrdom

Martyrdom is the highway to greatness. Martyrs will have streets named after them.  They will receive universal recognition and admiration.  Muslims have low self-esteem. This aggression that you see in the Muslim world is an expression of their abysmally low self-esteem.  Give them the promise that they will be heroes and celebrities overnight and they will give up their life for it.

Now, don’t assume that the answer is providing a better life for Muslims.  The more comfortable Muslims become the guiltier they feel.  They think the ease of life is an impediment between them and God.  God of Islam wants Muslims to suffer hardship to prove their devotion to him.  When he loves someone he send more calamities to him in order to test him. Go figure. He loves the poor. Too much comfort will make Muslims feel guilty and will actually push them to renounce everything and become martyr. The great majority of suicide bombers have been wealthy kids.

One way to eliminate Jihad is to reduce Muslims into abject poverty.  In poverty Muslims don’t wage jihad.  Just stop buying their products and they will starve to death. Jihad is mandatory only when Muslims are strong and their chances of winning are greater.  Another way to end jihad is to help them see Islam is a lie. I prefer the latter way.

Blood fountains in Iran glorified martyrdom

Martyrdom is a mindset.  It is eulogized in the media, in the schools, by teachers and parents. No one can deny its merits or speak against it because it is stated in the Quran.

In Iran, during the war, there were fountains colored in red to symbolize blood and martyrdom. Maybe they still exist.

A cousin of mine said he used to go to a cemetery and lie in a grave contemplating martyrdom and his own death. He was in his early teens.  Since dead bodies used to come every day from the war, the graves were ready for them.

You must live among Muslims, or better grow up as one to understand this mindset.  There is virtually nothing that a Muslim thinks is better than martyrdom.  This is the highest station a human can reach.

I hope this  answers your question.

Ali Sina



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43 Responses

  1. alisina says:

    Azizam, man musalmanzahe of az tarafe madar seyydam. Islam ra behtar is shoma of akhoond ha midanam Monazerate bandeh ra ba in do akhood bekhooneed.

  2. مسلمان says:

    آیا واقعا شما ریختن خون را برابر با مقام عظیم شهید قرار می دهید؟ آیا واقعا اسلام را آن چیزی می بینید که در اینترنت و صفحه های خصوصی برای شما می آید ؟ برای شناختن اسلام به منبع آن رجوع کنید یعنی قرآن نه اینترنت.

  3. MovingFoward says:

    Wow I always wondered what compelled Muslims to commit suicide and this is very insightful. Thanks for sharing this. What a twisted mindset. 

  4. Saveworld says:

    ISLAM=Stupid, Lazy, Rubbish, Problem, Lie,  Barbarian, Dirty, Ugly, Noisy, Crazy, Oppress, Violent, Behead, Horror, War, Boom, Politic, Womanizing, Pedophilia, Polygamy, Fanatic, Evil, Terrorist

  5. fan of ali sina says:


  6. Wijaya says:

    Waraka, upon accepting Muhammad’s prophecy, remained a Christian and, in later accounts, was counted among Muhammad’s companions. Muhammad is later said to have said of Waraka: “Do not slander Waraka ibn Nawfal, for I have seen that he will have one or two gardens in Paradise.

    After I read Quranic verses, i believe that muhammed was sent by God.

    for being what??

    for to be antichrist, to be a false prophet.

    Mat 18:7 Woe unto the world because of occasions of stumbling! for it must needs be that the occasions come; but woe to that man through whom the occasion cometh!

  7. Rojas says:

    Now finally I've got the hang of how to embed a video: 😀

    [youtube 1Mf1sCAfNfU youtube]

  8. Rojas says:

    (Sorry, second try).

    Egyptian psychiatrist Adel Sadeq explains and praises martyrdom:

  9. Rojas says:

    Egyptian psychiatrist Adel Sadeq explains and praises martyrdom:


  10. Seraj says:

    Firstly, I don't debate with someone who's logic leads him to believe that "Allah" and "God" are different. The myth Ali Sina promotes is ahistorical and is denied by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars. Please correct yourself.… The word Allah in Genesis 1:1, translation.

  11. Sanada_10 says:

    Ah, about 2:190. I've discussed it in this one.

  12. Juste says:

    Allah NEVER guarantee paradise/jannat to muslims, on the contrary,
    A martyr/shuhada is guaranteed paradise (supposedly),
    the pain is supposedly less than an ant’s bite (supposedly),
    life on earth is meaningless (supposedly),
    his/her name will be forever carved in the hearts of believers/muslims (supposedly).
    Hence, these sub-humans (muslim parents) send their children to die as shuhadas.
    Did you read the article?
    Or you read it (supposedly) but failed to process it.

  13. greg says:

    For one, Mercedes is not telling it customers to go and kill the drivers of BMW and Audi.

  14. Juste says:

    “Barbarism of The Bedouins”.
    I overlooked this comment. Nice…
    I hope many more Persians rise against Islam.
    Khoda Hafez, Anonymous. 🙂

  15. Seraj says:

    Before you make a long rany about martyrdom, Jihad, and what not, how about learning what they actually are.

    The Islamic interpretation of martyrdom is that one:
    – Dying in defence when attacked (2:190).
    – Dying in defence of freedom or human rights.

    Now, children in Islam should NOT be encouraged to fight in war, and as you already know, during the lifetime of Muhammad boys under 15 were not allowed to fight. Now, forcing someone to blow themselves up is wrong, in fact ‘blowing yourself up’ is forbidden by Qur’anic law. You’re judging Islam by the acts of some Muslims.

    You say it’s Muhammad who’s the problem, quote me one sahih hadith that encourages:
    – Children fighting
    – Blowing one’s self
    The only hadith(s) I know are the ones which state that the greatest Jihad is the Jihad against one’s evil temptations, and the lesser being self-defence or battle. Got any, ‘doctor’?

  16. stan says:

    Add me in ur BBM, 22056eed.. Let’s more about it”,).$

  17. everin says:

    >If an evil driver keep knocking innocent people down with his Merc, then both the driver n his car are to be blamed. His car has faulty brakes or is turbo-charged with too much power that the driver cannot control. The Shia and the Sunni are killing each others among themselves from Pakistan right up to the ME countries. Whose faults. The teachings or the people. Please clarify.

  18. Sanada_10 says:

    1 ounce of brain is not human brain and if you use it then the result will be …

  19. Ali Sina says:

    “Why is everyone here blaming Islam on the basis of what the followers are doing? ”

    And why you Muslims are so reluctant to read? We are not blaming Islam for what Muslims do but for what Muhammad did. Please read before commenting.

  20. Ahsan says:

    Why is everyone here blaming Islam on the basis of what the followers are doing? A very famous example; If a bad driver is driving a Mercedes, this doesnt make Mercedes bad. In similar fashion, why blame Islam on the basis of what its followers are doing nowadays?
    Secondly, all this talk of everyone being saint and Islam being devil, have you forgotten what christianity was like? What happened when Spain was taken over by christian kings? Muslims were slaughtered in no numbers.. not just that, why has everyone forgotten what christianity was like? Pathetic you all.. read what Islam says before commenting you all imbeciles. Don't judge Islam by what is happening in the name of Islam.. anyone with 1 ounce of brain will understand the difference..

  21. Truth says:

    No doubt Iran (Persia) is a wonderful county land of many great Emperor and scholars. But Oh God see what Islam  is done to this beautiful country.

  22. Ali Sina says:

    Wonderful and thank you. Iran willl be the first country that will eschew this evil faith. Iranians have woken up. Once we get rid of Islam the sky will be our limit. The future of our country is bright, even though today is as dark as the darkest night.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your website Ali Sina, I am a member of a small Iranian ultra-nationalist organization, we promote an Iranian identity over an Islamic identity, we view Islam as nothing more than the barbarism of Bedouins.

  24. John K says:

    Right. In the Inferno, Eighth Circle (Fraud), Bolgia 9:

  25. Marie says:

    Didn't Dante depict Muhammed in hell?

  26. John K says:

    Dante lists the three universal vices as wealth, power, and lust. It fits Islam to a tee.

  27. Marie says:

    soovey says:

    If martyrdom is to be so greatly sought after and desired, how come the ulema and the half-educated swivel-eyed inciters of hatred in mosques don't lead by example?

    I say:

    because they do not want to let go of the riches of this world.

  28. soovey says:

    If martyrdom is to be so greatly sought after and desired, how come the ulema and the half-educated swivel-eyed inciters of hatred in mosques don't lead by example?

    How come they get to live out their three score years and ten while sending ignorant people to certain death by means of fairy stories?

  29. Sanada_10 says:

    Everyone (muslim) could/can be martyr except Muhammad and everyone (both sides) could/can die for the sake of Islam except Muhammad. Everyone (muslim) wants to die for Islam except…

  30. Marie says:

    Islam is a religion from hell created by Satan. Allah is Satan in disguise and Muhammed was his prophet. Islam was crafted by Satan to lead people astray so he would have more people to torture in hell. Satan chose Muhammed because he knew Muhammed would make a perfect fake prophet because was a depraved, horny, and greedy old man who only cared about himself. Satan promised Muhammed wealth and Muhammed in return gave him more souls.

  31. arya anand says:

    Islam is a cult of war and blood that reduces its followers into blood thirsty war mongers.

  32. lonelyloner says:

    it's so sad it's hilarious

  33. Ali Sina says:

    Like Muslims you have been fed with lies. This is typical of divisive ideologies. They demonize their opponent with lies to justify their own crimes and irrational ideology.

  34. John K says:

    So if you would rather be a leftist, then you would rather choose evil over good, wrong over right, collectivism over individualism, totalitarianism over freedom, poverty over prosperity, and things which fail over things which succeed.

    No thanks. I am quite familiar with Buddhism. I should also say that I don't consider religions as a disqualifier for friendship. I would be friends with Muslims too if their book didn't say they have to kill me.

    I would also say that Christianity is not as collectivist as some religions, so you probably don't know as much about what I think and believe as you think, notwithstanding your prior experience with Christianity.

  35. LaudoBouttam says:

    I would sooner be a leftist than a supporter of capitalism's excesses and imperialism's torure of diverse peoples.

    Anyway, art thou not doing the same as thou claimst that I do, albeit from a different perspective?

    I oppose rightwingers, thou opposest leftwingers. I am convinced that certain forms of buddhism are the best religion, thou art convinced that certain forms of Christianity are the best religion (not including, I assume, Arianism).

    Truly, esteemed, we could be friends we are so similar. I also understand the appeal of fundamentalist Christianity, having been one myself. I hope that thou wilt likewise be able to move beyond Christ. If nothing else, consider Amida Buddha, The Buddha of Infinite light. His cult, like those of Christ, is based upon faith rather than works for salvation.

    I would be happy to send thee some buddhist tracts if thou art interested.

  36. John K says:

    I appreciate your stance against Islam, but condemning everyone else at the same time is like the lunatics in the insane asylum declaring that they are sane and the whole world is crazy.

    I used to evaluate leftist issues on a case by case basis, but once you have keys of understanding with underlying principles, you will realize that it's all the fruit of a corrupt tree. There has been some discussion of this at FFI:

  37. Marie says:

    Islam turns people into devils

  38. LaudoBuottam says:

    Esteemed Ali Sina, please do not criticize leftists in general, since we are not all agreed in many things. I am a leftist, yet I despise Islam to the extent that my happiness depends upon Islamic events. I criticize many faiths:
    Christians are deluded. MUslims are deluded. Jews are deluded. Glykonites are deluded. Maniites are deluded. Mandaeans are deluded. Zoroastrians are deluded.

    Satanists are misguided. Taoists are misguided. Karpokrations are misguided. Tengriists are miguided. Jucheists are misguided. Atheists are misguided.
    The dharma taughten by the Buddha is not delusional, yet even Pureland and (eep) Nichiren Buddhism are bizarre to me.

    Many leftists oppose anti-Islamic sentiments because (alas) islamophobia is often used (especially in the UK) as a thin disguise for hatred of non-Whites. Racism is a hideous bane, but so is Islam.


  39. raj says:

    Mohammad really made a fool out of every believing muslim. He has taken advantage of this Martyrdom belief in his times as well.In many hadith we see Prophet saying no other thing as big as dyeing in Jihad and encouraged young ppl to die.The young kids being used nowadays for Jihad is nothing but his sunna.The question is not abt blind belief.Even Hinduism,Buddhism,Sikkhism,jainism believes in rebirth which cannot be prooved.But none of these religions ask its followers to die.As a matter of fact Christianity believes in heaven n hell but it never asks a believer to just die.So foolish on the part of Muslims to not understand the fact that Mohammad preached this Martyrdom stuff only to motivate ppl to fight in wars against nonbelievers for his GAINS.

  40. John K says:

    I appreciate your sharing your insights into the greater depths of this issue. It is a constant reminder that even when we are familiar with a subject, that there is always more light to be shed on it and greater depths of understanding to plumb.

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