Jinn, Satan and Muhammad


Thank you for helping me to see the truth. However, I am not here to declare my apostasy, rather I just want to let you know that I am no longer a threat to infidels and mankind. And there is no more room in my mind to be brainwashed by Muhammad’s doctrines.

If you see me someday praying in the masjid, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I still love Muhammad, instead it is just because to show my fellow Muslims that I am still with them. I still love my head to be on my shoulders.

I learn that you are very knowledgeable from your essays. You said you don’t believe in a personal God.  And you don’t believe in the existence of angles, jinn and Satan either.

But, I once read your essay saying that Muslims pray to Satan instead of God. What Satan do you mean in your writing?

If you say you don’t believe in such entities. Then, who squeezed Muhammad in cave Hira, when he was receiving his first revelation?

Why Muhammad would always sweat and heard bell ringing when he was receiving verses from Gabriel? What made him sweat and hear voices?

As for your accusation that Muhammad was a pedophile. My question is: Why would he just choose one Aisha to be his first and final victim?

There must have been a whole bunch of “young jack fruits” in Arabia at that time beside a young Aisha, right? Why only Aisha? I learned that a pedophile would always seek victims as long as the situation allows. Why would Muhammad be satisfied with only Aisha? As for adult women that he married and raped, why would he rather have widows than virgins to go after his lust?




Dear Taufiq,

Whether you announce your apostasy or not you are already an apostate. What is the point of announcing it?  Once we stop believing in the lies of Muhammad and stop hating our fellow beings for not being Muslims are rescued from the web of hate. That is all that counts.

You should also remember that Muslims find strength in numbers.  Try not to join them unless you feel this will endanger your life.  You are wise for trying to keep your head on your shoulder.  We don’t need martyrs. We want to live long and enjoy it.  We can serve humanity better alive.

I use the term God generally as the principle underlying the creation.  So when I say God bless you  or I pray for you what I mean is I hope that the forces of the universe be with you and become happy, prosperous and may all your camels give birth to she camels and all your eggs hatch as hen.  When I talk about Satan I also speak figuratively. It expresses the idea perfectly.  Satan does not exist as an entity, but human wickedness does. Satan symbolizes this wickedness.  In psychology we call it malignant narcissism.  When someone says Satan made me do it, what he actually means is that he gave in to his basest nature.  We all possess noble qualities and ignoble ones.  It is linguistically convenient and expressive to define the former traits as divine and the latter as satanic.

In Persian we say Khoda Hafez, for goodbye.  I still say it.  It is a beautiful phrase. I say to people God be with you. God bless you and I think it sounds a lot better than saying Force be with you, or the universe bless you.

Once upon a time people thought we think with our heart. We still use terms such as knowing by heart, my heart yearns, my heart is delighted, or saddened, etc.  The heart was assumed to be the seat of all knowledge and all feelings.  Now we know it is just a pump, which you can even replace with a mechanical device.  But we have not thrown all those expressions away.  We still love with our hearts. We still say sunset and sunrise, when we know these are scientific heresies.

Why bother changing our language?  God bless you for asking this question so it is made clear.

No angel or demon squeezed Muhammad in cave Hira. He suffered from epilepsy and the signs he described are symptoms of this disease.   The following are the symptoms that Muhammad described.

  1. visions (hallucinations) of seeing an angel or a light and of hearing voices
  2. bodily spasms and excruciating abdominal pain and discomfort
  3. overwhelmed by sudden emotions of anxiety and fear
  4. twitching in neck muscles
  5. uncontrollable lip movement, lip smacking
  6. sweating even during cold days
  7. face flushed
  8. countenance was troubled
  9. rapid heart palpitation
  10. snorting like a camel
  11. drowsiness
  12. suicidal thoughts

Temporal Lobe Epylepsy attack


These are all symptoms of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.  He was not lying. He was a sick man. My book Understanding Muhammad explains this in detail.

Any person who can be aroused by a child is a pedophile.  One does not have to be a serial thief to be called a thief.  If a person robs a bank once, he is a thief.

Some pedophiles never go after children.  They have the decency to control themselves, but if they find children sexually appealing there is something wrong with them.  If you are a normal man you know that it is not possible to feel attraction for a little girl just as if you are a heterosexual it is not possible for you to feel attracted to someone of your same sex. Muhammad was a pedophile and all the mental gymnastics the Muslims make to acquit him of this crime are shameless.  It only shows the depravity of their soul.

There are other Muslims who deny Aisha was a child. They are only fooling themselves.

All Muhammad’s wives, after Khadijah were teenagers or in their early twenties. Most of them became widow because Muhammad murdered their young husband.   Sauda, is said to be old when Muhammad married her.  But how old was she?  No mention of her age is made.  Ibn Sa’d writes; Sauda died during the rule of Muaviyah in the year 54 Hijra.[1] Muhammad married her about a month after the death of Khadijah, i.e. three years before Hijra. Therefore, Sauda died 57 years after she married Muhammad. What is the normal age of a person? Sauda was a large woman. Often overweigh people don’t live long. But let us say she died at the age of eighty.  80-57=23. Sauda was 23 years old when she married Muhammad who was 50 years old at that time. This makes sense since when Sauda’s first husband died; she did not have yet a child. If Sauda died at the age of 90, which is unlikely, she could not have been older than 33 years when she married Muhammad.

The historian Tabari narrates[2] that Muhammad solicited Hind bint Abu Talib, his own cousin, to marry him, but when she told him that she had a child, he desisted.  Another woman was Zia’h bint Aamir. Muhammad asked someone to solicit her for marriage.  She accepted, but when he was told of her age, he changed his mind.[3]

A Muslim named Jarir ibn Abdullah narrated that Muhammad asked him, “Have you got married?” He replied in the affirmative.  Muhammad enquired, “A virgin or a matron?”  He responded, “I married a matron.”  Then Muhammad said, “Why not a virgin? So you may play with her and she may play with you?”[4]

Ibn Sa’d also writes that when Muhammad heard of the beauty of Zaba’a, daughter of Amir, who was a widow, the Prophet sent a message with her son telling him he would like to marry his mother.  The boy went home to inform her mother. When he left, Muhammad was told that although very beautiful, she is not that young anymore. So when her son returned and told Muhammad that his mother had accepted his proposal, he remained silent.[5]

Women for the messenger of Allâh were only sex objects.  They had no more rights than chattel. Their function was to satisfy their husbands sexually and give birth to their children.


[1] Tabaqat V.8  page 56

[2] Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (838–923) was one of the earliest, most prominent and famous Persian historians and exegetes of the Quran, most famous for his Tarikh al-Tabari and Tafsir al-Tabari.

[3] Persian Tabari, Vol. IV, page 1298.

[4] Bukhari Volume 3, Book 34, Number 310:

[5] Tabaqat V. 8 p. 157

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  1. Sakat says:

    Now you agree that child sex is bad and so Mohammed did committed wrong in molesting and raping Ayesha ,this is what Sina want to establish here on this site with proof .At least you have come forward to say pedophiles are enemy no 1 of human society and Mohammed was the numero uno pedophile in the history of humanity 😮

  2. Bana says:

    "Saveworld"   Christianity = child sex and having sex with young boys  that is real and an deniable.

  3. rubayasiraj says:

    Haven't you seen that show on Discovery Channel, where real exorcisms are dramatised, which have been performed by Christians, Wiccans, ghost-hunters, etc.? Does that make all those religions real? And what about the atheistic ghost-hunters and the Wiccans (some of whom does not believe in Satan)?

  4. Saveworld says:

    Islam=Stupid, Lazy, Rubbish, Problem, Lie,  Barbarian, Dirty, Ugly, Noisy, Crazy, Oppress, Violent, Behead, Horror, War, Boom, Politic, Womanizing, Polygamy, Fanatic, Evil, Terrorist

  5. Concerned says:

    Thank you

  6. everin says:

    Yes, there are these mediums who can communicate with spirit of the dead. But problems are to get the right spirit to come n talk on the other end, n there maybe fraudulent claims. Money-wise, ask the spirit to give u the winning number in the lottery draw. If u win big, pay it back with some ritual n pay me,too. Sometimes, u may get messages from the dead in yr dreams.

  7. Concerned says:

    Can anyone please explain wether the following is true. On radio this morning there was a lady who communicates with dead people. The listeners phones her and conveys messages to the spirit of their dead relatives and the dead relative does the same via this lady. Both the listeners and dead relatives discuss their concerns. If this is true then the soul can be separated from the body. As atheist believe when the body dies the soul also dies.If this is not true then why would the broadcasting corporation let this power to talk on radio.

  8. everin says:

    Kennedy die because the spirit worked on the mind of the killer to shoot him. Just like sgt. Robert Bales who shot dead 16 Afghan civilians because his mind was temporary controlled by evil spirit. Spirits work on the people who are weak in the mind to do evil things like killing or commit suicide, or to become mental patients.
    Mind u, the suicide rate of US soldiers are rather high for those who had served in Iraq n Afghanistan. Most probably caused by avenging spirits This is what we called spirit disturbance.
    Spirit disturbance maybe the cause of problems ranging from minor injuries, personal discomfort, negative mood, etc to serious injuries, accidents, conflict, crimes, suicide, murder n other tragedies. I must emphasis here, though, that not all cases are caused by spirits but the majority are.
    Not true, Jesus healed all sinners if u go by the Bible. And there was a story in the Bible that said Jesus cast out spirits from a sick man n the spirits attached to the swines which then rushed into the sea.

  9. Ali Sina says:

    Voodoo works only if the victim believes in it. He does not die as the effect of the voodoo. He dies becuse of his belief in it. The same can be said about miracle healing. Even Jesus told to a woman whom he did not wnat to heal and she grabbed his garment, thy faith healed you. Psychology now explains this phenomenon. It is used in medicine every day and it is called placebo effect.

  10. everin says:

    Papa Doc and President John F Kenedy
    One of the most infamous of craft of Voodoo sorcery prectitioners was Papa Doc, the president of Haiti in the 1960s. Haiti is the only country whose govt.was formed from a sucessful slave revolution.
    Shortly before the assasination of John F Kennedy, the American president had fell out with Papa Doc Duvalier, the then Haitian Voodoo pesident n enforced trade sanctions n embargoes on Haiti. Papa Doc was furious. He went on national TV n cursed n pronounced a death sentence on pres. Kennedy.n proceeded to stick pins in an effigy doll of Kennedy. Shortly after this, Kennedy was shot death in downtown Dallas, Texas. Though the killer was arrested, no apparent motive was established as to why he shot the president. The suceeding US preisdent surreptitiously lifted trade sanctions on Haiti. This whole affair was hushed up by the CIA for security reasons.
    Yes. witches who "rear" spirits to do their evil biddings can often be successful.

  11. Ghost01 says:

    Thanks for enlightening me on this matter. I guess all of these rumours were just a lie after all. I have read books, magazines and internet articles about these ghosts in my country such as pontianak, pocong, toyol and etc. but most of the time, their pictures were hand drawn and there are no real photos of them at all. I guess I'm a fool after all believing such fairy tales.

  12. Ali Sina says:

    These “supernatural evil entities” don’t exist. However, Muslims are very good in deceiving people. Actually people of other faiths do it too but Muslims are masters of it. My mother counts that one day, when she was young, she was invited to a house of a neighbor to witness a cleric chasing away the jinns. He folded a bed sheet and asked all the ladies sit around in circle and hold a corner of it and pull it. Then he placed a needle in the center of the sheet and started reciting his charm. Soon the needle started moving on its own and the women could hear the sound of water. The women were excited and stared screaming. My mother never believed in this nonsense of jinn. She noticed that the cleric exorcist was pulling the lower fold of the bed sheet, which made the needle to move. Once realizing the trick she pulled the sheet up to see what was the sound of the water. The exorcist had a bag of water beneath his knee. He was squeezing and releasing the pressure on it. This was the source of the water sound. She then told the charlatan to get out and not swindle these poor ladies. She said the man grabbed his things and ran out of the house.

    All these claims are lies. There is no such thing as jinn and the Quran has no power in exorcising them.

  13. enlightened25 says:

    Yes keep your head down. I have debated loads of Muslims over the internet and can feel their hatred and anger just through reading their comments. I would never debate such people in public(especially in an Islamic country)because I know I could quite possible be injured, arrested or even killed. These people are controlled by their emotional attachment to their religious beliefs and there is no point arguing with people who think jinn’s exist and this would prove their religion and who cannot understand the fallacy involved

  14. Ghost01 says:

    I see..I have not seen an exorcism session nor a ghost before. Therefore I can't argue much. Thanks for clarifying it. There are many questions appeared in my mind as I grow up in my Islamic country such as "what wrong with hating dogs and pigs?" because as I heard from my Islam friends that Allah forgives everything..but why not forgiving dogs and pigs? I dare not arise such question in my country due to the heavy influence of Islam in my country and also we have no freedom of speech here. Anyone who simply arise such sensitive question will be arrested and questioned by high authority which I would not like that to happen to me.

  15. enlightened25 says:

    "I'm curious that if Islam is a satanic element, how does these negative entity would be expelled just that easily?" Their is no proof any such any such entities exist. Even assuming they did exist other religions claim they can get rid of "demons" through exorcisms and the like. Also how can you be sure the jinn has gone? It could have pretended to go away and return later. And even if the jinn has gone how can you know it was through reading the quran?

  16. Ghost01 says:

    Ali Sina, I'm not a Muslim but I'm living in a Muslim country. I'm a curious person interested in supernatural occurance and often read about stories about it. I have read supernatural magazine published in my country stating all those supernatural occurance on ghosts and possessions. There is some stories that made me puzzled is that when a Muslim that feels a bad presence(mostly related to appearance of ghost) or being possessed, Al-Quran is read and such entities would just go away. I'm curious that if Islam is a satanic element, how does these negative entity would be expelled just that easily?

  17. aryan says:

    ali sina u are doing a gr8 job…hats off to you……will u plz email me your book.those are availble for free download…[email protected] is my email id…..thank you.

  18. lima says:

    Please Ali don't stop talking with muslims, especially those who visit you here. At least, they may start questioning this so called faith. They need help. You helped me once. Please dont stop howevver idiot their talks sound to you. They are searching the enlightment. It is not easy for them. But dont give up.

  19. Wijaya says:

    His uncle, a Christian monk. It is impossible that the uncle didn’t teach his nephew about Christian verses.

  20. John K says:

    Dr. Sina's book has a brief history of the origins of Islam in the first chapter.

  21. Inthenameoferia says:

    I have a teori about bani-ghoreish…I dont know if is truth:
    The arabs tribes who just had it of criminals and raptists so istead for jail they send these assholes
    to the desert where muhammad comes from,after all they became as a big happy family!

    Now is pay-back-time…and in history you can see all the time:BANIGHOREISH here and banighoreish there which destroy even for other arabs tribes.Alot of them were X-tians and i know plenty of them even had MY RELIGION,which muhammad screw it..The oposite of Justice-system–IS EVILNESS AND SATANISM-SYSTEM:

    All my good comments they (The shitheads hackers) changed to EVIL-DEED…so he twisted in a twisted way and make it desert-muhammad's way…I dont think he hated us as much we claim:

    When a crazy moron like some one who can speak,well and think well..they are always jealous and want to screw for them one day…

    You dont think any arab WAS GOOD ENOUGH for our religion?!!!
    Muhammad hated them becouse of their way…their behave and using words…voila..this became the
    robbers took it and did it in a twisted way..his pathetic.barbarian way!!


    SATANISTS DISAPEAR OF THEMSELVES…this is the only way for destruction of EVILNESS and darkness worshipers muhammadans!

    These ppl try with sharia-law every place they go…I agree with them…these eurobia HAS COUPLE law of sharia-law already in their land…the criminals in power and city-hall.the criminals RULE and destroy the order of the land and their fat,ugly judges who you can buy for couple 100.These satanists
    muhammadans are in the perfect countries for satanism.The rest of US who has to leave and leave to those barbarians to continue their pretty work:The destruction of the land!

  22. everin says:

    Hi, Monalisa. Try Johrei n have yr very own spirit cleansed by Divine light to maintain a healthy body. Check " Johrei healing " in wikipedia before doing so. Learn more from "Johrei UK " & " Johrei nyc. " Nothing venture nothing gain.!

  23. Mohammed Yehuza says:

    Yehuza again!
    To go straight to the point. I need pdf version of Dr. Sina's 'Understanding Muhammad'. Please link me up to it ASAP. Thanks.

  24. Mohammed Yehuza says:

    Mr. John K.
    Please assist me to communicate with Dr. Ali Sina. I am a ghanaian who visits his site and have tried to contact to no avail. please send me the link so that I can send an email. thanks.

  25. Arya Anand says:

    I don't think I will get right answer to my questions.

  26. ir says:

    Did you got the answer for you Qs? Very valid.

  27. Arya Anand says:

    Hi moalisa,

    You have tried to explain the unexplainable.

  28. monalisa says:

    Yes, this is true……all prophets claimed to have seen angels and received revelation. They could be liars, or mentally ill……….or, who knows………….we have not discovered yet the spiritual secrets.
    As about your experience, you were very close to astral projection or O.O.B.E ( the
    sypmtoms of it: stiffness and paralazing). That's what they say, and I am not sure about the
    authanticity of their claim, because I am one of those who do not believe until they try themselves.

  29. Dina says:

    Hi Dr. Sina, I believe that you are doing a great service to humanity. I had a misapprehension that all the muslims are dumb fellows who just follow the pagan god allah blindly. Now the situation has changed. By your writing, many have found out the truth about islam. Atleast they got opportunity to breathe fresh air. I too had a friend who blindly followed the so called scientific facts in kuran. He blindly believed without questioning ,the miracles claimed by muslims like name of allah written on moon, apple, tomato, egg and all sorts of nonsense. I laughed at the pathetic condition of the pagan black stone god allah. How could a muslim believe his gods name written on a worthless tomato. Still a muslim believes it and with an intense admiration they tell this to non muslims. They even dare to publish this rubbish stupidity in websites. No doubt , a muslim lack logical thinking and admire you as a hero who came out from this cult by your intelligence. May others too recieve light through your teachings.

  30. Arya Anand says:

    Hi Lonelyloner, You misunderstood me. I just wanted to share my experience irrespective of whether people believe it or not. I don't think this incident made me a holy man or a prophet. It was just an incident and that is it. Moreover, I'm not a follower and do not want followers either.

  31. Lonelyloner says:

    Well let's just say this: they may all be just cases of mental illness, or they maybe the real thing, none knows for sure. But when their visions (hallucinations) inspire billions of people to follow? And the teachings seem to be 'not quite sane', then a closer look is wanted.
    As for you and your visions (hallucinations)? Well do you keep them to yourself? Or do you have billions of people accepting your vision as unquestionable command of god no matter of destructive the message? That's the difference.

  32. Arya Anand says:

    Not only Muhammad but many other so called prophets especially Jewish prophets and even Zoroaster claimed to have seen angels and received revelations from God. How about their claims? were they all impostors just like Muhammad? Muhammad is a case of clear cut criminal impostor. But what about other saintly people claiming to have had such visions? Did they all suffer from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy or just came across incidental vision of entities appearing from some other dimension as Ali Sina said in some other article? I too had a vision of a light being approaching me in a mid night many years ago when I was awake suddenly from my sleep which was definitely not a dream. Was it also my hallucination? I did not have any symptoms listed by Ali but the only this is I was bed stricken even unable to wink and made to stare at the time.

  33. Sanada_10 says:

    Blood clot can be observed by seeing women's menstruation or miscarriage. Nothing special here.

  34. John K says:

    I understand. I've posted a video at Freedom Bulwark in which the interviewee estimates about 30% of Muslims as moderate and willing to stick up for non-Muslims.

  35. Ali Sina says:

    I answered it. Is there any knowlege in those verses that an illeterate man like Muhammad could not know?

    The informatoin in those verses are wrong. Humans are not created from a clog of blood. The verse is not a divine revelation but a halucination.

  36. Kamal says:

    Ali, I have read your book. I guess mine is an old edition. Chapter 3 as you describe above looked perfect. However, old edition still works on me,in fact, I left Islam because of it. Yet, you haven't answered my question. "Where did Muhammad get the verses of Al Alaq in cave of Hira."Who taught him to read those verses in the cave as he claimed"?

  37. drilyasharun says:

    Yes, I agree with you Mr John K. But the scenario in my country Malaysia and other Islamic countries throughout the world is glaring example of these so-called robotic human beings, Muslims. Please come and stay in any Islamic country of your choice whether what I am saying is true of false. For Muslims, if they are small in number, they adhere to the secular laws. But when they are increasing in numbers, they want their Islamic laws. This is what happened in the UK and US. I like you but we have to discuss openly without any sensitive feelings or programmed mentality.

  38. John K says:

    Muslims are individuals and deserve the chance to change. Dr. Sina used to be a Muslim, and there are many like him. Convert your enemy into your ally and our forces will be stronger and the enemy forces will be weaker. Defectors from Islam report massive apostasies in Muslim countries. Give it time.

  39. drilyasharun says:

    I think Dr Ali, it is just a wasting of time discussing with Muslims because they are robots being programmed by their masters (religious leaders) who inherited the obsolete dogmas. That is why Islamic countries are all backward and Muslims becoming the slaves of their religion. It is very difficult to tell anything logic to these robots or zombies. As you mentioned elsewhere, they are very serious threat to humanities. If a Muslim come to your house, he/she will ask you to follow his/her style. Likewise, if you go to his/her house, you have to follow his/her style. When he/she will follow your style? Never. The Muslims are selfish people on earth. They are not creators, but users. They are not leaders, but followers. They condemned the kafirs, but they use all inventions, goods and services of the kafirs. That is why there is not a single Muslim country in this world becoming a developed nation although the Muslims have possessed their precious property, called Quran and their God's most loving messenger, Muhammad for more than 1,400 years. They will remain backward forever. Last and not least, let us discuss with non Muslims, Atheist and Freethinkers for productive discourses.

  40. Ali Sina says:

    Symptoms of epylepsy are as follow:’

    Early seizure symptoms (warnings)

    Deja vu
    Jamais vu
    Visual loss or blurring
    Racing thoughts
    Stomach feelings
    Strange feelings
    Tingling feeling


    Pleasant feeling



    No warning:

    Sometimes seizures come with no warning

    Seizure symptoms

    Black out
    Electric Shock Feeling
    Loss of consciousness
    Spacing out
    Out of body experience
    Visual loss or blurring




    Chewing movements
    Difficulty talking
    Eyelid fluttering
    Eyes rolling up
    Falling down
    Foot stomping
    Hand waving
    Inability to move
    Lip smacking
    Making sounds
    Teeth clenching/grinding
    Tongue biting
    Twitching movements
    Breathing difficulty
    Heart racing

    After-seizure symptoms (post-ictal)

    Memory loss
    Writing difficulty


    Depression and sadness


    Difficulty talking
    Urge to urinate/defecate

    Visual and auditory hallucinations are symptoms of epilepsy. These halucinations often have mystical content. They often involve seeing angles, ascending to heaven or visiting hell.

    The Russian existential writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky thought that Muhammad was telling the truth. He believed that Muhammad’s experiences were real, at least to him. Dostoyevsky himself suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy. He revealed, via one of his characters, that when he had a seizure the gates of Heaven would open and he could see row upon row of angels blowing on great golden trumpets. Then two great golden doors would open and he could see a golden stairway that would lead right up to the throne of God.

    For more, please se my book Understanding Muhammad, chapter 3.

  41. Kamal says:

    Ali, Muhammad claimed that he received his first revelation in cave Hira,namely Al-Alaq and at the same time he felt his body squeezed. You said nobody squeezed him when he was in the cave,instead he was suffering from epilepsy at that moment.
    Then, who taught him the first 3 verses of Al-Alaq in that cave as his first revelation?Where did he get the idea of those verses from?Demon,satan,jinn,angel, other entity or himself?

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