Setting Muslims Free

Ali Sina would you exactly tell me something about yourself on how you actually acquired all the stuff you have on your site? Who are you and what do you do and aim for? What is in your head that you wrote such degrading things about my prophet? And the so called comments on your website do not even look real. How are there no ‘negative’ comments on there? I will be waiting for your answers. And by the way, what actually is your own faith?


Dear Iltemaas

I am an ordinary person.  I am not associated with any political or religious group and I am not seeking any power for myself.  I am not running for any political office and I am not looking for fame and fortune.  But I care about the future of mankind and I believe every ordinary person can contribute to the betterment of the world. I am trying to do my share.

When in 1994 I studied the Quran, I was shocked and realized this book is not from God.  And when I read the biography of Muhammad I realized that everything he did and said can be explained with narcissistic personality disorder.  Suddenly, it dawned on me that Muhammad may have been a narcissist.

Since then I read all the principal biographies of Muhammad and learned about the details of his life and I became convinced that he was not a prophet, but a man who suffered from a series of mental disorders.

This was a major discovery for me, because it sheds light on the whole picture. It made me understand Muhammad.  Muhammad is an enigma. It is not easy to dismiss him as a liar. He lied a lot, but there is also evidence that he believed in what he was saying.  The enigma was solved when I introduced narcissism into the equation.

I decided that I must share my insight with others.  This was to me a too important revelation to keep it to myself.  If Islam is the product of a mentally disordered man 1.5 billion Muslims are following an insane man.  In fact everything Muslims believe and do is insanity.  The belief that God created the universe so insignificant humans worship him and if they fail he would burn them for eternity is insane.  Praying five times per day, fasting the whole day and circumambulating a building for expiation of sins, with all their weird rituals are insane.  The belief that God runs a celestial resort filled with white whores for those who believe and burns the unbelievers for eternity is insane.  Islamic theology, Islamic eschatology, Islamic laws and Islamic world view are all insane.  But more importantly how Muslims are supposed to promote their faith that is in my opinion the ultimate insanity.

This insanity is harmful to Muslims and to non-Muslims and because of it Muslims are backwards, violent, their women are abused and their minds are shackled.  I thought to myself if they learn the truth they will be cured of their insanity, just as I was cured of mine after I discovered the truth.  And hence I started writing.

Those who read my articles, at first get very upset. But if they don’t give up, eventually they will see the light.  When they are set free they will become very grateful to me and I feel good about what I do. I think nothing gives one more satisfaction than liberating someone.  Think about the joy you feel by setting free a trapped bird and see it fly. I get 100 times more satisfaction when people write to me and say Ali, I owe you my freedom. I am not just setting that person free, but also his children, his grand children and his great grand children, generation after generation, and also people who he will set free.  I am setting thousands of people free through him.  Can you put a price on that?  There are somethings in life that are priceless.  Here is one such story

I was born in a good muslim family in Bahrain, We are 5 brothers. I remember about 6 months ago, me and my brothers started a campagn against Sina and his works. We tried to hack faithfreedom. It was easy first, as one of my brother was a technologist. We used to send DDOS attacks. But after they tightened up the security it was almost impossible for us to break in.

All of my brothers are critical of Sina and his work. I used to visit FFI daily to debunk things Sina and his team members say. It was like a mission for us. But after visiting FFI for days, I started thinking. I don’t know, maybe Sina is right or maybe he is wrong. It pissed me off. Thoughts started ranging in my ears.

But as I see, FFI got a lot of Islamic news, as we go through its content. I realized, this much trouble from my beloved religion and my beloved prophet whom I used to pray 5 times a day? I told it to my mother and she told me and my brothers to stop visiting any of Ali’s websites. I ignored her advice.

about a weak ago, I visited Ali’s new website and read about 8 article. I said to myself that if my religion is true, then Sina’s stuff can’t affect it. As I went through, I found that Sina is a prophet of new age. I curse myself to what I did. He opened my eyes about what happened in the past. Now I know that Muhammad is not my prophet.

The reason I called Sina a prophet is not because of his scholarly ability. But because he removed my guilt. I used to say to myself what if Islam is right, what if Sina is right, what if I’m wrong? Is there anything wrong happened to me by Satan? Negative things like that, I cannot sleep peacefully.

After I visited, he used reasonable and scholastic points. Some of my brothers are saying that he manipulated things, some said that the Quran and Hadiths are corrupted by some people. But if they are corrupted, then Islam is already failed, and if Sina manipulated, why I can see the same ayats and quotes in the hadiths I own? Sina is right.

The reason why many rare people are there like Sina is because they are afraid of Islam and fear they will be killed. And they don’t have any purpose like Sina has, who has devoted his whole life helping people like me and my brothers. I salute you Mr. Sina.

I can say, I used to hate you, I tried to destroy your work, but you have my word, I will try to spread your message. If you have any work I can help you with in my country, I will be ready in your service. I cried when I realized that you are right. You will be remembered, forever.

Thank You for your effort Mr. Sina. You are on right side, and your message will never be destroyed.  Source

As for my faith, I believe in the Golden Rule. So to some extent I am a follower of Jesus, a disciple of Buddha and a practitioner of Dao.  My philosophy is atheism, or maybe I should say agnosticism, because I am not certain about anything.  If a religion promotes unity of mankind, equality of all the people and reason, I believe in that religion.

Please watch this video and see how much joy you feel in your heart.  That is how I feel when I set a Muslim free from Islam, and they feel also the same way this wale feels. The difference is that Muslims don’t know they are trapped until they are set free. That is becuase this wale was free until she got entangled, but Muslims are born entrapped. They don’t even know what is freedom.

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  1. traeh says:


    The world is full of people like you, who have insane enthusiasm for some little idea to which they have grabbed on.

    A Nietszche worshipper. Will to power is everything. Have you really progressed no further than that? Are you 17 years old? Guess what. Tomorrow or next month you'll worship some other philosophy. But perhaps one day you might no longer have to worship any narrow idea set at all. You'll join the world beyond "isms," the world of living ideas. What someone like you needs is to get deeply into Shakespeare's language and poetic, metaphoric way of thinking, perhaps through Kenneth Branagh's Henry 5 film, to start. Maybe Shakespeare's plays, with their poetic language and metaphoric mode of speech and thought would teach you that the process and life of thinking is more important than finding an ultimate stopping point, an answer, an ultimate paradigm, and would pull you out of the intellectual pit into which you have fallen. Though the problem is deeper than intellectual. You have no memory of real love, and think everything is about domination. I suppose nothing I can say would ever convince you that you are mistaken. But you are. Of that I am as certain as I can be. If you think you've already examined the evidence, examine it again, and again, and again, until you either give or receive real love. It does exist, and your bull**** about the will to power being everything and everything being about who dominates, is a false (and self-impoverishing) oversimplification of a much more complex world. Good luck. You'll definitely need it, with the deadly and very limited collection of lenses by which you currently see things.

  2. traeh says:

    As Churchill put it, democracy is the worst form of government…except for all the others.

  3. traeh says:

    Good God, enlightened25, you are insane and know nothing.

  4. I'm no Almighty says:

    Mild animals are easy targets notthe Wild Animals

  5. I'm no Almighty says:

    & also Stealthy Infiltration. Unfortunately, Democracy is very suceptible to it.

  6. I'm no Almighty says:

    & fall into blackhole of 'Eternal Scriptatorship'. Is it for no reason Europeans fought for Democracy ? Your Write-ups are not just pessimistic but Demoralizer.

  7. I'm no Almighty says:

    Human Rights atleast out-laws Exemplary(Savage) Punishments like Death Penalty for offence like adultery, Mutiliation, Flogging for theft etc.

  8. I'm no Almighty says:

    Atleast there should not be an Atmosphere charged with Fear.

  9. I'm no Almighty says:

    But care should be taken not to disclose One-Self or any Identity. One should not believe even his shadow in this Environment

  10. I'm no Almighty says:

    & Indegenous Muslims are held Hostage by Royal Class with External Roots.

  11. I'm no Almighty says:

    Must be, it is 'Stock-Holm' Syndrome just like world powers kneeling before a few Rouge People.

  12. I'm no Almighty says:

    Had they not countless 9/11s right through the History ?

  13. I'm no Almighty says:

    Truth/Reality will not Die, any way !

  14. I'm no Almighty says:

    Fear of 'Vote Bank' is unfounded if politicians are Patriotic. If they mind they can free the people from Mental Enslavement. But, there is a fierice Competition to enter the 'Eternal Black Hole' among Enlightened Society. Though not all, many Politicians are controlled by Reporters with ability to twist the news, Reporters are controlled by Medias with hunger for TRP, Circulation etc, Medias are controlled by Hateful Intelligentia with caustic literature & Intelligentia is willingly soldout to Lure for W/W/W. W/W/W is pumped by Religious Imperialists who wants to see world under their feet with no efforts.

  15. Skorpio says:

    IT IS IN THE INTEREST OF MUSLIM MONARCHS AND LEADERS to preserve and maintain Islam. Thanks to Islam, Muslim monarchs have acquired immense wealth taken away from their people, they have absolute power over any person or civil, military or religious institution and finally, these rats have all kinds of sexual pleasures with hundreds of concubines, many of them are young underage girls, some not even 10 years old. It is evident that they MUST preserve their satanic Islamic system imposing Islam, no matter the cost otherwise they might lose all their privileges, immense wealth, absolute power and sexual pleasures.

  16. meet says:

    but how come chritians have so much money to come and destroy Hindu culture in India but dont finance anti- mohammad film or shd i just say mohamad film ? I mean what better way for them to spread their christanity than to finance such a film ?

  17. star says:

    It is very true Dr. Ali Sina. Pple are shit scared to speak against islam. I was in middle east, the arab lady used to insult me and other religions on my face, I couldn't slap her. But hatred filled my mind towards this cult. I am in Canada, my office is filled with muslims and they try to preach me abou their prophet. Your site was shown to me by one of my punjabi friend. Then I started visiting your site. I thought no one can debate with muslims. But i was filled with joy when i learnt that you debated and defeated islamists. I am grateful to you.

    You are a good human being. You are righteous man. God will protect you. I will always pray for you. Hope u succeed in your mission. I really love you as a good human being. You are great. God bless u !

  18. Skorpio says:

    It is in the interest of Muslim monarchs to preserve , maintain and expand Islam all over the world because it is the SOURCE of their sexual pleasures, immense wealth and absolute power. Islam grants "Divine Rights" to Islamic monarchs to be legally and morally sexual PERVERTS with hundreds of concubines, many of these concubines are very young UNDERAGE girls, these bitches seize their countries' wealth and oil revenues ENTIRELY for themselves, they can free or incarcerate anyone without questioning and ALWAYS have the last decision on any civil, military or religious matter. Their puppets are Islamic CLERICS who are judges, police, inquisitors, witnesses and executioners at the same time, both Muslim monarchs/leaders and clerics are colluded to impose their diabolic religion on their people, no matter the cost, otherwise SATAN would take away their privileges, sexual pleasures, immense wealth and absolute power.

  19. Joker Life says:

    you said
    "many indian don't like islm/muslim but they don't know that mohammad married a six year old girl or he marrid his adopted son's wife after watching her changing cloths."

    I was happy before i knew that, now whenever someone says mohmmad's name i loose my mind all the time and i am keeping myself away from any muslim friends. I dont hate them, but rather pity as most were hindus before and even Naik is a hindu surname who is now biggest thread in India. All we can wish is that they understand someday and will stop bombarding on innocent people. I still wish no hindu knows about this fact, as it feels like you are leaving with a child abuser next door.

  20. aminriadh says:

    "But then you being a muslim, I suppose, will fail to fathom that!!! "

    Is this what you call "sarcasm" as well. . . an irrational stereotype and prejudice?

    – – –

    I am claiming "sarcasm" as well – look:

    " Well . . . Sina – look at the intelligence that supports you! Enjoy. "

    A beautiful quick dig at Sina.

    – – – –

    What dearie – you fail to pick up on – obviously – is that people like this consider themselves really witty – and leave such remarks. Mostly I do ignore – trolls. But you know – I directed my jab at Sina . . . and not at the poor fool.

    An of course, needless to say.

    "But then you NOT being a muslim, I suppose, will fail to fathom that!!! "

  21. steadyfriend says:


    This guy is having a go at Islam and muslim societies! It is clearly a sarcasm filled joviality. But then you being a muslim, I suppose, will fail to fathom that!!!


  22. aminriadh says:

    Well . . . Sina – look at the intelligence that supports you! Enjoy.

    Is this what "rational thinking" leads to?

  23. polnick says:

    Fighting in Syria is a battle between two elements of moral behavior, both are repressive. Only progressive mindsets can create a new order and restore peace. Millions of Ecstasy pills dropped on Syrian cities will cause new behavior patterns. Sharia Law will not be wanted by Syrians high on Meth-Viagra. Sunni, Shi`ite, Alawite, and Christians can hug and kiss. The Ecstasy pill will be displayed on the nation’s flag and saluted by fun loving patriots.

  24. Ali Sina says:

    Actually the donations are about $300 per year. I am not a good fund raiser and money has not been my goal.

    However, I have serious backers who are willing to finance the movie I am planning to make. So when there is a project there are people who will rise to the challenge and support me.

    you keep calling me “cultist”. Do you know the definition of cult? Please research it. It just does not apply to me. If you read my book you will find the definition of cult and will see how Islam fits the description. Muslims are cultist. But I don’t follow any one to be called a cultist.

  25. Ali says:

    And your point is?

  26. Ali says:

    Of course this Ahmad dude on the testimonial sounds like he was born in Bahrain.

    I know a few actors who are desperate for work and will work for free as long as they can get their foot in. If you guys are struggling, let me know, they sure as hell can do a better job than the rubbish your actors put up.

    It's embarrassing. Take the home made testimonials off!

  27. Ali says:

    I doubt he can launch anything considering his donations are $300 dollars per month. Even keeping the English garbage up to scratch is costing him……………..I mean you guys as he's clearly fleecing you lot.

    You know as well as I do that if this cultist Ali Sina was even 1% right, he would have financiers and backers funding him all the way, so the Hindi website would be a walk in the park.

    Don't you guys realise when you are being raped?

  28. Skorpio says:

    It is almost impossible to get rid of Islam. Thanks to this religion, Islamic monarchs, leaders seize their countries' natural resources (oil) and wealth entirely for themselves, these bastards can have hundreds of concubines and any sexual pleasure, in other words Islam allows them to be sexual perverts. Also they can free or incarcerate anyone and always have the last word on any civil, military or religious matter. No wonder they are compel to impose Islam on their people, no matter the cost. They are afraid that their subjects could convert to any other religion and eventually depose them. Muslim clerics are colluded with monarchs, these rats exert power over their people as judges, police, administrators, etc to preserve Islamic teaching which provides the foundation and justification of the leaders absolute power, sexual pleasures and immense wealth. Any person in the same position as one of these monarchs/leaders would've done the same thing, to impose Islam around the world otherwise Satan would take away their sexual pleasures, immense wealth and absolute power.

  29. Skorpio says:

    To stop violence, terrorism, discrimination and resentment around the world, Muslims must convert to any other religion except Islam and preferably Christian Arab Churches should lead the path to conversion of Muslims. Arab Christian churches should unite against Islam, building churches next to mosques around the world and proselytize their Muslim brethren.

  30. harold says:

    your video is good, humans are made by Allah also to take care the animals, well its natural that those people should do to the whale' but freeing a person from islam is not good…Humans created by God not the same responsible with animals or any other creations, faith freedom is not good, you dont know what you said, your knowledge is just a drip of water a selfish understanding and investigation. I prayed may Allah guide you in the end because nothing is impossible to Him.

  31. Vicky says:

    Its in Arabic, Dude.

  32. Vicky says:

    The person who is speaking himself doesnt seem much convinced… or is it his poise..

    In any case, have you observed the individuals in the audience. I don't think most of them even understand the English language…. leave alone the Big Bang.

  33. TipTop says:

    And eventually christian Arabs will make their life more duffer.

  34. Skorpio says:

    Middle Eastern Christian Churches should convert Muslims to Christianity in order to take away their potential risk of becoming Islamic radicals. It makes more sense for Christian Arabs to approach Muslims because they share a centuries old culture, language and tradition with them but without Islamic ethical and moral standards and their distorted morality.

  35. annoyed says:

    omydayys – seriously – you don't publish any comments that go against this do you

  36. Ali Sina says:

    Because they are rude. I ignore rude messages and rude comments. As soon as I see the person is rude I stop reading and go to the next message.

  37. choco_luva says:

    Omy ! How are you ignoring my emails — honestly

  38. Ali Sina says:

    I can’t translate into Hindi. If someone wants to volunteer we can start a Hindi section for

  39. Scrutator says:


    The above commentator is right. Most Indian muslims do not know Urdu well, but almost all know Hindi. India has the second or third largest muslim population in the world, more than 160 million. Therefore, Hindi versions of these two important websites are important to make Indian muslims know about the reality of Islam!

  40. enlightened25 says:

    “In some cultures, some people are not allowed to live in certain places, because they don't belong to the right caste or race.” And why should they? Why should the rich live with the poor, in the same houses and driving the same cars and with the same privileges? The rich deserve to live where they want because they have (or should have) earned it. What white father for example would be happy to see his daughter marry a negro from the slums? Not one I am willing to bet. The appeal of society should not be to the riff raff and to the people that cant help themselves and who do nought but drain resources, but to the able, the talented and the successful. No welfare state I say. I am sick and tired of hearing about “equality”, in nature if you don’t or cant work you starve. And those that work the hardest and those with talent, genius and creativity are not “equal” they are BETTER. These are facts about reality not the mythical “all men are created free and equal” nonsense uttered by idiot philosophers.

  41. enlightened25 says:

    “You can also live in any mansion, but you have to be able to pay for it” How many people are billionaires I ask? Is it all those people who are created “free and equal” endowed by “their creator” with certain “inalienable rights” or is it the rich? Most of whom are born into it. “Do you even think when you write?” Do you think before you gobble up the nonsense written by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, eh? In what reasonable sense sir are people born “free and equal”? Where are these “inalienable rights” such as the right to property? How many Americans own property, eh? Their is no such thing as equality in nature, every man is born under his own star (so to speak), with his own particular ego gone through his own mill. This equality nonsense is a myth.

  42. enlightened25 says:

    “Yes you can choose any career you want, provided you qualify.” No I have to born in the right place at the right, in the right family. I cannot become president of United states for example. “If you make shoes, your shoes must be good or no one will buy them.” First I need the money to get premises and purchase materials. Second I need the creative ability to be able to make good shoes that people will buy. Not everyone can do that. If you want to be a doctor you have to have money for university and receive a top education otherwise you won’t be able to enter any exam. So you have to be from a wealthy family with considerably above average intelligence. Which once again far from everyone has.

  43. Ali Sina says:

    Yes you can choose any career you want, provided you qualify. If you make shoes, your shoes must be good or no one will buy them. If you want to be an engineer or a doctor you have to pass some exam and prove your competence. You can also live in any mansion, but you have to be able to pay for it and must have earned your money from legal means. You are making absurd arguments and then say what I write is baloney. Do you even think when you write?

    In USSR and in many other dictatorial regimes the government decided for people what work they should do. That is not freedom. In some cases they even decided whom they should marry. In some cultures, some people are not allowed to live in certain places, because they don’t belong to the right caste or race.

  44. DPhysicist says:

    Dear Mr. Ali Sina, Please launch a Hindi version of this site too…

  45. enlightened25 says:

    “freedom to choose one's career and freedom to live where one please.” So I can just choose any career I want can I? Or I can go and live in a mansion? What is this utter baloney? First of all if you want a job you have to be qualified for it, and second you have to earn money to “live where you please”. In other words you have to be capable of getting there.

    Freedom is not “given” by anybody and certainly not by statesmen who I promise you do not have your freedom in mind when they (and not the people) draw up constitutions. The only actual “freedom” the average American has is the “freedom” to vote in a new tax gatherer every 4 years.

  46. enlightened25 says:

    "People are not born equal, but they must have equal rights." No that is utterly stupid, as well as impossible. You cannot give the same rights to everybody people born with a severe disability for example should not have the same right as a talented person. Give "equal opportunity" and what will be the result? The result will be Inequality. So where does "equality" come in? It doesn’t, it is an idiotic myth made up by charlatan statesmen.

    "their liberty is their inalienable right" And what personal liberty does the average citizen actually have? Liberty can honestly be defined as the right to property and the right to bear arms to defend yourself and your property. This also includes the right not to be looted by politicians. In other words self mastery. Can you tell me what percentage of Americans fit this description?

  47. Ali Sina says:

    Human rights is not as vague and subjective as you seem to believe. Anything that discriminates against a certain group on basis of their religious or political views or their color of skin, or gender, or caste is not human rights. So Hitler and Muhammad could not be authors of human rights. They were violators of Human Rights. The charter of Cyrus the Great and the UN declaration of Human Rights are human rights because they don’t discriminate against one group of people. People are not born equal, but they must have equal rights. their liberty is their inalienable right. If you take that freedom away you are violating their human rights.

    Freedom by itself has no meaning. We have to define it. When we talk about freedom we are talking about freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom to choose one’s career and freedom to live where one please. All these freedoms are subject to not transgressing the freedom of someone else.

  48. enlightened25 says:

    The problem as I said is their is no absolute thing called “human rights” everyone has a different conception of what that means and what it entails. So “human rights” written by whom? Cyrus the Great? Muhammad? The founding fathers? The United Nations? Hitler? “The people” (who of course do not actually write anything)? So called human rights is the dictatorship of dead rotted thieving politicians.

  49. Ali Sina says:

    Of course Human Rights is made up by individuals. By whom did you expect them to be made? The vote of the majority is not valid unless it is subject to human rights. Popular vote without the any regard for the rights of the minority is oclocracy, that is what Muslims often confuse with democracy. Democracy entails the rule of law and the law must be impartial and not in favor or any group.

  50. enlightened25 says:

    These men were voted in by "the people" was they not? So if the majority want a Hitler who or what else is going to become foremost? What can be above the "will of the people"? And don’t talk to me about “human rights” there is no absolute thing called “human rights”, this is a idea made up by individuals.

  51. Ali Sina says:

    You don’t have democracy in Africa. You have Oclocrasy. The tyranny of the mob is not democracy, otherwise you could say Khomeini and Hitler who came to power with the vote of the majority were democratic.

  52. Sol Landet says:

    I am christian, but i don't see why being atheist should be a big deal. I mean, unless someone doesn't embrace the religion of war (islam) and people are tollerant (with intelligence), I don't see where is the problem.

  53. edem says:

    Your statement is really funny, come to Africa and see the flaws of Democracy.

  54. Choco.luva says:

    Honest;y, you could reply to this but you couldn't reply to my email where I give you the evidence- ~And you clearly did not post those videos on here — — Ths person has proved ALL of your claims FALSE, so how come you haven't kept your promise? (Althought I'm sure he/she probably won't even want your money)

  55. kapil says:

    thing is we non Muslims love humanity, mankind regardless of religions and race especially people of our indo Iranian traditions.Now west after committing crime against humanity in the form of racism and colonialism evolved more civilized and cultured than any part of world.Problem with west and non Muslims is they think people like us are trouble makers.
    we are inciting hatred on one whole complete group because of tiny segment of evil Muslims they believe as whole Muslims and Islam are peaceful and great concept.
    very important factor is west colonized and went to wars by condemning other races and religion.They do not want to hurt any peaceful Innocent muslim (past racism and colonial guilt)
    Now they fear that by criticizing Islam wrongly and demonizing them they will run in enmity with majority of peaceful Muslims. they are very shameful about racism and colonial past so they try desperately not to blame groups religions cultures and races but to see crime and terror in context of individual crime.(like alkaida taliban isi)
    Now biggest challenge for mankind is how to expose Islam to non Muslims who never heard about or seen real Islam in action.
    explain them how they are cheated by duplicity of peaceful Muslims(as well as Muslim apologists regardless of faith)
    I am sorry to say non Muslim have no idea how people as group,majority ,culture or religions can lie or be evil.(this point needs lots of explanation but who lived as minority in majority muslim area will know)
    as a thumb rule non Muslims like Hindus think all religions are good but some tiny minority of all religions get it wrong.(because some human beings are evil not religions)
    to be sympathetic and honest with non Muslims if i and u were not seen Islam in action we would have thought in same way.
    terms like liberal Muslims, moderate Muslims, honest Muslims, and peaceful Muslims are very confused terms to non Muslims.this should be debated on colossal scale and should be explained to non Muslims in real terms. for instance shah rukh khan can not be called Muslim because he says when his kids are asked about their religion they should reply as christian faith to confuse their friends further (humor) even though his wife is Hindu.He can be liberal person but theological it is not possible for people like shahruk kahn to say i am liberal Muslim and islam or quran allows it. this should be explained very clearly to non Muslim.
    battle should be fought ideologically without losing patience on muslim and non muslim .
    fronts.sir concept of why many Muslims are musicians, actors ,soldiers, peace loving, honest and just like any other group should explained clearly by showing difference between humanity of people born in islam and theology islam they are not compatible.(if islam takes hold of society they will be first to be punished)
    separate thing
    sir Indian history shows Hindus have not been influenced by Islamic terror.
    India has still Hinduism left because no country or race produce warriors like them.every day there were wars in Islamic India .what Indians thought after wining wars that Muslims belongs to India and let Muslim live with full human rights but they paid dearly by partition.(see sikh, maratha, vijaynagar empire,orrisa empire assam king rajputs bundelkahnd resistence of 1000 years)
    they do not desire slaughtering of Muslims or genocide after what islam has done to them.
    they fight wars in just way pardoning surrender solders.(1948 to kargilwars with pakistan)
    they condemn raping women and children of any race or religion.
    sadly evil Islamic cult has transformed some non Muslims to get intolerant. so we should be careful while dealing with Islam as we do not want to be like them even in tiniest atomic scale.
    you are right sir when Muslims leave Islam we all win they can believe in any god or no god.

  56. Ali Sina says:

    Don’t judge others with your own standards. I follow my moral compass. I will not succumb to things that are unethical, immoral and unjust even if I can get away with them. That is the trait of a petty man.

  57. Skorpio says:

    Islam CAN NOT let people be free, it is against its nature. Thanks to Islam, Muslim monarchs and leaders seized their countries wealth and natural resources (oil) entirely for themselves, they can have hundreds of concubines and all the sexual pleasures, they can free or incarcerate anyone and always have the last decision on any civil, military or religious matter. I am quite sure if Ali Sina had the possibility of becoming so rich, powerful, with hundreds of concubines, he too will succumb to this evil doctrine.

  58. Loki says:

    If so then not a single vote should be given to parties which play religion politics.
    But we do.We Indians are used to slavery.Several centuries of foreign rule is still in public memory.

    So it's not true that only political class is perverted.They are nothing without our votes.

  59. Loki says:

    You can learn things from an illiterate, but not from retards who believe in 7th century folklore as the "Truth of Life"

  60. Mierchee says:

    there are hundreds of pro-Islamic websites with believers !
    Know better

    O.k. just if you could pl. bring their editors here to enlighten us?

  61. truthseeker07 says:

    @Sina Sir
    I am new here & reading your great enlightening articles. Now I am your big fan. BTW I have already listened about you a lot from the different commentators of You are doing great service to the mankind. You are real prophet.

  62. DPhysicist says:

    Poor Muslims… the cage made of Iron bars is easy to see and break than the cage of ideologies which trap the mind… as it is very difficult to perceive at all. Logic and reasoning is the only tool.

  63. DPhysicist says:

    What are you trying to say?? can't you see for your self ?? are you one of those who call themselves Secular ?? Or may be you don't know Islam knows no tolerance at all…

  64. mirchi says:

    i am a non muslim and not a fan of islam either but, Mr. sina , you have not provided any references in support of what you claim about the prophet. You have only expressed your personal opinion.I wonder how so many people found this article enlightening!

  65. hanneke says:

    Ali sina can I please have an email adress for you, I need your help or enail me at [email protected]

  66. severus snape says:

    u asked 'a riksha puller' about the 'on line challenge'????????????

    and u have better things to do??????????

    u should have said that u r not able to stand the scorching heat of truth here….

  67. Skorpio says:

    I believe ISLAM / MOHAMMED is the ANTI-CHRIST. All the basic essential characteristics are there: 1) Muslims clerics and rulers are extremely against anything Christian: people, symbols, culture, ethical & moral values, Saudi Arabia confiscates bibles because Muslims clerics believe bibles are subversive 2) Muslims radicals, clerics and rulers are ferocious combative, intolerant, violent and discriminatory. 3) Muslim monarchs and leaders are granted "DIVINE RIGHTS": to posses ALL their countries wealth, natural resources(oil) without sharing them with their people, they can acquire hundreds of CONCUBINES and ALL the sexual pleasure, rulers exert ABSOLUTE POWER to free or incarcerate anyone without questioning and always have the last decision on civil, military and religious matters, no wonder these Islamic monarchs, clerics and rulers are compel to impose, serve and extend their diabolic Islamic religion around the world otherwise Satan would take away their privileges.

  68. amina says:

    You are disgustingly stupid,how can you say all this evil words about prophet mohammed. How dare you. i wish god punishes you for this, From reading this nonsense , i have figured that you are someone who seeking for a media attention, or popularity you.Therefore shows you are obviously insane to write something like this if you happen to no longer follow Islam ,You dont have to violate it on a webpage. !!

  69. Pandeist_Observer says:

    Sorry about that, I forgot to mention there is an English translation further down the page. My bad.

    Basically it looks to be Imam Khomeini urging Iran (and anyone else who will listen I'm tipping) to attack Israel, trying to justify it and explaining what weapons they can use to do it.

  70. enlightened25 says:

    That is all it is a vision, a dream, wishful thinking. Karl Marx also had a utopia dream like this where all humans would be "equal", wars and conflicts would cease international cooperation would come and eventually their would be no need for even the "state" as universal love and "equality" would prevail and greed would cease. We all know how that turned out because this "equality" boloney does not work in practice. If this messianic vision is nothing but fantasy(which it is)then what is the point of dreaming and not wake up and accept the reality that greed, conflict and wars is part of human nature that will never ever cease?

  71. Ali Sina rock! says:

    @enlightened25, so what are you proposing then. You didn't propose any good deed, you are in denial. You are not seeing what Ali Sina is doing and denying his vision in this world is because it is exactly you are the very man impeding the progress of what Ali Sina is doing and of his vision. You are enlightened NOTHING!. As your quote “Accept things as they truly are, Not as we chose to imagine them. ” why do you have access to computer and internet if not someone out there NOT "accept things as they truly are, Not as we chose to imagine them ?” While you take the fruit of other people's good work but rob them blank of what they did. From now, hide yourself your ignorance from being know. Your enlightened is on the par to muslims.

  72. lonelyloner says:

    The truth you need to know:
    1. Ali Sina's claim, backed with proofs found in Islamic sources themselves, that Muhammad was an evil man, whose evil is passed on in Islam even today.
    2. No one so far could refute Ali Sina's claim. Given the strength of the evidence thus, I think that claim about Muhammad was a very evil man, is now taken as FACT.
    3. So there's the truth: Muhammad is evil. And his followers in Islam are all screwed up because they follow the teachings of an evil man.
    It's actually us who feel sorry for you.
    We try and try to tell you the truth, and still you cling to the dream of seeing 72 virgins in paradise.

  73. فرزاد says:

    There are countless replies to my challenge. They are all over the web. None of them answers anything. I can’t reply to each and every person who writes something in reply to one of my articles. But that does not mean what they say has any value. They rehash the same things. Basically, the replies of Muslims consists in two fallacies. 1- The Sira and hadith are not reliable 2- We must not judge the morality of ancient people with the morality of today. These two are the only themes that are repeated in a billion different ways. Both are fallacies.
    جناب سینا
    من جایی خارج از سایت شما در وب جواب ادعاهای شما را نداده ام اگر فراموش نکرده باشید در دو مقاله که در دو پست بالا آدرس آن را قرار دادم بحث مفصلی در دو سه مورد که شما ادعا کردید در معارف قرآن و اسلام تناقض وجود دارد من جواب ادعای شما را دادم و ثابت کردم که بر اساس اصول ثابت منطقی اشتباه کرده اید اما متاسفانه بحث از طرف شما رها شد و بی نتیجه ماند..

    1- If the authentic Islamic sources are not reliable then Islam is alreay currupted. According to the Quran Muslims are required to follow the examples of their prophet (sunnah). The sunanh of Muhammad can be found only in the hadith and the sira. These sources say Muhammad was a criminal, rapist, mass murderer, terrorist, assassin. That is why Muslims do what they do. They follow the sunnah of their prophet. If this sunnah is corrupted then Islam cannot be practiced.
    اگر به یاد بیاورید در این مورد جواب مفصل را به شما دادم در مورد سیره که بسیار مورد علاقه و توجه شماست یا باید کلیت آن را پذیرفت یا به کلی آن را رد کرد که متاسفانه شما به شکل کاملا گزینشی آنچه را فکر می کنید مدعای شما را ثابت می کند به عنوان سند قبول می کنید و بقیه سیره و حدیث را یکباره از هستی ساقط کرده و رد می کنید و این چیزی جز فریب دادن مخاطب ناآگاه و مغالطه و سفسطه ای روشن و آشکاربیش نیست.
    2- Moral relativism is also a fallacy. What Muhammad did to his detractors has been always evil. Furthermore, assuming what he did was a norm for his time, they were still evil. Why did he emulate the evil practices of the people whom he called ignorant? Did he come to follow the practices of the ignorant people and hence make them permanent or set a new standard?
    در مورد عدم مقایسه اخلاق مردمان دوران قدیم و جدید، دیگران نمی دانم چه گفته اند اما اگر به یاد بیاورید از شما خواستم قبل از اینکه در موضوعات فرعی بحث شود ابتدا تکلیف مبانی اساسی دو فکر مشخص شود بعد در مورد اخلاق و رفتار گذشته و حال قضاوت کنیم؛ اخلاق و رفتار متکی بر خدامحوری در بعضی از شاخه ها کاملا متناقض و متضاد با اخلاق و رفتار متکی بر انسان محوری است.
    آنچه مهم است این است که کدامیک از این دو مبنا منطقا قابل پذیرش است، همانطور که عرض کردم اگر مبنای خدامحوری و به خصوص خدایی که خاتم المرسلین معرف آن است عقلا قابل اثبات نباشد آن وقت نوبت به این می رسد که رفتار این کسی که مدعی پیامبری است را از زاویه دید شما (انسان محوری) نگاه کنیم و بسنجیم اما اگر یادتان باشد گفتید که علاقه ای ندارید بحث را ریشه ای حل کنید بلکه آنچه برای شما مهم است این است که به هر قیمتی شده از زاویه دید خود شخصیت حضرت محمد صلی الله علیه و آله و سلم را لگد مال کنید.
    مغالطه آن نیست که شما به آن اشاره کرده اید بلکه مغالطه این است که با عینک انسان محوری رفتار انسانی خدامحور را مورد قضاوت قرار دهی.
    If you write in English I’d be glad to reply. I can’t reply in Persian and if I respond only to you without translating your articles, it won’t be a fair debate since people don’t know what you wrote.
    Here I have a proposition. If you translate my responses into Persian I will translate yours into English. In this way we have this debate in both languages.
    من کاملا آماده ام نوشته های شما را به فارسی ترجمه کنم؛ در مقابل پیشنهاد می کنم پست مجزایی به عنوان بحث آزاد با من ( در موضوعی که مورد علاقه شماست) ایجاد کنید تا در ذیل آن تا به نتیجه رسیدن کامل با یکدیگر بحث کنیم.
    البته اگر این بحث در یک فروم انگلیسی یا فارسی انجام شود با توجه به قابلیت های مثبتی که فروم در پیگری یک بحث دو طرفه دارد بسیار مطلوب تر خواهد بود علاوه بر اینکه من جهت پست زدن در سایت شما باید حتما از فیلتر شکن استفاده کنم و این کار را کمی سخت می کند.

  74. Truth Finder says:

    If I leave this conversion and will come back after five years. There won't be a status change

  75. Puneet says:

    Shahrukh khan is an ugly Muslim, a Jihadi in disguise.

  76. Puneet says:

    Janata Party has no presence in people's mind in in the north, west and the east India. Common people would be too wary of such a unpopular party. The main reason that why anti-Hindu parties win is this.
    Voting percentage is generally around 50%. To win a seat an anti-Hindu party needs only about 20% of the votes because the competition is many a time three way. Any area which has about 10% Muslim population goes on to elect a pro-Muslim government.
    In the current U.P. elections, even after so much of campaigning against corruption by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare (who is actually a useful idiot of congress party), voting percentage has been little less than 60%.
    I am afraid, Hindus need a 9/11 like big terrorist attack to wake up.

  77. Fatima says:

    Hi Good Ali Sina,
    I think that I have just wasted 10 minutes of my time watching that video on you tube. First of all I have learnt nothing from wot this man had to say. One can only say that he could be a could a speaker. Even good speakers has the ability to convince ignorant people into believing something which may not be true.

  78. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Mr. Farzad,

    There are countless replies to my challenge. They are all over the web. None of them answers anything. I can’t reply to each and every person who writes something in reply to one of my articles. But that does not mean what they say has any value. They rehash the same things. Basically, the replies of Muslims consists in two fallacies. 1- The Sira and hadith are not reliable 2- We must not judge the morality of ancient people with the morality of today. These two are the only themes that are repeated in a billion different ways. Both are fallacies.

    1- If the authentic Islamic sources are not reliable then Islam is alreay currupted. According to the Quran Muslims are required to follow the examples of their prophet (sunnah). The sunanh of Muhammad can be found only in the hadith and the sira. These sources say Muhammad was a criminal, rapist, mass murderer, terrorist, assassin. That is why Muslims do what they do. They follow the sunnah of their prophet. If this sunnah is corrupted then Islam cannot be practiced.

    2- Moral relativism is also a fallacy. What Muhammad did to his detractors has been always evil. Furthermore, assuming what he did was a norm for his time, they were still evil. Why did he emulate the evil practices of the people whom he called ignorant? Did he come to follow the practices of the ignorant people and hence make them permanent or set a new standard?

    If you write in English I’d be glad to reply. I can’t reply in Persian and if I respond only to you without translating your articles, it won’t be a fair debate since people don’t know what you wrote.

    Here I have a proposition. If you translate my responses into Persian I will translate yours into English. In this way we have this debate in both languages.

  79. فرزاد says:

    hi Fatima
    I’m from Iran and my real name is Mohsen I have wrote in Persian.
    Mr. sina is originally from Iran and because of my weak English I’m writing in Persian.
    My debate with ali sina was under subject: dose Quran prohibits killing? and under some other subjects that you can find them by searching my nickname farzad.

  80. Truth Finder says:

    I used Google translator but its not working. will we get some of $50000 if we know it.

  81. Fatima says:

    Hello MR?
    You are leaving us in suspence here. Please write in a language the general public can understand, remember we are the witnesses. By the way, wot is your name and when did you have this debate with Dr Alisina?

  82. فرزاد says:

    سلام به تمام جویندگان حقیقت

    جناب سینا

    بعد از بحثهایی که در چند مورد با هم داشتیم و در نهایت جوابی از شما دریافت نکردم و متعاقب آن مدتی سایت بسته شد، حدث زدم جواب من به ادعاهای شما کافی و رسا بوده لذا شما به قول خود عمل کرده و سایت را حذف کرده اید اما اکنون که دوباره به اینجا سر زدم متوجه شدم اشتباه کرده و شما هنوز به لجن پراکنی بدون پشتوانه عقلی و منطقی بر ضد اسلام مشغولید؛ ادعا کرده اید که اگر کسی بتواند اثبات کند اشتباه کرده اید سایت خود را حذف و به طرف مقابل 50000 دلار پرداخت می کنی.

    جناب سینا من اکنون نیاز جدی به این 50000 دلار دارم؛ تعدادی از اشتباهات شما را در بحث های گذشته اثبات کردم و شما هیچ جوابی در برابر آنها نداشتید و یا ندادید اکنون هم آماده ام بقیه اشتباهات شما را با دلایل کاملا منطقی و عقلی رد کنم و پنجاه هزار دلار را دریافت کنم.

    Mr sina

    You have issued a challenge that should anyone prove you wrong you will publicly acknowledge your error and withdraw your charges against Islam, and will pay $50,000 to that person.

    I proved in our last debates some of your wrongs and you didn’t answer to my claims so already I’m ready to prove your entire wrongs and take $50000 that I really need it.

  83. Ruby says:

    What you've written about the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is derogatory to say the least. But, you know what, it doesn't really matter what you say, or think, because you really, honestly can't change the fact that there are more than a billion Muslims in the world today, more so in the West, and more and more converting each day. Which should be odd for those such as yourselves to understand I suppose, right? Since Islam is such a horribly backward and violent religion?
    But, you know what? It really doesn't matter what you believe in the end, because the truth prevails. Always. And nothing has been accomplished / established thus far with hatred (such as this wierd hatred you're propagating against Islam). Those who truly wish to see the truth, see it. And those who wish to be misguided, such as those unfortunate handful of people that have come to your site, 'choose' to be misguided. There's no compulsion in religion, especially in Islam. Peace be upon you, brother. I do truly feel sorry for you…may you find peace..

  84. Arya Anand says:

    I meant to say in my previous post "Janata Party does NOT enjoy popular support" .

  85. Arya Anand says:

    Janata Party once formed a central government in India in 1977 and its rule lasted only for about two years. All prominenet leaders of this party except Dr.Swamy either joined other parties or formed new ones like Janata Dal, Bharatiya Janata Party,ect and now Janata Party does enjoy popular support and its influenece has waned over the period right from the fall of its central government. I was once eager to join Janata Party as a primary member in 1990s when I was in my early 20s but I realised that Janata Party is like one man army and fully depends on the wishes and actions of its single leader, that is Dr.Swamy and hence lost interest.

    In my view, a new party must be formed to replace Janata Party and intellectuals and people like Dr.Swamy must take initiative in this direction.

  86. HAHAHA says:


    I WILL PAY YOU 1000000 USD

  87. knowTheEnemy says:

    Dr. Sina, Did you get my message about a filmmaker that I sent you on ? My userID on FB is 'theoffender'.

  88. Ali Sina says:

    Why don’t you vote for Dr. Subramaniam Swamy and his Janata Party?

  89. abhi says:

    Ali sina
    many learned ones stay away from voting , they know that no matter who they vote to, these dirty indians politics donot change. its like same sh!t in different container. politicians offer many beneficiaries to illiterates , economically-backward class , minorities , backward castes at the cost of others. and its these people who vote and these guys are in majority. so the ones who know how politics are driven , even if they vote doesnt make a change.
    and many dont know much abt islam , rather the media , press , politicians show islam in good light, so the general public(even some muslims) are fooled. even if there is a terrorist attack , the media/politicians wouldnot attach the words islam , muslims , jihad etc to these terrorist attacks. the only way one could know the dangers of islam is internet and few hav access to it.

  90. zitouni says:

    Ali Sina you either are dumb or you are lying to us . Did not you see this so called Muslim what he said ? let me repeat it to you : realized, this much trouble from my beloved religion and my beloved prophet whom I used to pray 5 times a day?

    Who is this Muslim in the world who prays 5 times a day to the prophet ?????????? All Muslims when they make this Salat they make it to Allah and not to the prophet . 8 yrs old muslim kid knows that . This show this con man was never muslim in his life time , he just fooled you LOL . use your brain dummy before you get excited and post garbage in your site

  91. zitouni says:

    You still tell to people that you have studied Koran even after I exposed your ass that you are totally ignorant of Arabic , Tafsir and anything that has to do with Islam . You need somebody to literaly kick your ass

  92. Raj says:

    The illustrated cartoons/comics are the best media. The cartoons/comics about Mohammad and Zainab and the other one about Mohammad and Hafsa – the people did a really good job.

    Such illustrations will go a long way in taking the anti Islamic campaign forward to reach its goal.

    Mohammad and Zainab cartoon strips

    Mohammad and Hafsa and Maria the Copt

    wonderful work by the brave people. Someone by the alias copper kid deserves this credit. Took terrible risks to get these comic strips circulated.

  93. enlightened25 says:

    We atheists don’t need shepherds because we are not sheep. We are not followers of any herd either. By the way is the Golden Rule a rational rule? Why is it ‘right’ for one man to do unto others as he would have others do to him and, what is right? If ‘others’ are unable to injure him or ‘do good’ to him, why should he consider them at all? Why should he take any more notice of them than of so many worms? If they are endeavouring to injure him, and able to do it, why should he
    refrain from returning the compliment? Should he not combat them, does not that give them freedom to injure and destroy him? May it not be ‘doing good’ to others, to war against them, to annihilate them? May it not also be ‘good’ for them to war against
    others?(what is ‘good’?)
    Is it reasonable to ask preying animals, to do unto others as they would be done by? — If they acted accordingly would they, could they survive? If some only accepted the Golden Rule as their guiding moral code, would they not become a prey to those who refused to abide by it?

  94. worldpeace says:

    "im a muslim an im happy the way i am i dnt need settin free as we all are free 2 du wat we lyk….", Are sure you are free if you are muslim? Ask Hamza Kashgari.

  95. worldpeace says:

    So that is all you have for disbeleivers, "burn in hell….". Nothing is said here but the plain truth about Islam using its very sriptures. the Koran et al. So, who is the devil?

  96. worldpeace says:

    If that will eventually bring permanent world peace, so be it.

  97. worldpeace says:

    It is a good idea.

  98. worldpeace says:

    You can't escape from being appreciated, it is human nature. So bear with us who say "thank you Dr Ali Sina"

  99. worldpeace says:

    "I have better things to do….." maybe you are in a hurry preparing to behead your victim Hamza Kashgari.

  100. Worldpeace says:

    BollywoodGoD, can your good religion, Islam, save Hamza Kashgari? The young man 'only' expressed a simple and somewhat innocuous feeling about Muhammed. The world will see the religion of peace in action.

  101. BollywoodGOD says:

    Truth spreads like fire. I have asked a Muslim cleric and a rickshaw puller , Decade has gone Nobody knows about this ! You guys are schizophrenics.

    I have better things to do Catch yall laterz

  102. allinclusive says:

    use your intelligence, use your own analysis, after you read QQUURRAAN, after you read SIRA, After You read hadiths, after you use your rational,logical, reasoning and thinking.
    Do you want want to follow by blind faith? Do you want to travle in darkness rejecting light ?

    Are you God ? why do you want to insult God ? You can say you are a bolluwood profiteer profit !!!!! or PROPHET ? So now you can have the title BOLLYWOOD PROPHET . It is more fitting

  103. knowTheEnemy says:

    Why don't you worry less about your questions and more about the reputation of your prophet. There is a challenge that was posted by Ali Sina a decade ago that has not been met. Find someone who can meet that challenge so that Ali can shut down this site.

  104. allinclusive says:

    You dont seem to be such innocent bloke . Please , first read the whole web site, it's mission, it's purpose,objectives and noble cause .

  105. PurpleLotus says:

    Oh, yeah……..Al-Khomaini was the best philosopher ever !

  106. knowTheEnemy says:

    This site is for "Setting Muslims Free" from ISLAM. Where is the contradiction there?

    "You want this website for only anti-Islamic ppl ?"

    Actually, this site is to get good and decent people out of Islam. People who were born into Islam, but who were told lies and were brainwashed.

    "ok there are hundreds of pro-Islamic websites with believers !
    Know better"

    Well then what are you doing HERE?? Go visit those sites and tell people about how Muhammad sleeping with his own daughter-in-law was a pious act.

  107. BollywoodGOD says:

    0.0002% People you have reached. Splending contribution of each 0.000001%.

    Please read all comments by me and Try to find right answers for my questions.

  108. knowTheEnemy says:

    If there is no Islam, then of course this website probably wouldn't exist. This is a anti-Islamic website, meaning the true nature of Islam is exposed here. Things that people (both muslims and non-muslims) were not told about Islam before are revealed here.

    Why would anyone waste their time on other religions? Their followers live in the 21st century. They don't go around killing people en-masse every other day. They don't lock up their women in black garbage bags. They don't promote hatred against other humans. Despite that if someone wants to run a site critical of other religions, who's stopping them?

    "ISLAM exist so all the content in website exist AliSina exist and this website exist otherwise there is nothing ?!"

    Yep! So if you want this website 'gone', all that muslims have to do is dump Islam. Simple as ABC!

  109. allinclusive says:

    You dont seem to be such innocent bloke . Please , first read the whole web site, it's mission, it's purpose,objectives and noble cause .
    Then if you are a hard core ISLAMIC mohammad follower and if there is any iota of self discovery, an iota of desire ,honesty, truthfulness,commitment to make this world a better place for all , and if you are against gender apartheid , and if you are kind ,compassionate, and if you do not want to discriminate against people because they don;t believe in your religion , and if you your religion preaches you to hate, instigate bigotry against other religious people , and if you are against religious based intolerance, terrorism, against slavery, then join here and contribute positively to humanity.

  110. knowTheEnemy says:

    Fatwa against FFI! There you go ! Now we are talking 'sophisticated treatment'.

  111. allinclusive says:

    You dont have any idea of equality, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, human rights,peace,love and nonviolence. . We are not talking about antiISLAM !!! what anti-ISLAM ? ISLAM is anti of everything of human values, human civilization. Who says that we cant speak truth , who says we cant bring out facts. Who says we cant stand for truth,justice, equality ,peace, nonviolence and against slavery. ISLAM opposes all noble values and human civilization. ISLAM has no place in human civilization. If you chose to be moslem follower of MOhammad , you practice it, but you cannot be intolerant, you canot promote hatred, you canot promote bigotry, you cannot promote in- equality, you cannot promote violence, you can not kill others, you cannot promote gender in-equality and hatred for women, You cannot promote ill will , you cannot curse nonbelievers . We ask you to be humane, kind and compassionate,

  112. knowTheEnemy says:

    Dr. Sina, did you get my message at freedombulwark regarding a filmmaker? My userID at is theoffender

  113. Ali Sina says:

    Al Razi was Persian. He was from Rey, close to present Tehran. That is why he was called Razi. Arabs didn’t have philosophers.

  114. PurpleLotus says:

    I am sure you've heard about the old Arab philosopher whose
    name was (Abu Bakr Al Razi), he said:
    You claim that the quran is a miracle, and you say
    if you deny it, then write a book that is like it.
    If you want a book like it, we can write a thousand
    of books like it, and even better in eloquence, rhyme
    and consistency, also more terse and to the point.
    Any professional writer or poet can do it.
    And then if you deny it, our demand will
    be the same like yours.

  115. PurpleLotus says:

    A movie ? you are kidding………this will lead us to
    World War III.

  116. PurpleLotus says:

    This last viedo is hard to believe. Terrorism is not only physical, but pshycohogical
    as well. How can they kill this boy just because he said (talking to Mohammad):
    "There are things I like in you, and things I hate in you……
    I am not going to pray for you".
    How can terrorism be? . People are afraid even of their thoughts.
    Perhaps the Saudi authorities will use
    their money asking one of (Al-Koffar) to invent instruments
    and put them on the heads of people, to read their thoughts.
    Who knows……..may be it will happen in the near future.
    What a beautiful world!

  117. enlightened25 says:

    "Atheism doesn't Exists." No God does not exist.

  118. PurpleLotus says:

    Honestly I cried when I watched the video of the whale.
    The second video of killing Mohammad is very interesting,
    I thought that the Jews killed Jesus only.
    Amusing, every day you learn something new.

  119. Fatima says:

    Bollywood God: The above quote means that I have logic and an open mind.

  120. Fatima says:

    What do you think the sophisticated treatment would be? can't wait to hear.

  121. BollywoodGOD says:

    "But don't waste ppl's time by dissing other religions here. This is only a anti-Islamic website."

    Its Contradicting with title "Setting Muslims Free"

    You want this website for only anti-Islamic ppl ?

    ok there are hundreds of pro-Islamic websites with believers !

    Know better

  122. BollywoodGOD says:

    " You are lucky, you are among the exceptions. The rest of them will need a different, more sophisticated treatment. "

    Fatima what treatment you got ? Was that unsophisticated and usual ?
    (The rest of them means you already got)

  123. BollywoodGOD says:

    Why there is no other religion and their malpractices discussed in this website? I think if there is no ISLAM. this website will be BLANK

    Faithfreedom ? I am talking about only ISLAM because there is no other thing here

    ISLAM exist so all the content in website exist AliSina exist and this website exist otherwise there is nothing ?!

  124. knowTheEnemy says:

    " So With Freedom of Speech I may blow others like Judaism , Hinduism , Christianity , Sikhism and Buddhism proving their loopholes logically ."

    YES, you can.

    But don't waste ppl's time by dissing other religions here. This is only a anti-Islamic website. No one is interested in the loopholes of other religions. Their followers are not the ones turning this beautiful world to hell.

    If you still insist about other religions, go somewhere else.

  125. knowTheEnemy says:

    HA HA! We are not fools, you sucker. Just because you put the words 'Ali Sina' in your userid does not bring you even remotely close to the IQ of the real one.

  126. BollywoodGOD says:

    Why you need some mullah to bring your Message in light? .
    Is it dependant of Islam?

    Marketing skill ?

  127. knowTheEnemy says:

    Fatima, muslims are trained to see their 'religion' as a gang whose reputation must be saved, even if something bad is found. Look at this BollywoodGod guy, he doesn't even care whether what we say about Islam is true or not, he is only concerned that we are talking 'anti-Islam' stuff. He is only concerned with Islam's reputation.

    The bollywood khan's are the same way. They are only humans like everyone else. Even SRK will try to 'protect' Islam.

    You are lucky, you are among the exceptions. The rest of them will need a different, more sophisticated treatment.

  128. lala says:

    get a mullah to issue a fatwa on may be this can do magic

  129. lala says:

    Dear Ali Sina
    you wrote an article "The Fall of Islam 20 Aug, 2001"
    please write a sequel. what are ur thoughts now..

  130. BollywoodGOD says:

    Alisina's message ???

    What is it ? Hate Islam? Defame Islam? Erase Islam?

    and what will they get after if they did ?

    Weird dreams?

  131. Fatima says:

    I think that they would only support Islam becos Alisina's message has not been conveyed to them yet. They may support them now but things can change tomorrow. After all they are also human.

  132. Good Ali Sina says:

    Atheism doesn't Exists.

    You better study binary electronics

  133. BollywoodGOD says:

    Moronic go back to my earlier comment

  134. Raks says:

    Its not about GooD or Bad, here its trying to make a film based on Quran,notin more or less!

  135. PurpleLotus says:

    Can you please tell me how Mohammad died? because I do not know,
    and it is my first time I receive information about his death from this video.
    If this video is false, can you tell me how he died? all I know is that he died
    when he was 62 years old, and did not know any details until I watched
    this video. If you have a more authentic story, let me hear it.

  136. dharma marg noble says:

    If you find a manual for like QQUURRAAN to instill fear, terror, instigates hatred, promotes bigotry, asks it

  137. BollywoodGOD says:

    You are talking same !!! Good or Bad its Anti-Islam. Grow up !!!

  138. dharma marg noble says:

    Did you read QQUURRAAN, or SIRA or HADITHS and observe ISLAMIC societies or ISLAMIC regimes ?
    ISLAM starts by denigrating, denying all other religions. ( with kaleema ) .
    ISLAM curses other religions. Does ISLAM/MOSLEMS accept all other religions as equal , all people as equal ? Does ISLAM accepts moslem women as equal ? In ISLAMIC countries – do nonmoslems have equl rights as moslems ? why cant all moslem countries give recognition and constitutional guarantees , stating all the citizens are equal , equal laws, .
    There is no concept of minority in ISLAM – only DHIMMI which makes nonmoslems as inferior , officially. That is why moslem countries declare as theocratic ISLAMIC countries- making officially nonmoslems inferior and moslems as superior. This is what is ISLAM – Discrimination at all levels. Even other sects of ISLAM are denied acceptence and actually get killed. IN PAKISATAN, AHMADIYYAS are killed, shia are killed , ISMAILees, bohras are killed.

  139. BollywoodGOD says:

    So With Freedom of Speech I may blow others like Judaism , Hinduism , Christianity , Sikhism and Buddhism proving their loopholes logically .



  140. BollywoodGOD says:

    Ladies your dream of making this movie is IMPOSSIBLE even in hollywood or even with jewish cinematography ( I don't know if there is). Bollywood have many muslims by birth involved

    But why movie??? I never saw any faith or freedom you are advocating. This is like anti-Islam website and gathering for handful of alike. Freedom of speech doesn't make sense if you start hurting belief associated with your next person.

    Know better

  141. dharma marg noble says:

    "least fanatic of all "— does it mean anything ? Actually vast majority of moslems keep silent and never criticize ISLAM and it's brutal crimes , but in heart and mind they do support ISLAM-sharia, moslems ,jihadists . This can easily be observed . In INDIA , can anybody counted the number of attacks,bombings and killings by ISLAMISTS /terror groups ? Everything is forgotten , the next day and congress, communists,christians, womens right groups and media is ready to back them (moslems)and brushing aside all facts, bombings and deaths !!!!

  142. knowTheEnemy says:

    I personally think that Shahrukh is the least fanatic of all the bollywood khans. But even he won't go anywhere close to criticizing Islam. Dr. Sina should only work with proven ex-muslims!

  143. dharma marg noble says:

    Dr. ALI SINA – How can you assume that sharukh will act . He is a committed moslem. Any way , do one thing, just start or initiate about the project by first talking to SHARUKH khan . Then you will find out yourself !!! You will see his TAQIYYA in action.

  144. lala says:

    it's a great site. that should be on the front page of ffi and

  145. knowTheEnemy says:

    Good Idea! But I myself am not even remotely connected with the movie business. Ali and his team is going to have to find filmmakers and investors/Directors themselves. I can help if he ever needs a trusted employee, for example.

    But don't despair. There is plenty of interesting stuff already out there. Until Ali makes a movie, we can advertise the already existing stuff. This site has wonderful comics and a comic book that expose Muhammad. And did you watch the videos by David wood? There are many more interesting videos under the 'videos' section of

    I think what we should do is send a weekly newsletter to all our friends with one interesting video or article, thereby spreading the word until Dr. Sina's movie comes out. What do you think? :p

  146. SundriedAtheist says:

    Ali, why dont you tell the silly woman that worshipping god is the most unethical and immoral act one can engage in. If a god really does exist(which I am conviced beyond doubt, does not) then that god does that deserve worship. We should worship that creature oinly as a means of self preservation..If we had the means, we should all go out and capture the creature and slay it as quickly as possible.

  147. knowTheEnemy says:

    Ali there is a filmmaker who shares your goal and who I believe is very likely to work with you. You probably have already heard about him. For the sake of anonymity, I will not reveal his name here. I have sent you a message at freedombulwark with his name. My FB id is theoffender.

  148. Raks says:

    How about making an animation movie?

  149. knowTheEnemy says:

    There already is such a animated movie. Below is the link to that website. There are more animated movies in that website. Watch them and pass them around. To start with watch this one where the prophet sleeps with his daughter-in-law. It is HILARIOUS yet disgusting and fully backed by the reliable Hadith. If you can afford to, then donate or buy their book.

  150. knowTheEnemy says:

    Freedom of faith and Freedom of Expression are two different things. Hammering another faith falls within Freedom of Expression (also called Free Speech). Free Speech is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in the world of humans. Almost everything that we know today is because of Free Speech. Muhammad would not have been able to start his religion if the Meccans didn't have Free Speech. I would not have known about Mother Goddess if it was not for Free Speech. There are people in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan who would never come to know of Jesus (the Christian one) or Mother Goddess because in SA they don't have Free Speech. Bottomline: Freedom of Expression is MOST important. More important than Allah, more important than Jesus, and more important than Mother Goddess.

    And YES, Free Speech includes the freedom to hammer another faith (religion).

    We don't just hammer any other religion. We have chosen Islam because it is a very bad religion. In fact it is not even a religion. Islam is a dangerous ideology PRETENDING to be a faith system. Islam is the reason why terrorists like Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Laskar-e-Toiba etc exist. Islam is the reason why women are treated like animals. Islam is what makes muslims persecute non-muslims all over the world. Therefore, we, because we care, we take blessings from Free Speech and we expose the true nature of Islam. When Islam is gone, there will be a lot less suffering for everyone in the world.

    "You people are behaving like some guys are still forcing you to follow Islam.
    You are ofcourse free!"

    We are free in the non-Islamic world. We are free because good people have worked in the past to make society free. Islam will ruin all their good work. Wherever Islam begins to gain power, freedom starts going south. Technically muslims don't directly force us to follow islam. But they create conditions where it becomes very difficult to live as non-muslims. Here is an example from Pakistan. Here is another one from UK.
    Bottomline: If there is too much Islam, we are NOT free.

    "I don't get how some free people(as said) wanna decide freedom(as they describe) of others?"

    You most likely live in India, that's why you talk like this. Go to any muslim-heavy area in the world and you will find that the ISLAMIC definition of freedom is IMPOSED on you. Did you know that the Islamic definition of 'freedom' if different from non-Islamic definition?

    "You people are behaving like some guys are still forcing you to follow Islam.
    You are ofcourse free!"

    What about people who were born muslim but don't wish to follow Islam anymore? Are they free to leave? In every muslim society they are forced to revert to Islam. According to Sharia such a person is to be asked to revert a couple of times. Failure to come back to Islam results in death penalty. Did you ever criticize such policy? Are you free to criticize such policy?

  151. enlightened25 says:

    "Democracy does not mean the rule of majority. It means the rule of law." Whose law? "And the law treats all citizens equally." Yes you are all equally slaves before the law of your master(s).

  152. knowTheEnemy says:

    There are tens of thousands, if not millions, of books out there that are way much better than the Quran. I am sure you have read a couple of books (any books, not necessarily the religious ones) other than the Quran. For you to even write that kind of statement tells me that you have not read the Quran with translation, let alone with understanding.

    Whether you are a scholar, a rikshaw puller, or someone in between, any religion out there, or no religion (Atheism) is better than Islam. If nothing else interests you, try the Golden Rule in its pure form. It says "Do not do to others what you don't want happen to yourself".

    "I want that faith should be for all human".

    Different people have different experiences in life and different perspectives about things. The outlook that one religion has towards things may appeal to some but not to others. People should be free to select whatever idea appeals to them. That is humanity. I was born and raised a Sikh for example. But the idea that appeals most to me is the concept of Mother Goddess. That is what gives me most peace and makes me feel most strong and confident about everything. Most other people probably do not see god, themselves, or the world the same way. So how can people be forced into one faith? Such a idea goes completely against freedom and diversity.

    Should I stay a Sikh out of some sense of loyalty even if something else interests me? What is religion? A gang? And should I impose my idea of God on everyone else? There has to be freedom of faith.

  153. lala says:

    many indian don't like islm/muslim but they don't know that mohammad married a six year old girl or he marrid his adopted son's wife after watching her changing cloths.after learning these two things i stopped considering mohammad ever a good man.earlier i used to think that he was as good as buddha. u just need to make animated movie (5mins) highlighting these two things.don't need to show mohammad just his voice..the movie needn't even appear to criticize mohammad. just show that mohammad did these things as a fact.that's enough to put off non muslims.i mean u can easily educate 4.5 billion non muslims . i doubt if they know these simple facts about mohammad.

  154. Agracean says:

    Dear Brenda, please be informed that Jesus Christ is not a disciple of Buddha. Period. Don't be disheartened to know that our dear Dr Ali Sina is an Atheist. I believe that one fine day, he will come to the ultimate realization that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that Jesus is the only way to our Father God. 🙂

  155. lala says:

    i am yet to meet an indian who has favourable view of islam or muslim. But still i don't think anyone in bollywood will make your movie.uploading 5 mins youtube video will do. if they ban it upload them again

  156. lala says:

    ali sina u can make an animated movie on mohammand and upload it on youtube. just tell the whole world that muslims are trying to ban this movie and the whole world will see it.

  157. Ali Sina says:

    Brenda, Don’t be apalled. Atheism is not as bad as you think.

    Geert Wilder is not a film maker. I need a film maker.

  158. Ali Sina says:

    You are confusing democracy with oclocracy or the rule of the mob. Democracy does not mean the rule of majority. It means the rule of law. And the law treats all citizens equally. Therefore no Islamic country is democracy, even though they may vote and elect their rulers.

  159. Interesting Videos says:

    Saudi man faces death for 3 tweets considered blasphemy. Clerics are screaming for his death.

    [youtube ZGQKU_39m6U youtube]

  160. BollywoodGOD says:

    Have you guys written better book than Quran or have better religion than Islam or you propose another option. I want that faith should be for all human. For a scholar for a labour for auto rikshaw driver. I don't want universe wank without faith.

  161. dharma marg noble says:

    Fatima – Do you live in INDIA ? TASLEEMA NAZREEN is a bengali writer from B'desh , an Ex.moslem now. Because she wrote a novel – titled "LAJJA" in bengali, detailing all the Moslem atrocities against HINDUS in B'desh . When that book was published, ISLAMISTS (MULLAS ) gave a fatwa against her. TASLEEMA has to leave B'desh fearing for her life . She left B'desh lived a number of years in Norway and then came back to calcutta to live in Bengal. INDIAN Govt , always fearing about moslems did not grant her citizenship (which she was keen to get, ) but merely keep on temporary permission for her to stay in INDIA. Then she was hounded out of calcutta ( as Communists werenot providing her enough security and support, she went DELHI and lived there for some time .You ask your friends about this. full details.

  162. knowTheEnemy says:

    "Faith in freedom is not freedom from Faith."

    If a person has faith in something after s/he has studied the subject well, then there is nothing wrong with having faith in that thing. For example, I have full faith in Free Speech (where Free Speech is defined as freedom to offend).
    Dr. Sina does not oppose faith per se. He opposes 'blind' faith. If you read more of his articles, you will notice this fact.

    "Before knowing enemies Know Yourself."

    Well said. He who knows the enemy AND knows himself, cannot be defeated.

    Enemy of Ignorance

  163. Fatima says:

    Sorry, I have never heard about her.

  164. Brenda says:

    Ali, make your movie with Geert, the dutchman who is seeking to un-muslimise his country.
    Btw, can you please explain how Jesus is a disciple of Bhuddha? This cannot be the absolute truth. God is The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Holy Trinity.
    It is disheartening to hear that you are an Atheist. I am appalled that after you have done so much research on religion that you have and still label yourself as an atheist.

  165. fakeman says:

    But there should be high security and arrangements , the shooting sites should be kept secret , we should not forget that dutch movie maker was murdered by jihadi in 2007 for making movie fitna

  166. proudmuslim says:

    im a muslim an im happy the way i am i dnt need settin free as we all are free 2 du wat we lyk ie choose gud or bad ur choose so fck uz gven islam a bad name allah hu akbar say no more

  167. enlightened25 says:

    Maybe not, the majority may support those ideolgies and maybe even voted them in.

  168. enlightened25 says:

    "Do you have a problem if we denounce that – what motive can you attribute to us ?" Hold on what do you mean "we"? This is your subjective morality not the entire human races, as for the motive I already said it is your will, your will can be imposed on a whole society (which is where a society’s moral codes come from)."all these are clearly culpable crimes on any standard." Who’s standard your standard? "So this struggle against ISLAM – we must prevail on moral ground ." Where is this "must" coming from an objective reality or your mind?

  169. enlightened25 says:

    "- first there must be clarity, clear understanding as to what is right, what is wrong, what is truth, what is lie, what is moral and what is immoral ," Morality is relative, no 2 humans have the same morality i doubt even identical twins have the same morality 100%. All these terms like "right", "wrong" is your will to power. Who says rape, murder, gender apartheid, racial apartheid, religious apartheid , slavery etc are "crimes"? YOU do, they only exist in your mind. Your morality is an extension of your will.

  170. dharma marg noble says:

    your argument is flawed . In order to avoid confusion – you are creating – first there must be clarity, clear understanding as to waht is right, what is wrong, what is truth, what is lie, what is moral and what is immoral , what id force and what is love and what is help and what is harm – at several levels. when the base line parameters are established and accepted by all , then on that ground one should stand ( moral ground ) and strive to bring the change in the world to conform to those parameters and values and philosophy. For example rape should be deemed as crime . Do you have any problem if one tries to decry those who commits rape ? killing is a crime ,particularly on racial basis or religious basis or ethnic basis etc. Do you have a problem if we denounce that – what motive can you attribute to us ? Then other things like gender apartheid, racial apartheid, religious apartheid , slavery – all these are clearly culpabel crimes on any standard. ISLAM promotes all of them- discrimination . So this struggle against ISLAM – we must prevail on moral ground .

  171. Mohamed Uzail Qadiri says:



    HADITH 4449

    Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: If anyone has sexual intercourse with an animal, kill him and kill it along with him. I (Ikrimah) said: I asked him (Ibn Abbas): What offence can be attributed to the animal/ He replied: I think he (the Prophet) disapproved of its flesh being eaten when such a thing had been done to it.

  172. Mohamed Uzail Qadiri says:

    my dear friend in the video of who killed muhammad (peace and blessimgs be upon him) you have just proven MR ALI SINA wrong in his claim that MUHAMMAD (PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON HIM) was a murderer by quoting the hadith in Sahih Bukhari where he was asked by anas should they kill her (the jew that poisened him) and he replied NO NO NO how dumb are you my friend learn to keep ur self PAAK (CLEAN FROM IMPURITIES) before you start quoting the QURAAN AND HADITH cos trust me my friend you are even more stupid than MR SINA

  173. dharma marg noble says:

    Are you kidding ? Sharukh khan and salman khan are taqiyya artists, committed Moslems. They declared. Fathima – did you or salmankhan or sharukh raised your fingers when Moslems and communists in west bengal hounded TASLEEMA NAZREEN ( her), banned her books and was attacked and almost got killed her in Hyderabad by Moslem mobs ? What did you do ? what are you doing right now to support TASLIMA NAZREEN?

  174. SundriedAtheist says:

    Im sory to break this to you but Democracy is a failed system. Democracy simply means the choice of the majority. How is such a system supposed to work in a place like Saudi Arabia, for example. By virtue of their numbers they will bring unethical leaders into power.

    The greatest loophole in the democratic system is that the will of the majority can be imposed on a nation, even when what they propose if absolute nonsense.

    I have always supposed the Elitist system, where voters and candidates both must possess certain eligiblity criteria to exercise their rights to vote or be voted into office. By 'elite' I mean a select group of people with outstanding personal abilities, intellect, specialised training or experience, or other distinctive attributes. Under an elitist system of governance, the views and opinions of the elite on a matter would be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight.

    There is nothing wrong in "minority" ruling the majority. As they say what matters is the quality, not quantity.

  175. Mohamed Uzail Qadiri says:

    Sad to say that the views shared on this site are a act of the devil and nothing else. but good luck to all thats involved a day will come when the door of forgivness will ber closed and then as you say the quraan says burn in hell for the disbelivers i will stand with THAT MUHAMMAD (allah's peace and blessings be upon him) and watch you burn

  176. BollywoodGOD says:

    Faith in freedom is not freedom from Faith. Before knowing enemies Know Yourself

  177. enlightened25 says:

    I already mentioned the form of goverment better than democracy that is artistocracy which unlike democracy is based on the natural order or that is to say the dominance hierarchy. " A legal order thought of as sovereign and universal, not as a means in the struggle between power complexes but as a means of preventing all struggle in general perhaps after the communistic cliché of Dühring, that every will must consider every other will its equal—would be a principle hostile to life, an agent of the dissolution and destruction of man, an attempt to assassinate the future of man, a sign of weariness, a secret path to nothingness." Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals

  178. knowTheEnemy says:

    " It is an idea that its time has come . "

    Ali if you believe so and you want to jump into the battlefield, then I am with you. 🙂

  179. knowTheEnemy says:

    In India you are NOT free to criticize Islam or give a platform to someone who wishes to, even if you are a major newspaper. If you criticize, you will be booked for 'offending the muslim sensitivities'. Add to that the violent attacks that will happen against TOI and you can see why an institution in the business of making profits does not want to take such risks.

    This happens in the US too all the time. The TV channel called Comedy Central pulled cartoons of Muhammad off air when they recieved threats from muslims. This happened despite the First Amendment in the US Constitution. So if a American business is not protected despite the Constitution, how can a Indian business dare say risky things?

  180. everin says:

    When Jesus laid down his life for the sheep n there is no more shepherd to look after them n they ran wild to split into many, many sects that fought with one another. The Sects are the Catholics, the Methodist, the 7th day Adventist. the Jehowah witnesses, the Mormons, etc.,etc.. What was the use of this shepherd when he had to die so young ? LOL ha ha ha !
    Or rather he ran away to study Buddhism in far-away Tibet after he was resuscitated from death. That was how he became a desciple of Buddha n knew about the Laws of Karma n Reincarnation.

  181. Arya Anand says:

    If America and Canada are taken over by Islam or Communism, which I hope will not happen, then they are no more democracies but dictatorships.

  182. Arya Anand says:

    India is held hostage by Muslims.

  183. Arya Anand says:

    To be secular in India is to appease Muslims. Muslim appeasement has become a fashion in India and this trend started with Mohan Dass Karam Chand Gandhi.

  184. Arya Anand says:

    Have you left Islam?

  185. Arya Anand says:

    Then it should give a very good return on investment and you can easily get investors for such a film. The only thing is that the actors, technicians and investors must remain anonymous or use pseudonym.

  186. Ali Sina says:

    No, it is not naif. It is an idea that its time has come. Today digital technology allows us to make a movie while altering the features of the actors (Think Avatar). Also online streaming makes theator distribution no essential. Masses of people like to be entertained. Nothing can convey our message better than a well made movie. And precisely because of the controversy, it is possible that it can become the most seen movie ever.

  187. neluroman says:

    It is not only about Govern in India.I don't know for sure why I liked to read Time of India on Internet .It is a common news paper. May be I liked it because it is from a land so exotic as India.What is strange with it is that it accept anyone saying any garbage about America and Europe, on his forums but, when I tried to even up the things, by saying ,yes, America and Europe too are not mistakeless, but Islam is bad at core , I was cut off. It was not once time, but almost every time.Why does Time of India appease Islam? Could someone answer this question?

  188. Arya Anand says:

    I think it is not possible to make such a film even in Hollywood in the current scenario. It is possible only when Islam is classified as a politico economic system and not a religion. As for finance, when we win a good number of people consisting of both ex-Muslims and non-Muslims, to our cause, there will not a finance problem. I hope even governments if won to our side, will come forward to to finance our noble cause just like Islamist and Communist/Socialist countries financed their proxies in their home and foreign countries. To achieve all this, we need to get organized and unleash our propaganda on a massive scale worldwide. We must win lawmakers, corporations, social activists, NGOs,etc and form an umbrella organization to take forward our strugle against Islam.

  189. Arya Anand says:

    If we are organized well, then we can raise funds required for achieving our goal.

  190. knowTheEnemy says:

    Not to offend anyone, but these suggestions about making a hollywood/ bollywood movie regarding the true nature of Islam & prophet are naive. Those studios and actors are in the business of making money. They will never do anything that can put their golden gooses at risk. Are we forgetting what happened to the newspaper office that published the Muhammad cartoons and how their staff and the cartoonist have been at risk. Secondly, these industries are deeply infiltrated by Leftists and muslims.

    IMO the best way to spread the word is through word of mouth. Tell your friends and relatives (only if you can do so safely), and tell people on the internet (safely again). There are many interesting videos available through FFI itself, in their videos section. Pass those around! Here is a video on how Muhammad died:

    [youtube 6st_tFj6ouM youtube]

  191. BollywoodGOD says:

    Any query regarding Bollywood. Please Contact

  192. Agracean says:

    I think that now, it's the right time for this lost sheep, Dr Ali Sina, to follow the Good Shepherd(Author of the Golden Rule) Who laid down His very own life just to lead him to eternal safety. 🙂

  193. Agracean says:

    John 10:7-16 Therefore Jesus said again, “Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep. All who have come before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep have not listened to them. I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.[a] They will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.

  194. Agracean says:

    I really do agree with Dr Albert Einstein when he said that there is no limit to human stupidity. I wonder what formula or tools Einstein used to arrive to this final conclusion about human stupidity. Too bad, he has returned to the ground and I couldn't asked him for an answer. I believe that he must have learned from the Bible about Jesus, the Good Shepherd and his sheep. Einstein must have observed all the sheep very carefully and realized that the IQ of a sheep is single digit and came to the ultimate conclusion that there is no limit to sheep stupidity. That's the reason why he came to the same conclusion with human beings.

  195. Ali Sina says:

    Thank you Shakila, but I don't have followers. I want people to be free and follow their own intelligence. Following others is not for humans. It is for sheep and we are not sheep.

  196. Ali Sina says:

    And why would anyone pay for a book when they can read the same online for free?

    I have a great project on the burner. That project can make the message reach to hundreds of millions of people.

  197. Arya Anand says:

    Yes agrre with your post above but we have not foud a system of government better than democracy though it has its shortcomings.

  198. rembrandt_gg says:

    Yeop. 🙂

  199. Ali Sina says:

    Criticizing the practices of Muslims is not the same as criticizing Muhammad. Stoning Soraya M. was shot in Jordan. The government did not object because they did not think this has anything to do with Islam. They thought this is a criticism of Islamic Republic and Shiism. But you can't make a movie about Muhammad in an Islamic country.

  200. Ali Sina says:

    The first obstacle is that you can't take a permit to shoot this movie i India. Assuming Shahrukh Khan wants to take this project, he must do it annonymously.

  201. yusufharto says:

    Ali, your writings in your site are very touching, entertaining and effective than your book in helping muslims leave Islam.
    Why don't you compile all your best articles and debates to be a book and I believe it will be best seller.
    I think those whom you have helped to leave Islam must have read your writings first before they read your book. So, your book is just a final touch before they completely said good bye to Islam. What do you think.

  202. Indus Valley says:

    Well said Dr.Sina…Apart from the government, some of the so called intellects in India who appear on mainstream Indian English news channels are also dhimmis….

  203. kafir says:

    as far the finance is concerns, we can take the help of some missionary organisation, or even vatican

  204. ygalg says:

    I think he meant israeli politicians. in israel we have muslims who are larger in numbers than christians. also Bedouin and Druze who are also muslims. most of them 'oddly' serves proudly in israeli army and content to be part of israeli society. you have to go to PM Netanyahu's facebook page where druze proclaims his pride as an israeli. its surreal.

    furthermore there are arab muslim representatives in the israeli parliament. israel is in fragile state and stirring up religious dispute will lead to massive violence and disorder. in result many will be harmed or killed.

  205. enlightened25 says:

    "All leadesr of these parties are selfish and seek to promote their own interest rather than the interests of people." What right do "the people" (or that is to say the rabble) have to rule? They cannot even rule their own lives let alone anything else. If India and indeed europe and america were Aristocracies (rule of the best) they would never have to give in to muslims or any other group of rabble. Democracy as I see it is a poison only the best have a right and indeed the ablity to rule. And in this day and age these countries need strong leaders not clowns like Obama or some old geezer like Ron Paul what a disgrace such mob leaders are in control of the "powerfulest nation on earth".

  206. enlightened25 says:

    "Sharia government, where it's clear that human rights take a backseat to Islam, and you are not allowed to even think anything bad about Islam, much less speak out about it." Well what can you say about the sacred cows of democracy and the likes of "our glorious constitution"? Or speak about the lies like "equality"? Even if you can say it would the mob majority ever allow you in? The only "right" that Americans really have is to choose a new tax collector that is it.

    "You? What moves you then?" My will to power obviously, my will to dominate except I will be honest about it and not engage in self deception.

  207. enlightened25 says:

    "We're here for that basic human rights: freedom of thought and freedom of expression. And democracy is the only form of government most likely to guarantee that." This is not freedom as I define it freedom is gained by mastery, while you accept things like democracy and Constitutions telling you are "equal under the law" (their law), you are in chains and are always going to be a slave if you think that is "freedom".

  208. enlightened25 says:

    "But at same time, people are drawn to truth." No they are drawn to power, it is very unnatural to want to be a slave.

    "This is why in a struggle it's also important to occupy 'the moral ground', that you are in the right, fighting for truth against those who would continue their lies." When we talk of morality we are talking about a relative issue. The masters want to be masters and to rule and the slaves want to get rid of the masters but to also make everyone else a slave as well (like in Socialism and Democracy). Since slave morality rules in the west (thanks to the Judea Christian morality) all things like pride, strength, and nobility are "evil".

    "But in a democracy, a person's right to believe and to have a say is respected." You can say what you want as long as you don’t question democracy and the fact you will always be dictated to by the rabble. Think too loudly though and the mob will have you.

  209. Shakila says:

    Dear Iltemaas,
    Ali Sina is not a fake.. He is very much real and so are the rest of us.. The Apostates of Islam and followers of Ali Sina. Thanks to him, we are liberated from an evil cult. You too will realize it one day but for that you need to open up your mind first and then read Ali's book "Understanding Mohammed",,Once you read the book, I am sure you will be singing a different tune.. I bet you will give up Islam like I did and so did thousands of others after reading the book..

  210. Shakila says:

    Ali, even I don't think India would dare to make such a movie. As you mentioned yourself, they cancelled Salman Rushdie's trip to India lest the Muslims started some protest or something.. My suggestion is that you try to find an investor in the US or Canada because this kind of movie can be made easily in Hollywood but not in Bollywood. As far as actors are concerned, we can get Arab Christians or Arab looking Asians to play the characters. I even suggested the same to Robert Spencer and he too said that he would love to make such a movie if he could get someone to fianance it. Ali, we have to expose Mohammed to the world but this book is not enough because most people do not read and there are many who cannot read. I love what you are doing Ali and I owe you my freedom..

  211. ygalg says:

    Ali was regarding between two democracies in present state. your referring to hypothetical scenario where one of two or both might changed due communist or islamic take over. that no doubt will alter the attitude of the two.

  212. fakeman says:

    ali sir
    in the year 2007 Muslim clerics declared fatwa on shahrukh khan for some quotes on Muhammed and clerics openly said that blasphemy on prophet is capital punishment and shahrukh apoliges , and making movie on muhammad by shahrukh is imaginary thought.

  213. JAAN says:

    For your kind information Shahrukh khan and salman khan ,Aamir khan always support islam,after mumbai attack they were the first one who came to the support of islam ,watch interview of shahrukh khan,Salman khan saying islam is the religion of peace and no religion teaches terrorism.Also watch the interview of these people supporting pakistan and dont forget that movie my name is khan that was made in order to improve the image of islam by Shahrukh khan who in the movie used that verse killing one person means killing humanity.Whole movie was based on taqqiyah in order to prove that muslims are victim.So come up with new idea dear.

  214. Fatima says:

    Just watched a Bollywood movie called Agneepath, currrently playing at cinemas. In the movie they show muslim thugs selling/ auctioneering underage hindu girls to other muslim men dressed in Arab Clothes. India is a Dhimmi country and am surprised that they showed those seens. Maybe Alisina should encourage other film makers to add similar scenes in movies to create awareness. That would be a good start

  215. johannes says:

    here is the complete stone.. allthough heavily damaged..

    I assume its Enlil sitting on the left (cant see him, due to damage) and SIN on the right..
    if you look closely.. its a woman in the middle.. i would assume she is Ningal (wife of SIN) or maybe Ishtar=al-uzzah=the fertillity godess of the Venus star..(the star in the islamic symbol)
    Enlil (and later his son SIN) was the "father of the gods"..
    notice how the carvings are mirrored..

    thank you.. for great articles ali sina.. i use your site in all my debates..

  216. Johannes says:

    mr. sina.. i have a complaint regarding an incorrect picture in your "about me" section..

    its regarding the stone carving you see depicted.. it is NOT an image of the idol hubal.. the person standing up is.. "ningal" the wife of the moon god SIN/nanna/suen/en.zu=allah, hence the name SINai desert)
    SIN is sitting next to her (its badly damaged but you can see him sitting on his throne)
    underneath him.. is ur-nammu (the king of ur) watering the three of life infront of Enlil (father of SIN)
    the persons behind him are priests..
    the stone carving is much longer.. but heavily damaged.. so only the top sections can be seen..

    the sumerian king ur-nammu was an architect and he liked to build tempels in honour of Nanna=SIN
    he shaved his head to become pure and divine.. when making them..

    hmmm.. an architect who liked to build SIN tempels.. to honour the Enlil pantheon.. LOL.. maybe we have found the true architect of the original kaaba??
    but its NOT the idol of hubal..
    better pictures exists online.. for greater detail.. thanks..
    this stone carving is from 2000 BC.. Hubal was a "recent" import from messopotamia to Mekka..

  217. Fatima says:

    Look there is nothing wrong in trying and once they see your logic it would spread like rapid fire, though it will take some time.

  218. lonelyloner says:

    I understand that.
    It is the 'will to power' that runs the world, even in democracy. I do not deny that.
    And that same 'will to power' in the people who rule will want to make them to impose rules and laws that protect their interests.
    And it's also that 'will to power' that will make them force people to cover up truths and uphold lies in the interest of maintaining their regime, prolonging their power.
    But at same time, people are drawn to truth.
    This is why in a struggle it's also important to occupy 'the moral ground', that you are in the right, fighting for truth against those who would continue their lies. You seek to expose it all, while the liars desperately try to shut you up.
    The fair minded thus seek to uphold that human right: the right to believe and to have a say, no matter what.
    The corrupt on the other hand wants to squash that human right, because they don't want people to think truths or tell truths, because they fear it, since their corrupted power's now sustained only by the lies..
    Democracy is not perfect, yes. But in a democracy, a person's right to believe and to have a say is respected.
    In other government systems? Not so.
    People are motivated by their 'will to power' yes, this is true, and it's not wrong.
    But it IS wrong to force others to believe in lies and to keep others believing in lies, just because someone in power fears the truth will expose them.
    But advancement in human culture and psyche is stiffed by oppression, while freedom encourages it.
    It's clear that wherever people have more freedom, new ideas thrive, technology advances, and people become more mature, and simply become better.
    We're here for that basic human rights: freedom of thought and freedom of expression. And democracy is the only form of government most likely to guarantee that.
    And one of the worst? Sharia government, where it's clear that human rights take a backseat to Islam, and you are not allowed to even think anything bad about Islam, much less speak out about it.
    Power is not constant, yes, there's ups and downs. There's that will to power, yes. But it is that selfish desire to prolong one's hold on power, thus trying to erase truth and prolong lies, that is what's totally screwed up, and wrong, and evil.
    So yeah, even now I am exercising my 'will to power', and I do it to expose lies, because it gives me great pleasure to see the corrupt crumble and fall.
    O yea, desire to make the world a better place is a bonus, too.

    You? What moves you then?

  219. Ali Sina says:

    Will he dare to make a movie about Muhammad’s life? Not practicing Islam and not believing in Islam are very different things. But then again not believing in Islam and talking against are also not the same things.

  220. Arya Anand says:

    There are immature democracies like India where most of major political parties are like corporations fully owned by a particular leader of the party and his dynasty. The Congress party in India is like a private propery of Nehru family and it is fully owned and controlled by Nehru dynasty and it is the case with all regional parties in India like DMK,AIADMK,PMK,DMDMK in Tamilnadu,TDP in Andhra Pradesh, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh, Rashtriya Janata Dal in Bihar, Siva Sena in Maharashtra, National Conference in Jammu & Kashmir and other regional parties. There is utter lack of democracy in these political parties and leaders of such parties are unanimously elected to leadership on expiry of every term till their last breath just like Saddam and Qadafi used to get themselved elected. Any one opposing their leadership will be expelled from the primary membership of the party. Can we call it democracy? All leadesr of these parties are selfish and seek to promote their own interest rather than the interests of people. This is one of the reasons for their wooing Muslims for votes. Ali Sina rightly called India a banana republic for not taking action against those Muslims who threatened to kill him

  221. Arya Anand says:

    Muslims are cultists and cultist mindset is imparted in them right from their childhood. Most of Muslims do not pray 5 times a day but when it comes to the defense of Islam, barring a few Muslims, all other Muslims will spring up to blast themselves to kill non-Muslims and become martyrs or atleast justify this barbaric crime committed by their fellow cultists. This is the Sunnah of their cult leader Muhammad.

    I personally know how some Muslims in my previous employment felt sad on hearing the news of Osama's murder. Some of these Muslims are looking moderate Muslims and do not pray 5 times and yet terrorist in their subconscious. One even lamented that Osama was a good Muslim. Yes he was a good Muslim and that is why he got a fatwa issued by an Islamic scholar to declare war on America and kill non-Muslims.

  222. Arya Anand says:

    I'm surprised at the aloofness of whoever influential people who have read Ali Sina's articles and debates and yet do nothing to save humankind from looming extinction caused by the haunting evil soul of Muhammad through his cult 'Islam' and particularly free fellow innocent Muslims from the shackles of insanity and barbariety.

    Yes I agree with you and it is upto us free thinkers, ex-Muslims and lovers of humanity to form a coalition on a global level, to spread the truth about Islam, expose Muhammad's real face and kill the monster of Islamic ideology once for all. Leave Obama, he will be gone soon from the international stage. There are likes of him in all countries who are the fifth column who destroy democracy and freedom from within. We need to go after them and expose their fallacy and treachery to humanity.

  223. Fatima says:

    Sharukh Khan enjoys reading, maybe you should send him and others the book Understanding Muhammad. They may not allow the movie to be made now but it can happen later.

  224. Fatima says:

    Please have a look at the debate with Bharka dutt, Sharukh Khan and Zaki Naik. Sharukh Khan openly admits that he does not pray 5 times. He says that his kids are muslim and Hindu. Again you have to start via influential people such as Sharukh, Salman khan who drinks openly in public and are not afraid to speak their minds.

  225. Fatima says:

    Alisina, seeing that they won't let you make the movie, you should approach the non practicing muslims such as Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan and other non practising muslim make then aware of this site, go onto their blog. They are very powerful there and they don't mind speaking their minds. The mullahs their made a fatwa declaring Salman Khan an apostate.Please have a look at the debate march 2009 with a panel including Sharukh Khan and ZAkir Naik. Sharukh Khan openly admits that he does no make salaah 5 times and his childeren are both muslim and hindu.You have to start somewhere and i'm sure they don't have the knowldge you have.

  226. fakeman says:

    Ali sina ji
    yes there are some right wings who are fighting for hindus but there presence and existence is very low in southern and north eastern states all regional parties are only seekig muslim votes , even Hindus are also not fully aware of the islamic truth , In every elections Hindus are loosing hopes on the politicians due to corruption and there are many political parties which are mushrooming everyday in our country , due to it has became very difficult to get majority to form a government , so to get power and money from politics ,Congress and other parties are bowing towards minority , they are giving ration cards ,voter id and other benefits to bangladeshi immigrants for adding vote balance ,Because politicians know that hindu votes divides to various parties while muslim votes goes to a particular party .

  227. Ali Sina says:

    Then why not deny these vote seekers of vote? Just vote for anyone who does not bow to Musims, even if you don't agree with them on other policies. This will send a strong message to the Muslim book liking politicians.

  228. Ali Sina says:

    For the same reason other countries don't speak against Islam. All Israelis don't think alike. Some are aware of the problem like us and some are in total denial like the dhimmis among us. Some Jews actually think Isreal should not exist and love Ah-nejad for wanting to wipe Israel off the map. Like the rest of people Israelis are different and have different views.

  229. enlightened25 says:

    "But I sure hope REASON will prevail in the end." What you honestly mean here is you "hope I will prevail in the end" and you will not enslaved by another man (Muhammed in this case).

  230. Suresh says:

    Mr. Ali Sina,

    One question I have. How come Israel is keeping quiet about the nature of islamic ideology?
    How come Israel is not criticizing openly Islam? What is their reason?

  231. enlightened25 says:

    Every thing a being does is it expressing its strength, its will to power. Every action toward another individual stems from a deep-down desire to bring that person under one's power in one way or another. Whether a person is giving gifts, claiming to be in love with someone, giving someone praise, or physically harming someone, the psychological motive is the same: to exert one's will over others. Ali Sina saying their should be universal democracy (or in reality universal slavery) is his will to power. "Can Islam shut down Ali Sina?" Of course it could, just like democracy could take over the world. But the will to power can never be shut down by anyone. You should read Nietzsche.

  232. enlightened25 says:

    "But ultimately, people cannot be slaves forever. People think, people feels, people will know that something is very wrong. No amount of force can prevent them from that." Well in this world you are either a slave or master that is it. This is also the reason this "peace" can never happen, it is the will of every living being to dominate nothing is ever going to stop that. No not even "democracy" which can only be enforced by force or by making everyone a slave.

  233. Suresh says:

    Ali Sina,

    Indian govt uses the Muslims as a vote-bank, particularly the Congress Party.
    Indian politics is infected with Leftism-Marxism just like the European countries.
    That is why the Indian gov't ,which is dominated by Congress behaves this way.
    Many common Indians actually despise Islam/Muslims. A survey was done
    a few years back and India was the top country that had a negative view of
    Islam/Muslims. So India is not so Dhimmi ,except for the perverted political class
    of vote seekers.

  234. lonelyloner says:

    It's true that all human history so far, what matters is FORCE.
    And this is why Islam too has lasted for so long.
    But ultimately, people cannot be slaves forever. People think, people feels, people will know that something is very wrong. No amount of force can prevent them from that.
    I believe what we are doing here is to show that in the future, it's not FORCE that decides destiny. It should be REASON.
    Already no amount of force in the world could shut down the internet where people can freely think and talk. I believe someday that FORCE will be left behind and REASON will reign, where people are free but united in humanity.
    — sorry if it's sounds dreamy, but even now you can see it happening. Islam is that old primitive FORCE, suppressing truth with fear and lies, while Ali Sina and others here represent REASON, here to show the truth as it is. Can Islam shut down Ali Sina? We'll see… we'll see. But I sure hope REASON will prevail in the end.

  235. betwixt says:

    I was born and raised in the Philippines. For the 20 years that I lived there among Catholics, Protestants, and pagans, no one was ever executed, harmed, or prosecuted for leaving Christianity. I came from the northern part of the country, well away from the largely Muslim south.

  236. enlightened25 says:

    "There is peace between USA and Canada and I don't foresee there will ever be war between these two nations". There are several reasons for this. 1)They have a similar political system. 2) Similar moral and worldview 3)Canada has nothing the US wants or needs and Canada does not have the military might to overcome the US. Of course that could change tomorrow who knows US could become a communist country or maybe Islam will take over Canada. Then their would not be peace. As for resolving it in court when has that ever been done? And whose court? Who would decide? And would either side find the conditions fair and agree to keep the peace for ever? Would this ever happen with the Nazis and the united states? Between mortal enemies who each consider the other pure evil and it best to annihilate the other? No that is never going to happen, while men exist as individuals with different views, different beliefs and different morality that is never going to happen. The only way it could is for 1 men to permanently enslave all others and reduce them to robots who obeys his every command.

  237. enlightened25 says:

    You can argue that but then its just a debate about what a "true" democracy is. And in any case how democracy is enforced? How are you going to get it in every country in the world? How are you going to remove every last violent leader? How if democracy was international implemented, how are you going to ensure dictatorships never come to power again? Anyone knows the answer to these questions and that is FORCE. That is why Marx wanted to create a new human, a utopia on earth. The only way that can be done though is through making everyone a slave, a unthinking robot that just obeys orders without question. That is certainly not desirable and this is why this thinking is not only wishful but very evil and dangerous. “Peace by slavery” is not and can never be a good thing.

  238. Ali Sina says:

    I don't know what is your definition of universal brotherhood that in your opinion will rob man from his spirit and will reduce him into a soulless slave drone.

    There is peace between USA and Canada and I don't foresee there will ever be war between these two nations, unless something drastic happens that change the equation completely. But we still have our souls and have not been reduced into drones. We resolve our conflicts in courts.

  239. Ali Sina says:

    The guy who is making the counter rebutals rebutes himself when he writes
    "Counter-rebuttal: Technically, every military operation in the modern world is enacted by secretive bureacracies without public debate. "

    Indeed. That is exactly the reason wars take place. If democracies mal function, is not the fault of democracy.

  240. Ali Sina says:

    But of course. Will any sane person consider Iran and Venezuela as democracies? They have elections, but that is not all you need to be a democracy.

  241. Bowmanave says:

    They're actually doing that lol but its mostly since they suck so much in fighting that the only way they can actually harm US and NATO forces is by using suicide tactics.

  242. muslimnice says:

    Comfortable zone is one choice and one moment in our life. Rasulallah doesnt forbid in that matters and there are many spaciousnesses in Islam. But each situations could come and gone. Islam makes everything is controlled and safe for u, for us, for them, for all situations. Quran and hadith describe possibilities and forecast in every ages. What about the law of karma?

  243. enlightened25 says:

    Sorry "universal peace and brotherhood" is nothing but a fantasy. Even if somehow every human was brainwashed or programmed making it literally impossible for them to make wars and conflicts it would still be a lie and only true in the subjective sense in that everyone would be a slave to the programmers laws. Which brings me to my next point if it was possible would it be desirable? Absolutely not, man would be robbed of his sprit and turned into nothing but a soulless slaving drone.

  244. enlightened25 says:

    "There has never been a war between two democracies." Wrong here is a list of them "To do this you've to get rid of ideologies." How are you going to do that? Everything is an ideology. "Conflicts will arise and will be resolved in a court of law, in just the same way it arises and is resolved between civilized people and corporations." Why if personal conflicts won’t end what makes you think that national and international conflicts would? Also who’s court of law, the strongest countries law? The "united nations" law? Also how are you going to get them there? They are not going to "come quietly" they will have to be brought down by force. All laws are by imposed by force, so that is nonsense as well, to keep "law and order" you do need to resort to arms. If you don’t you will be taken over. So yes if democracy takes over their may be no more wars but it would have nothing to do with democracy itself, but with the fact they are the strongest man in town who will put anyone else down before they can even move.

  245. ygalg says:

    between enlighten democratic states there were no war. between unenlightened democracies were but rare. the problem is that there certain states who define themselves democratic are really not democratic in the whole sense of the word.

  246. ygalg says:

    between enlighten democratic states there were no war. between unenlightened democracies were but rare. the problem is that there certain states who define themselves democratic are really not democratic in the whole sense of the world.

  247. Ali Sina says:

    This I heard from a very high ranking Indian politician who is not a dhimmi.

  248. Ali Sina says:

    There has never been a war between two democracies. To eradicate war all you've to do is to bring democracy to all the world. To do this you've to get rid of ideologies. Chalatans use ideologies to establish their dictatorship. Yes we can have a world without wars. Conflicts will arise and will be resolved in a court of law, in just the same way it arises and is resolved between civilized people and corporations. There is no need to resort to arms.

  249. enlightened25 says:

    "I am talking about equality of rights." This sounds like a useless phrase to me. “Man has a right to subsistence,” wrote Thomas Paine. “Yes” replied an observant reader, “he has a right to live a thousand years, IF HE CAN.” It is not a problem of right but of Ability – Strength." Brotherhood of mankind eh, where, when? Tell me when has their not being a war, conflict, and competition? This is nothing but a fantasy, while their is life and humans are humans their can never be "equality", "peace" or "universal brotherhood". All men seek to better themselves and to dominate, those that take their "rights" are not "equal" but better than others. "Equality" then is impossible nothing but dreams of mad messiahs. “Accept things as they truly are, Not as we chose to imagine them ”.

  250. fakeman says:

    Ali Sina Indian government is a corrupted government . lying on muslim vote bank , There are many scoundrels non-muslims who will praise islamic cult.When Taslima Nasreen visited india she was attacked by the muslim politicians and no body criticised it.Indian government will never allow on any movie on Islam in fear of loosing vote bank. Every day there are riots started by muslims .

  251. choco.luva says:

    Muhammad peace be upon him would not be 'hurt by criticism' and why would he ? He had the truth and Allah is with those who are truthful

  252. Ali Sina says:

    I have a movie to make. I contacted a couple of prominent people in India and they said the government will never allow making movies that may upset Muslims. India is a dhimmi country. The government even asked Salman Rushdie to cancel his trip to India becuase this would have upset Muslims.

  253. Ali Sina says:

    I am talking about equality of rights. The brotherhood of mankind is a fact. It is already there. All we have to do is make sure charlatans and hate mongers don't deceive us by promoting hate.

  254. enlightened25 says:

    "If a religion promotes unity of mankind, equality of all the people and reason, I believe in that religion." Sorry all of those things are utopian fantasies where is equality of all people anywhere? It is not possisble and even if it was it would not be desirable. When and where has brotherhood(of mankind)been tried and what was the final result? This is Messianic thinking that will always end in disater.

  255. ygalg says:

    why Ahmad's testimony not posted at the 'Testimonies of Those Leaving Islam' section of the forum?

    the interesting part in his testimony, the process of his departure from islam to freedom, we the members went inconvenient internet experience in the form of Denial-of-service attack. sort of exorcism.
    next Denial-of-service attack means a potential apostate. I hope FFI able to sustain forthcoming attacks. it would be helpful if "muslims" read first before doing anything…

  256. lala says:

    or you can advertise this site through youtube. just upload any video of zakir naik with a link to this site.. many muslims will visti this site

  257. Shrek says:

    Scrutiny of Islam will set only intelligent muslims free, those who were just waiting for a trigger. Majority of muslims don't read and therefore, question of reading the articles on FFI doesn't even arise for them.

    FFI is a key to lock of Islam. Those who are searching for the key, will eventually find the key here.

    I keep forwarding the FFI articles to my friends. Everybody should do the same.

  258. Fatima says:

    Pandeist: The article is not written in English, can you just let us know what it is about?

  259. Johann says:

    Nice analogy of comparing muslims with the trapped whale.The only difference is that for whale he knows people are helping him and after he is free he appreciate the people and is filled with joy.
    Compare it with muslims when you try to show them they are tricked to this wretched cult.
    Good example of it is a gentleman here named SHABEER , he reads the article here written by different people and instead of debate and rebuttal it all he says is "IT IS A BIG LIE " , he copy and paste a bunch of nonsense and repeat it over and over.
    The sad part about the whole thing is that the people that Mr. Sina tries to free and help are the one who attack him the most .

  260. miladmeah says:

    said, I'm wondering why.
    Because not EVERYONE has heard about Alisina.
    He is doing his bit – rest is up to us to spread his message of freedom for the Muslims.
    How are we going to convince people like Obama who has authered so many books that the quote he quoted at the Egypt conference was written in Mishna Sanhadrin 900 yrs before Muhammad was born and not from Muhammad himself – WHOEVER KILLS ONE SOUL ETC.

  261. Pandeist_Observer says:

    I apologise in advance for going off topic, but I found this the other day and wanted to get some feedback:

    It has me more than a little rattled atm, not to mention having me attempt to send as many good vibes out there for these attacks to NOT happen, from either side.

  262. Fatima says:

    Alisina should try and approach the big wigs of bollywood and sell or give them his story,I am sure they will make a movie of it. He should approach the Bollywood Blogs of Directors or Actors Sharukh khan, Salman Khan or Director Karan Johar who like to make controversial Islamic movies, if you want to get the message across and around the WORLD. Please let me know what you think. Seriously they always looking for new stories and I am sure that many of them don't have knowledge of the uncensored version of Islam. I know that they will try to ban the movie but at the same time get rights to prevent it from getting banned.Or Alisina with sponsors can make the movie himself. What do you think? There many people that would not approach this site becos they lazy to read or they don't have time. So you need to provide other ways of getting the message across.

  263. Arya Anand says:

    It is an impressive article by Mr.Sina. I'm wondering why influential people politically and/or financially are not yet impressed upon by Mr.Ali's writings and do not come forward to spread his messages on a large scale worldwide. If I were in their place I would do it. I will spread his messages in my country India in the future.

  264. Nick says:

    'What is in your head that you wrote such degrading things about my prophet?'

    I have heard this way to many times from Muslims. If Mohammed is so great, how on earth would criticism hurt him?

    I have no problem with a Muslim that wants to debate me, but I do have a problem with a Muslim that alleges I am 'racist' or I am 'disrespectful to Islam' for referencing the certain stories or verses from the Hadiths or the Koran. It's ridiculous. Because this is how it all started, Islam was enforced in many Arab countries via violence and to this day no one can criticise Mohammed. Because of that very fact – Islam has never been challenged – because of the threat of viscous violence if one was to do so.
    Christianity was imposed on the mostly non-Western non-White Indigenous population of Bolivia, what is the penalty for criticising Jesus or leaving Christianity there? Christianity was imposed on the non-white and non-Western Filipinos, what happens if one renounces Christianity or criticises the Pope in the Philippines?

  265. Agracean says:

    Dear Iltemaas, Dr Ali Sina is right about Muhammad's insanity. Every Muslim and Muslimah on this planet, including you, should thank this ex Muslim who is just an ordinary human being, for dedicating his life to save his neighbours from the religion of madness. This is what the Golden Rule is all about. I believe that you can trust a lovely neighbour like Dr Ali Sina, whose main ambition in life is to save lives, including animals, from being slaughtered. But if you still doubt Dr Ali Sina's personal assessment of Muhammad's mentality and personality due to some religious reasons, you can try investigating and ascertaining the absolute truth yourself by studying past historical records, facts and evidences, the Torah and even, the Bible or other history books and compared it with the Quran. I believe that this is the fastest way to dig out the truth from Muhammad's backyard and once the truth is exposed, it will ultimately set the entire Muslim world free . I seriously believe that your eyes will pop out of its sockets when you discover the ultimate truth and realized that Muhammad was indeed a false prophet and a despicable liar.

  266. darkfire316 says:

    In 30 years, the entire world will know what a hero you are Dr. Sina. I'm glad and privileged to read you in your own time and do what little I can to help you in this noble and foremost endeavor to rid the world of an infection that has been gnawing away at our humanity for 1400 years.

  267. Fatima says:

    Honestly, reading this article brought water to my eyes

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