Mubahila: The Islamic Cursing Tournament

Mubahila, is a silly practice that Muhammad institutionalized in the Quran. When he was still not powerful to kill his detractors, he would invite them to curse each other so the one who is wrong may die. This practice is called mubahila. It is utterly nonsense but Muslims can’t discard it because it is in the Quran.

In April 2008 Mr. Shabir Bhatti, a Muslim from Pakistan challenged me to mubahila. Here is our discussion.


Shabir Bhatti [email protected]

date Tue, Apr 22, 2008
subject Invitatation to mubahila

This is an invitation to Ali Sina to a mubahila in order for God to decide who is wrong and who is right.

Ali Sina,
I have read all the rubbish you have written on your website.
I do not even see it right to argue with someone like you so i have a different way to solve this.

I am extending to you an invitation to a mubahila, I will pray to my God with my beliefs and you pray to whomever you believe and the first one to die in 90 days was wrong.

If you think you are right and are willing to accept my offer contact me with an acceptance.

We will wait for 90 days after your acceptance and see who was wrong.

If you do not accept this then i advice you remove your website.

I am forwarding this website to as many people as i can with reference to your website so that there are witnesses.

I advise you to do the same.

Waiting for your reply.

Shabir Bhatti ([email protected])

I replied:

And how do we know who won at the end of 90 days?


The person who is wrong will not live to see the 91st day. If i am wrong i will die before the end of the third month and if you are wrong you will.
Do you accept?

Mr. Shabir Bhatti:

I accept that you pray so I die within 90 days. I will however not pray for your death, but rather your enlightenment. I harbor no ill faith towards anyone. I consider Muslims as primary victims of a lie and my goal is to help them see the truth, leave their cult, prosper and live happily ever after. Praying for people’s death is against my values. I do not consider it as an ethical thing to do. Actually I think it is stupid. There are many people that I wish to die soon and go to hell, such as Osama Bin Laden, the despots in Iran, etc. However, I don’t sit there prying for their death. That would be waste of my time.

You seem to think that by invoking evil on me, I will die. Now, the fact is that anyone can die at any time. No one can be certain to live the next day. So there is always a chance that either one of us die in these coming 90 days. This should be attributed to chance and not to the effect of cursing. Therefore, assuming I die within 90 days, it is no proof that I died because you cursed me. However, what if I don’t die? It will prove that your cursing has had no effect and that your Allah is bogus. What will you do if you see me still kicking after the lapse of 90 days? Will you then accept the fact that Islam is a lie? Allah in the Qur’an establishes mubahila as a legitimate form of finding the truth.

3.61: If any one disputes in this matter with thee, now after (full) knowledge Hath come to thee, say: “Come! let us gather together,- our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves: Then let us earnestly pray, and invoke the curse of Allah on those who lie!”

Since I don’t believe in this nonsense and I don’t wish you harm, I am not going to pray for your demise, but I welcome your curses. You are also authorized to call upon all the Muslims you can find, and those who read this (I am going to publish this exchange) to join you in cursing me and invoking evil on me so I may die within 90 days. I suggest you write to all the Islamic sites and ask them to advertise this unilateral mubahila. Go to Muslims’ comments page in site and write to all the Muslims who wished me dead to join you in this “mighty” enterprise. If millions of Muslims join, your cursing may have more strength.

However, if after this period I am still alive, will you start questioning the truth of the Quran and the claim of Muhammad? Will this be enough for you to see that Muhammad was a liar?

While Jesus asked for forgiveness for those who crucified him, Muhammad had so much hatred in his heart for those who rejected him that he often cursed them.

Here are a few examples:
Volume 5, Book 59, Number 397:
Narrated Salim’s father:
That he heard Allah’s Apostle, when raising his head from bowing of the first Rak’a of the morning prayer, saying, “O Allah! Curse so-and-so and so-and-so” after he had said, “Allah hears him who sends his praises to Him. Our Lord, all the Praises are for you!” So Allah revealed:– “Not for you (O Muhammad! )……(till the end of Verse) they are indeed wrong-doers.” (3.128) Salim bin ‘Abdullah said’ “Allah’s Apostle used to invoke evil upon Safwan bin Umaiya, Suhail bin ‘Amr and Al-Harith bin Hisham. So the Verse was revealed:– “Not for you (O Muhammad!)……(till the end of Verse) For they are indeed wrong-doers.” (3.128)

The verse 3:128 says, it is up to Allah to decide whether he would punish people or not. That cunning psychopath was a master manipulator. He knew his curses will have no effect and his imaginary Allah is only a figment of his imagination. He put these words in the mouth of his god so his followers don’t come to see that he is just a liar with no powers. Unlike you who seem to actually believe in this nonsense to the extent that you bet your life  on it, Muhammad knew  that he was lying. He left for himself a scape rout. If his opponents died, he would claim victory and if they didn’t he would say Allah chose not to punish them.

This is another version of the same hadith:
Volume 6, Book 60, Number 83:
Narrated Abu Huraira:
Whenever Allah’s Apostle intended to invoke evil upon somebody or invoke good upon somebody, he used to invoke (Allah after bowing (in the prayer). Sometimes after saying, “Allah hears him who sends his praises to Him, all praise is for You, O our Lord,” he would say, “O Allah. Save Al-Walid bin Al-Walid and Salama bin Hisham, and ‘Aiyash bin Abu Rabi’a. O Allah! Inflict Your Severe Torture on Mudar (tribe) and strike them with (famine) years like the years of Joseph.” The Prophet used to say in a loud voice, and he also used to say in some of his Fajr prayers, “O Allah! Curse so-and-so and so-and-so.” naming some of the Arab tribes till Allah revealed:–“Not for you (O Muhammad) (but for Allah) is the decision.” (3.128)

These are the teachings of that evil soul:
Book 009, Number 3562:
Ibn ‘Umar (Allah be pleased with them) reported: Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) asked a person from the Anger and his wife to invoke curse (upon one another in order to testify to their truthfulness), and then effected separation between them.

Is invoking curse upon one another the right way to find the truth? What about fact finding, investigation, dialogue, reasoning and logic? Muhammad and his followers want nothing to do with them. They have no understanding of these terms. All they can do is curse and if that doesn’t work, terrorism will do. What a pathetic religion!

Ali Sina

Mr. Bhatti replied:

Do you believe in the supreme God, the God of the heavens and the earth, the God who created all things?

Mr. Bhatti:

Whether I believe in God or not does not change the fact that Islam is a lie. Let us say that I believe in God. What Islam has to do with God? This is like the followers of David Koresh, the mad man who started a religion and caused the death of tens of his followers say if you believe in God you should believe in David Koresh. I see no connection between God and Muhammad. Muhammad was a charlatan liar. This pervert man had no understanding of God. He used God to fool people. This argument often used by Muslims is a non sequitur.

This is not about me praying for you to die or you praying for me to die, this is about both of us praying to God to decide who is wrong and who is right.

God already knows which one of us is wrong. Why would he need that we curse each other and invoke his wrath on one another to decide which one is wrong? Isn’t that silly? Only an idiot man like Muhammad could come up with this asininity. You and I live in this age of enlightenment. We should not let a lunatic ignoramus fool us with his lies. If the idea is for God to make people see the truth, then all he has to do is open the eyes of those who are misguided.

Beacause if I am right, then you have comitted a grave sin and if you are right then I will happily accept the punishment of God Almighty for being ignorant.

Sin is in terrorizing, causing harm and doing evil. Ignorance is not a sin. People believe in all sorts of things with sincerity. They are so sure of their beliefs that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for what they believe. However, not all beliefs are true. Believing in lies is not a sin, it is ignorance. I believed in Islam, when I learned the truth, I stopped believing in it. This does not mean I was a sinner because I believed in a lie. I was only ignorant of the truth. Now let us say I am wrong and Islam is true. I have committed no sin. I have come to this conclusion based on the evidences that I have found. I am challenging anyone to prove me wrong and I will change my mind again. God wants us to use our brain so we are not misled. I used mine and found out that Muhammad is not leading me to God but to evil. I stopped believing in him. Do you think I am wrong? Why don’t you show my errors? Why do you instead want to invoke the curse of God on me so I die? This makes no sense. I know it does not make sense to you either, but you rehash this nonsense because you think Muhammad was a real messenger of God and believe in every absurdity that that crazy man believed.

I assure you that God will not punish ignorant people. If there is punishment, it is only for evil-doers such as Muhammad and those of his followers who harm other people. He was the one who raided, looted, raped and assassinated innocent people, not me. He was the one who fooled people with his lies and made them kill one another while promising them orgies in paradise, not me. He was the one who made people slaves, both physically and mentally and threatened them against using their brain, not me. If I am mistaken, I am only an ignorant person and no real God will punish ignorant people, especially when I am asking Muslims to come forth and show my errors. But Muhammad cannot get off the hook. He committed too many crimes and if there is a hell, you can bet that he is the one burning.

If you do not believe in the one God then its a different matter. In that case call for the help of whatever you believe in.

Mr. Bhatti God has already given his help to us. He has given to everyone a brain and the faculty to think. This is all we need to find the truth. There is no need for us to invoke evil on each other and pray for one another’s death to see who is right. How do you find your sustenance? Do you sit there all day praying for food? If you do that you will die of hunger. You go out and earn your living through work. You use your talent and your hands to earn your bread. Food does not fall on your lap from the sky. You must earn it. You should do the same when you want to find the truth. Read, ponder and use your brain. Alas, so many people cannot use their brain when it comes to important things such as truth. They rather believe blindly in a charlatan.

This is not the first time the mubahila has been used and its authencity is recorded in history.
In the case that you are still alive after the given period, i promise i will (Allah forgive me) denounce Islam and join you.

Okay. If it takes this for you to see that Islam is a lie, I accept your challenge. How about starting today? Remember that people die, whether right or wrong. So if I die in these 90 days it is not the definite proof that Islam is true. But if I don’t die, it is definite proof that Islam is a lie and Muhammad was just a crazy man with no understanding of God.

What i need from you is a clear acceptance, In the words I (your name) accept this mubahila or a clear rejection.
If you reject it, then you have to take down your website and tell all those you have infected that you are wrong.

I have already accepted. So let us establish the date of the publication of this debate (Apr 22, 2008) as the start of this unilateral muhahila. Since I am not praying for your death, I expect you to write after 90 days and declare your apostasy. If you don’t write, people will think that you are dead and that your cursing has backfired. And that God finally got tired of you and took your life to show you the truth in the other word. So if you are still alive, you must write and declare your apostasy. This is your own term. After all why would you want to believe in a religion that according to your and Muhammad’s parameter is false?

I do not want to get into a debate about authencity of things. You extended a challenge and you except people to accept it. So here i am extending you a challenge, if you believe you are right why not just accept it.

Waiting for your acceptance or rejection.

Shabir Bhatti

I agree with your challenge. I am also going to publish your email address so those who want to join you in your effort can contact you. I also urge you to contact any Islamic organization and mosque and give me their names so I can publish them. I want a lot of Muslims join this cursing marathon. If you are an angry Muslim and believe in the nonsense of muhahila please join the party. Haply, at the end, those who took part in this silly enterprise will see the stupidity of it and will start questioning Islam.


Mr. Shabir Bhatti sent this email:

I have read the article, and i am very happy you did so. Now the matter is in Allah’s hands.

Shabir Bhatti

Mubahila Part II 

After publishing my response to Mr. Shabir Bhatti who invited me to a tournament of cursing and invoking the wrath of God on each other to find the truth, I asked him the following.

Mr. Bhatti,

Are you going to accept that Muhammad was a liar if after 90 days I am still alive?
This is what he responded:

from: Shabir Bhatti <[email protected]>
date Sun, Apr 27, 2008
subject Re: Invitatation to mubahila

I will accept all that you say if you are still alive after 3 months if you accept openly that if your death occurs within 3 months, it is proof that you were wrong and you will ask one of you colleagues now to take down the website after you are gone and to promise not to pretend to be Ali Sina.

Mr. Bhatti:

People die without warning. No one can be sure to live the next hour. It is silly to say that in case I die, it proves that Islam is true. That makes no sense. Is there any guarantee that without your curses I will live the next 90 days so that we can conclude that if I die it is the result of your cursing? I know you are a Muslim and as such not acquainted with logic, but please do the extra effort. If I die it is no proof that I died because you cursed me and therefore Islam must be true. On the contrary if I survive, it is proof that Islam is false. You have entered in a bet in which you either lose, or you gain nothing. I did not set this trap for you. You set it and stepped into it.

If you had used your logic you would have realized that mubahila is foolish. Truth and falsehood cannot be determined in a tournament of cursing. Allah must be a cretin to devise such a stupid system. You Muslims attribute insanity to the Creator. That is why I say Islam is kufr and Muslims are kafirs par excellence.

Truth and falsehood are not established through cursing. They are established through evidence, reasoning and logic. Let us say I believe the Earth is flat and you say it isn’t. Can we find who is right by invoking the curse of God on each other and prying that the one who is wrong may die? Is that a logical way to find the truth? Come on Mr. Bhatti. You write in perfect English. I bet you have some education. Why don’t you use your brain to see the stupidity of this silly thing called mubahila?

People believe in all sorts of beliefs. Not all of them are true. Those who believe in false beliefs are not liars. They are merely misinformed and misguided. To call one who does not believe in what you believe a liar, is absurd. A liar is a person who knowingly falsifies the truth. For example, when Muslims say Muhammad’s wars were in self-defense, they are lying. They know that his wars were raids and offensive. When they say he married old widows to protect them, they are lying. They know that his wives and concubines were all (with the exception of the first one who was wealthy) in their twenties and teens and he had a child as a wife.

Muhammad encouraged his followers to lie to the unbelievers in order to deceive them. But if a Christian believes that Jesus has resurrected, he is not a liar. That is his belief and even if that belief may not be true, he believes that it is. There is a difference between lying, i.e. knowingly giving false testimony, and believing in something that is not true.

It is not difficult to see mubahila is stupid. It may work as bluff on superstitious people who may back off from it. Rational people only scoff at it. If there was any truth to mubahila why Muhammad did not use it to eliminate his enemies? Why did he resort to terrorism and launched so many raids when all he had to do was invoke the wrath of Allah on those who rejected him? Did Muhammad win any of his wars through mubahila? No. He said “I have been made victorious with terror.” He was fully aware that his prayers are not going to be heard by God. Mubahila was his bluff, but for result, he relied on his henchmen and not on God.

Unlike Muhammad who knew mubahila is worthless, you seem to be sincere. Obviously, in this case sincerity is not a virtue. It only belies your gullibility. I hope at the end of this silly exercise you will realize the stupidity of mubahila and Islam in general and will leave this cult. However, I am not holding my breath. I doubt that you will leave Islam. You will simply think that the real Ali Sina is dead and someone else is now impersonating him. It is very difficult to wake up someone who does not want to wake up. Those who are capable of rational thought can easily find the truth by reasoning.

This is not the first time I am invited to do mubahila. The first time was eight or nine years ago. My response to my challenger was the same. I never heard from the gentleman. Like all Muslims who after being defeated disappear from radar, he vanished and did not write back.

The very fact of assuming that one can influence the will of God and tell him what to do, is proof of one’s lack of understanding of God. Isn’t it foolish that insignificant creatures like us expect that the maker of this magnificent universe change his plans and do our bidding?

No matter how you look at it Islam is a stupid religion made by a very stupid man for even more stupid people. I hope at the end of these 90 days you will realize the asininity of this faith and will start investigating the truth.


 Mubahila Part III 

This is the continuation of my discussion on mubahila (cursing one another so the one who is in error may die)

What will you do Mr. Sina, if i call your parents, liars, rapists, mad and all that you called my beloved Muhammad (SAW) what will you do? I love my prophet a thousand times more than my parents, so can you imagine how i fell at the moment about you, you have no idea.

Mr. Bhatti,

I was there one day too and I am familiar with what you feel. The truth is that Muhammad is not your parent. He even disowned his adopted son and made his ficticious god say, Muhammad is not the father of anyone. Muhammad is no one to you or to me. My ancestors prided themselves to be the decedents of him, but if you do some math you’ll see that after about ten generations basically no trace of his gene was left in those who claimed to be his descendants. Divide 1 by 2 and keep dividing the result by 2 for ten times. What is left is less than one in a thousand. After 20 generations it is one in a million. After 30 generations it is one in a billion. After 40 generations it is one in a trillion. I am more than 50 generations away from Muhammad.  The trace of his genes in his so called decedents today is less than a drop in an ocean. Therefore, comparing Muhammad to your parents is absurd even if you were his descendent, as I am.

What you have is a mental bondage. You are like an addict that depends on his drug and if that drug is taken away from him, he throws fits and tantrums. My goal is to wean Muslims from this mind numbing drug and set them free so they don’t lose their sanity and don’t act like savages anytime anyone says something about Muhammad. The relationship Muslims have with Muhammad is not healthy. There is a remedy to that. It is called truth. Once Muslims are exposed to truth and they can see who Muhammad was, they will recover from this mental sickness.

Muhammad was a narcissist who invented a personality cult around himself so he could be praised and loved. Allah was his own alter ego. That man was emotionally disturbed. He invented Islam so through it he could garner the attention and respect of people. To understand Muhammad you have to study the biography of other narcissists such as Jim Johns, David Koresh, Joseph Koni, Charles Manson and Shoko Asahara. These insane people also created a personality cult around themselves and were worshiped by their brainwashed followers. Once you come to see the truth about Muhammad you will have no other feeling but despise for that degenerate criminal. Then you will be very grateful to me for setting you free from this mental bondage and will see me as your best friend and not as someone to curse and wish to die.

The Quran, you say was written by Muhammad (SAW) and not God. In that case I cannot imagine how someone who was a narcissist, a misogynist, a rapist, a pedophile, a lecher, a torturer, a mass murderer, a cult leader, an assassin, a terrorist, a mad man and a looter, 1400 years ago could have written a book in such rich Arabic and so consistent over two decades.

First of all the Quran is not a rich book in any sense. It is clear that the author of this book was very ignorant and an unlettered person. He probably had some basic familiarity with reading but most certainly he was not an erudite person. We have texts coming to us from antiquity that demonstrate the erudition of their authors. The Quran does not measure up. It is an editor’s nightmare. Furthermore this book is full of errors and inconsistencies. In fact it is so confused that you can’t understand it unless you consult tafseer and hadith. Muhammad’s words also kept changing, to such an extent that Muslim scholars created an entire “science” known as nasikh wa mansookh (the abrogator and the abrogated.) The Quran itself testifies that it is not a consistent book. Verse 2:106 says:

“None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar.”

How can you say the Quran has been consistent for twenty years when the Quran itself denies that claim?

Do you think that if you die within the period of the mubahila, your followers will think it was just a coincidence? Think again Mr. Sina and this time consider the human psychology.

Mr. Bhatti, I don’t have followers. I have not started any religion to have followers. I have readers and you are one of them. Some of my readers agree with what I say and some don’t.

Of course if I die within these 90 days that you are praying for my death no one in his right mind would think I died because of that. Is God a child play? How can the maker of this universe depend on the whims of his creatures? How can you pretend that tiny beings such as us can influence the will of an almighty God who allegedly is the maker of this incredibly immense universe? Who the hell you think we are to have such powers to alter God’s plans? If God wants to take the life of someone he knows when. He does not need his creatures to tell him what to do.

Is there any guarantee that without your curses I will survive these 90 days so we can deduce that if I die it is because of your curses? On the contrary, if I don’t die it is clear that your curses were not efective and your religion is false. In this bet, you will either lose, or gain nothing. However, if after these 90 days I stay alive and you start doubting Muhammad, you will be a winner. You will lose your bet but you may win your freedom. That would be a major victory.

If you die within this period of time 90% of your followers will stray away believe you were a liar. Trust me, when it happens, it will happen in such a way that all will see and all shall believe. Inshallah.

Please Add this to your site without editing, if you have the balls to which i believe you do.

Nobody is following me. I am inviting everyone to use their own brain. No one accepts anything I say because of my authority. I have not laid any claim to any authority. I am an ordinary person with no hidden knowledge. Everything I know I learned from others. If what I say makes sense to my readers and they find it to be reasonable, they will accept it, but if what I say is irrational and unfounded no one will accept it. Suppose I die, why should any sane person assume I died because of your curses? I am not praying for your death, but can you be sure that you will be alive in the next 90 days? Just as you can’t give such assurances, I can’t either. If either one of us dies, it does not mean that that person was wrong. Those who are wrong and those who are right die equally. When death comes it does not question who is right and who is wrong. We all die and we don’t know when it will happen. The truth of something must be established by proof and not by the death of someone. Imagine that I tell you there is life on Mars and you deny it saying prove it. Is it rational to say let us curse each other so the one who is mistaken dies and we know the truth? Isn’t that laughable? Mubahila is stupid and ludicrous. It is not befitting for rational people living in the 21st century to believe in this nonsense.

You gave your word that if after 90 days I am still alive, you will leave Islam. I know it won’t happen. I know the mind of the believer and how it is shackled. However, I hope this will create doubt in you and you will start reading the articles posted in FFI and searching the truth. This could be a turning point but you must do your homework.

Three months later I wrote to Mr. Bhatti

Sun, Jul 27, 2008

Greetings Mr.Shabir,

The three months have passed and I am alive. We agreed that this would be proof for you that Muhammad was a liar. Remember that we had a pact. I was confident that your cursing will have no effect. Now it is your time to see I was right.

Please allow me to send you my book. After reading it, I assure you that you will not doubt anymore that Muhammad was a sick man and not a prophet of God.

I look forward to hear from you,

Ali Sina


He did not reply.  I waited another seven months and wrote again.

Wed, Mar 4, 2009

Dear Mr. Shabir Bhatti

It is over ten months that you issued the Mubahila challenge and said let God decide who is right and who is wrong by killing the person who is wrong.  I accepted your challenges making it clear that I am not going to sit there cursing you and praying for your death and that if you die, I am not responsible. However, you were adamant to pray for my death and were sure that within 90 days I will die and everyone will know I was wrong.

Several people have written to know the outcome of that mubahila. Obviously I am alive and kicking. They want to know what happened to you. Have you gone to meet your creator or have you left Islam as you had promised you would.

I hope you are not dead, but if you are maybe God took your life to show everyone that Islam is false. If you are alive then you must fulfill your end of the bargain and denounce Islam as it has been proven false by its own silly standard. Save your soul before your actual death.

You have remained silent and did not respond to the email I sent you after the 90 days were over. What is happening? Are you still hitting your praying rug invoking Allah for my death?  We all die, but the deadline of your mubahila is over. If your Allah had any power, he would have used it to kill me and save the honor of his religion. It is clear that Allah does not exist. If this world has any god, it is not Allah.

Because of this mubahila you have shown to the world that Allah is false. I warned you about this. You were adamant to carry on and when I asked, “Are you going to accept that Muhammad was a liar if after 90 days I am still alive?” you confidently wrote,  “I will accept all that you say if you are still alive after 3 months.” Are you going to stick to your end of the bargain?

I have kept your name and email hidden, because I thought you may at the end see the light and leave Islam. So I protected your identity. However, if I don’t hear from you, I assume the mubahila has backfired and you are now in the presence of your maker and repentant for following a false charlatan.  In that case I will publish this email along with your name and email for everyone to know what happened.

But if you are alive and are not responding, you are in breach of your end of the bargain.  Muhammad also broke his promises and instructed his followers to do the same.  This proves once again that Islam is false and all the claims of Muhammad are bogus. Are you going to accept that he was a liar or are you waiting to die to learn this truth?

Ali Sina


To this day Feb 16 , 2012 Mr. Bhatti has not replied.  I hope he is not dead, but in either case the matter is settled.  Islam is a lie based on its very twisted standard.  I reprint this article in this new blog for those who still believe in Muhammad and in mubahila as evidence that both are false.

You can read more about mubahila in this Islamic site


Update: 2012/02/20

I tried several times to contact Mr. Bhatti and I even sent him emails from other email addresses annonymously in the hope to get a response from him.  None of my emails were responded to.  Now I am getting worried that Mr. Bhatti may have died.

I hope this is not the case, but remember that Mr. Bhatti was absolutly convinced that the person who is wrong will die at the end of the 90 days. Since I did not die, he might have thought that he will die and may have died because of his conviction. Our brain is a very powerful instrument.   A great percentage of diseases are cured due to the placebo effect.  One actually can die if he strongly believes that he would.  If that is the case, it would be a real tragedy that a good man may die because of his belief in a lie. I pray that he is well and just refuses to reply.


Update 2012/11/20

Shabir Bhatti

Good News

Finally I can share the good news that our friend Shabir Bhatti is not dead. He recently added his picture to his Gmail account and here is his picture.

Jason. a friend who had contacted Mr. Bhatti during our debate noticed it. On November 8, 2012 Jason wrote to him again and asked whether he is an Ahmadi Muslim. Mr. Bhatti replied with a single line saying where did he get this Idea that he is an Ahmadi ? So we now have definite proof that our friend Shabir Bhatti is alive and well.

I must admit that this is a relief for me. Although I never prayed that he may die, I am also aware of the power of belief. Bhatti was so convinced that after his cursing one of us will die, which according to him would constitute as evidence of Islam’s truth or falsehood. He made it very clear, from the outset, that he had no use for reason and logic. He wanted to prove the truth of Islam the way Muhammad did – the silly way.  he prayed fervently that I may die for 90 days.  But I did not die. This means that he would die.

Our beliefs have tremendous power. That is how voodoo works. Those who believe in voodoo can get ill and even die if they believe bad magic is applied on them. The magic itself has no power, but if you believe in it you’ll see the result. The same is true about praying and cursing.  Bhatti really believes in Islam and all the stupid things that is in the Quran. And since I did not hear from him again I was concerned. I am glad he is alive. There is still hope for him to see the light.

I wrote a few emails to Shabir, and sent him one a few days ago. He did not reply to any of them.

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    As the modern-day Islamic scholar, Ibrahim Sulaiman, puts it, "Jihad is not inhumane, despite its necessary violence and bloodshed, its ultimate desire is peace which is protected and enhanced by the rule of law."
    Koran 8.39 " And fight them until non-belief (in Allah) is no more, and religion is all for Allah."
    'So long as there is this book, there will be no peace in the world' William Ewart Gladstone (1809 – 1898), 4 times Prime Minister of Great Britain.
    Humanity? Just search TROP thereligionofpeace
    Rights? Mohammed perfected the slave trade, for labour, wealth, and amusement. A slave had zero rights, often beaten, and often beaten to death.
    I have found that as regards what people say, who belong to the faith of Islam, if you reverse it 180 degrees, you often see the truth.
    It makes far more sense, and it is far more historically accurate – to simply say Mohammed was a butchering war-monger, was inhumane, and enslaved people.

  2. Rubaya Binte Siraj says:

    Well they became Muslims after the Islamic countries conquered them. And Mr. Sina is right. Please leave USA, UK and other secular countries who gives you freedom to practise your own religion while countries like KSA, Afghanistan and Iran doesn't allow the same for other religions. And do not follow the ways of the non-Muslims, as is advised by your prophet. So, please stop sing the Internet and using English language.

  3. surafel says:

    i think you seriously under estimate the current situation of islam it wont survive without transformation

  4. Julia says:

    Thank you Steadyfriend .I hope you will start also with fighting the idiotic and EVIL cult of Islam.
    Islam is pure EVIL and must be destroyed. Of course the staunch , completely brainwashed Mohammedans like Empty Head, Shitty Shabby and AminRAT can not be convinced. But we are using them ,to show the readers how vicious and retarded their 7th century mindset is.
    They are humiliated and belittled here , ONLY to show the sane readers how malicious the fake "religion" ISLAM is.

  5. Steadyfriend says:


    I read all of your comments and admire the tenacity you've shown in countering Shabeer!
    Please keep up the good work.
    Btw, are you in Britain ?


  6. Anjali says:

    which created heaven and earth… blah..blah… was deity of abraham, moses… blah… blah…

    well, can you prove that Adam truly existed….?
    or is there any person who witnessed and have existed when heaven and earth was created by god…. ? if not how can you claim that pathetic Allah existed ?

    you are giving false assumptions and more false assumptions… you are certainly more ignorant then me….

  7. Anjali says:

    Assumptions when properly tested by many-many empirical observations is certainly closers to the truth…. compared to the self-claims made by self-appointed-cultist-prophet like Mo… which claims to be truth, clear from error, but yet refused to undergone testing and criticism…. if criticized, prepare for the sword…. what kind of truth is that…. moreover it had no foundation to support what it claims…

  8. Anjali says:

    perhaps your ancestor too get raped, but contrary to the teoritical person you describe, your ancestor were the one who enjoy and proud being raped by Mo' followers…

  9. Anjali says:

    Eventhough it might be invented, it is still nicer than islamic teachings…

    and certainly better compared to your puppet Allah, certainly of Muhammad' invention…

    btw, mo lack the imagination and creativity, he simply copy-paste from bible and torah, and made his own confused version (i.e. Quran)…. and when he say Quran is the truth, the only truth, the very word of god, and all of the sudden you all bought what he said, without making scholarly analysis….

    and now you expect us to acknowledge that it is the truth too…?
    how hard is it to begin your assumption that Quran is man-made, and Mo is self-appointed prophet, and Islam is a cult, and Allah is Mo' version of child-like god… craving for attention…

  10. vk198346 says:

    Imbecile < hahaha > , what is so funny ???
    Rapist rasool s life ????

  11. Julia says:

    Here is my Sh!tahdah:
    I testify that Mhammed is an evil fake Prophet and Allah is figment !

  12. ddd says:

    I confesses Mohammad is a false prophet.

  13. steadyfriend says:


    Shabir Bhatti sahab, please do me a personal favour! …….. Please let me and others know if you have renounced Islam or not!!


  14. steadyfriend says:


    I am quite sure Shabir Bhatti is alive, why doesn't he come online and explain what actually happened? He should do so, even if he now has doubts about Islam.

  15. steadyfriend says:


    If he is dead, then Ali Sina wins the muhabila fair and square which proves Allah doesn't work and Islam is false.

    If he is alive, he must have become brain dead (since Ali Sina is alive and kicking), wondering why Islam doesn't work! He must be in the first throes of convulsions leading him to come out of Islam.

  16. Boiragi says:

    did this guy (Bhatti) die? at least one less Fwitt in this world.

  17. Blue Spark 027 says:

    Islam never seizes to amaze you. Every day you find something new about it. Coudn't stop laughing reading the discussion. Mr Shabir Bhatti made a fool of himself.

  18. Scrutator says:

    @ FRANKI

    Yeah Franki man, why don't you cast your curse on Ahmedinejad and Ali Khamanei, and rid the world of two of the nastiest characters, as Dr Ali Sina suggests ?

  19. FKM says:

    it was satan who ask abraham to sacrifice his one and only son.abraham thouthat it was god who ask him.then god stop him for doing..Remember his one and only son ishmail was 13 years when issaac was who is the one and only son for 13 years..use your logic bro@

  20. Ali Sina says:

    This is just for fun. But if you really have such power you can put it to good use and curese some very evil people who have made life hell for others. Start with Ali Khamanei and Ahmadinejad. If you succeed I have a long list for ya. 🙂

  21. Franki says:

    Out of anger I cursed one young boy in his 20s.He actually died a few months later,and it was due to me.I can't explain,but all witnesses know that this is true and I know it.I shall hopefully never need to curse anyone anymore.

    Just like we use bad words and people gets agitated,so are our gracious words which can be uplifting.If I punch you you can feel it.Don'tplay with curses.Hong Kong people beat small people,by cursing others,and it works.

  22. FKM says:

    set muslim free?who are you to decide wether hitler and mohammed go to hell or decide wer you'll go said you dont believe in religion tat mean u dont believe in god..then y are u talking about hell. Or are u god to decide wer people go af ter death…you are intelligent but stupid…

  23. FKM says:

    ok u stay here forever buddy.. I'll go when my time come.

  24. Truhiocity says:

    This sounds like black magic to me. But I'm not a 21st century Saudi Arabian judge so what do I know about witchcraft.

  25. scrutator says:

    @ Virtuous

    "The Jewish men executed were executed for treason and espionage, they did not surrender !
    Their betrayal of their pact to protect Madina from the pagan Makkan invaders for money and promises of power and booty, placed the civilians (women,children and elderly)of Madinah under extreme danger of total massacre at the hands of the pagan Makkan invaders."

    …. This is absolute rubbish ! Whole articles have been written in and elsewhere about it ! However, the moot point is Muhammad could have displayed kindness/leniency/fairplay which he did not. He simply was incapable of piety of the type shown by Jesus among others in similar instances !

    "This is the kind of despicable opportunistic duplicity that is practiced by many zionists and other power and money hungry individuals and nations and states even today."

    …….. Whatever else others did subsequently, the affected Jews did none of the things you mention. Jews had silently and politly refused to accept Muhammad as a prophet (their decision was vindicated by Mo's later marauding activities) was reason enough for Muhammad (and of all muslims since then) to have this pathological and murderous hatred of Jews.

    "Even in modern times the law is that those that are guilty of treason are executed."

    ……………… Only HIGH TREASON could be a cause for execution, but not in those of the many countries that have abolished the death penalty. Proven cases of treason nowadays result in imprisonment, not death !

  26. Interesting says:

    "I rather work with people of all faiths to demolish Islam"
    You bundle package include few christians few hindus.

    [youtube oGHWeI67kuM youtube]

  27. Interesting says:

    Persians are muslims. Yemenis are muslims. Egyptians are muslims. So following your logic you want human to be apes.

  28. Ali Sina says:

    Tell the Muslims to leave the non-Muslim countries alone and go back to where they came from and everything will be fine.

    Did the Persians attack Muslims? Did the Yemenis attack Muslims? Did the Copts attack Muslism? Did Spain attack Muslims. It was always Muslims who attacked everywhere. Today it is Muslims who bomb and kill others.

  29. Ali Sina says:

    I am not interested in religious discussions and I don’t want to convince people to leave their faith. I focus on Islam only not because it is a religion but because of its inseparable political dimension. Islam is an ideology of world domination in the guise of religion. That is why I oppose it. Since the political dimension of Islam cannot be separated from its religious aspect, it is for this reason that I attack also its religious façade.
    Fighting religion does not interest me at all. I rather work with people of all faiths to demolish Islam. Christianity, Hinduism or any other religions pose no existential threat to me and to the future of mankind. Islam does.

  30. FKM says:

    finally a person jus like too l like to cristesize on religious books l find out a lot funny an un scientific things in the bible and the hindu scrips rig vidas if u want l can share these verse with you..mabe you could show people not to spend too much time in these crazy books rather do something useful in life…Mr Ali Sina lets do it together and not focus on lslam only..

  31. FKM says:

    not mohamed buddy its st paul..who invented christianity..tell the US (christian)to leave the muslim country alone everything will be allright..If you can't find out the truth dont pass any coments on others..

  32. Raj says:

    @ FKM – a jaundiced eye sees everything yellow.

    Cure your jaundice my dear FKM.

  33. Raj says:

    a non descript michael hart issuing a certificate. does that count?

    Get lost into the graveyard along with mohammad you rotten piece of crap.

  34. FKM says:

    who's innocent…

  35. FKM says:

    Mubahila really works man.. sina says he's not getting any reply from Mr bhatti………Sina didnt lie bhatti did so he' dead …that means the quran is proved to be the book from god…thanks ali u've strengthen our believe

  36. FKM says:

    as he has always said mohamed followers during that time were rapist mabe hi ancestor got rape by them..or else y would someone hate someone so much…

  37. FKM says:

    you are a muslim before u said that..instead of educate ur own people you discriminate them..l can see u r intiligent but thought other religions have no loobeholes l can shou u hundreds in christian and hindu scriptures..their stupid and unscientifics verses..u talk bout mohammed wat about solomon in the bible 1000 wife…it says he's the most intiligent prophet of god… that make sense?What bout krishna they cal him wild krishna you know why..he hide female dresses when they bath jus to watch them naked..and they call him lord krishna…IF YOU HAVE CONVERT TO OTHER RELIGION TELL ME…

  38. FKM says:

    the symbol of congress in lndia is the hand that dose'nt mean our prime minister is the hand..

  39. enceladus says:

    Nice bit of taqiyya by "virtuous" .
    He wants us to believe that mubahila was a pre-Islamic Persian practice. Yeah, right – "blame it on the Persians"…..
    Let's see the proof, virtuous.

    It was mentioned in the Quran, and that's all that matters in this debate.

    Mr Bhatti LOST his mubahila challenge – fair and square.
    Not only that, but he has PROVED that Islam is FAKE and that the make-believe "god" Allah does not exist. He was invented by Mohammad to give his own ramblings the semblance of "divine authority".

  40. Ali Sina says:

    With so much weird thinking I don’t know where to start.
    1-I am not a Christians and don’t believe in any religion.
    2-Assuming Christianity is not true how this revelation can make Islam true? In fact when you attack Jesus you are indirectly saying Muhammad was a liar because Muhammad thought Jesus was a prophet of God.
    3-Muhammad was a narcissist. He was so delusional who thought everything he does is perfect. He even claimed that if it were not for him God would not have created the universe. Go figure.
    4-If I have flaws at least I am aware of them. I am not asking anyone to follow me and emulate me. Muhammad was the quintessence of everything that is abhorrent and evil and yet he thought he was the most perfect man.
    5-Muhammad was not brave to let other write about every detail of his life. Of course these stories were written after his death. He was delusional.

  41. FKM says:

    they cut the throde of people not jus for fun its bicause he rape your daughter..kill ur mother..l dont koow how u will react if this things really hapen to their way of death sentence we do it by hanging they do it by cutting same thing..what bout saddam hussain hang him in public blaming him for using biological wepon.but wat proof hav they got nothing…y are there so many crime in this world now..because the punishment r not shown to people punishmen should b worse for the sake of mellion kill one(who deserved)ther wil b no steling,no rape,no murder..lawyers hav to change their profession..

  42. FKM says:

    a person beeing so transperent about his life,allowed people write every step of his life,wit so many duties to perfom he was king,precher,leader make judgement..oviously he mus hav loopholes in his life he's still human..l gess even u hav secret but u r not brave enough to tel others,consedering mohammed he was like an open book.wat about the other saints do they have record or brave enough to let their secret out..jus like Jesus people are confused now on what relationship he maintain wit Mary Magdaline..we see her everywer wit Jesus..Watch'(Davinci code) confused huh…people are so intrested in this religion islam that they forget to read their own holi books jus like the saying(SMELL UR OWN ASS FIRST)..ther r lots of discusting stuff in other scriptures too but u shouldnt judge them by wat s bad but take only the good things..

  43. FKM says:

    you fool it seems you got zero in history.the first foundation stone of the golden temple is laid by muslim. Akbarbeing muslim married a hindu princess.the muslim has done somany good things forourcountry they built somany monuments thats made indian proud..tammahal,redfortetc.. It was tne britisher who hav looted india.change our cultur oursystem of divide an rule policy.. Make english compulsory..the muslim hav rulelndia for more tnen 1200 years they hav got absolute power if it wzs wit a sword that tney have conver people to islam then india would hav been a full fleg muslim country..if lslam preaches to kill al kafir then tner would b no more hindu in lndia,no more christian in spain.. Islam is the religion of peace.. Blacken by the american…JUS WATCH "BEHIND THESCENE WORLD TRADE CENTRE" you will kon who the real terrorist is..

  44. SorrowSnake says:

    What's so great about Muhammad? He exterminated whole tribes of men, owned slaves, slept with a child and allowed his men to rape slave women captured in wars. He was a monster not a prophet.

    'still he ws given the rank as the most influential person by michael hart'
    Yes we all see Muhammad's influence everyday when we turn on the news.

  45. FKM says:

    so you too r a victim of this paid alisina leaving ur own religion…shame on u… U should b proud of wat u r not letting othets brainwash u..ur prophet was the greatest person of all time u can check that in the net..he was the bes leader the best king, the best preacher although he was illitrate still he ws given the rank as the most influential person by michael hart..karen armstrong even alisina but he's been bought by some …who's scared of your perfect religion…

  46. FKM says:

    yes hindu an christian state with no rape cases no slave trade no drugs no prostitution no killing…better of the western world clean their asses with just a piece of paper wear suit , boots an go to church wit still a bit of dry shit in their pale asses..wat bout hindus dont wan to eat beef but wear shoes made of…christian know wat l mean haha…

  47. FKM says:

    yes start stripping ur daughters clothes,exchange ur wifes like they do in the west..drink alcahol like never before..kill your own people like george bush did an blame it on others(stupid osama)…start converting to hindusims an sufocate ur fingers with lucky stones forever…or convert to christianity an b confused forever wether jesus was god or reincarnation of god or son of god or jus make ur self happy (saviour)do wat ever u want he'v already died for ur sin…so steal,rape,murder,do any thing u want ur sin has already been wash very easy to attain salvation…this relegion is gud man so much freedom thats y alisina left islam too strick…

  48. FKM says:

    mister dharma y dont u smell ur own ass b for u smell others..wat bout ur sati system,dowri,an thousand of rape records by ur sadhus or u think this system came from god….the way u guys express urself as if u guys should b god…as far as religion is concerned no one can ever proof stay wer u are dont b like alisina…

  49. FKM says:

    still with all your comment an bad thought(or ur research)about mohammed ..he is still judge by great scholars as the greatest person that ever live..common fellows admit it just check in the net who's the greatest l gess alisina won't be count…even in millions.. Jesus wit all his miracle perform an witness by his deciples still they forsake him an left him to die alone..but at the time of mohammed people wer ready to die for him…even witout showing any miracle..wat kind of quality this man posses..

  50. FKM says:

    you bless someone who dosent even exist…

  51. Love and Justice says:

    why do christians or other religions need to pay Sina? Mohamed, Quran and Islam are flawed by themselves. No one is paying to place words in Quran nor to make mohamed look bad (he does that by himslef without any help)

    There is an old saying:
    " a liar thinks all people are liars and a thief thinks all people are thieves "

  52. Ali Sina says:

    I am glad you admit this is quite stupid and makes people believing in it also stupid. But this is in your Quran. Mr. Bhatti happened to believe the Quran cannot be wrong. I am glad you agree that even if such thing exists in the Quran it is still stupid. Welcome to enlightenment. There is more. Just keep reading and you’ll see thousands of very idiotic things in the Quran and Islam.

  53. FKM says:

    mr bhatti who is this person is it a name create by mr sina..jus to make muslims look stupid…its always like the american tricks hit the stone from other back…

  54. FKM says:

    alisina no matter how hard he try he can never remove the thought of all great people also great scholars of christian an other religon to keep mohammed in the highest ranking of the greatest person on earth..Who is alisina.jus now i came acros this he puppet of the christian how much does he get payed from them..

  55. Raj says:

    Mohammad if he had been a true man of God – would have instead of cursing – would have requested God's help in doing goodness.

    A true man of God will never think bad about others – let alone curse!! A saint will not enter into such a match or competition.

    This itself shows that Mohammad was not a prophet.

    Later history proves that Mohammad had lied and the curse of God fell on him. The family that he took with him in the cursing showdown resulted in all, but Fatima, being brutally killed. Mohammad too was died of poisoning. Ali and his children too were killed.

  56. scrutator says:

    @ Virtuous

    "Truth is distinct from error"

    And Truth will be vindicated with the eradication of Islam from this world !!!

  57. scrutator says:

    @ Ali Fahd

    Let him carry on the valiant work from where he is !

  58. Raj says:

    Mohammad if he had been a true man of God – would have instead of cursing – would have requested God's help in doing goodness.

    A true man of God will never think bad about others – let alone curse!! A saint will not enter into such a match or competition.

    This itself shows that Mohammad was not a prophet.

  59. Ali Sina says:

    Let us assume that the practice of cursing originates from Persia, which is a lie, but we accept it for the sake of argument, why would Muhammad copy this stupid practice? This is in the Quran so there is no way Muslims can deny it.

  60. Virtuous says:

    The site asks you to try to behave as a scholar, which respondent Haha obviously does not.
    Please try to be check historic facts and do not display your hatred fuelled ignorance.

    The Jewish men executed were executed for treason and espionage, they did not surrender !
    Their betrayal of their pact to protect Madina from the pagan Makkan invaders for money and promises of power and booty, placed the civilians (women,children and elderly)of Madinah under extreme danger of total massacre at the hands of the pagan Makkan invaders.

    This is the kind of despicable opportunistic duplicity that is practiced by many zionists and other power and money hungry individuals and nations and states even today.

    Even in modern times the law is that those that are guilty of treason are executed.

  61. Virtuous says:

    Mr Sina and respondents,

    Mubahila is falsely represented as an "Islamic" practice.

    It is in fact an old persian cultural practice. Mr Sina, as an avowed Islamophobe of Persian (now Iran/Iraq) cultural ancestry is familiar with an unIslamic practice of his hereditary culture, one which the vast majority of practicing Muslims all over the world find detestable.
    In his zeal to villify Muslims, Islam, and The Final Messenger To The Universe, Mr Sina completely disregards truth in favour of falsehood.

    The Messenger to all Humanity is recognised even by non-Muslim scholars of good repute to have been of such elevated character that he refused to curse those who cursed and tormented him.

    So to you Mr Sina, Truth has come and falsehood will perish.

    Peace to those who accept guidance

  62. scrutator says:

    @ Yusof

    Who is dead already ?

  63. yusof says:

    Actually he's dead already

  64. Notes says:

    Please tell me how to reveal truth which everyone can understand.

    As Fairy Tale
    As Context
    As Metaphor
    As Truth which has focus on message behind the scene.

    GOD is totality

    There is no GOD (Atheist) But GOD (Theist) and Muhammad is his messenger (Muslim)

    ISLAM even don't deny other religions.

  65. Eshmeralda says:

    Whether it was Isaac or Ishmael, this story is one of the most
    ludicrous stories of religions. How could a decent, loving god
    order Abraham to slaughter his son? Then, and just before
    Abraham let the knife run on the throat of the misfortunate
    guy, God came and said: hi…..hi…….hi, I was just kidding !
    The most strange thing is that people insist to worship
    this god.

  66. Jonathan Harrell says:


  67. Agracean says:

    Dear Mr Ali Fahd, since you're so confident and not afraid of speaking the truth, why don't you come out of your little cocoon and faced all the ex-muslims here and let's start a little discussion about my discoveries of so many absurb lies found in the Quran, hadiths and sirat. I would urge you to Be a Man with Big Balls, somewhat like your great great great great grandpa, Mr Ali Baba.

    The God of Ibrahim,, Ishaq and Yaqub (Peace be upon them) had instruct the prophet Ibrahim to offer Ishaq(the son of Ibrahim and Sarah) as a burnt offering unto Him but all your religious teachers insisted that it was Ishmael, the son of Hagar and not Ishaq being offered instead. Now, tell me the plain truth, Mr Ali Fahd, do you agree with all your Islamic religious teachers that Ishmael was the one offered or Ishaq and why?

  68. Ali Fahd says:

    Dear Ali Sina,
    If you are that much confident and not afraid of speaking the truth. why dont you come out of your little cave and face the world with what you have to tell. If you believe what you are saying is TRUTH. I would urge you to Be a Man. somewhat like your grandpa Mr. Salman Rushdie.

    Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) taught Peace, Humanity and Rights for living. Now can YOU tell me what was the FIRQA of Muhammad PBUH. We are divided into FIRQAS because of the IMAMs.

  69. cmclvr says:

    One of the most hilarious cases i have ever read. The sickness inflicted by Mohammed's mental virus is incredible in its ability to destroy all the thinking capabilities of its victims.

  70. scrutator says:


    Since Mr Bhatti never returned to this site to comment further about his 'mubahila' and since Dr Sina is alive and kicking, we can only assume one of the following two things have happened:

    1) Mr Bhatti is dead, proving he lost the argument with Dr Ali Sina; or

    2) He is alive and now is beginning to have serious doubts on the validity of Islam (after all, this was the premise of his 'mubahila' !), unless he has already exited from Islam, in which case Dr Sina wins the 'mubahila' argument he started !

  71. pashang says:

    I share your hope that Mr. Shabir Bhatti is not dead. As you have suggested he may have wished himself dead and has realized his wishe.That would be tragic.

    It would be nice if someone familiar with Mr. Bhattti to insist that he answer Ali Sina's calls. He can remain a Muslim. just let the rest of us know he is among the living.

    And remember Mr. Shabir Bhatti.Your charlatan prophet routinely dismissed his own sworn words. That mad man of 7th century Arabia has left you a blueprint: When people insisted he fulfill his end of a bargain he usually flipped them the bird.

  72. yesme says:

    We do not need god of pagan islam who called allah and do not want fake prophet who is called muhammad

  73. scrutator says:

    Hohoho, you can base your life on the Islamic mantra

    "Lahaul wala quwwat illah billah"

    In terms of importance, this is next only to mubahila !

  74. Elmore says:

    On the 90th day, he slumped and laid on the ground: The paramedics pronounced him dead by Mubahila arrest

  75. M. Freeman says:


  76. M. Freeman says:

    HAHAHAHA…That's how…HAHAHAHA….

  77. M. Freeman says:

    Yes. It's you, HAHAHAHAHOHO

  78. dharma marg noble says:

    And It is a shock for you

  79. everin says:

    THE HOLY GHOST (GOD) had given him the brain to guide the awaken to the right path, right thought and right behavior for a happy living on this earth.

  80. HAHAHA says:


  81. HAHAHA says:


  82. HAHAHA says:








  83. scrutator says:

    @ HAHAHA

    HoHoHo, there is a solution !

    Read Ali Sina's book and come out of Islam !


  84. ali sina 2 says:

    is it him or them ? is ali sina a person or ghost or a group of satans

  85. everin says:

    He is the moden-day MOSES leading his flock free from the cluthes of the PHAROAH……Another joke !

  86. M. Freeman says:

    Save your stupid soul and fast!!!

  87. M. Freeman says:

    Hahaha and Ho HO…you have a very strong case for a consultation with a psychiatric doctor. From your postings, it is clear that you have been fed shit since your infancy and it is difficult for you get over your stupid notions. But you can make an attempt to save your soul. Don't waste time. Act now.

  88. A joke says:

    He is setting free world setting free Muslims and himself is not free

  89. zitouni says:

    didnt I say to you before any time you open your mouth ignorance comes out . Crescent was introduced by Turks long after Muhamed by hundred of years . Allah is not title Allah is name of deity which created heaven and earth and was deity of Abraham , Moses thats why Jews and Christians in Arab world use the same word to call God of the bible .

  90. ali sina 2 says:

    or are you The holy ghoost ? is that why you what to debate muslims over the internet but not in person

  91. ali sina 2 says:

    did the holy ghost tell you to do this

  92. ali sina 2 says:

    is ali sina a person ? why is he ( them ) hiding behind a famous muslim name ?

  93. lonelyloner says:

    yeah, religion of Anti-Islam.

    Here we even chant the anti-shahada :
    "There maybe be a god, or there may not be, but Allah is CERTAINLY NOT god. And Muhammad is a robber, pedophile, mass murderer, liar, mad, sadistic evil, narcist sociopath, who laughs at HAHAHA.."

    Come on, say the anti-shahada and join us, HAHAHA.

  94. HAHAHA says:





  95. scrutator says:

    @ HAHAHA

    Hohoho, you are BEYOND REDEMPTION !

    You are blind not to see the cruelties Muhammad inflicted on many, many people — too many to mention here. Between 600 to 800 male Jews slaughtered AFTER they had surrendered ! Do you think it is fair ? Whereas, Christ saved a Jewess from certain death by stoning, by saying " let him cast the first stone, who has never sinned in his life" ! In modern times, India under Mrs. Indira Gandhi had over 93,000 surrendered Paki soldiers, not one was killed ! Muhammad's acts makes one puke ! Some prophet !!

    You are too thick headed not to see the misogyny in Islam — just to quote one, a man can have up to 4 wives, while a woman can have only one husband; a man can divorce his wife merely by pronouncing "talaq" thrice (WITHOUT ASSIGNING ANY REASON FOR IT), a woman has no such rights ! She can APPLY for a divorce in a Sharia court using the cumbersome and long-winded "khula" procedure, wherein even if she wins, she loses her right to the 'mehr' amount and custody of the children ! Call this 'equal rights' for a man and a woman ?

    You are too dim witted not to notice the unfair treatment of non-muslims in Islamic countries, viz. no non-muslim head of state or government, no new churches, temples, synagogues allowed to be built, while muslims continue to build new mosques yearly in democratic countries like India, those in Western Europe and USA. Call this diplomatic reciprocity ?




  96. Fatima says:

    I agree. Arabs are the most arrogant nation I have ever come across. I've seen many of them when they visit here in the West.

  97. HAHAHA says:




  98. HAHAHA says:




  99. Truth Finder says:

    This is the illusion. If you are experimenting truth on the grounds of humanity then you are a big failure. Truth is a supreme who judge humanity.

  100. Truth Finder says:

    Do you know language of belief or just got educated in science.

    I will tell you the secrete of universe. Science is an assumption.

    Just start counting from zero to infinity.
    Hope you will feel fine at the end.

  101. Truth Finder says:

    Have you read at the end. And I found one.

  102. Eshmeralda says:

    I thought you don't believe in the hereafter
    and heaven and hell.

  103. Ali Sina says:

    Stating that Arabs are barbarians is not racism. I don't believe any race is genetically better or worse. But environment influence how we behave. This fallacy was used against Africans Americans. It is a fact that they are less educated and a larger percentage of blacks go to prison compared to others. But this has to do with the fact that they did not have the same opportunity. Now that the law gives them equal rights we see they are excelling in every area, of science, commerce, entertainment and politics. They are in no way inferior to any other race. The same is true about the Muslims in general and Arabs in Particular. Once the yoke of Islam is lifted, they can compete with other nations as equal. As long as thousnds of them want to kill a young man for tweeting three innocent tweets about Muhammad they are savages. They are not just savages, they are animals. That is not true either becuse no animal is as evil as Muslims. .

  104. Ali Sina says:

    You are not paying attention. I did not say Muslims worship the moon. I said Allah is the moon god Hubaal whose symbol was the crescent. Can you explain what the crescent has to do with Islam if it was not the symbol of Allah?

    Allah is a title, like the king, the lord, etc. The name of the Arab deity was Hubaal or in Hebrew, Ha Baal

  105. Ali Sina says:

    Well if you care about the truth, you’ve come to the right place because here most of us also care about the truth. Now different people can have different understanding of the truth and may be in disagreement. However, if they care about the truth, eventually they will come to the consensus.

  106. enlightened25 says:

    More logical fallacies from you. Also don’t talk about enlightenment as it is clear from your feminine logic you have no clue what that is.

  107. Eshmeralda says:

    You know something…………I bear a great respect even
    to my deadly enemy if he/she is intelligent.
    There is one person whom I can never tolerate
    and that is the IDIOT, because he is more dangerous
    than the evil one.
    Who was arguing numbers, and how many philosophers
    each nation have? Enlightened One !!!!!
    Now I understand why you picked this name,
    you must have been suffering from the complex
    of stupidity.

    My debate with others must be based on intelligence,
    and I talked to you only to let you know what you are.

  108. enlightened25 says:

    "Isn't this malicious sentence prove to you that he is a hater
    of Arabs" Not really on Wikipedia article "List of Arab scientists and scholars" I counted 63 people. On the "List of Persian scientists and scholars"(note this only includes Pre-modern Era) I counted 213. So it is just a fact Iranians have outstripped Arabs. Here is the lists

    If I say their has never been women philosophers(which is a statement of fact)does this mean I hate women and want them all killed?

  109. enlightened25 says:

    However even assuming Ali Sina is a racist what this has to do with his arguments about Islam? The person making the arguments is irrelevant to the truth or falsity of the arguments. Adolf Hitler could make the same arguments but it does not mean the arguments are false. This is a logical fallacy called Poisoning the Well. If you don’t know what that means see this… (While you are their read what a logical fallacy is, then you maybe will be able to make rational arguments.)

  110. lonelyloner says:

    "Whoever changed his (Islamic) religion, then kill him" Sahih al-Bukhari, 9:84:57

    Do you think I'm crazy enough to get in, knowing that the beast will never allow letting me out?
    The existence of that ayaat already sealed Islam's place to me: I will NEVER get in. No way in hell.
    Blame whoever wrote that ayaat for making Islam way too scary, too unreasonable for me.

    Besides, I've seen enough of what is happening with the others who ate that chicken, I know enough to know it's rotten and unsafe to eat.

  111. Eshmeralda says:

    Indeed! I read the English, the French and the Russian
    literature books in Arabic. I guess the Spanish people
    translated those books.

  112. Eshmeralda says:

    How about stoning?
    I searched the whole Quran trying to find this penatly
    for adultery. The only penalty I found is that: 100 lashes
    for the crime of adultery, on one condition: there must
    be FOUR witnesses. Who is going to bed with a woman
    and have sex in front of 4 people?

    Stoning is a Jewish practice, and some primitive Muslim
    countries learned this from the Jews, and they are still
    practicing it, like in Afghanistan and Iran.

    I watched a video for stoning that took place in the
    Northern part of Iraq. A girl stoned to death by her people,
    and guess what? they are not even Muslims, they are
    "Yazidiah" or the Devil Worshipers.

  113. Eshmeralda says:

    I see…….
    then the Christians worship the cross, because it is their symbol,
    and the Jews worship the star, their symbol.

    I care about Islam as much as you do, but I
    love the truth.

  114. Eshmeralda says:

    Ok………Sina, himself, submitted to you the proof.

  115. Ali Sina says:

    Why is it malicious? Arabs were not a cultured people and still they are not. There is nothing malicious in this. It is truth. It may pain you but it is a reality. Do you know that Spain alone transltes more books in one year that the entire Arab words have done it in 1400 years? Arabs were an ignorant bunch for falling prey to an ignoranmus like Muhammad who sealed their ignorance and exported it to other countries. I am sorry if truth is offensive to you. But you have to face it sooner or later. Arabs have never been a cultured people. Only among these savages a religion like Islam could have developed. Today all the Muslim countries have been reduced to saveges, and yes that includes my country.

  116. Ali Sina says:

    Muhammad thought that Allah in Mecca is the same god of the Jews. But that is not true. Allah is a title. It means “the God.” Arabs worshipped Hubaal or Ha Baal and the Jews worshipped Yaheweh. Both called their god …. The God, or Allah. The illeterate prophet thought they are one and the same. This is not his only mistake. He even thought Mary the mother of Jesus and Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron are the same because both names in Arabic are pronounced Maryam.

    All you have to do is look at the ubiquitos crescent over Islamic mosques to know Allah is the moon god. What is the symbol of Islam again?

  117. Eshmeralda says:

    Read my reply to Enlightened25.
    Another proof of the lies of Sina is that he claims that
    the Muslims worship the "Moon God". In the book of
    Islam, it is mentioned in more than one place that Muslims
    worship the God of Abraham, who is Yahweh (the God of
    the Jews and the Christians).

    If it is because the crescent on the dome of the mosques,
    then the Jews worship the star, and the Christians
    worship the cross.

  118. Eshmeralda says:

    Proof……..I see
    click on the article "Setting Muslims Free",
    there is a comment posted by a person
    called "BollywoodGod",
    read one of the replies by Ali Sina
    he said with contempt :" Arabs did not have/had philosophers".
    Isn't this malicious sentence prove to you that he is a hater
    of Arabs and a liar as well, because Arabs had and have
    scientists, philosophers, artists….etc…etc

  119. scrutator says:

    @ HAHAHA


    Hohoho, I'm sure you are man enough and have an iota of grey matter to appreciate that SPEAKING THE TRUTH DOES NOT EQUATE TO 'SHOWING HATRED' !

    You understand this much, don't you ?

    Especially when a belief such as Islam has caused so much pain, sorrow, mayhem, slaughter and death !

    You will agree that descendants of those who suffered have every right to find out what was in this strange cult/belief which forced people to either convert forcibly or to face murder. This is exactly what happened to unrelated inhabitants of Persia(Iran), ancient India and many more countries ! These affected people had nothing to do with Islam to start with !

    Efforts to unearth the truth behind this murderous episode certainly isn't "Hatred", is it ?

    Hahaha, please reply directly on my comments above, without indulging in needless semantics, I promise, notwithstanding your play on words, I shall not be distracted from the main task of finding THE TRUTH about why an estimated 120 million Africans, 80 million Indians and many millions of Europeans and others were slaughtered by by an insane belief system.

    Books by Ali Sina, Sujit Das and others are a step in the right direction to unearth that TRUTH !!!

  120. Ali Sina says:

    In that case you should catch my lies and point them out.

    I don’t hate Hitler. That sick man is dead and burning in hell. I don’t hate even Muhammad. He is also with Hitler sharing the same fate. I want to set Muslims free from his lies and set the world free from their harm.

  121. enlightened25 says:


  122. Want2learnIslam says:

    Looks like dasvedas also didn't die after 90 days! You can see the comments with this name in :

    Google Baba further reveals his identify as he/she is from Techiman, Ghana. Probably an Ahamadiyaa.
    His phone number is 0260xxx707 (I prefer not to list his full phone number )

  123. Truth Finder says:

    Sina created this website to eradicate muslims and he continued to talk about islam providing education to scholar muslims about nature of attack on islam would be.

    he is a pervert in his own website.

  124. Truth Finder says:

    When you don't know your enemy you can't win. There is only way to know Islam is to get in . In another words If you are busy in dissecting chicken to know what is in a chicken then you will never know what is a chicken until you eat chicken.
    Ok this is enough from my borrowed intelligence.
    Even this work only with the idiots

  125. Worldpeace says:

    Hi, Eshmeralda.
    Enlightened25 is correct. If you want to be given attention here you must provide evidence for your accusation. That way you wil help others see what they have not seen in Ali Sina's erudition. Otherwise, you will fall into your own trap.

  126. Worldpeace says:

    I have a strong feeling that you, HAHAHA is one and the same person as SHABEER. You leave the substabce of debate and blab on insignicant issues. Is Mubahila not an indictment on Allah and Islam. How could Islam be believed haboring meaningless doctrines like mubahila.
    You can help matters only if you can give logical reasons as to how mubahila is efficacious. Otherwise, please keep quiet.
    Be in peace with the rest of humanity.

  127. enlightened25 says:

    "I think that is exactly what you are thinking or hoping
    to achieve, but with another race." Proof?

    "I know that you say so many true things, but you insert lies in between,
    hoping that people will believe them since they are mixed with the truth." Again where is your proof?

  128. enlightened25 says:

    "You do not hate only Islam, you do not
    hate only Muslims, but you hate a whole race (Arabs)." Normally if you accuse someone of being a racist, hitler wannabe who wants to exterminate a whole people you are expected to provide rock solid, water tight evidence. In civilised countries its is a crime to make hateful accusations about an Individual without proof. So where is your proof?

    "This is normal……..aren't you an Iranian? Iranians always hated Arabs." Strangely while you accuse someone else of hating arabs, you are making racist stereotypes about Iranians.

  129. Eshmeralda says:


    Do you hate Hitler for his attempt to wipe out a whole race from the face
    of the earth? I think that is exactly what you are thinking or hoping
    to achieve, but with another race.

    I know that you say so many true things, but you insert lies in between,
    hoping that people will believe them since they are mixed with the truth.
    This strategy of yours work only with the idiots.

  130. Eshmeralda says:


    This is the first time in my life I hear about this "Mubahila". I wonder why you
    waited four years to talk about it. Have you ran out of topics?
    I was a Muslim, and I abandoned that religion just because I am not convinced.
    The other religions also fail to convince me. I know a lot about Islam, but this
    is the first time I hear something called "Mubahila".

    Sina, I do not think that you are sincere in your claim that you want to save
    the Muslims from the "evil" Islam. You do not hate only Islam, you do not
    hate only Muslims, but you hate a whole race (Arabs). You forgot that there
    are all sorts of religions among Arabs, not only Islam. Every now and then
    you write things, inadvertently, that reveal your reality.

    This is normal……..aren't you an Iranian? Iranians always hated Arabs.
    You identify yourself to be a "Persian", but there is no such a thing as
    Persia now; There is IRAN. Does Persia sound nicer to you, or you are
    too embarrassed from the name of Iran?

  131. dharma marg noble says:

    HO HAHAHA- Did you watch the videos , showing Moslem JIHADISTS cutting the throats of kafirs, and the throats of moslems too (informants), a video by a mulla telling how a true moslem jiadist will get HOORS in heaven (on this web site ) for being true jihadist and many more video showing the ISLAMIC darkness and primitive cruel mind ?

  132. HAHAHA says:


  133. worldpeace says:

    That is Good and plain, that your Almighty is Allah.
    Now you can:
    – kill the non muslims (Koran 9:5, 9:123);
    -beat your wife on spurious excuse(Kora 4;34);
    -not take jews and christians as friends(Koran5:54);
    -fight the People of the Book(K9:29);
    -not pray for non muslims even if they happen to your kindred(k9:113);
    -do many more despicable things like keeping slaves that keeps humanity divided
    All these are your character since you Surrender to the will of Allah.
    There is no point to doubt your sincererity that you are a good muslim like Osama bin Laden who kill calling Allahu Akbar.
    Your claim that you wish everyone good does not, therefore, stand.
    Despite this horrid character of yours, I sincerely love you, for whatever it is worth, because you earn my love by being a human being.
    Be in peace with the rest of humanity.

  134. lonelyloner says:

    It works on people who have more fear than intelligence.
    So it worked well to convince muslims.

  135. worldpeace says:


  136. Agracean says:

    Hi, I've misunderstood your words and I apologise to you for it. God bless. 🙂

  137. HAHAHA says:



    the truth is that sin separates us from our loving Creator God because He is perfect in all His ways and we are all sinners, facing the imminent physical death because we have sinned against a Holy, perfect and loving Creator God.


    YOU SAID "Thanks for the compliment. God bless."





  138. dharma marg noble says:

    An invitation to all Moslems, men/women and nonmoslems in INDIA, in pakistan, in B'desh to visit this web site, read the tremendous amount of information available, researched , from ISLAMIC books !!! QQUURRAAN, SIRA, HADITHS . Ofcourse, there will be lot more from ISLAMIC countries, their rules, their sharia, their discrimination against nonmoslems, treating nonmoslems as slaves . ISLAMIC history is full of blood and gory, slavery, harems, sex slaves , invasions, destructions,death.

  139. Agracean says:

    You got it wrong. I'm saying that YOU are really a joker!

  140. Agracean says:

    You it wrong. I'm saying that You are a really a joker!

  141. HAHAHA says:




  142. dharma marg noble says:

    Umpteen times – Did you read SIRA ? Did you read QQUURRAAN ? Did you read Hadiths ?
    what is good there ? write here and tell us . What is that you want to follow in QQUURRAAN , in sira and in HADITHS ? that can make this world a better place, acceptable to everybody ? with kindness, compassion, peace, love, equality , freedom , liberty, Universal values ? tell here .

  143. Worldpeace says:

    "We accept Almighty's will". Here, you have to define the "Almighty", for us to move forward.
    Be in peace with the rest of humanity (BIPWTROH)

  144. Worldpeace says:

    "I wish everyone good". If you believe in this I do not have any disagreement with you because then you are a humanist.

  145. Worldpeace says:

    I cannot dig it when you choose to talk incomprehensively.

  146. HAHAHA says:

    Allah has written its own death ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  147. CountryFirst says:

    Dear Ali Sina, wishing you a long, happy and healthy life. Allah has written its own death warrant by putting such illogical customs in place

  148. HAHAHA says:


    "How could you do that – You are a moslem !!! "

    "Then, you are no longer a muslim!!!"







  149. HAHAHA says:


  150. worldpeace says:

    Then, you are no longer a muslim, that is, if you were one before.
    Be in peace with rest of humanity.

  151. HAHAHA says:




  152. worldpeace says:

    HAHAHA,do you believe in the doctrine of Mubahila. Are you not moved by the sound argument presented on the futility and absurdity of this institution of curse galore. Are blind to the proven inefficacy of Mubahila.
    Please ponder very well on these issues, maybe you come to your human senses and abandon the senseless religion of Islam.

  153. HAHAHA says:


  154. HAHAHA says:


  155. HAHAHA says:





  156. Agracean says:

    What a joker!

  157. HAHAHA says:




  158. HAHAHA says:



  159. dharma marg noble says:

    I request all Indian moslems, Moslem women,pakistani moslems,moslem women, bangla desh moslems, moslem women to come and visit this web site and open your hearts and minds . read, understand, think , analyze. truth and facts are presented to you. Make this world a better place for all humans. Please you must renounce, denounce ISLAM , become free from the shackles of ISLAM, free yourself from your slavery and breath free air , be happy, be peace loving, be nonviolent, be part of humanity, accept equality of all, accept equality of moslem women , accept equality of all faiths.
    ARUNDHATI Roy, shabna azmi, nafisa ali and many other indian women should visit this site.

  160. Worldpeace says:

    Finally, another myth about Islam is discredited eloquently and incontrovertibly. But muslims are an odd lot, nothing outside their prison (Islam) makes sense.

  161. dharma marg noble says:

    TO ALL __ It will be interesting to see and understand , to know how many INDIAN , PAKI , B'desh Moslems, moslimahs are participating and reading these forum discussions . It should be evident that these enlightening truths, facts , discussions ,very compelling, honest,rational,logical,moving arguments of DR. ALI SINA , will make any INDIAN Moslem to come to light from darkness of ISLAM and will make them to ponder to see themselves how they were trapped in this monster ISLAM . INDIAN moslems/moslimahs must seek truth , peace, nobility , freedom, love,nonviolence, acceptence of all divinity in their ancestral DHARMA and renounce ISLAM, denounce ISLAM – once for all – inorder for them to become good human beings with kindness and compassion. It is assured that those liberated ex.moslems will be at peace with themselves at last . This is not too late for moslems to accept truth.

  162. dharma marg noble says:

    How could you do that – You are a moslem !!! Hatred ,ill will, cursing,raping,looting , killing nonbelievers,kuffrs, infidels and bigotry,discrimination ,slavery are the pillars of ISLAM- MAKKHA for suicide bombers !!! are you committing shirk?

  163. dharma marg noble says:

    How could Indian Hindu or secular leaders failed to see – that this is the basis on which JINNA (the monster Moslem who snatched away HINDU INDIAN land ) operated and argued ? JINNA became a true MOSLEM – a true , faithful and ISLAMIST/JIHADIST for MO .
    Please , even now you INDIANS realize and recognize this truth at last !!!

  164. enlightened25 says:

    Well in fairness it is a non-violent way of muslims releasing their hatred towards the unbelievers. We should encourage all muslims to stop their violence and instead start praying for our doom instead. (Which they would do if they really believed in this nonsense, which it seems the vast majority don`t and know full well their allah is not going to do his own dirty work.)

  165. enlightened25 says:

    Their are plenty of "Enemies" of those religions.

  166. dharma marg noble says:

    QQUURRAAN is the manual to teach you how to hate everything nonmoslems , Is there anytrhing else in qquurraan ? only hatred, cursing, ill will ,jealousy and blaming kairs,infidels and nonbelievers !!! that is QQUURRAAN .

  167. dharma marg noble says:

    It is so obvious that it is biggest superstition. You should not even think about it.
    Ther real point is – how can a religion is based on ill will to others ? Is there peace in this ? Do you become a good human being ( as the purpose of religion is supposed to be ) by cursing others ? Is your God telling you to do this ? But ISLAM is based on such absurdities,inanities, evil and pure darkness. This is the basis of ISLAM – MO, the so called profiteer profit did it !!!!
    How can ISLAMIC ALLA is so evil to support such curses ?

  168. dharma marg noble says:

    As long as you are a follower of MO, a true Moslem – how can you think good for nonmoslems ? If you think good about kafirs – Then you are committing shirk worst than murder !!!!!

  169. dharma marg noble says:

    you have mastered the Goebble lies and propaganda war !!! you breath propaganda war and lies – whic you infected from your MO !! ISLAM iS DEMONISM – Here is the proof —MUBAHILA – the cursing tournament initiated by MO !!!! Your religion is like this – for you religion is hatred, jealousy, ill will, bigotry, cursing, killing nonmoslems. This is exactly waht ISLAM IS – of MO; s .

  170. Soham says:

    Whenever Ali Sina warned about the potential of a moderate muslim turning into a Islamist, I did not believe him because of my experiences with them. But see what Babasaheb Ambedkar said

    According to Muslim cannon Law the world is divided into two camps, Dar-ul-Islam (abode of Islam) and Dar-ul-Harb (abode of war). A country is Dar-ul-Islam when it is ruled by Muslims. A country is Dar-ul-Harb when Muslims only reside in it but are not rulers of it. That being the Cannon Law of the Muslims, India cannot be the common motherland of the Hindus and the Musalmans-but it cannot be the land of the ‘ Hindus and Musalmans living as equals’. Further, it can be the land of the Musalmans only when it is governed by the Muslims. The moment the land become subject to the authority of a non-Muslims power, it ceases to be the land of the Muslims. Instead of being Dar-ul-Islam it becomes Dar-ul-Harb.

    It must not be supposed that this view is only of academic interest. For it is capable of becoming an active force capable of influencing the conduct of the Muslims”. (ibid., p. 294)

  171. Soham says:

    Swami Dayananda Saraswati wrote a book called Satyarth Prakash in 1875 in which he criticized, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Hindus and Christian accepted the book but Islamists seeks ban on the book.

    His observations are very interesting read them at

  172. ranjit says:


  173. Soham says:

    Mohammedans most sectarian : Now, some Mohammedans are the crudest in this respect, and the most sectarian. Their watchword is. “There is one God, and Mohammed is His Prophet”. Everything beyond that not only is bad, but must be destroyed forthwith; at moment’s notice, every man or woman, who does not exactly believe in that, must be killed; everything that does not belong to this worship must be killed; everything that does not belong to this worship must be immediately broken; every book that teaches anything else must be burnt. From the Pacific to the Atlantic, for five hundred years, blood ran all over the world. That is Mohammedanism ! Nevertheless, among these Mohammedans, wherever there was a philosophic man, he was sure to protest against these cruelties. (Vol. 4, p. 126)

    Sword flashed for hundreds of years in India : Wave after wave had flooded this land, breaking and crushing everything for hundreds of years. The sword has flashed, and “Victory unto Allah” had rent the skies of India; but these floods subsided, leaving the national ideals unchanged. (Vol. 4, p. 159)

    Kafir deserves to be butchered : To the Mussulmans, the Jews or the Christians are not object of extreme detestation; they are, at the worst, men of little faith. But not so the Hindu. According to him, the Hindu is idolatrous, the hateful Kafir; hence in this life he deserves to be butchered; and in the next, eternal hell is in store for him. The utmost the Mussulman kings could do as a favour to the (Hindu) priestly class – the spiritual guides of these Kafirs – was to allow them somehow to pass their life silently and wait for, the last moment. This was again sometimes considered too much kindness! If the religious ardour of any (Muslim) king was a little more uncommon, there would immediately follow arrangements for a great yajna by way of Kafir slaughter! (Vol. 4, p. 446)

    Mohammedans brought murder here : You know that the Hindu religion never persecutes. It is the land where all sects may live in peace and amity. The Mohammedans brought murder and slaughter in their train, but until their arrival peace prevailed (Vo. 5, p. 190)

    In India the Mohammedans were the first who ever took the sword. (Vol. 5, p. 197)

    Loss of a Hindu, gain of an enemy : When the Mohammedans first came, we are said – I think the authority of Ferishta, the oldest Mohammedan historian – to have been six hundred millions of Hindus. Now we are about two hundred millions. (That means population down from 60 crores to 20 crores). And then every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less, but an enemy the more.

    “Again, the vast majority of Hindu perverts to Islam and Christianity are perverts by sword, or the descendants of these.” (Vo. 5, p. 233)

    Mohammedan conquest had to fall back : The wave of Mohammedan conquest, which had swallowed the whole earth, had to fall back before India. (Vol. 5, p. 528)

    Hashashin became ‘assassin’ : Hashshashin has became our word ‘assassin’ because an old sect of Mohammedanism killed non-believers as a part of its creed. (Vol. 7, p. 40)

    Islam caused great violence : The Mohammedans used the greatest violence. (Vol. 7, p. 217).

  174. Soham says:

    Universal brotherhood for Muslims only : Mohammedans talk of universal brotherhood, but what comes out of that in reality? Why, anybody who is not a Mohammedan will not be admitted into the brotherhood; he will more likely have his throat cut. (Vol. 2, p. 80)

    Use of graves in place of images : The Mohammedans use the graves of their saints and martyrs almost in the place of images. (Vol. 3, p. 61)

    God as a child : For the Mohammedans, it is impossible to have this idea of God as a child; they will shrink from it with a kind of horror. But the Christian and the Hindu can realize it easily because they have the baby Jesus and the baby Krishna. (Vol. 3, p. 96)

    No temple building in a Muslim country : It is here that Indians build temples for Mohammedans and Christians; nowhere else. If you go to other countries and ask Mohammedans or people of other religions to build a temple for you, see how they will help. They will instead try to break down your temple and you too, if they can. (Vol. 3, p. 114).

    Word Hindu covers all those who live in India : The word (‘Hindu’), therefore, covers not only Hindus proper, but Mohammedans, Christians, Jains and other people who live in India. (Vol. 3, p. 110).

    Allah-ho-Akbar for centuries : Wave after wave of barbarian conquest has rolled over this devoted land of ours. “Allah-ho-Akbar !” has rent the skies for hundreds of years, and no Hindu knew what moment would be his last. This is the most suffering and the most subjugated of all the historic lands in the world. Yet we still stand practically the same race, ready to face difficulties again and again, if necessary, and not only so, of late there have been signs that we are not only strong but ready to go out, for the sign of life is expansion. (Vol. 3, p. 369-70).

    Only they are right ! : Ignorant persons… not only deny the right of every man to interpret the universe according to his own light, but dare to say that others are entirely wrong, and they alone are right. If they are opposed, they begin to fight. They say that they will kill any man who does not believe as they believe, and as the Mohammedans do. (Vol. 4, p. 52).

    Worshipping saints : The Mohammedans from the beginning stood against any idol worship. They would have nothing to do with worshipping the Prophets or the Messengers, or paying any homage to them; but, practically, instead of one Prophet, thousands upon thousands of saints are being worshipped. (Vol. 4, p. 121)

  175. Soham says:

    Thus spake Swami Vivekananda

    Millions massacred through Mohammad’s teachings : If you read the Koran, you find the most wonderful truths mixed with superstitions. How will you explain it? That man (Prophet Mohammed) was inspired, no doubt, but the inspiration was as it were, stumbled upon. He was not a trained Yogi, and did not know the reason of what he was doing. Think of the good Mohammed did to the world, and think of the great evil that has been done through his fanaticism ! Think of the millions massacred through his teachings, mothers bereft of their children, children made orphans, whole countries destroyed, millions upon millions of people killed ! (Vol. I. P. 184)

    Muslim rituals : The Mohammedan, who thinks that every ritual, every form, every image or ceremony used by a non-Mohammedan is sinful does not think so when he comes to his own shrine, the Caaba. Every religious Mohammedan, wherever he prays, must imagine that he is standing before the Caaba. When the makes a pilgrimage there, he must kiss the black stone in the wall of the shrine. All the kisses that have been imprinted on that stone, by millions and millions of pilgrims, will stand up as witnesses for the benefit of the faithful on the Last Day of Judgment. Then, there is the well of Zimzim. Mohammedans believe that whoever draws a little water out of that well will have sins pardoned, and he will, after the Day of Resurrection, have a fresh body, and live for ever. (Vol. 2, p. 39)

    Kill who are not Muslims : The Mohammedan religion allows Mohammedans to kill all who are not of their religion. It is clearly stated in the Koran, “Kill the infidels if they do not become Mohamedans”. They must be put to fire and sword. (Vol. 2, p. 335)

    Killing unbelievers is surest way to Heaven : The more selfish a man, the more immoral he is. And so also with the race. That race which is bound down to itself has been the most cruel and the most wicked in the whole world. There has not been a religion that has clung to this dualism more than that founded by the Prophet of Arabia, and there has not been a religion which has shed so much blood, and been so cruel to other man. In the Kuran there is the doctrine that a man who does not believe these teachings should be killed; it is a mercy to kill him ! And the surest way to get to heaven, where there are beautiful ‘houris’ and all sorts of sense-enjoyments, is by killing these unbelievers. Think of the bloodshed there has been in consequence of such beliefs ! (Vol. 2, p. 352-53)

    Every step forward was made with the sword : Think of little sects, born within a few hundred years out of fallible human brains, making this arrogant claim of knowledge of the whole of God’s infinite truth ! Think of the arrogance of it ! If it shows anything, it is this : how vain human beings are. And it is no wonder that such claims have always failed, and, by the mercy of the Lord, are always destined to fall. In this line, the Mohammedans were the best off; every step forward was made with the sword – the Koran in the one hand and the sword in the other : “Take the Koran, or you must die; there is no alternative !”. You know from history how phenomenal was their success; for six hundred years nothing could resist them, and then there came a time when they had to cry halt. So will be with other religions if they follow the same methods. (Vo. 2, p. 369-70).

  176. 007 says:

    Why there are no enemies of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and many other religions ???
    HaHaHa, The most dangerous enemies of Muslims are the Muslims themselves. HAHAHA,

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  179. tex says:

    Dear Ali Sina
    may be you can educate this woman.

  180. HAHAHA says:



  181. Agracean says:

    I think that there's a screw loosen up in your head. Kindly let Dr Ali Sina fixed it for you and I believe that you'll regain your right senses and do apologise to him for your above horrible comments!

  182. fakeman says:

    first go and explain your beloved terrorist brothers and fathers to stop killing of innocnet people
    jihadi like you dening the muslim atrocities.

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  185. fakeman says:

    tell to your to throw shooting stars as missiles on us if he gets relaxation from pimp activities

  186. fakeman says:

    allah and his agent mohamad has made people brainless so they are behaving superstitious , it is just like tribal myth

  187. kaushalendra says:

    wht is the logic of mubahila …….it is unscientific and merely a superstetion ..

  188. Agracean says:

    Oh, Dr Ali Sina, may the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord show you his kindness and have mercy on you. May the Lord watch over you and give you peace. Amen.

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