The Portrait of a Moderate Muslim



Sheila Musaji responded again. But she did not answer any of my questions. She wrote, “I have no obligation to discuss any of these issues with him.” (That “him” is me. Sheila can’t get over her hatred to talk to me directly).

If you have not been following this debate please start with An Olive Branch For Sheila Musaji

Sheila Musaji explained that the Old Testament has also plenty of absurd teachings, which she said “are taken out of context.”  She believes that neither the rabbis nor the Muslims owe any explanation to anyone. Of course we know why. Because they have none!

Musaji wrote:

The fact that there are verses in the Qur’an that can be interpreted variously is also not unique – that there are verses that be seen as cruel and violent in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) cannot really be disputed.

Two wrong don’t make a right. The fact that there are violent passages in the OT does not explain away or justify the violent instructions in the Quran. However, the comparison is misleading. The passages of the OT are stories about what happened in the past. That book does not instruct the Jews to kill unbelievers. The violent passages of the Quran are mandates of Allah to Muslims. They are instructions to kill. Furthermore, the Bible is a book of fables. Those stories of grand scale massacre may have never happened. The Pentateuch was written in about 700 to 800 BC and it is all legend and fiction.  But Muhammad was not a fictional character and his crimes are well documented.

What can be done is to attempt to marginalize those who continue to promote extremist interpretations of religious texts

How? So you are proposing that we should not talk to them, but build a wall between us and them and establish a sort of apartheid between the “moderate Muslims” such as you, and the extremist Muslims? Will that solve the problem? Will they stop bombing and killing us?

The evidence shows that this is not the case.  These so called extremists are busy killing the so called moderates in Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, and everywhere.

Isn’t it better that we explain to them and show them that their way is wrong? Well, for that you have to have a dialogue. But you are averse to dialogues and debates. You have gone into your room and shut the door behind you.  You like to sit on your high moral horse and pontificate.  Well guess what! They are not listening.

Why you are unwilling to debate with them? It is because in a debate you will have to rely on the Quran to see who is right and you know that you will lose. The so called extremists have the backing of the Quran. They can prove that they are the real Muslims and you are a hypocrite that wants to bring innovation into Islam and “contaminate” it with democracy and Americanism.  You can’t sell your new concoction of Islam to Muslims.  As far as Muslims are concerned you are nobody to tell them how to interpret the Quran.  You are only a useful idiot. Your function is not to define Islam for them but to pull wool over the eyes of the westerners and make them believe Islam is harmless. Know your place, you white woman. Yes you are a convert and a woman. How do you even expect Muslims to listen to you, a woman, someone their prophet said is deficient in intelligent and faith, and not their own great male scholars?

Muhammad said cover your head and your bosom. This is a teaching of the Quran. But you don’t do it. Why? Because you want to deceive the westerners into thinking that Islam gives women freedom to dress as they please.  That is not true. Islam does not give such freedom to anyone. Of course Muslims, ever and anon, violate the mandates of the Quran. They are after all humans and want to enjoy their life.  They dilute their religion so they won’t suffocate. But that is not what Islam teaches.

If you drink urine you get sick and if you drink it regularly you die. But you can live a relatively normal life if you dilute your cherished urine with a lot of water.  That is what you are doing. But if Islam is good why not practice it as Muhammad intended and if it is bad why practice it at all?

You claim that you want to make Islam moderate. But you refuse to talk to the extremist or to anyone. What is you strategy then?

You wrote, “Sina is still carrying on a debate with himself on his site.”   No, dear Sheila I am debating with you ,but you are not responding.

You have put cotton in your ears and don’t want to listen.  Explain to me and to our readers how do you propose we convince the extremists that they are in error if you refuse to debate?  Show me that you have a plan that works and I will join you in promoting it.

But you don’t have a plan. You have nothing except a bunch of lies.  I wrote four long letters to you and went over a litany of problems with Islam.  You did not refute any of them nor did you comment on them. You simply ignored everything I wrote and went on doing what you do best – to vilify and malign your opponent. In this last response of yours, instead of answering any of my concerns, you equated me to Nazis and wrote extensively to show I am a Nazi.

You wrote,

It is not possible for any decent human being not to see the incredible similarities between this Nazi propaganda and the propaganda of the Islamophobes.  In fact, many passages from Ali Sina’s work read as if he has simply taken one of these statements and changed “Jew” with “Muslim” or “Judaism” with “Islam”.

You refuse to engage in a debate and refuse to answer the questions about Islam, but you know how to vilify people.  That is your strength – ad hominem.  And you call yourself a moderate Muslim!

Indeed you are! This is the true face of a moderate Muslim.  You are a good representative of this mythological creature. You don’t engage in debates. You don’t want to solve the problems through dialogue. You don’t want to get into sticky issues where the fallacy of your position can be exposed. You want to pontificate like those two rabbis in my previous debate.  They said, “We don’t debate Scriptures. We’ll tell you what we perceive the scriptures are saying. We give you the historic background; we’ll even add in science, but to debate it? No!”

No dear Sheila. I am not debating with myself. I am debating with the world.  People are reading and commenting. They can see through your façade of “moderation”. They can see the lies, the fraud and the bankruptcy of the so called moderate Islam.  Next time when they hear about “moderates Muslims” they will remember you.  There is no such thing as moderate Muslim. This is another Islamic deception. It is an oxymoron. It makes as much sense as cold fire, or tiny giant, or perfumed excrement.

I have even tried to have a dialogue with Tarik Fatah. He too refused it and instead contented himself to vilify me and Wafa Sultan.

It is time that we put an end to this charade. Truth was spoken by Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan who, condemned the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe his own party AKP and said, “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

But Muhammad was more emphatic in such condemnation. He said,

“Do you, then, believe in some parts of the divine writ and deny the truth of other parts? What, then, could be the reward of those among you who do such things but ignominy in the life of this world and, on the Day of Resurrection, they will be consigned to most grievous suffering? For God is not unmindful of what you do.” (Q.2:85)

Those who are interested to see the impossibility of reforming Islam and the futility of attempting it can read my article, The Illusion of Reforming Islam

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  1. chrisheath says:

    As regards women converts to Islam. Do they realise that Mohammed had a trip to hell, and was pleased to see it was inhabited mostly by women ( the bad deceivers), while Paradise was populated mostly by men and youths (with their attendant houris). He really only thought of women as sexual objects.
    The concept of the veil came about , because his top commanders, in his conquering army, all had taken women (as concubines) in their wars (having killed the husbands).
    These women were being molested by the lower ranked soldiers, and to make them different, they were instructed to wear veils, and the soldiers were ordered to not molest them.
    Meanwhile, of course, mere slave girls were molested by the lower ranked soldiers.
    Nothing much changes really??

  2. chrisheath says:

    Raj – excellent analysis, and this is born out by real world examples. It is amazing, once you uncover (yet another) tactic by ermm 'moderate Muslims', you see the same record played over and over. Like, this is our Zombie script, which we repeat.
    'Pretext' is the one I see time and time again.
    There is no need for a 'pretext' in the violence of the Koran toward non-Muslims.
    Yet always, where there is violence, it is ' we are trying to get rid of the colonial west' or 'your western values need revising'.
    Just to recall the barbarity of the Westgate Mall, a shocked Nigerian doctor said that people had eyes, ears, nose and testicles removed, by pliers, before they were dead (who knows how long they were tortured). Knives were stuck into children, and peoples hands were made into a point, and they were told to write their names in blood.
    The doctor said these were the worst deaths he had witnessed.
    By the way, this report was considered too awful for the sensitive western newspapers, and I don't believe it was printed.
    I saw the report in an African paper.
    It is only because of these atrocities, that websites like this exist, and people like me attempt to educate people to the total barbarity of Islam.
    Women who convert to Islam do not realise, that they are being led like lambs to the slaughter.
    When the time is right, they will suddenly find themselves having to face the fact that they are very low on the social scale, and will have no recourse in 'law'.
    That is Sharia law will make them conform to Allah's way, with no humanitarian principles.
    To those ' moderate Muslims' I urge you to read the Koran, and read between the lines.
    The very pious amongst you, as you know do not take kindly to backsliding of any sort.

  3. Robert says:

    No dear Sheila. He is not debating with himself. He is debating with the world. I am reading and commenting. Dare answer his questions, but you can't…

  4. cacisopho says:


  5. ken heraty says:

    Do any of you people have any idea what you are talking about? I certainly don't. What do you want as families, for your children, for your own lives, before you sleep at night? At some point, you may realise life is different than politics. Unfortunately, you may be dead by then. Life is life. No-one controls it.

  6. Julia says:

    To the paranoïd muslim AminRAT !!!
    Do you still think that I am the same person as Nadim? Hahahahahaaaa!
    Pathetic little muslim-kid ! Go ,and hide yourself out of shame !
    I told you that I would ridicule you…ONLY BY SAYING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU AND ISLAM!
    I don't need LIES AND TAQIYYA !!
    I wish you a long and fine life in FREEDOM !!! (Muslims hate freedom, you know 🙂 )

  7. Julia says:

    Go study your evil Quran , for example surah 98/51 says: "The unbelievers among the People of the Book and the pagans shall burn forever in the fire of hell. THEY ARE THE VILEST OF ALL CREATURES ."
    Do you see it ? …you MUSLIM BASTARD !!!
    For more derogatory CRAP of your evil cult Islam see this:

  8. denialisnoproof says:

    you are a muslim son of a nikah prostitute . and atleast none of her words are starred unlike yours and quranic words.

  9. denialisnoproof says:

    no your allah and muhammad are *****
    please read my post on why muslim women are prostitutes.

  10. Slave of Prophet says:

    it is shame on you being a woman you are using such a derogatory words. I am sure you must be whore.

  11. Julia says:

    You clearly did nor read my comments , otherwise even you should have noticed that they are completely different . YOU STUPID KID !
    Again you are exposed and HUMILIATED ! Hahahahahahahaaaaa!!
    You are a real muslim: a brainwashed moron, BLINDED BY HATE !

  12. Julia says:

    O.K. I "acknowledge it", to make you "happy", kid ……HOOOOOOOHAAAAAA ! A typical haughty , but backward muslim !

  13. Nadim says:

    This book explains and expose the false religious cult
    Clarify many satanic actions and evil behaviors of Mohammad

    Muslims do not accept to debate or discuss on their false prophet and they considered you as an enemy to Islam and (kafer)

  14. Nadim says:

    One example of many examples that answered one of my questions:

    By Ali Sina
    I fight against Islam, not because it is a religion or because it is false but because it preaches hate and divides mankind into "brothers" and "enemies". Islam is fascism that tends to unite only the believers using the hatred of the non-believers as the leverage.

  15. aminriadh says:

    "On your valuable book and on your website which explains the fact and answered my questions "

    I am interested to know which questions? And how is it that you have found this book valuable?

    – – –

    I find the book fallacious and ridiculous. Full of errors. Why not er . . . . stay and have a bit of discussion. Or at least highlight . . . what you found useful – if you do not wish to discuss.

    [with specific examples . . . . from the book]

  16. Nadim says:

    I want to congratulate you MR. Ali
    On your valuable book and on your website which explains the fact and answered my questions

    Your way of thinking to freedom of taught gave me strength and gave me guidance to leave Islam
    Best regards,


  17. aminriadh says:

    Repeating it wont help.

  18. aminriadh says:

    It is all good and fine to make such claims . . . now how about some explosive evidence?

    – – –

    See with claims like this – all one has to do is deny them

  19. Nadim says:

    Some verses of Quran were copied from Imru'u al-Qays’ poetry,pre-Islamic Arabian poet of the sixth century, circa 500-535 C.E.

  20. Nadim says:

    Qur'an copied from Imru'u al-Qays’ poetry,pre-Islamic Arabian poet of the sixth century, circa 500-535 C.E.

  21. aminriadh says:

    Oh come on now Julie – We all know – how you have multiple identities.

    last time around Sina banned you . . . of course now that he has un-banned you . . . have you started this nonsense again?

    – – – –

    Why does Mr Nadim – have your writing style and expressions . . . it would have been better to change those too!

  22. Nadim says:

    Thanks Julia i appreciate your response, I have spent most of my life following the stupid traditions of the EVIL FAKE Prophet.

  23. aminriadh says:

    "That is why we are working hard to destroy islam by telling the TRUTH about it. "

    Hang on. . . you are not really doing anything. Other than to show how better Islam is. For example – this attitude of your . . . to swear at every one willy-nilly. . . . that was tempered by me.

    Some "Muslimness" has already rubbed off on you. Though you may not acknowledge it . . . there is already some improvement.

    – – –

    All you do is comment on such sites . . . and that is about it.

  24. aminriadh says:

    Spamming too . . . other tactics aren't enough – now you have resorted to repeat the comments – to get noticed.

    That is sad.

  25. Julia says:

    To the backward and clearly brainwashed ( al least 5 times each day!) MUSLIMAH "Anonymous ".
    You wrote:
    "If you mean when he said that hell will be full of women, you misinterpreted that entirely. He was talking about their gossiping habits".
    If you read SAHIH Bukhari Vol.1, Book 6, nr.301 again (CHECK IT) , then you will see that your evil fake prophet explaned himself clearlywhat he meant by women being deficient in intelligence and faith. It is NOT about GOSSIP …And men gossip too , hahahahahaha.!
    I think that the evil fake prophet was right fot ONCE in you case : YOU are deficient in intelligence !!

  26. Julia says:

    To the backward and clearly brainwashed ( al least 5 times each day!) MUSLIMAH "Anonymous ".
    You wrote:
    "Where did the Prophet Muhammad (saw) say that women were deficient in intelligence and faith? Point us towards this Hadith, source and affirm its authenticity."
    Here is Sahih (Very authentic !) Bukhari hadith , Volume 1, Book 6, Number 301
    "…… The women asked, "O Allah's Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?" He said, "Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?" They replied in the affirmative. He said, "This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn't it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?" The women replied in the affirmative. He said, "This is the deficiency in her religion." In Sahih Muslim, Hadith 1467, you will find the same !

  27. Julia says:

    To the backward and clearly brainwashed ( al least 5 times each day!) MUSLIMAH "Anonymous ".
    You wrote:
    "You can NOT just pluck out these verses and say that they apply to all Muslims, because these do NOT."
    Can you make clear which verses apply to all Muslims, and which do not. Name them please !
    And…moreover WHY are these surahs (talking about killing ALL disbelievers) in the Quran if they do not apply ?
    By the way: You do suggest that you know much more about Islam thaen we do. So my question i:
    Do you know what ABROGATION means? All peaceful verses are anulled (abrogated) by the later surahs such as surah 9 . Read again the verses 9:5 , 9:29 and 9:111 which says:
    "Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah , SO THEY KILL AND ARE KILLED. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah ? So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainment."

  28. Julia says:

    To the backward and clearly brainwashed ( al least 5 times each day!) MUSLIMAH "Anonymous ".
    You wrote:
    "There are so many inconsistencies in this post, so many wrongs, so many misunderstandings and misinterpretations. I just cannot comprehend why you would write this without doing proper research? For one thing, the Quran does not instruct Muslims to kill unbelievers, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was not a criminal."
    My ADVISE to you read closely this CHALLENGE :
    Think about it and TRY TO REFUTE IT ! Check the surahs, hadiths etc in it yourself !!
    Your sister in humanity, Julia.

  29. Julia says:

    To the backward and clearly brainwashed ( al least 5 times each day!) MUSLIMAH "Anonymous ".
    You wrote : "The Quran is not written vaguely." ….NOT VAGUELY YOU SAY?
    Then YOU are the one who can say what Aya 2:1 means : Alif,Lam,Meem !
    And the other about 30 ayat like 3:1, 7:1, etc.etc.
    Not even muslimscholars know what they mean! So I'm am curious what you will say about this nonsense…..OR, what silly excuses you have to get around my question.
    Your sister in humanity,Julia ! 😉

  30. Julia says:

    Dear Nadim.
    You wrote: "I was a muslim and discovered the truth,it is not easy to convince other people that is their prophet is a liar and to ask them to change their religion. "
    I congratulate you for leaving the evil cult of islam. I am very happy for you (and humanity ! ).
    I agree with you that it is not easy to get through to brainwashed muslims . But it is possible ; there is almost always some humanity left in even the most backward muslim !
    That is why we are working hard to destroy islam by telling the TRUTH about it.
    Join us and do the same in your neighbourhood and on internet. But be careful if it is a muslim neighbourhood.
    Have a nice, long and FREE life !

  31. Nadim says:

    Mohammad is the evil founder of Islam and he is to be blamed in the first place,He promised them with paradise & make them afraid from hellfire,they are brainwashed .I was a muslim and discovered the truth,it is not easy to convince other people that is their prophet is a liar and to ask them to change their religion.

  32. Julia says:

    To Nadim.
    Muslims have brains, although they are brainwashed.
    So they eventually can see the truth too, except some morons . Many muslims do and leave their EVIL cult. That's why we, free thinking people are fighting AGAINST this FALSE religion….. WITH the TRUTH. The truth will prevail , but we must go on…whether the muslims wail and whine or not.!

  33. LaMazhab says:

    Are a follower of Rashad Khalifa as well!

    If yes then first get acceptance from main stream Muslims who killed your Messenger – Rashad Khalifa, who gave his life trying to reform Islam – I have read his version of Quran – The Final Testament – Nice try Rashad – you can put a lot of make on a donkey but at the end of the day, it is still an ass, with makeup!

    If no, then do you read Quran with translation? Do you not see the clear distinctions between the peaceful verses revealed in Mecca vs the violent & hateful verses revealed in Madina. You Muslims talk about peace in Islam and refer to verses from Mecca. In Mecca, Mohammed had no choice but to be nice to the people where he was spreading his poison. It is naive to think Islam was spread peacefully by Mophammed – 100% it was spread with the sword by force – killing and forcing innocent people to accept his law.

    Mohammed was clearly a violent person & a womanizer as well. Please tell me what good did the following verse from Quran do for Uma vs. Mohammed?

    Quran – 33:37

    These verses are a clear indication that Mohammed had lust for his daughter-in-law & to fulfill his desires Allah had to jump in & send these verses so that Mohammed can have Zainab his daughter-in-law. Because of Mohammed's lust there is no adoption in Islam today.

    You cannot see these clearly because at very young age, without your consent your brain was programmed with 'faith' – If you were born in a Hindu/Jew/Christian family you would have not been a Muslim. So don't be so confident that Islam is 'The Religion' – that is exactly how followers of all other faith think – Theirs is the best. You only inherited Islam.

    On this site I posted a Youtube video from Science Channel from the series "through the wormhole" the video is titled "did we invent god' – watch the series – it is an eye opener – amazing where science and technology is going. It is one thing that the uneducated in third world countries are blindly following Islam – but what excuse do you guys have? You have all the tools to educate yourself. Can you imagine where science is today – Do you know how big is this multiverse, how many galaxies exist how vast is the space – Earth is smaller than a dust particle compared to what is out there – and humans on earth, we are nothing. Why would Allah (or God …..) whom you label "ALL knowing" have an urge to create anything, especially humans and then test them to see which one he will put in heaven or hell – Are you kidding me! He is ALL knowing, he does not need to test anything he as ALL the answers – no you do not have a choice! How can you have a choice if he is ALL knowing – Can you ever do something (make a decision or choose something) which would be different from what Allah (or God) already knows about? No. How can you. If you do anything different from what he knows – the ALL knowing would be wrong.

    Question everything & educate your mind.

  34. Julia says:

    You are a backward and evil muslim GMS.
    But you can be sure we non-muslims will destroy your vile cult.
    ISLAM IS ALREADY CRACKING. In Iran are the men and women fed up with these evil retarded muhllahs. These fanatic cretins only want the comming of theit 12th Imam, by making a 3th worldwar. VERY EVIL INDEED ! Al around the world muslims start to think and are leaving their CULT. The muslims who are BOASTING about all these socalled converts are clearly BIG FAT LIARS.!

  35. NADIM says:

    muslims are innocent they believed and trusted all the sayings of the false prophet.

  36. Ahmed says:

    Muslims are idiots, rascals, bastards, fool, crazy, illiterate, superstitious, and every negative is attributed to them only. They will never understand, mother fcukers.

    Shame on you muslims, shame on you, Still don't feel shame.

  37. meet says:

    no , stay in islam , keep 4 wives, marry young girls , search animal sex on the net , mutilate female genitals and teach your children to blow them selves up . Yes the whole world shd convert to Islam ….. NOT

  38. meet says:

    all these evil practices have been abolished and not to forget sati was started in rajstahn because evil rapist muslims would rape the women and women thought it better to die . Same with child marraiges , people started marrying their kids young to protect their women from muslims like it will happen very soon in pakistan , Hindus will be forced to marryoff their young girls at 14 to save them from mussie bstrds . India adopted purda thanks to these cultists , india was a free society before this where marraige occured after svayambar ie choosing ur husabdn yourself

  39. kafirun says:

    Moderate,radical or wishy washy type all are scum bags! Only ex moslems are good people!

  40. Vijay says:

    My name is Sheila, the youth of Sheila, i am too s**y for you, i am not going to coming in your hand

    [youtube WOgnmKXywGQ youtube]

  41. Mr. X says:

    Before being late, I want to repost something about living in a moderate Muslim country like Indonesia. I'm from Indonesia. Indonesia is known as a Moderate Muslim nation. Is that true? Yes, the government is moderate. But, Muslim clerics always dictate the government's policy. Even secular Muslim celebrities donate money to fundamentalist Muslim organizations. Today, I can't access websites which criticize Islam in Indonesian language. Perhaps, Faithfreedom will probably be blocked by the Indonesian government. There's no freedom in all Muslim major countries. But, I can't be brainwashed. Moderat Muslims are liars.

  42. Anonymous says:

    There are so many inconsistencies in this post, so many wrongs, so many misunderstandings and misinterpretations. I just cannot comprehend why you would write this without doing proper research? For one thing, the Quran does not instruct Muslims to kill unbelievers, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was not a criminal. There is an ayah in the Quran that says “kill the beliebers wherever you find them” but people completely take it out of context. The Quran is not written vaguely. You can NOT just pluck out these verses and say that they apply to all Muslims, because these do NOT. Even in the chapters where you will find these verses “kill the unbelievers”, it’s PLAIN as day, CRYSTAlL clear that these verses were directed at the Prophet (saw) and the people when they were under attack or preparing for battle. To say that the Bible is a collection of fables only and the Quran is a guide only is utter rubbish. The Quran contains many chapters that would be considered ‘stories’ or ‘fables’ INCLUDING the verses about battle. There is NO verse in the Quran that teaches OR orders Muslims to kill unbelievers or hurt them APART from the ones STRICTLY and HISTORICALLY for the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and the people of Mecca during his lifetime. Even during battles, the Quran makes it explicit that women cannot be targeted, or children, the disabled, the elderly or the innocent. To call the Prophet (saw) a war criminal is completely absurd and makes you look absolutely stupid.

    Who are you to say that the extremists are the ones who follow the Quran correctly? Have you memorised it? Learnt the tafseer? Learnt the background information behind the ayats and surahs? Of course not. This whole post is blindingly stupid, my mouth was open the entire time reading it, I wasn’t even sure if it was a joke or not.

    Where did the Prophet Muhammad (saw) say that women were deficient in intelligence and faith? Point us towards this Hadith, source and affirm its authenticity. If you mean when he said that hell will be full of women, you misinterpreted that entirely. He was talking about their gossiping habits. People call this sexist, brand it a stereotype and say it condones inequality. But you cannot pretend that women do not gossip. Because they DO. It’s natural for them to speak scathingly of one another. It’s inevitable that men do not gossip. He does not mean that men are superior at all. If so then why would he establish that first ever women’s rights? Why would he instruct husbands to love and care for their wives and speak so highly of women in the last sermon? Why did he get up and lay a carpet down for his daughter whenever she entered the room? Why did he always remind people that the first person to accept Islam was a woman? Why did he cry so much for murdered girls that his beard would become soaked with his tears? Have an answer for any of that?

    Don’t waffle on about how Muslim women are denied freedom, how they are so desperate to appear Western. Are you a Muslim woman? Have you worn the hijab with love and pride in your heart? Nearly all Muslim girls make the CONSCIOUS decision to cover themselves and they adore the hijab. Google ‘hijabi blog’. Muslim women love accessorising their hijabs and shopping for abayas. I am a Muslim woman and I feel free. I feel free from society’s standards of beauty that make WESTERN woman feel desperate to shed weight, wear the latest fashions, plaster on make up to an extent that they feel they need false eyelashes and even resort to plastic surgery and hair extensions. Hijab gives women the freedom to dismiss all of that nonsense when it is worn properly. Men that force girls to wear the hijab are wrong because Islam is explicit that actions are based on intention, if a girl wore the hijab without any comfort then it does not count.

  43. everin says:

    The US had help the Mujahideen to kick out the Russian in Afghanistan by selling them stinger missiles to shoot down Russian planes n helicopters. The mujahideen mutated to become the Taliban n ruled Afghanistan with very cruel Sharia laws n they bombed the Bumiyan giant Buddha statues n angered Buddha, who later caused the US to bomb the Taliban in His Law of Cause n Effect. Till today the Taliban is still under US drone attacks.
    Pakistan had inherited a good democratic system of govt. from the British but the Shias n Sunnis are bombing, shooting n murdering each others n the Taliban there are fighting with the govt, forces. Many women are raped n arrested for adultery because they cannot produce 4 male witnesses to prove their innocence. Others are splashed with acid for rejecting the lecherous men. When the Taliban get hold of Paki's nuclear bombs, then u will see WW3.

  44. everin says:

    Drinking moderately is good for health bcos it causes good blood circulation.
    To enjoy sex before marriage is good for health, too n reduce mental tension n the rape-crime rate. Also it can help us to find the best sex partner for marriage.

  45. Sol Landet says:

    Often i find myself to think that.
    There still will be crime, death, dangerous political ideologies, but for sure sharia will disappear.
    I read that in true islam is growing slower than before, because there are several apostates in Islamia, and even some minor and tollerant religions are growing faster than islam. The problem is that muslim are really 360 degrees warlords. They fight even without honor because koran say that (lie, rape, bully etc)

  46. fahad says:

    Yes leave Islam to drink lots of alcohol and have sex before marriage.

  47. fahad says:

    The acts of Extremist Terrorists such as Osma Bin Laden are mostly political. They corrupt the Islamic teachings to justify their actions. To continue the cycle they brainwash with corrupted teachings their children and weak minded individuals who harbor hatred against Islam. That is all to it. All these terrorist groups have hatred against USA for one reason only, their ancestors and families were killed in wars with the USA. Osama Bin laden himself was part of a jihadist group recruited by the USA to fight Russia in the Afghan. USA troops left them to fight and many afghanis died. Moderate muslims are also killed by Extremist muslims, that is not what Islam teaches.
    The Emperor Negus showed respect to muslims as did prophet Muhammad to Emperor Negus.
    You forget that many sects in Christianity and Islam are corrupted, save only a few. Look at wars fought by christians in their spread of christianity from the colonisation wars, british rule over India. Ghandi raised a revolutionary group that was against the british rule and part of the driving force of british rule in India were Christian missionaries. Colonisation by war was always followed by Christian missionaries. In Islam also you will see muslims from some sects drink, which is not allowed. I am sure some of the people on this group are muslims who drink alcohol, for if you think the quran is wrong then alcohol must be allowed. Lately, there has been news of priests in the vatican sexually abusing boys. Is this what Christianity teaches I think not? Also, what about the Ahmadis being killed by Sunni muslims in Pakistan? Is that what Islam teaches to sunnis? Don't tell me that is Shirk, because Ahmadis follow the same prophet: prophet Muhammad.

  48. DPhysicist says:

    Nice job there Mr. Sina… I am indeed learning from you, How to argue with a muslim… Thank you for showing us the truth

  49. HexColor says:

    This is a fascinating little story.

  50. Skorpio says:

    MODERATE Muslims are "NON-PRACTICING MUSLIMS". The most violent people are radical and DEVOUT Muslims because they imitate Mohammed's immoral and irrational conduct, merciless, intolerant, violent, discriminatory actions.

  51. Saveworld says:

    Islam=Stupid, Lazy, Rubbish, Problem, Lie,  Barbarian, Dirty, Ugly, Noisy, Crazy, Oppress, Violent, Behead, Horror, War, Boom, Womanizing, Polygamy, Fanatic, Evil, Terrorist

  52. Saveworld says:

    Islam=Stupid, Lazy, Rubbish, Problem, liar, Barbarian, Dirty, Ugly, Noisy, Crazy, Oppress, Violent, War, Boom, Womanizing, Polygamy, Fanatic, Evil, Terrorist

  53. gms says:

    There is nobody today who can claim that he does not understand the massage of Islam. Message is only one There is only one God and Muhammed (SA) is the messenger.

  54. gms says:

    Is it? who gave blessings to colonialism,slavery,crusades inquisition?

  55. gms says:

    Yes they will be making "satees ", Kali actions, and the rest of the humanity would have freely classified as untouchables. And Aryans from India would have established a very strong cooperation and cultural exchange with Aryans of Germany.

  56. gms says:

    If violence makes Islam wrong (very strange reasoning ) since there is no religion or ideology or sect not involved in one or other form of violence then everything in this world is wrong.
    In matter of fact Muslims has not been violent if they were then they would not been expelled from Spain,Portugal,Italy,India Palestine etc.etc. Today Muslims are paying the price for being gentle,humble,humanitarian,respect for other cultures,religions etc.

  57. gms says:

    which algebra is this which teaches that 1+1+1=1?
    is there any Christian supermarket where I can buy 3 items and only pay for one?

  58. Ali Sina says:

    She will not raed your comment here. Maybe you should email her.

  59. Ukumo Khalid says:

    But Sheila, isn't this a good and golden opportunity to put thinks straight and amke those who do not understand the Quraan correctly understand it?

  60. Joe says:

    Another Great article..

    would like to point out some facts about the Old testament that Muslims seems attached to:

    Jesus was crucified for challenging the old testament..
    Jesus stood up against the stoning women..
    Jesus makes totally clear that the two greatest commandments that are above all others and on which all the prophets depend:

    1/ Love God with Heart and Souls and Mind
    2/ Love thy neighbour as He has taught us.. which includes Loving your enemy

  61. Skorpio says:

    Radical Muslims should be called "devout Muslims" and moderate Muslims should be called
    "non-practicing Muslims".

  62. Esmeralda says:

    This is a fantastic video about Moderat religious:

  63. adinup says:

    Mr.Sabeer, Can you tell the science against circumcising of man and women genital (Kalled KHATANA).You say many science in KHORAN.

  64. adinup says:

    Very good,satyamev Jayate you are correct ,But we must know how to come out from this evil which will engulf the whole world in next fifty years by Pislamisation.The more problem with INDIA which is so called secular.There were two Secular country in world.India and U.S.S.R.USSR had been broken into 8 peices with GREEN flag with PISLAAMIC country.Now it is turn of INDIA,If governemnt will not change its policy.PAKISTAN,BANGLA DESH are Muslim counrty.and now MALDEVE also became ISLAMIC country last week.

  65. satyameva jayate says:



  66. Agracean says:

    I think that Ms Sheila Musaji is an ignorant woman. It's time to wake this Ms Sheikhlah Muhamadji up and knock some commonsense into her pigeon head, to know that Islam is similar to the world's greatest ponzi scheme ie. Madoff Investment Scandal, which is just one big lie. None of the victims scheme know that Bernard Madoff, the founder of this ponzi scheme, was a horrible liar and many of them lost their life savings, wealth and properties overnight, when the big bubble finally burst. Ms Sheila Musaji, no point defending your big and small Islamic bubbles with lies and more lies because ultimately, they will all burst and became air as truth is being revealed.

  67. Moderate Muslim JOKE says:

    I love this site and enjoy the debates. Looking forward to read more and learn. I think the so called moderate Muslims are the one we need to watch for.
    I just want to add that: contrary to belief, it's not only White who have a problem with Islam, I'm not White and I'm from an Islamic Republic (not Iran) and still think the religion is dangerous, very dangerous and so are its followers.

  68. Lorraine says:



  69. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    I'm hoping you are in some way related to South India – and it truly pleases me when I see more & more of my close brethren realizing the truth of Islam. Irrespective of where you're from – it's really nice to know that one more foot-soldier/messenger is with us in our efforts to spread the truth. "The TRUTH will set you free" – Matrix.
    MN [Born & raised at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India]

  70. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    "You claim that you want to make Islam moderate" – If you can find a statement on her website that attests to this – then it's a self-proclamation that Islam in its current form is not moderate & hence she wants to make it moderate. And any such attempts in changing Islam is automatically un-Islamic – and anyone who make such attempt/s are automatically viewed with vile & disgust by the supporters of Islam.
    Case closed.

  71. Blaze Pascal says:

    I love the moderate Muslims and I feel very sorry for them because their culture is bankrupt. That is a traumatic loss of meaning for anyone .

  72. Blaze Pascal says:

    Cevilization in India and a hundred other places ENDED with the arrival of Muslims.

  73. lala says:

    dear ali sina
    are u active on it's one of the best site on atheism.there is a section on abrahamic religions. your output on islam would be very valuable

  74. fan of ali sina says:

    Ali sina well done…Thanks for it.. now we know what is moderate muslims

  75. Alpha Centauri says:

    Absolutely funny dear Rajeshkumar,

    What has Sina shown to you is nothing but you believe that he has shown you what is Moderate Muslims.
    Making an illustration to look it as bad as anything doesnt show anything. Sheila has been very honest with her approach and sina has done nothing that can expose anything…. However, it is funny how have you commented saying that sina has shown you the real face of moderate Muslims… 😉

  76. Frankie Lee says:

    History books record false prophet Muhammad atrocities.How he fell into fits,married many women,was a lustful man,and we will called him 'animal' by today's standard.He tortured human beings and live as Robbers,and was a wicked man,and was a terrorist.He had sex with a nine year old girl,killed a Jewish husband,and snatch her to be his wife,but she later poisoned Muhammad and killed him.

    Many serious seekers of Truths,especially sincere Muslims,and when they discover Muhammed lied to them,and even confessed that he met Demons,and it was Karthijah who console him and counsel him to change his testimony,and to proclaim he met Angel Gabriel,and this is how they conspired and bluff people,that is why Muslims' apostasies are coming by the droves.The prophecies of the Bible…that day will not come unless there is a falling away,a great apostasies in the Muslim world…how can there not be great breakaway from Islam when the Muslims discover they were being fooled by stupid Muhammed?

  77. Frankie Lee says:

    … The fact that there are verses in the Qur’an that can be interpreted variously is also not unique – that there are verses that be seen as cruel and violent in the Bible (Old and New Testaments) cannot really be disputed…..

    Two wrong don’t make a right….
    There are verses that is outright cruel,and even obscene,so where's the problem?You mean to tell me that Old T writers should whitewash facts and insert their own ideas,and not write according to histories?

    It is a glaring ignorance of the OT Bible,which is history,and records of human behaviors and how God dealt with the people.It isn't the same like the Koran which give Instruction to kill and maimed others.The Bible gave its laws,record human fallen conditions and their depravities.The overall most important,summarized and most important view is,Obey God and His words,live Righteously,be Holy.Theses are real instructions,and not instruction to commit sins,like the Koran,rather on the reverse.Now which part did you nuts not understand?

  78. lonelyloner says:

    As Ali Sina wrote Sheila above,
    "You claim that you want to make Islam moderate. But you refuse to talk to the extremist or to anyone. What is you strategy then?"

    I really want to like moderate muslims, I really do. I really want to believe I can trust them, I really want to believe moderate muslims are key to have peace finally, without having to eradicate Islam.

    So, are the moderate muslims merely 'useful idiots' to the extremists?
    Can the moderates influence the extremists instead?

    Dear Sheila Musaji, please, if you don't want to answer Ali Sina's many arguments, then at least answer that one question above? Can you?

  79. Viv says:

    Have pity on the poor lady.. She is carrying that burden of moderate belief for 40 years with no help from the extremist mullahs following the religion to the core or even the verses in the Quran pointing hell for following her mode of moderate belief & also being a woman which equals a half chance to get to the Islam paradise..

  80. Lorraine says:

    Mrs. Musaji does listien, and it is apparent that she wants to acknowledge the outcome of her non-responsive debates, maybe looking for an answer to her problems. I must say that Mr. Sina is giving her the best absolute truth on the subject of the Islam religion, and the tools to avoid any harm to herself, and most importantly of Muslims and their violent and one track minded nature. She knows this truth better than anyone does; it is her own demise being trapped in a non-existence disguise, and being silent about it is much too frustrating to accept for any woman or man in their right mind, so I know her logical fallacies will continue. There is no other options for her now but to use them all, or for her to just get out and fast, and begin to warn the others who are listening to her site whenever her reality hits. Hopefully sooner than later, for by then it maybe too late. We will pray for her that it will be soon.

  81. Lorraine says:

    Ali Sina, Well, it looks like this subject of Islamophobes has made a bit of progress to Mrs.Musaji, sometimes a little can go a long way, lets all hope. She is talking to her site on the subject although she is remaining in some vile denial or fear of the true reason that there can't be any such thing as a moderate Muslim.

  82. Shrek says:

    Islam is not 'submission, 'peace', 'truth' or anything else.

    Islam IS what a muslim likes.

    end of this.

  83. Shrek says:

    The first picture of a pigeon with dynamite is old dated. Today's jihadi's use RDX. Dynamite is old fashioned.

    RDX can only be produced in government authorized ordnance factories. Paki terrorists, whom Paki muslims and government call 'non-state, non-islamic actors' regularly use RDX in the bombs they blast among hindus and other non-muslims in India.

    Sheila Musaji should visit Pakistan once if she hasn't already done it. Pakistan (and Bangladesh too)was created by muslims of India to show the world that civilization in India started with arrival of muslims.

    I used to think that according to a 'moderate' muslim, anything not good is not islamic.
    I improved: anything any muslim doesn't like is not islamic. The END.

  84. Jihad Corp says:

    Shame on you Jihad Corp. You guys used my nickname. So I used yours!

    I think Jihad Corp is Islam's new front for online jihad. They mostly engage in cyber propaganda, disinformation and manipulation. A deadly group of Islamic snakes. Don't often go by what they write and how they comment.

  85. Ex MI 5 says:

    Yet again a SINA-LACIOUS Post! Long live Dr. Sina!

    Jihad Corp | jihadcorp (at) gmail dot com

  86. miladmeah says:

    Ali Sian said: but you are not responding.
    YOU ARE LISTENING – but not responding

  87. Raj says:

    The moderate Muslims have never understood true Islam.

    Once the Jihadists and the terrorists are done away with the non Muslims once and for all – who will be their next target? Obviously ,. it will be the moderate Muslims.

    So, if the moderate Muslims think that they are safe then they are mistaken. The final victims of these fanatic Jihadists will be the moderate Muslims.

    And then in the last, the Jihadists will kill each other yelling Allah Akbar.

    End of the story of Creation.

    The graveyard of peace.

  88. Rajeshkumar says:

    You have yet again shown us who the "Moderate Muslims" and what their techniques are. These so-called Moderate Muslims always choose a one-way street (no debate) and prefer to live in their own imaginary world, ignoring the stark realities as they blind themselves. Sina, you have exposed the real face of Sheila.

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