Married to a Muslim

Dear Ali Sina,

I am young woman married to a muslim man. I am Christian and believe in God. I read number of books about Islam and have a good knowledge about his religion. I can’t accept most of it.. Women rights, slavery, jihad .. I think most of it comes from devil. My husband doesn’t know much but he is calming that he will teach our kids about Islam. How can I convince him that Islam is wrong?  Please help me to change him. He is a good person; he really thinks that Islam is good too. He never read a Koran. He is not educated, but no matter what he always says that Islam is right.

What it will be the best method to change him? I really love him and want have kids with him but I don’t want my kids to grow up in Islam. Help me please.

Kind regards,


Hi Angela,

Love is not enough! For any marriage to work there must be compatibility between husband and wife. Without which love will die. All marriages start with love, but over half of them end in divorce and of those that survive, not all are happy.

You and your husband are not compatible. Your marriage is shaky. I strongly recommend you not to bring a child to this world with him. Please have mercy on your future children and don’t condemn them to a life of unhappiness and abuse. Do you really want your daughters to wear hijab and live with the threat of being killed by their father if they fall in love with a non-Muslim?  Don’t say your husband is not like that. He is uneducated and does not know anything about Islam and yet he is a devout Muslim who thinks Islam is the best.  That is the profile.

Muslims are born like all other people. They have the same human feelings that others have. But under Islam they are transformed into something very nasty. Under the influence of this faith they become capable of killing their own children and blowing up strangers.  If you underestimate the devastating power of this demonic faith on Muslims you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Yes, Islam is of the Devil and your husband is a Devil worshipper. As longs as his loyalty is to Devil you should not have children with him and be ready to leave him. If you don’t, you will regret.

Your husband is not abusive to you yet. That can and will most likely change once children come aboard. Now he is insecure and knows little is binding you to him. Once children are born he will reveal his real persona.  So please do not assume this man will be the same forever. He will become demanding and will demean you and your faith. He will call you stupid and will project all his own shortcomings and flaws on you.

An ideal Muslim wife must treat her husband like her master.

Muslim men want an obedient wife. That is their idea of a good marriage, where they are the lord and their wife is their slave.  If that is not your idea of marriage, don’t marry a Muslim man.

You may ask how I can say these things about a person I don’t know. I am not describing him as a person. I am describing him as a Muslim.  I know Islam and I know Islamic thinking.

Now you want to give this man a chance and do your best to rescue him from his satanic religion. That is noble. Do whatever you can. But like a person who wants to help someone drowning, you must anchor yourself to a safe place and be ready to let him go if your own life is put in danger. Yes he is a victim but he is also a willing participant. At the end it is up to him to rescue himself. If there is no will you can’t do much. Let him go and save yourself.

I have written a book that will help every Muslim see the light. If you can convince your husband to read it, he will leave Islam. Then you are dealing with a real human who is not possessed. If he is a good person, as you say, you will have a happy marriage with him.  If he refuses to read my book, leave him. This man is blind and will only bring sorrow to your life.

Muslims don’t like to read anything written against Islam.  Actually most of them don’t read anything at all. 90% of Muslims read less than five books in their entire life. One of them is Quran which is not read to understand but is chanted for thawab. The challenge is to persuade them to read. I don’t care whether they read my book with preconception, with closed mind, or with the intention to find fault with it. In fact I encourage them to read it critically and never accept anything I say if I have not provided ample evidence. As long as they read it and pay attention to what they read, they will leave Islam.

Understanding Muhammad, is available from, but I will send the previous edition of it in PDF to anyone who asks for it. Make it available to him or read it with him. Trick him by promising that you’d convert to Islam if he reads the book with you and convinces you that I am mistaken. He is allowed to consult any Muslim scholar for answers.  He will find none. Instead he will be advised not to read the book.  He will be threatened with hell fire for doubting and questioning.  At the end it is up to him. If he wants to save his marriage with you he must read the book, otherwise pack and leave.

Wish you luck

Ali Sina

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  1. Demsci says:

    NO! You cannot just deny Islam' bad influence just because of YOUR good experience! You have to consider the general picture, the other side, which is portrayed on this website, then you might consider that wife-abuse happens a lot more in the patriarchal Islamic societies than in free Western societies. That reportedly 91 % of all honour killings is done by Muslims.

    And not close your eyes for it, just to please the man you love. Because you are in danger of betraying other women with your testimony.

    And your husband clearly lives in a Western country. And is under Western influence. He may well be Muslim In Name Only, one that does not know or understand or practice much about real Islam, unlike many Saudi men.

    He may behave WELL DESPITE being Muslim husband. Whereas Christian Western husbands may behave BAD DESPITE being Christian, Western, from a culture that is very much against male oppression of females.

  2. Demsci says:

    //"You people are so ignorant, just because your Muslim husband turned out to be a bad person does not mean that's how all Muslim men are or that they are suppose to be that way!"//

    I like to argue with what you about what you read and wrote here, Andrea. You read here something about say, a "husband treating and oppressing his wife very bad" and the opinion of Ali Sina that much of the cause of misbehavior by Muslim husbands were Islamic teachings and leaders and attitude.

    You try to refute that by pointing out to us that one Muslim husband behaves exemplary to his wife (you) and also that there exist CHRISTIAN husbands who ALSO behave bad. You conclude from that that NOT ALL Muslim husband treat and oppress their wives very bad.

    But IMO people, esp. women, have to think the other way around, by asking themselves; What influence does Islam have, especially on married life, on behavior of husband towards wife? is this influence good, bad, neutral?

    You make it sound as if the influence of Islam on behavior of Islamic husbands is somehow neutral, or non-existent. By acknowledging their ARE bad behaving Muslim husbands, but also well behaving ones, and also bad behaving husbands who practice another or no religion.

    But Islam's influence is NOT neutral, and if Muslims deny bad influence  and BLAME of Islam by pointing to variety among Muslims and the same bad behavior of non-Muslims, then they must realize that all the things that they PRAISE Islam for having GOOD influence become questionable also. OK, we can say; Islam is neutral, has no BAD influence, so why then would anyone believe it has any GOOD influence?

    You see, anything GOOD a Muslim husband does is also done by many non-Muslim husbands, and you see, Islam has no good influence more than others, because there are also these (Saudi and other) Muslim Husbands that admittedly do behave bad. In short: What use is Islam anyway?

  3. Andrea says:

    You people are so ignorant, just because your Muslim husband turned out to be a bad person does not mean that's how all Muslim men are or that they are suppose to be that way! I am a Christian and have been married to a Muslim man for 10 years and we have a child together and my son from a previous marriage. He has never laid a hand on us, spoke to us in a negative way or any thing like that! I always say that Hussain ( my husband) is a God sent, he has been such a blessing to me. It's not just me that thinks he's a wonderful man everyone that meets him loves him. The men that beat me and verbally abused me where American so called Christians. But I am smart and educated enough to know that there is true Christians that would never do them things and there is true Muslims that would never do them things. My husband is from Iraq and he comes from a very good family that loves and excepts me! Now, he will be the first one to tell u that there is so called Muslims in Saudi Arabia that do not treat there wives right at all! But again this is not all Muslims. My husband treats me like a queen and everyone that knows us knows that I wear the pants in this family:) And he doesn't make our kids practice the Muslim religion, that will ultimately be there decision. Any educated person knows that Christianity, And The Muslim religion are two of the closest religions. Of course there is the huge difference that we Christians know Jesus is Gods son and we pray to Jesus and God as one and Muslims just think that he was a prophet. But there are many many things these two religions both believe in.  All  I can say is just because your husband was a bad person doesn't mean every Muslim is. Just because every American so  called Christian man I was with treated me like dirt should I believe that Christianity is wrong and that all Christian men are devil worshipers…Of Course Not!!!   

  4. rubayasiraj says:

    Well the answers lie with your Prophet. "Women are deficient in intelligence." And as a reward for their "deficiencies" most will end up in Hell or share their husbands with houris who will sing to them-"We are the most beautiful houris. We have never committed any sins." No one will sing such things to the man. All these are from the Hadith. Do you know that Christianity is still at the top? Do you know that the number of Muslims are increasing mostly through reproduction and not conversion? And do you know why it is forbidden to kill a daughter in Islam? With whom are the Muslim men going to make love to or breed to produce new Muslims. Whom they are going to beat lightly (when there is no children) or who will guard their properties, when they are not at home? I mean a male guard isn't enough you know.

  5. Willy says:

    Thanks Tayo. That is the truth and reality of Islam in Nigeria and the world over. God bless you.

  6. Letty says:

    My boyfriend is muslim and he treat me like a queen,now he want me to follow him,i have two kids but not for him,he also love them,now he want to merry me after attending the muslim school,wat can i do im really confuse?

  7. Letty says:

    My boyfriend is muslim n im a zulu gal and now he want me to follow him,im a christian,he want me to be a muslim too,is that a good idea ?plz help me i dont know wat i wil do,im 22 years old

  8. defender4uk says:

    Only born-again Christians are God's sons and daughters.
    It is perfect Christianity to judge islam as evil because that is exactly what it is.
    Anyone who worships evil is evil and all muslims worship islam.

  9. Ali Sina says:

    “can we not get along?”

    Good point. If you truly believe in this then you ought to leave Islam. Islam is the only religion that does not believe in freedom of religion. Muhammad instructed his followers to deceive and to wage war and impose his religion on everyone else or kill them. Show me one Islamic country where non-Muslims are free to live as equals and enjoy the same fights that Muslims enjoy in non-Muslim countries. Now don’t tell me all the Muslims misunderstand Islam because then I will realize you are also a deceiver, a liar.

    Ask yourself what is wrong with Islam that in no Islamic country the non-Muslims are free to practice and to preach their religion the way Muslims are in non-Muslim countries. Why in no country Muslims can get along with others? Why they engage in so many riots, burn churches and temples and kill the non-Muslims? It can’t be because all Muslims misunderstand Islam. This intolerance must be in the teachings of Muhammad. And yes it is and we have shown where it is.

    “i wear a scarf to cover my hair because frankly i dont see why its your business to see it to start with. if i feel the need to show it to you then so be it but the choice is mine”

    You are free to do as you please. My beef with Islam is that it imposes its ways on others. There are women who don’t want to cover their hair. In Islamic countries those women are beaten into compliance. That is why we are against Islam.
    If you think all your body is the extension of your vagina and is private part; that is fine with us. If you think the hair in your head reminds men of your pubic hair; that is okay with us. If you believe you are a walking talking vagina, and no part of you is a person, that is okay. You are free to believe whatever you want about yourself. But when you start imposing those misogynistic views on my sister and my daughter I will have to take a stance. My sister and my daughter are human not walking talking vagina as you think you are. I don’t want them to be forced to wear that veil of shame and subjugation and you brainlessly don.
    Muhammad said women are deficient in intelligence. You must agree with that for you think that fitly man was a prophet of God but I don’t. My sister, and daughter are not deficient in intelligence and I smash the mouth of anyone who says such things about them.
    Are you deficient in intelligence? If you are then I have nothing to tell you. If you are not, then leave Islam. You can’t worship a man who says you are deficient in intelligence.

    By the way, yes it is very possible for a billion people to be ignorant.

  10. A muslim Woman says:

    this really did make my heart break with every sentence. i believe in christ and the messiah, and yet i am a muslim. surprise eh? i am also educated. good god how can you call half of the world ignorant. i try not to be negative and with all due respect this is not against any of you but i often times find the most closed minded people amongst us, the ones that start all the animosity are the less educated one (will never call you ignorant) everyone is knowledgeable in one way or another and can teach us a thing or two but we are all forced to be in the same planet? can we not get along.
    i wear a scarf to cover my hair because frankly i dont see why its your business to see it to start with. if i feel the need to show it to you then so be it but the choice is mine. not my fathers or brothers and my future husband. christinaity allows women being beaten (read the first amendment) how do i know this? because muslims believe in it. you cant be a muslim and deny christ
    i am so sorry to all of the women who had the misfortune of getting the nasty apples of the muslim males. i once dated a strict catholic, he became controlling withing the first few month.. does that mean their is something wrong with catholism or that as an individual he wasnt right for me or thought in order to gain my love he had to know where i was and who i was with every second of the day? i would never advise to leave someone because of their religion but if you guys cannot stand one another any longer and even more importanly if you fear for your life, leave him or her.

    from : A Muslim Woman

  11. jafar says:

    ali sina plz give me name of book and how can i bring the book

  12. jafar says:

    hi i am jafar i just want to know

  13. 2cents says:

    I Agree with you

  14. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, how in the world can you say that beliefs are irrelevant? Please tell me why so many gullible followers of Jim Jones died so tragicallyin a single day? The truth is that beliefs ie. cults can also be deadly if they are merely a pack of lies to deceive gullible bugs bunny believers.

  15. RJJ says:

    This is something that i strongly believe in.. Thank you for taking out the time to reply! Appreciate your effort towards humanity!

  16. Ali Sina says:

    As long as you don’t hate others, don’t divide people based on race, religion, caste, or class and practice the Golden Rule you are on the right path, even if you believe in flying shell fish.

    It is our actions that count. Beliefs are irrelevant.

  17. RJJ says:

    I am a chirstian.. Before reading your blogs i had this in mind that Islam is something not very good.. it disturbs me.. im half way through your book Understanding Muhammad and im horrified.. I believe i humanity and i believe what goes around comes around so this keeps me away from evil.. i believe strongly in the statement 'Live & Let Live' .. But i just wanted to know im a follower of Christ and i dont see any hatred in his life, he taught us how to love and praise the Lord. So Am i on the right path?

  18. dharma marg noble says:

    Read SIRA, READ QQUURRAAN, READ HADITHS. Look at any ISLAMIC country, their rules, their constitution. Look at any ISLAMIC society. Study how ISLAM was spread by force, death, destruction, blood thirsty. NO humanbeing should or need to be a Moslem ,if they want to be good humanbeing ! You are a moslem becoz of force , born into ISLAM. No good human being will choose ISLAM if they want to be honest, truthful, good, with kindness, compassion, peace , freedom, loving,equality promoting, democratic in views.
    ISLAM is for devils.

  19. Muhammad Adnan says:

    Hello and Salam .

    Dear Angela…

    i think you had read the books from some biased authors .

    Islam the very 1st religion is the world which has given any rights to female… whether its selection of husband,divorce, selection of career, inheritances but every thing is under certain rules.

    If you talk about the slavery in Islam than again Islam is the very 1st first religion giving and right to the slave for example master cannot overburden his slave he feed him what so ever his master eats , slave should be dressed well by master in nut shell master is responsible for all the comforts needed to a human being and he will be asked about on the day of judgment.

    where the jihad is concerned in west it is though that war is the only and ultimate meaning of that word, ofcourse jihad bil saif means the war but it is also have some rules some of them are given as:

    should be fight for to protect the country

    should be fight to protect the oppressed one.

    In west (Europe and United States) its is common thinking that Islam orders to kill the followers of any other religion while the reality is other way around.Islam does not allow the killing of women and children or damaging the financial institutions, food stocks etc during the war.

    other types of jihad are jihad through word(through speech and through writing articles) to tell the people what is right and what is wrong )

    Doing philanthropic activities is also a type of jihad but unfortunately western media never tells this.

    I apologies if my any word her ted your feelings .

    if need any information you people may contact me.


  20. sana says:

    i am muslam and proud if any one want know about islam then go to see ur salf GOD BLESS US

  21. John K says:

    "ur story is full of woven lies"

    Where's your evidence?

  22. John K says:

    If you would read the articles before writing a comment you would find all the answers to your questions.

  23. PejuangIslamMalaysia says:

    Who is Ali sina..can u show your real identity…you just pretend a muslim.. dont make statement that can make confusing to other people.. and for person who ask the question, are you really exist??

  24. hernameismelina says:

    Assalamualaikum, ali sina 1st and foremost ur story is full of woven lies…carefully threaded to ensure that people become more confuse about a muslim woman married to a muslim man and none of the things that you had claimed appears to be true from my own experience. How can u tell a woman who dearly loves her husband and is pretty mich confuse by the looks of it (or else she wouldnt be asking u question,her being a christian and u being an atheist- i mean what does an atheist knows on the value of a religion) to not have kids with her husband?u also said that all muslims are just pure evil and by that r u also implying that her husband is evil and that this woman made the wrong most important decision of er life just becoz she married a muslim?u'r a home wrecker from what u had urself in response to this woman's plea for u to help her.

    Dear angela,

    Im sure that whatever u read in the quran or anywhere else about islam,u read it not to find the truth and u read it to find it's faults.if u read it with biasness,u can never see truth.however if u really understood what it means then u wouldnt have written an email to sina bcoz he's just gonna make u hate it more.if ur husband is muslim that doesnt make him a bad person.bcoz im a muslim woman with a muslim husband and i love my religion bcoz i believe in it and my husband is a kind man who allows me much leniency.dont be deluded with the stories that u hear from the middle east about women rights bcoz in the middle east it is more about tradition and if really a man is a devout muslim, he wouldnt abuse his wife for fearing god's wrath in the after life.i,myself am very much against homor killing and believe me when i say that those are all mere tradition that some stupid arabs misused in the name of religion and causes the perception of people to change against ur heart,open ur mind and talk to ur husband rather than ask ali sina bcoz this will lead to the destruction of ur marriage.i think ur husband also deserves a say in this and he will hate u if he knows u r emailing 1 of the biggest enemies of islam behind his back asking for his advice.that is if he dont know about this email that u had sent to ali sina.and u lady deserve to voice out ur opinion to ur husband.marriage is a big thing.let's not throw ur marriage down the drains for a man,an atheist,who dont knw nothing about the values of a religion and beliefs and who everyone knows is bias towards muslims.

  25. John K says:

    Hi Keen to know,

    The key word here is "followers". Ali Sina has often repeated here that Muslims are good to the extent that they do not follow the Quran, and bad to the extent that they do.

    I'm not sure about feeds, but you can access with the Tor Browser Bundle, which you can download here:

    If you live in an area where you are monitored by the authorities, you need to read the security notes below the download buttons.

  26. Keentoknow says:

    John K, What kind of "goodness" can expect from the followers of the 7th century ignorant babarian ?.
    Can u please teach me how bypass the blockade to my access to FFI Feeds. I already registered as a member in bulwark. Thank you.

  27. John K says:

    This site publishes the truth about Islam. If it ruins your perception, that is a personal problem.

    It's funny you site Quran and Sunna, because these are the sources that this site uses to tell the truth about Islam.

    Truly reading the truth about Islam in the Quran and Sunna will ruin your perception of Islam.

  28. Nor says:

    This blog is just to ruin your perception on Islam. Please seek others who want to help you sincerely by following Quran and sunnah.

  29. Rembrandt says:

    atleast, wife beaters in america are behind bars!!!

  30. Rembrandt says:

    You haven't read the articles and the challenge by Dr Ali Sina. You are only responding to the comment above or even this article alone.
    You being a contented muslim, sister, daughter and educated psychiatric nurse wont loose anything if you can counter the claims of Dr Sina, about Islam and Muhammad.
    Unless and until you read the claims your comment has no value other than that of a rant of an angry man (worthless). You cannot expect to give a harsh verbal beating and expect us to behave. You will be called a triumphalist and people and stereotyped.

    Now you can always read the debates/articles from the author of this site regarding Muhammads character and the Quran and give point by point refutal. Start now today and save Islam.

  31. Rembrandt says:

    Wasn't Maurice Bucaille a doctor before he becamse muslim.
    Doesn't that actually bring him down when it comes to faculties like thinking and feeling ?

  32. John K says:

    Yes, there is faith in the heart, but the heart and mind must be in harmony. If your religion contradicts known facts, your heart is in error.

  33. John K says:

    Unfortunately you are too busy defending Islam to see the facts that prove Muhammad is a fraud who is deceiving you.

  34. John K says:

    What lack of understanding? Your lack of knowledge of facts is much more evident.

  35. John K says:

    "help him read Ali Sina's book"

    That can be done innocently by just telling him you have questions about the things you are finding in the book. If you can get him all the way through the book, he will not want to be a Muslim anymore.

  36. rembrandt says:

    May Health Happiness and Prosperity be yours

  37. rembrandt says:

    actually reading the Bible can help in this situation.

    First, it will not arouse suspicion as you are a christian
    Second, It has messages to encourage the fallen and comfort the hurt.
    Thirdly, Developing a christian fellowship that can talk for you if your husband turns violent.

    But mostly help him read and then help him read Ali Sina's book.

  38. rembrandt says:

    He read the bible with a believers eye, looked around for some next prophet and found the Mohammad. No big deal. Had he chanced upon another Jim Jones, David Kuresh, Maurice Bucaille would have been remembered by their followers.

    The point is he came to Mohammad from the "Bible" and 'accepted' Mohammad as 'foretold' in the Bible. Had he read english translation of the quran things would have been a lot different :-).

    Cute anger btw my dear guest. I mean the cuteness in earnest.

  39. rembrandt says:

    Did you notice you have to say you are an 'American' muslim woman. You had to say it to support the later claim that 'your' father or 'your' brother don't beat you. Nice and kind of the American people and the american system of freedom.
    You could have said you are a muslim woman, yet you can't.

    Tell us how you have not been beaten when you land in Saudi Arabia or another Sharia ruled country like 'Great Britain' as Sharia enforcers are threatening us with. 😀

  40. Nafeesah Miuhammad says:

    And what are you…you probably are one of those who believes the lie that Jesus died horrifically on the cross to save your soul…whos the murderer…and Allahs Guides to understanding whom he pleases and leaves ignorant whom he pleases…sorry you are not of the chosen ones…your lack of understanding is very evident…so enjoy this life and remember to Allah is all of our return!

  41. Nafeesah Muhammad says:

    Alhumdullilah Sister…As salaamu Alaikum…you have said a mouthfull…and Allah Knows Best the iontentions of these people who are too busy attacking Islam that they can't see the Shaytaan is attacking them!! Stay Positive

  42. Nafeesah says:

    By the way it doesn't take a scholar to receive Spiritual Insight…look at Moses and look at Muhammad Peace Be Upon Them were not educated and look at how Allah used them…so the husbands ignorance is your bliss but religion is in the heart no the head…lastly I am 36…married to a Muslim and I have 4 sisters they aren't being abused neither am I and I know a whole lot of Muslim Power couples that are not violent towards each other…I Pray that we all have better understanding before it is too late…we all are accountable for what we do or say!! By the way there are plenty of non-Muslim men that are beating their wives right now and plenty of prisons here in America fullof rapist…wife beaters and wife killers…and there is a large population of women who are sitting in Prisons because they were fed up with their husbands beating them and their children,..take a survey and I am sure you will see that they are NOT all MUSLIM…speak the truth!!!

  43. Nafeesah says:

    Its a shame that women allow themselves to be treated the way some of these women described…I American Muslim Woman from birth…have 4 brothers and a Father…niether of whom ever beat me or have been cruel to their wives or our mother…now ignorant people who follow the extreme way of doing things are not a representation of all Muslims…I think that anyone that tells a woman to leave her husband and never even met the man or heard his side of the story is the DEVIL…trying to break up marriages…go on Satan…now if you knew your husband was Muslim when you married him then you had a hidden agenda to change him…but you are too weak and Islam is too strong…

  44. John K says:

    But your unholy Koran says the word of God cannot be changed. So you lose again.

  45. Sanada_10 says:

    Taking some famous people's works out of context is muslim's habit.

  46. Sanada_10 says:

    Yeah, what's the point using that "son"?

  47. Sanada_10 says:

    Show your proof first, auntie. Nobody takes a mouth seriously. Until this day, no muslims can show me the proof even from Quran.

  48. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ John K

    Of course

    It is against the corrupted Bible. 🙂

  49. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Agracean

    who said:

    "No wonder Muhammad had no idea what was the purpose and significance of God's testing of Ibrahim's faith on Mount Moriah and what it means to humanity of the coming of the Messiah of God!"

    What is the purpose if you can explain it to me briefly?

  50. Juste says:

    You forgot these facts about muslimas:
    a. Deficient in intelligence
    b. Inherit less than men
    c. Mortgaged (mahr/dowry)
    d. Can be beaten up
    e. Will be majority in hell
    f. Like dogs and donkeys, muslimas nullify prayers
    g. Are to be polygamized
    h. To be stoned if fail to produce male witnesses in sharia court
    i. Most likely to be honor killed
    Etc… Etc… Etc…

  51. Juste says:

    What Bucaille did, said and thought is irrelevant to the fact that muslims are the most uneducated bunch in the world.
    *Leading Kafir countries:
    Vatican: 100% Japan: 99% United Kingdom: 99% United States: 99% Australia: 99% Israel: 97.1%
    *Islamic States:
    Afghanistan: 28.1% Bahrain: 89.1% Brunei: 91.8% Iran: 79.4% Mauritania: 31.9% Oman: 81.4% Pakistan: 49.9% Yemen: 50.2% Saudi Arabia: 78.8% Iraq: 40.4% *Islam as State Religion:
    Qatar: 89% Algeria: 70% Bangladesh: 43.1% Egypt: 59.4% Kuwait: 93.3% Malaysia: 97.2% Maldives: 97.3% Morocco: 52.3% Tunisia: 74.3% UAE: 77.9% *Secular states with Muslim pluralities and majorities, excluding ex-Soviet:
    Burkina Faso: 15.2% Gambia: 32.8% Guinea-Bissau: 27.4% Mali: 39.6% Senegal: 30.7% Chad: 39.3% Djibouti: 59.4% Somalia: 25.8% Indonesia: 86.8% Albania: 79.5% Bosnia and Herzegovina: 96.7% Turkey: 79.6% edu_lit_tot_pop-education-literacy-total- population

    Michael Hart’s book is lacking in relevant rigorous scientific comparison to those in his countdown. And Hart’s book is also irrelevant to the fact that Muhammad was a criminal.
    And Hart also said that Muhammad authored the which i fully agree on that particular conclusion.

  52. Sanada_10 says:

    Yeah, what is the purpose of the sacrifice if the son wouldn't even become a prophet?

  53. Sanada_10 says:

    Nothing said about these scriptures' corruption in the Quran. Bring the verse and proof, auntie. Saying something is corrupted doesn't make it so.

    "The Al-Karaouine madrasa is part of a mosque"

    "The madrasa has been elevated to university status in 1947.[1]"

  54. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Agracean

    And which part of the Torah and the Bible did you mean?

    I would say otherwise, Miss. Leave the corrupted versions of the Torah and the Bible and start learning the Quran with an expert's guidance. 🙂

    And I hope Allah will open your heart to see the truth.

  55. Sanada_10 says:

    You love to bring irrelevant subject, don't you?

    "The Al Karaouine institution is considered by the Guinness book the oldest continuously operating academic degree-granting university in the world.[3] However, this claim on precedence appears to confound the distinct nature of madrasas and medieval universities which followed very different historical trajectories until the former were expanded to the later in modern times,[4][5] and fails to take into account that the Islamic Ijazah certificate deviated in concept and procedure from the medieval doctorate out of which modern university degrees evolved.[6][7][8]"

    Keep on Muhammad's teaching, auntie. Women cannot be leader, they can't even lead a prayer.

  56. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Agracean

    Speaking about darkness.

    Have you heard about University of Al-Karaouine or Al-Qarawiyyin considered by the Guinness book the oldest continuously operating academic degree-granting university in the world.

    This University started back in 859.

    The founder of the University was a woman. 🙂

  57. Sanada_10 says:

    Sigh, that means you didn't even understand my point. What I'm getting at is "the helpless act of Muhammad towards the existing scripture". Feel me? Now answer my 4 points. You don't answer means I'm right again.

    If I was in Allah's shoes I wouldn't even do this useless stuff. Why did he do that?

    Don't be simple minded, be critical on reading things, auntie. Btw, grace here is a living proof of my point if you bother thinking and not putting your prejudice on me.

  58. Agracean says:

    It's time for you to throw your Quran away and start to seriously study the Torah and the Bible for the ultimate truth and do pray to God for wisdom. 🙂

  59. Abdullah ihsan says:

    Yes, you are. 🙂

  60. Agracean says:

    Mr Abdullah ihsan, like what I said earlier, Muhammad lied and Islam is just a big fat lie, your understanding of Jesus Christ is totally different from mine because you based your own understanding of the past historical facts and accounts on Muhammad's lies and please note that his halal allah is not my loving Creator God too. No wonder Muhammad had no idea what was the purpose and significance of God's testing of Ibrahim's faith on Mount Moriah and what it means to humanity of the coming of the Messiah of God!

  61. Sanada_10 says:

    No auntie, my 4 comparative questions are still waiting you. Don't keep repeating this silly rhetoric before you answer it smartly.

    I'm not trying to prove that Jesus is god but I am trying to rationalize Muhammad's doing of putting him into this weird and unnecessary state. so, you can relax and not to be afraid of these questions.

  62. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Agracean

    No Miss.

    Allah had made Jesus one of His many prophets. Who in the world then gave permission to humans to appoint him as God (or God's Son?)

  63. Sanada_10 says:

    Yes, of course but this guest will shake that with "beating woman is not a compulsory order blah blah blah…". The usual ignorant words. Let's see if this guest dare to pick the choice.

  64. Agracean says:

    Muhammad ibn Abdullah lied and he altered all the true historical facts to suit his own Islamic taste. He had no knowledge about the significance of Jesus's birth, death and resurrection power at all. All he did is to invent lies and more lies to keep his religion of lies alive and his empire of lies active. Most importantly, he had to lie about Jesus Christ's death so as to keep all his devotees loyal to him and submit to all his prophecies of lies especially the lie that he was the last prophet. How could you muslims and muslimahs be so gullible? My beloved Lord Jesus Christ is more than a prophet! He is the promised Messiah, the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the World! He is so much greater than this false prophet, Muhammad bin Abdullah, who did nothing to help humanity at all. Instead, Muhammad bin Abdullah was famous for marrying a 6 yrs old girl!

  65. Agracean says:

    Mr Abdullah ihsan, you asked me a wierd question: if I prefer believing that God of Ibrahim, Ishaq, Yaqub and Ismael gave birth to Jesus. Well, Mr Abdullah ihsan, like what I've said in my earlier comments that it's really sad to know that you muslims know not whom and what you believe in and what god you serve. This is called blind faith and this is actually what Muhammad bin Abdullah had intended while he was still a 'prophet' because he knew that in order for his empire of lies to survive in a harsh world of reality and truth, he must ensure that all his followers must behave and live like a blind idiot who cannot think, question or doubt his prophethood, words, character, lifestyle and actions. He knew that he will lose all his devotees if there is any accidental shedding of the light of the Truth, so he was very careful and smart in concealing all the important truth from his devotees through Fatwas and hell fire.

  66. Agracean says:

    Mr Abdullah ihsan, it's also very sad to know that many muslims and muslimahs are kept in the dark about the many evil facets of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, their idol and god. One of the evilness of Muhammad, the false prophet, is that he lied. His lies could be found from the first page to the last page of the Quran. All the foundations of Islam were built on lies, coming straight from the mouth of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, that great deceiver of all ages! Everyone knew the fact that it's just a matter of time that this religion of lies, Islam, will one day became air because irregardless of how strong it's foundations were, they cannot withstand the power of Truth, which comes from Heaven above, Lord Jesus Christ. And for this reason, Muhammad bin Abdullah, lied about Jesus Christ, Who alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life, so as to prevent his empire of lies from perishing in the Saudi Arabia desert forever.

  67. Agracean says:

    Mr Abdullah ihsan, it's a very sad truth that many muslims like you have no power or choice to make their own decisions about their belief because the founder of Islam was a despicable warlord who ensure that none of his followers would dare to question the reliability of his words, character and his halal allah while he was alive and even after his death. The penalties he laid out for such audacity are death and hell fire, not for the najlis kafirs only but also for all muslims and muslimahs, including you!

  68. Atatürk says:

    I meant "Guest" the psychotic nurse!
    She must read the ahadith then she will know her best example Mohammed.

  69. Atatürk says:

    Stupid woman

  70. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Agracean

    So you prefer believing that God of Ibrahim, Ishaq, Yaqub and Ismael gave birth to Jesus?

    While we Muslim see all of them as His prophets…then best men He created, including the last one Muhammad bin Abdullah. 🙂

  71. Juste says:

    Actually, muslim men are allowed to beat their wives.

  72. Sanada_10 says:

    Domestic violence is everybody's issue, religious or not. But when you see Islam you see a religion that sanctions domestic violence. How useful Islam is when comes to this matter?

    A. Useful B. Useless C. Worsening the situation D. Making it from no problem into real problem

    Pick your choices.

  73. Agracean says:

    Dear guest, the truth is that we have all realised that Muhammad ibn Abdullah lied, Islam is a lie and the Quran is a pack of lies. Worst still, your allah is the father of lies. Do you know what is the meaning of despicability? Look at the founder of Islam and you'll get a clear picture. He invented lies about Ibrahim and Ishmael and Mecca and changed the actual historical facts to suit his Islamic taste. Muhammad ibn Abdullah can deceive billions of gullible Muslims and Muslimahs but he can't deceive the God of Ibrahim, Ishaq and Yaqub, neither can he deceive smart people like me. Don't you think that my beloved Dr Ali Sina, who has sacrificed so much of his time, effort and life on planet earth, to help gullible people like you out of this horrible cult, is doing a great job here? Please show some appreciation to this great Iranian man like what I always did. 🙂

  74. guest says:

    Emphasis should be on the word PSYCHOTIC… thats NOT islam Angela. The man clearly had issues.. and i feel sorry for you.You have been through alot, and thats quite damaging for anybody, muslim or non-muslim.

    Everything you just said however, is based on YOUR PERSONAL traumatic experience and is fuelled by anger and i don't beleive for a second that you are in the right frame of mind to give a appropriate advice to anyone in regards to islam marriages as your answer will be extremely bias… i advise you to seek professional counselling to help you through what you have been through.

    Angela, this is NOT how ISLAM is. There are statistics out there that will show you in what countries domestic violence is more prominent, it is wrong to blame it on religion!!! , this lady is one UNIQUE case out of many in the world.

  75. guest says:

    Ali Sina, You claim that muslims are uneducated?? ignorant??? Evil??

    Quoting you:

    "We are not judging Muslims. Good and bad people exist everywhere. We are talking about Muhammad and his teachings that we find evil. Those who follow him become evil to the extent that they try to emulate him."

    What you basically just said there was… you didn't judge muslims, and then you contradicted yourself by because you went on to insult the very person, the muslims believe to have brought them the religion of islam. Their messenger. Quite funny really, that the people who follow him, just happen to be muslims (that you are NOT judging) , are the very same people you just called Evil??.. hmmmm…. interesting.

    Also you say there are good and bad people that exist everywhere… so which percentage of the worlds population do YOU BELIEVE you come from then….??? quite interesting …how you CLAIM that you were a once a muslim, as did a few other people posting here… How do we know that what your saying is true when you obviously have very distorted and one sided ideas about this faith aswel as having no equitable or academic knowledge in this field.

  76. guest says:

    You will find most people writing to you on here are non-muslims and you will probably share many common views, perhaps you should try speaking to someone who is infact a muslim women who is practicing the religion and who understands it better than yourself and your husband. Lets be fair and objective…and lets NOT generalize. I strongly suggest together you both read the quran and study the qurans text fully rather than picking out random quotes that you both do not understand and the same goes for the bible. Read them both sincerely and with an open mind. I hope you both get your answers.
    Kind regards,
    A CONTENTED MUSLIM WOMAN, Sister, Daughter and EDUCATED Psychiatric Nurse.

  77. guest says:

    5. A mosque is our religious facility. Christians goes to churches, Jews goes to Synagogues, while Muslims goes to Mosques. .
    6.Our prayer service really isn't something that is mysterious. We pray 5 times per day, at set times depending on what time of year it is. .

    7. Our day of worship is Friday when we go for congregational prayer at the Mosques. It is obligatory for the Muslim men to go to the mosque, but not for the women… but many women also go to the mosque for Salaat Jummah (Friday Prayer) if they want too.

  78. guest says:

    Islam key beliefs are:
    1. There is no god worthy to be worshipped, except God (creator of the heavens and earth) alone without any partners;.
    2. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is His last servant and messenger. Muslims do not take the beloved prophet Mohammed to be their god as some Christians take Jesus to be the same as God (those who believe in trinity) or son of god. Muslims accept and loveall the prophets who came before Mohammed (PBUH). All prophets are messengers of Allah including Jesus, Mohammed (PBUH) being the last of the prophets who came for all of mankind whereas the other prophets came for their specific nations. We do not worship Cows, Buddha, or anything other than God Himself!.
    3. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and in the USA. It is also the fastest growing religion in the US Military! Many of the American Muslims you see around in the USA have been in the military, but not all of them. .

    4. Look around you, you might actually know a Muslim but not know that they are Muslim. Some of us dress according to Islam, while there are so many Muslims around who you would never know that they are a Muslim unless you happen to see them praying or going into a mosque..

  79. guest says:

    Look at this article by a NON-muslim journalist who decided to experiment this theory about muslim women who wear a headscarf, by wearing one herself for two weeks, look at her findings:

    click here to read her article :

    Here is a clip that compares and contrasts how muslim women dress and non muslim women dress…

    This next clip is called… Are muslim women opressed?? by Khalid Yassin . Please watch this one.

    This clip is called… Re:Wife beating in Islam. watch the whole clip. By abdur rahman green (a muslim Revert)

    And lastly. A clip regarding the rights of the Mother in islam:

  80. guest says:

    Don't go with the false pretense that muslims are uneducated people, look at Maurice Bucaille for instance, the most renowned and cleverest surgeon ever in modern France who converted to islam. why??

    click here to find out :

    if islam is so bad,then why has Michael Hart's book ( and btw a non muslim) , list Prophet Muhammad as the most influential man in History. Before the likes of……

    Prophet Muhammad
    Isaac Newton
    Jesus Christ
    St. Paul
    Ts'ai Lun
    Johann Gutenberg
    Christopher Columbus
    Albert Einstein
    Karl Marx
    Louis Pasteur
    Galileo Galilei
    Charles Darwin
    Shih Huang Ti
    Augustus Caesar
    Mao Tse-tung

  81. guest says:

    We must keep in our mind that it is unfortunate that propagation of Islam has become more of a debate between proponents of Islam and other religions. We are so used to this style of "propagation" that the very word of propagation brings to mind a hot debate in which two or more parties are trying to convince an audience that the beliefs of the other are unfounded and absurd. I would like to stress at the outset that such a style is not just "not propagation" but can be very harmful to the very spirit and objective of propagation. Every criticism on another person’s beliefs and every intellectual attack on his/her philosophy makes the other person prone to criticizing our own beliefs rather than accepting them.

  82. Guest. says:

    Hi Angela,

    I don't want to come on here to slander anyone or anyone's religion. It seems as though, you do love your husband alot… Your point about most muslims will not want to read anything bad about islam; is most likely correct, however in saying that most people practicing a religion and truly believes in it will not want to read anything bad about their faith full stop. You can argue that they will probably react defensively and see it as an attack of their belief system and whole entity …?

  83. Lost says:

    Is there a way to start a new Q&A thread to discuss other issues here? I need some guidance in the situation I'm in now. It may be an obvious one for all to see, but not me as I'm clouded with love. I'm trying to find strength to leave and to be convinced that I'm right in doing it. I've been to many sites seeking for relief/way out in reading comments and such, but never came across such interesting one such as this.


  84. John K says:

    Boring. You are losing people faster than you are getting them, thank goodness. Plus the ones you are getting are converting under the false pretenses of "Religion of Peace [TM]". As soon as they find out they've been had, they will leave Islam too.

  85. Party eh! says:

    Wooo hooo!

    Party time for all the Muslim basers 😉

    Well if Islam was so devilish and so repressive, then why is it the fastest spreading religion on the planet Earth and particularly UK and US and more than 70% converts/reverts are actually women!

    Go search for Yvonne Ridley, Yusuf, Bilal Phillips, Sara Joseph to name a very few 🙂

  86. John K says:

    Why burn the library at Alexandria? Because the books either agree with the Quran, in which case they are not needed, or they disagree with the Quran, in which case they are blasphemous.

  87. John K says:

    Hardly a trifle since this religion allows him to kill her or divorce her leaving her destitute on the street for a whim.

  88. monalisa says:

    Dear Angela,

    You said your husband is not well-educated, and he believes in Islam.
    Who other than the ignorants believes in it.
    I know many Moslem people who are very good-hearted and religious,
    but they are naive and know very little.
    Try to educate your husband and read with him the Koran, and point
    out all the mistakes and wickedness and injustice that are in it.
    Since your husband is a good man (as you say), I hate to see you
    seperated because of this trifle thing….the religion !

  89. drilyasharun says:

    I think it is proper to discuss religion (whatever religions) with religious people or people who believe in religion. It is solely because they are zombies or robots being programmed by their religious dogma. Arab Saudi is one of the richest countries in the world and the Islamic holy book, Quran is in Arabic appeared more than 1,400 years ago. The question here is: why Arab Saudi could not become a developed nation? Mecca and Medina were established more than 1,400 years ago, but why both cities were very far behind other cities in the world? Why no invention and scientific discoveries by Muslims? Why majority of Muslims are poor and illiterate although most of the Islamic countries are rich? The whole problems lies with Islam, Quran and Mohammed. Like parrots, they keep on repeating the same illogical verses in the Quran without understanding anything. The creation of Islam is the conspiracy of the Arabs to dominate mankind and the world through religion. That is why they are the caretakers of the two holiest sites in Islam (Mecca and Medina). Why women are not allowed to drive? Because women in Islam are the machines to produce babies and sexual pleasure for men. Think about it, women.

  90. Ali Sina says:

    The statistics show that the rate of literacy in Islamic countries is comparative to non Muslim countries is very low.

    Why do you think Muslims are lagging behind in science and technology? How many inventors we have from Muslim countries? It is a reality that Muslims don’t have much love for reading.

  91. SAR says:

    "90% of Muslims read less than five books in their entire life." Can you give the proof for this statistics.. or just that you are making a statement yourself just because you dont like Islam or muslims

  92. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Sheikh A. R.

    Did you read a few of my articles? I did read book written against Islam. I found the truth after I read the Quran. It was that book that opened my eyes.

    I am not judging Islam by what Muslims do. I judge Islam by what Muhammad did and said.

  93. SAR says:

    Ali sina, all of your words above looks very very childish. You are saying all the above as if you were there when it happened. Do you have any proofs except for other perverts writing what they visualised in their dirty minds. I think your hate to Islam is because of what you have seen from some so called Muslims behave and you beleif in the books you have read that were written against Islam and Muhammed PBUH(otherwise how would you know if all the above happened). Please grow up. A persons behaviour is above the religion. What happened to the innocent Tamils in Srilanka was done by the people from Buddhist were non violence is the core beleif. Just because those srilankans did that, you cant say Buddha preached to rape or Buddha did rape innocent womens. So please grow up!!!!

  94. Ali Sina says:

    We are not judging Muslims. Good and bad people exist everywhere. We are talking about Muhammad and his teachings that we find evil. Those who follow him become evil to the extent that they try to emulate him.

    I don’t know what part of Islam you found attractive. Did you like the part of raiding, or the raping part? Were you moved by Muhammad’s murders or by him raping women after torturing to death their husbands? Were you inspired by the fact that Muhammad had sex with a child or because he loved to have sex with any woman he met? Please tell us what part of Islam you found attractive because most of us in this site and have left Islam. Who knows we may have missed something that you have found.

  95. Sleepythoughts says:

    Seriously, not all Muslims are like that. I know a few people who are not like that. What a horrible way to be "christian" by judging God's children. Precisely why I left the Christian faith and moved onto Islam.
    I hope God can bring peace over your heart. Remember, only one is allowed to judge, and you will meet him in the end.

  96. Tempest says:

    Marrying a Muslim is the worst decision that any non-Muslim woman could ever make. I’ve reiterated this statement ad nauseum for years across the web and in real life to any woman who will listen. I’ve seen too many non-Muslim women who have ended up damaged, ruined, or traumatized in some of the worst ways possible because of Muslim men.
    Many of these women love to “romanticize” their relationship with Mohamed (insert name) by emphasizing that their men do the following: respect them because their religion says so (men are the protectors and maintainers of women -obviously the woman is ignorant or chooses to ignore the rest of the ayat), treats them like a queen/ a jewel, is responsible, doesn’t ask for sex, or money, etc. These women are also often the chief apologists and defenders of their man’s religion without the benefit of a “true” Islamic education. It’s always really sad to see these women ardently defend their men and their relationships (in the face of the truth, in most cases) and even sadder when they are finally faced with “reality” and are left humiliated and scarred because of their refusal to believe that what happens to others could happen to them. On one website I used to belong to, one woman I know jokingly referred to women who are blindly fervently in love with a Muslim man as suffering from “MMD”syndrome. The “My Mohammed’s Different” Syndrome is simply a syndrome of denial by thinking their man is a completely unique and different individual that stands out from the Islamic collective. All humor aside, it is a rather apt description of the conundrum that these women find themselves involved with.
    I often shake my head in disbelief at the number of women who are being duped (esp. online) by Muslim men and still rationalize their relationships even after hearing and reading about other women’s experiences. I can’t say that all relationships between non-Muslim women and Muslim men fail or are disasters, but the patterns that have emerged from talking or reading about women’s experiences is that the results are often the same and the issues are often the same – namely, domestic abuse, control, violence, and manipulation. I would suggest any woman considering a relationship with a Muslim man to think long and hard before doing so and if already involved, to make a comprehenisive study of Islam and the man’s culture. In any case, a woman who is considering a relationship or having children with a Muslim man will have to endure a lot before she’ll be able to reach the end of the road.

  97. Kuljit Singh says:

    i am Sikh and believe Sikhism is the best path, it teaches that everyone is the same in gods eyes, stresses equality between all fellow human beings and is realistic in terms of believing that salvation is based upon Karma and that will decide whether a individual will be one with god or not, it totally rejects ideology of so called things such as hell,heaven, devils, angels etc which no one can prove anyway. peace out.

  98. tayo says:

    One thing remains in my mind when associating with them – when the time comes and the situation demands it, they will grab me and slit my throat without remorse or pity, and when the demand is over they will continue their lives as if nothing has happened. That is the way they are. The muslims in ordered societies like Europe or America behave well because the environment is conducive and there’s really no reason yet for them to display their powers. They have an amazing technique of blending innocently and peacefully into the society they find themselves until their number reaches a certain amount. Once they reach that critical number Then the drama begins.

  99. tayo says:

    Bah! Which country do you live in? I discovered a theory that goes, “an isolated Christian is usually bad but in groups they’re usually good, an isolated muslim is usually good but in groups they’re usually bad” this is a strange paradox i’ve come to discover and it has a very important interpretation.
    Lee, you must understand the dynamics of religion on the human mind. I live in Nigeria and i have “friends” that are Muslim. I greet them and we talk and they seem quite nice. But almost every year a minimum of 500 Christians and other religious groups are murdered in Nigeria(our government still refuse to disclose the number of citizens murdered during last months muslim riot). It’s not hidden, the charred remains of human bodies burnt to death are shown in different newspapers. But when i see my muslim friends we still talk and greet, they still are nice. (contd)

  100. LaudoBouttam says:

    Buddhism is the best way. Accumulate merit in this life.

  101. no name says:

    dear sina , even u dont belivein god, still i praise u for ur noble act. u r doing a great job. people hwo criticise u r ignorant, i request them to be respect full to others.

  102. qwwrrwytej says:

    some thing for every body

  103. John K says:

    You did not read the article:

    "Muslims are born like all other people. They have the same human feelings that others have. But under Islam they are transformed into something very nasty."

    Muslims are safe if they stay away from the Quran and other Muslims. But they are always at risk if they consider themselves Muslims because you never know when they will decide they want to get closer to God and start reading the Quran.

  104. lee says:

    sorry to hear such a tragic story but all my life i've known muslims and they've been very nice people indeed, perhaps u had the misfortune of meeting some bad ones.

  105. John K says:

    Thanks for your story. I am sorry to hear of the things you have suffered.

  106. John K says:

    You can use the edit feature to change your mistake instead of making a new post.

  107. Arya Anand says:

    Against Islam,
    I'm moved by your life story. Your ex-Muslim husband is not a normal human but a brutal beast and a barbarian. How long you suffered his inhumane treatment and torture is unknown but at least now you have boldly thrown away this psychopathic scoundrel and escaped from hell. There are many good people in the world and you find your soul mate and love and live a happy life. I wish you all the best.

  108. Against Islam says:

    I was once married to a psychotic Muslim man. I too thought he was 'a good person'. Until he raped me, beat me, beat my son, split my head open, tortured me, stalked me, refused to divorce me while he was running around openly having sex with other women, depriving me of sleep, food and clothing, kicked me in the stomach when I was pregnant and caused me to miscarry and nearly bleed to death in a small village, and ultimately really tried to kill me. When he was informed that he had killed his baby, his response was 'That's a good thing. It was Allah's will'. Any normal human being would be devastated and feel immense guilt that they had caused their child to die. His Islamist family also tried to kill me, with his mother trying to poison me when she brought me my 'favorite food'. Stupid naive me, I thought she was trying to have a better relationship with me. He even pressured his friends to stalk me, which wasn't difficult because they were all also Muslim and believed I was his property. He frequently told me I 'had no god' and that maybe if I was a 'good wife' like his friends' wives, he would stop beating me and stop sleeping with other women and acting like a male prostitute. Ultimately, he left me bankrupt and worse, seriously psychologically and physically shattered. This was the case, even though I had 'converted' before we were married. And no, this was not in Saudi Arabia. This was in Indonesia, a now very popular tourist destination.

    Trust me when I say that if your husband doesn't leave Islam, it is very likely the same thing will happen to you. The societal pressures he faces from Muslim friends and family to have a 'believing' wife and to raise his child as an Islamist will outweigh how he feels about you, or how he has ever felt abut you. Muslims are not rational people. They constantly openly criticize and mock other religions, yet when their religion is criticized, they become violent and murderous. I have rarely met one that has actually read the entire quran or had the courage to even research a small part of it. I have found that those who have NOT read their so-called 'holy book' are even more dangerous than those who have, as they are even more volatile and irrational.

    Please do yourself and your future children a favor: if your husband does not leave Islam, leave him. Things will NOT get better. If he is already this irrational, he will become even more irrational. I have seen it happen to many friends of mine, many women I know. They have become literal slaves and prisoners in their own homes, black and blue from head to toe from bruises, being raped in the name of 'marriage', like dogs tied to a stone. I was one of those women at one time. I will never go back to that and allow any man to treat myself and my child like dogs.

  109. Soldier of Humanity says:


    Hi. If you truly feel that you have realized that you do not find anything worth while in Islam and have left it, then why don't you share and enlighten other Muslims who you feel needs your help and are the ones who will not threaten you on your leaving Islam.

    Consider this act as a service to humanity.

    God Bless you.

  110. Jose says:

    Ohh, my reply was for Angela and not for Ali Sina. Thaks

  111. Jose says:

    Tamara i am glad that you open your eyes respect to the muslim religion but in your comment you said that it is not important the questioning if God exist or not, well i invite you to check over a few questions and unless you are not a human you may not have a system of believe or your beliefs. Those love inspire you to build new things or to destroy? Do we create ourselves? Do we can measure eternity? If only the visible thing are true then what about air, or the sound, the feelings, thoughts, emotions? Is not everything organize in this creation? would it be posible the flowing of organized thoughts from a disorganized mind? Who is so GOOD to let his only begotten Son died on a cross to save the world? What was enjoiable to us (sin) was punihsment for him. Only god could provide a salvation so big dont you believe?

  112. Jose says:

    This is a corrected version of my previous message. Ali Sina, I am happy to write to you, and I hope that my words can help you. I believe in the Son of God the Messiah, The Christ. My sister don't worry because God is with you. He is going to help you on every situation you are passing through. Look don't trick your husdband, don't lie to him because lie is of the devil that is sin an you are a follower of Jesus, but if you all ready did that then just pray to God and recognizes before him that you wos wrong and ask him to forgive you. Always remember that all the ways of God the true God are always Peace. Ask God to fulfill you with his Holy Spirit, ask Him for wisdom, not everything is lost for you. Because you have known the Most Powerful person ever, and forever. I was born in a family of atheist and catholic persons but five years ago God save me and now i know that i am in the path of Live. Look read the bible there is plenitude of advise for you in your specific situation, and ask an elderly woman that have had a victory on a situation similar to yours in her life. May God bless you and let your live be one that speaks of faith in The Most High, Almigthy God.

  113. Tamara says:

    Agree with what Ali Sina said. Most muslims won't read anything against Islam or Mohammed, not even against those who are called "Sahaba" (close friends) of Mohammed. Most of them are ignorant and would follow anyone who speaks in the name of Islam, no matter what they say.
    I was born a muslim, but refused the religion and became an "apostate" as soon as I started thinking and reading. I believe that most religious people, of any religion, would leave religion right away if they start thinking about it with open minds. Religions don't make sense, and there is no way of proving them right, or of proving or disproving that God exists. Just think for a minute of the 7 billion people that live on the face of the earth, who's religion is the right one? Which one would you follow and be sure that this is the true religion sent by the so called God. Think and move forward. Marriage needs compatibility and understanding, as Ali said, and the lack of those will affect every aspect of marriage on the long run. All the best

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