Islamic Cosmos

The Quran and the Hadith contain references to creation of the world and physical realities that are nothing short of scientific heresies. Despite the efforts of many Muslim apologists who have tried to reinterpret them and find in them some esoteric meaning, their contrast with science and logic belie the claim that Islam is divinely inspired.  Take the following example.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 414

“… He (Muhammad) said, “First of all, there was nothing but Allah, and (then He created His Throne). His throne was over the water, and He wrote everything in the Book (in the Heaven) and created the Heavens and the Earth…”

The claim that Allah’s throne was over waters is mentioned also in the Quran 11.007

He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days – and His Throne was over the waters.”

Does this make sense? Notice that in the hadith the translator has made a parenthesis, within which he has written, (then He created His Throne).  Obviously he too has noticed that if there was nothing, Allah’s throne could not have existed either.

What about the waters?  This verse and its supporting hadith imply that waters existed before God created the world. What was holding that water? Doesn’t water need a container? Obviously an earth must exist to hold that water.  And can earth exist without the space or the universe that contains it?  It appears as if there is chronological error in the order of creation.

Cosmos according to the Quran and hadith

According to Muhammad the Earth is flat made in seven layers. There are several quranic verses and hadithes that confirm this.

Q: 18: 86
Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it set in a spring of murky water: Near it he found a People: We said: “O Zul-qarnain! (thou hast authority,) either to punish them, or to treat them with kindness.”
89. Then followed he (another) way,
90. Until, when he came to the rising of the sun, he found it rising on a people for whom We had provided no covering protection against the sun.

It is generally believed that Zul-qaranain is Alexander the Great who, according to the old folks had conquered the world from one end to the other. The truth is that Sun rises and sets in ALL places. One does not have to go ‘another way’ or to the other end of the world to find it rising or setting. It is obvious that Muhammad, like most of his contemporaries believed that the Earth is flat and the Sun moves in the sky rising from one place and setting in another. The following hadith supports this idea.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 421
Narrated Abu Dhar:
The Prophet asked me at sunset, “Do you know where the sun goes (at the time of sunset)?” I replied, “Allah and His Apostle know better.” He said, “It goes (i.e. travels) till it prostrates Itself underneath the Throne and takes the permission to rise again, and it is permitted and then (a time will come when) it will be about to prostrate itself but its prostration will not be accepted, and it will ask permission to go on its course but it will not be permitted, but it will be ordered to return whence it has come and so it will rise in the west. And that is the interpretation of the Statement of Allah: “And the sun Runs its fixed course for a term (decreed). That is The Decree of (Allah) The Exalted in Might, The All-Knowing.”

These are fairy tales. Sun going beneath the throne of God, prostrating and asking permission to rise the next day?  These things are for children stories.

The absurdity does not end there. The Quran 78:6 says,

Have We not made the earth as a bed?

أَلَمْ نَجْعَلِ الْأَرْضَ مِهَادًا

“Bed” is the correct translation of mehad, made by Hilali Khan, Sher Ali and Sale. Palmer and Rodwell have translated it as “couch” and Arberry as “cradle.” Other translators have been vague and have translated it as “expanse.”  Clearly they too have noticed that this verse is wrong. Earth does not look like a bed, unless you are a seventh century Arab with no knowledge of the world.

All these verses and hadiths describe a flat Earth, where the Sun rises from one side of it and sets in the murky waters on the opposite side.  Is there a Throne somewhere in the sky or “under the earth” for the Sun to stop and ask permission to rise again?

The absurdity of these tales is self-explanatory.  Yet Muslims never question them. If it is in the Quran, it must be true even if it is blatantly absurd.

These tales originate from the lore of cultures before Islam. In 1952 Theodor H. Gaster compiled a book titled, The Oldest Stories in the Word. It is a collection of the traditions of the Babylonian, Hittite and Canaanite people of 3500 years ago. These stories were lost and then unearthed in the 20th century. The similarities of those old stories and those in Quran and the Bible are astounding. They prove that the Quran is not a divine book, but a collection of old tales that were part of the legends of Arabs.

In another hadith Muhammad compares the trajectory of the Sun to a bow.

Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 51:
Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “A place in Paradise as small as a bow is better than all that on which the sun rises and sets (i.e. all the world).”

It is clear that Muhammad thought the sun forms and arch, like a bow from the time that it rises to the time that it sets.

This is how the movement of the sun appears from the Earth. To the primitive people it appeared that the sun rises from the east and sets in the west forming a bow in the sky.

There is nothing scientific in the Quran. This book was written in seventh century AD, and reflects popular cosmological beliefs characteristic of that period. Muhammad was also an unlettered man.  His knowledge of the world was limited to hearsay. Even during his time there were people with better understanding of the cosmos.

Like other people of his time, he thought that the sun and moon orbit the earth

36:38-40  (Asad) And the sun: it runs in an orbit of its own that is laid down by the will of the Almighty, the All-Knowing; and [in] the moon, for which We have determined phases till it becomes like an old date-stalk, dried-up and curved: neither may the sun overtake the moon, nor can the night usurp the time of day, since all of them float through space [in accordance with Our laws.

Any school child can see that this description of the solar system is wrong.  The sun and the moon don’t chase each other. What is missing here is the rotation of the earth that is actually what makes the day and night, follow each other. To Muhammad all this was a mystery, a miracle that had been ordained by Allah. He was amazed for the fact that “the sun and the moon are made punctual.” (Q. 55:5) and thought that heaven is a roof covering the earth and that “He created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, each in an orbit floating,” (Q. 021:032-33).

These errors show that the author of the Quran was not the maker of the universe but a very ignorant man.

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175 Responses

  1. zax says:

    TO ALL YOU CHRISTIANS-the lost souls

  2. Islam?? says:

    You must have been very desperate to disapprove Ali Sina. It's OK as we all know what Islam is all about.

  3. Islam?? says:

    "Islam will continue to grow" ?? as I see it now Islam has the largest casualties …..maybe you are on the wrong planet! cheers

  4. Islam?? says:

    A true face of Islam. Thanks for reminding us of the true nature of Islam

  5. Rana Pratap Singh says:

    I have heard that Vedic cosmology is more precise and accurate! just find on google

  6. Rehman says:

    In 7 century, cosmos was not understood

  7. Marlene Wilkins says:

    'allah' is basically like saying 'car' in regards to a Chevrolet, Buick, or Jaguar. In the end, the main point is, the deity named allah was a Pagan pre-islamic deity that mihammed mutilated to serve his needs.
    I'm, along with others' looking into what there is remaining of the info regarding pre-islamic allah, and if it's a non-violent deity in truth–and much info strongly points to allah being called for in times of trouble, emergency and such as a patron god of those in bad times, then we might very well be including the real ancient Pre-islamic allah into our Household Seal.
    We and many others are reclaiming the swastika, so allah-the-lost deserves some attention, if only as remembrance of what the deity truly was onve-upon-an-age-ago.

  8. denialisnoproof says:

    watch this muslim mother fcker

  9. aminriadh says:

    Proof? Not mere rhetoric. The Allah – simply means "the god" – combination of al- the Arabic definite article- ilah the word for God in Arabic.

    Hence why Jews, Christians and etc . . . use the word Allah too.

  10. Marlene Wilkins says:

    The Meccans of the Pre-islamic era were Pagan, and allah was a 'father god' withe wives, daughters and such. He was associated with the moon, thus a Lunar god. Which is why the symbol of islam is a crescent moon and star.

  11. aminriadh says:

    "Allah is reclaimed by those he was stolen from "

    Why who was Allah stolen from?

  12. Marlene Wilkins says:

    very sad, little man…very.mohanad, all you do is give added evidence that islam adherents are dangerous, rabid zombies with bad programming.
    inshallah…get used to not saying that when Allah is reclaimed by those he was stolen from

  13. aminriadh says:

    " But still there is lot of irrationality in you as you are a muslim. "

    huh? I am sorry. . . you are the one going around trolling on this site . . . and I am the irrational one?

    All you are capable of DOING is being a troll. . . . we have already tested .. . you are NOT capable of rational debate.

    – – –

    "Let us debate on something very seriously"

    Why put out this lie!? You are nothing but a troll. . . . you lack the required knowledge or the skills for a serious debate . . . hence why you go around "trolling".

  14. Ali says:

    Nervous twitching laugh again Julian?

    Ain't the medication working?

  15. Julia says:


  16. AbuTalib says:

    If it is Tabu to say anything bad about your prophet then why did he allow the Jewish lady in Mecca to 'physically' abuse him by thrown garbage on him – & mind you, Mohammed did not provoke her, she simply had hatred for him & his message, yet he was OK with her actions – was all that in Mecca just lies to make people think that Mohamed/Islam was peaceful and later in Madina the message was changed – to the other extreme – if people do not follow Islam, go ahead kill them. This contradiction in quran about violence is what allows you Muslims to say we are peaceful (looking at Mecca Verses) & those who read verses from Madina are ready to kill only because someone said or wrote something against Islam/Mohammed – That is talking from both sides or your mouth!

  17. PureLogic says:

    If Allah really wants to kill those who say bad for his prophets so bad then why does he need help from you mulims – he should do it himself, it will be quicker and economical for the entire umah.

  18. Ali says:

    First it was the budget, then it was the actors, soon it will be the lighting, then the location, then the costumes, then the way they stood, then the angle used on the lens and God knows what else.

    When will you get it into your thick skull. You guys are finished. You master plan flopped, like your dik. Get over it.

    How much more humiliation do you guys want?

    The message in the movie is exactly what you guys have been promoting for years and Islam is still here.

  19. Ali says:

    Clutching at straws again are we?

    Now it's come down to the budget of the movie and not the message? In case you missed it, as you guys do tend to have electricity outages in your neck of the woods, the message of the movie is exactly what Sina preaches and promotes. Ali Sina himself said that it is the message in the movie that is important and not the costings when he makes his movie.

    I know, not looking good at all for you dikwads, is it!

    Like I said before, you guys are finished. Check mate!

    You have no avenue back.


  20. denialisnoproof says:

    dude the movie was made by porn stars. And mullahas boycotted the movie .
    pakistan shut it's youtube service. you people are such a scared biatches.
    you people get scared easily . don't worry the seed of doubt is sown . it will grow into a huge tree in no time . just wait and watch

  21. denialisnoproof says:

    Sweet heart ,
    All you quranic bullsheeters have to say is linguistic excellence . Arabic is the most stupid language I have come across . You can write a word only if you previously seen the word.
    God must be utter stupid to send his revelations in a stupid language like arabic,which couldn't even develop a proper script before quran is made.

    The movie was a cheap production with no detail of his cruelty.Have you read alisina's script based upon you rasuls biography. read it .the link is in this site

  22. Ali says:

    Yeh OK denialisnoproof. Is that all you have left now? A couple of swear words here and there?

    Where's the bravado talk about Islam will fall and this book is that and the movie will do this and Alis Sina is that.

    The movie has come and gone, albeit by someone else, but his views are the same as Sina's.

    All you can do now, is sit by the road side, hold you head in your hands and cry with shame. 'Utterly despondent' is the phrase that comes to mind about how you must be feeling right now at your failure.

    You made your bed, so you must now lie in it. 😀


  23. Ali says:

    @denialisnoproof. Instead of giving advice on linguistics which you have no idea about, how about answering your next move? The movie is already made, so we want to see the fall of Islam.

    Come on dude, don't be a lame duck like your Guru Sina, now that his plan is in tatters.

    What's next? A stage play?


  24. Ali says:

    Hey Puudulu denialisnoproof? How does it feel swearing at your own mum?

    Anyway, what's next with you guys, considering your movie project is history and Islam will continue to grow? I suggest you get a job and find yourself another hobby as the Islam bashing didn't pay off, did it?

    What losers!

  25. denialisnoproof says:

    ask the person why then the translator didn't translate it as plan?
    tell him if i am ever to become muslim i should learn arabic and as a non native speaker i must translate the word to my mother tongue and then understand arabic. So as arabic cannot be understood as it is by translating it into ones own language

  26. denialisnoproof says:

    Hey Ali do you know why he called himself among the sons of adam?
    because muhammad was a bastard who was born long after his father's death so he was sent to some one else to rise him as foster child.
    Islam was started by a bastard so are all muslims

  27. denialisnoproof says:

    Ok you sound like a reasonable human being. But still there is lot of irrationality in you as you are a muslim. Let us debate on something very seriously

  28. ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:


  29. aminriadh says:

    " wassup madarchod , teri ammi di fuddi,randi ke aulad ,najayaz aulad. "

    Nice! Sina will enjoy this . . . will remind him of the 2 years in Pakistan he never had.

  30. denialisnoproof says:

    wassup madarchod , teri ammi di fuddi,randi ke aulad ,najayaz aulad.
    gandu choothiya

  31. Ali says:

    You can always try me?

  32. zukairo says:

    challenge who?An idiot coward hiding behind a screen.This post was not even worth replying!!!

  33. Raj_Humanity says:

    Nice explanation.

  34. Veda on creation says:

    Vedas tell that there are three eternal/immortal matters- first: Almighty God, second: souls, third: prakriti/Matter. Almighty God creates, nurses and destroys the universe and again creates it. The said process of creation is eternal/immortal/everlasting. Almighty God creates the universe from prakriti. When the raj, tam and satva gunnas of prakriti remain idle (dormant condition/inactive) then creation does not take place. At an appropriate time, a power of Almighty God acts in prakriti/Matter (i.e., in Raj, tam and satva gunnas). Immediately the process of creation starts and the first matter of prakriti is made which is called –Mahat i.e., mind; from Mahat- ahankar is made, from ahankar panch (5) tan matrayein, from panch (5) tanmatrayein, panch (5) mahabhoot are created. From panch mahabhoot, the entire matter of universe i.e., Sun, Moon air, water , our bodies, bodies of other living beings etc., are created. The whole creation is thus created from prakriti and remains still (in active) like a statue. This creation is called non-sexual creation. In the said creation, the young human bodies are created which are neither old nor babies. Then by the power of God, in the said bodies, breathing system (prann vaayu) starts operating. At last, God enters into the universe and immediately all the humans and other living beings become alive and start functioning. Similarly, the non-alive matters like Sun, moon, earth, air, water etc., start their respective functions.

    Creation, Science, worldly matters etc., is not possible until the same is created by someone.

  35. Silence says:


  36. ARSHABBIR says:

    ARUN. Dont utter nonsense before reading/understanding ….Read Quran and understand it what it has to say ….in Hindusim it is PROPHITED to worship IDOLS/COWS/ANIMALS/IMAGES…..DO U KNO THT ?????? when you dont kno about your books at all?? How do u think that you can comment something which is OUT OF UR IMIGINATION????? FIRST READ THE BOOKS BEFORE WRITING SOME THING

  37. ARSHABBIR says:

    By posting with a Muslim name, you cannot HIDE YOUR IGNORANT JEWISH/CHRISTIAN face. HELL IS WAITING FOR THE PEOPLE LIKE YOU. YOU guys didn't listen your prophets words(Jesus/Moses) & now trying to point out ISLAM ???? ISLAM IS THE STRAIGHT PATH. Insha Allah, ISLAM will DOMINATE THE WORLD. This is the reason why you guys are worried….:). You cannot STOP IT. Better come to the ISLAMIC path and do SEEK REPENTANCE FROM ALLAH……..ALLAH HU AKBAR…….Allah is the ONLY GOD & Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) is His Messenger(Laai laaha il Allah. Mohammada rasool Allah")

  38. Interesting Ali says:

    You like Rumi prefering he not be muslim is more pathetic lol. BTW mystical dimension of Islam is debatable.

  39. DPhysicist says:

    you are pathetic… lol

  40. DPhysicist says:

    Mr Ali Baba… can you make any diagram of universe just using Quran ? Does it really tells you about orbits and celestial bodies and their motions ? And are they really clear like you are saying ?? Don't fool your self… it is ridiculous what you are saying…

  41. Ali Sina says:

    There are two ways to do that. I can learn Tamil or you can translate them into Tamil. I can tell you that the first is not going to happen.

  42. a.Anburaj says:

    Maharaja Shivaji who ruled Maharastra won a battle against Muslims.One beautiful princess /daughter of the Muslims King wascaptured by the Army of shivaji Maharaj. The Commander had gifted her to Him in Private thinking that Maharaja would be attracted by the enormous beauty of the Girl and would spend a night with her. But Shivaji being a true Hindu,highly devoted to Sri Rama ,said to the commander on seeing the beautiful Princess " If my Mother had been as beautiful as this sister, I would have been more beautiful and warned him of severe punishments for any misbehaviour on the part of Army of shivaji. But Koran advocates the concept of slave women and jusitfy rape of helpless women.

  43. A.anburaj says:

    Alisina Please make available all your articles in Tamil /South Indian Lanaguage.www,isakoaran offeres informations in Tamil But biased in favour of christianity.

  44. Lovely says:

    Stunning essay, received the satisfaction of studying

  45. Loki says:

    No one denies the first paragraph. But what is your point from that?
    And accepting those points doesn't mean one is well educated. There are many people who have big degrees and yet believe that there are jinns and angels. Such people are not educated, they are deluded.

  46. Lokenath says:

    It is absolute rubbish that muslims don't interfere with other religions. It's a big joke, really.
    In muslim countries, non-muslims are not allowed freedom of religion. In muslim countries the only way for non-muslims is to accept Islam, or remain subjugated by not practicing their religion outside four walls, or be killed.
    In secular/democratic countries, muslims openly throw filth on other religions and vandalize when their own religion is criticized. They hold rallies to preach death of their home country when a muslim is held according to the country's criminal law. They keep huge loud speakers in mosques which wakes up non muslims against their wish. They persecute non-muslims everyday in Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh.

  47. Lokenath says:

    Islam is an insult on human kind. It makes zombies out of human beings, who have to junk free-will. It validates suicide attacks on innocent civilians. It promises pussy in afterlife (so cheap advertising). It describes God as an invisible dictator, who promotes incest through the Adam and Eve theory, burns his own creation(claimed to be his creation) again and again just for the reason that they don't submit as slaves to him, promotes slavery, physical and mental subjugation of women. I can go on, but that is the truth of Islam

  48. Lokenath says:

    Quran gives wrong explanations about orbits and space, says the earth is flat. The attempt to say that the earth is shaped like an ostrich egg is an inaccurate translation of the Quran, used by Muslim apologists to defend blatant scientific errors in the Quran, and even this wrong translation to make the earth's shape like an ostrich egg it is scientifically inaccurate.

  49. Lokenath says:

    No one does more manipulation of data than religious apologists, and particularly muslim apologists. Look around they claim Big Bang Theory, Embryology and similar scientific facts existed 1400 years ago in Quran. Yet muslims who read it everyday, only knew of them after they were discovered by kafir scientists. And 'after' that discovery was made Islamists start claiming Quran's validity based on scientific miracles in it. One can't get more stupid than this. All claims about Embryology in Quran are wrong scientifically. And its explanation of Big Bang Theory is nowhere close to the actual Big Bang Theory.
    There is no manipulation here, open the Quran and read for yourself.

  50. Lokenath says:

    Land of the rising sun doesn't mean the sun rises from there. The sun doesn't rise or set, it appears to do so because the earth rotates around its axis. This is junior school stuff. Japan is called "Land of the rising sun" because it is the easternmost country on the world map (which can't be represented as a sphere on the flat page of a book). That name is based on a belief, not scientific fact. They didn't know for centuries that any land existed east of them, and so thought sun rises for the first time in their country..

  51. scrutator says:

    @Abdullah ihsan · You wrote
    "The earth rotates, and it revolves around the sun. The moon revolves around a the earth. All other closest planets also revolve around the sun. Latest discovery says that the sun is rotating and revolving as well.
    Muslims are ordered to come to Mecca for Hajj (or Umrah) at least once in his/her life during which they do Tawaf – Islamic ritual to circumambulate/revolve the Kaaba seven times, in a counterclockwise direction.
    Does anybody see this as coincidence? "

    Abdullah, the Hindus have been doing the "parikrama" (rotate) round their temples, round the "hom" (sacred fire) etc. seven times from times immemorial, haven't you heard about it ?

    All Muhammad did was to change the direction of the circumbulations, he copied the idea from the Vedic civilization in place at Mecca during his time, till he smashed it upon his return to Mecca !

  52. John K says:

    We pity you for believing the Quran. Why do you believe it?

  53. tom says:

    M ay allah help you, the quran is correct in all the sense but may be you dont have the right eye and mind to see the correct ness…. or is it blocked so you may not see the fact… i pitty you

  54. John K says:

    We have read your books and know what you are doing:

  55. John K says:

    What a joker, you and Naik both.

  56. Arya Anand says:

    Zulqarnayn is also known as Darius, a Persian king who ruled over Media and Persia. As per some scholars, the Arabic word Zulqarnayn means the one with two horns/heads and Darius who ruled Media and Persia was known by this name symbolically indicating the man who ruled these two states.

  57. eajaz says:

    Arun, Bro, you are in the wrong forum.

    Mr.Sinha has no knowledge. I encourage you to have a debate with a knowledgeable person as he will will take that as a blessing on him and guide you and answer all his questions. just google Zakir Naik. he is open to every one. Know to all. Not like some unknown person misleading people. If you prove Dr.Zakir Wrong, I will be happy thinking you have a valid point to prove muslims wrong, But im afraid that wont happen as Allah has sent books confirming the right and wrong with examples. Go ahead my brother, Zakir naik is the right forum for you to be on.

  58. eajaz says:

    Khader, I can use a christian name and post comments, but that trick is not of the people of the right path 🙂 .

    I wonder how much ignorant you are, Ever heard names like Dr.Zakir Naik. Ahmed deedath ??? Standing on a stage with an open challenge to answer any questions you may have regarding the religon.

    Not like Ali Sena and you who change names and misguide people. 🙂 May Allah give you his wisdom and guide you. Please dont play with the emotions of people.

  59. eajaz says:

    Peace be on you oh son of Adam, My brother in religion.
    Slavery, Sex with Children? Killing as worship, Other human as unclean…. These are words you are using seeing the Mid-east or arab culture(May be) . Dont come to a conclusion by assuming things or be seeing a bunch of people or group.

    Allah said "No one is a slave, All humans are equal in the sight of the Almighty" Check the holy Quran for more on this.

    Sex with children, You might have heard stories of Arabs molesting children, But Arabs dont really mean Muslims, Arabs are related to a region and not a religon, There are Christian Arabs and Jew arabs too. Islam teaches to safegaurd ,protect and respect Elderly people, Women and Children.Check the Quran for more on this.

    Killing as worship, If you mean slaughtering sheep and animals, Check the old testament, Or take the story of prophet and Isaac , Or the sacrifice of Cane and Able as an example of for sacrifice. But if you mean killing humans, Islam always defended itself hence waged a war, But never waged war to trouble anyone.Check Books on islamic wars, If you have heard about kings who were forceful to their subjects to convert to islam, Then you question those kings, Not the religion as religion never asked anyone to force ppl to accept Islam.

    Proclaiming other humans to be unclean, Even moses was cleansed when he was asked to appear before Alimghty. Because Cleanliness is a part of the holy. So when someone urinates and moves around freely with the drops of urines around his private part, how can you consider it clean. Irrespective of what religion you are, Be clean always, who knows when your lord may decide to interact with you through his many ways.

    An ignorant person will misguide people, Oh sheep of the massiah(Jesus) please read through books to learn more and know the lord.

  60. Sanada_10 says:

    Kid, come on, stick to the issue here. My point is very simple. Your so called prophet and his twin brother Allah were really emotional. They loved to get angry and cursing right and left, feeling insecure, sad, enthusiastic, happy like puppy etc. They were irrational too. Spewing many fallacies when discussing something, thinking that emotion itself can make something true (feeling familiar kid?). Many blunders had been created by this dynamic duo and their own words had shown their ignorance about their surrounding. They were just men of their own time limited to their own desert place.

    Since we've passed stage one which is the "falsehood in Islam", the next stage is pretty much irrelevant. Whether it is Sina or others, Islam is still false.

    The different with Sina is very obvious. He had many points that you should refute but since you didn't dare to do that then …

    His style is blunt and rather harsh sometimes. He had admitted it himself in many articles but that doesn't change his other articles. What I want from you is the refutation connected to the problem, not this. So far you failed that too, just look at your silly excuse on Islamic cosmos. Kid, I've done that too. Go look my queries about that. Don't have the gut?

    Don’t try to hide wood in the forest and call it gold. It’s useless

    I ask again since you still didn't get my point at all and went on rambling irrelevant words. SIna's right place is easily found, where is muslim's? Where is Allah's? Where is Muhammad's? So far, you silly argument only debunk Islam.

    Your first intention was revealed not from your latter excuse but from your very first post. Got my point. This mistake revealed on how you deal with things which is emotional. Since that's a mistake and I've proven to you, your "latter" intention is irrelevant.

    No, kid, I reply because I see my point is still unanswered and I can see that you started to cherry pick mine as well.

    Relax, kid, nothing serious came from your post so I didn't take it seriously too. As I ask you previously, I wanted you to defend Islam but I found out that you didn't dare to do it. Why should I bother talking about another topic while this topic itself is still avoided?

    "Go ahead baby" is another human emotion, you know. And I know you didn't even read my point about that. Again, search what an emotion is.

  61. Sanada_10 says:

    What’s the matter? You keep avoiding my points all this time. Are you sacred, kid? Your mouth can say no but your action can’t. This is also emotional act. Now, read again my six points on your emotional behavior and try to connect it with your first post. Find something, kid?

    Read also your mistake and misunderstanding on my post too. I see you haven’t touched it either. There are many holes in that and you didn’t dare to admit it. The only proven thing in this page is your mistakes.

    Kid, you are so irritated. Calm down a bit. I know I have hit the right spot.

  62. TheO says:


    " My answer is very simple, emotion lies on everyone including Sina…… "

    Baby.. is it so simple as you think with ur supporting emotional theories? Then you are the one who have to study about Sina, not just gaze around. Every word is accountable, so as he does for analysing things. As remarked in my first post, whatever he said, stand against his own claims and on his 'self-described' personality. Even in judicial trials, a dishonest one is not even taken as witness. Same as Sina, a fake – false Messiah of your group is proved unworthy of his own words with those remarks.

    I have already seen and marked his ambiguous and contradictary arguments and statements in many places. If Sina was present, I would have asked him about it. But its quite obvious that he won't turn up since he got the direct hit by another post and lost face in public, as he always scared like this situations for long time and avoiding face to face argument.

    But you wanted to jump in to save you Saviour (lost face) and wanted to prove him right with your absurd and boring theories and divert the attention by saying – asking irrelevant things. Good hard try to keep away the people from your cowardice leader.

    Well, if atleast some worthy argument was presented, atleast it would have been worth to talk to the alternate person. But you keep on ranting desperately to save him, without even understanding what I asked.

    For instance, initially you did not even know whom I called you as 'Escapist' and kept thinking it was about you. But after I said that it was remark on Sina, you tactfully ignored to talk about and diverted to other things. Seeing your die-hard failed defense stuck situation, I asked you a very valid question on a post, which is most relevant to the primary motto of Sina, as claimed this and faithfreedom website.

    But for the fourth time you avoided the question. Either you must be scared to answer that or ignorant about the fact on that. However, till now you avoid that somehow, if you say you overlooked that, fine we can understand that you are too impatient to read and jump to answer with your pre-set answers and questions, that you have been trained for. Primarily, you do not even understand the posts and like a parrot you keep repeating what you have been taught or 'read' about. Proving again that you DO NOT HAVE NOTHING of YOUR OWN.

    Anyway, I'm posting the question again here, still you can refer to the (2 weeks) earlier post to see that. Posted as below

    "Lastly, after you copying and reactively replying for me later on emotions, conjunctions and prepositions; on serious note I like to know something. I was searching through Sina's websites and blogs to find on the present status of people who quit their old faith. Hardly just found a confused one, asking which faith to adapt, fearing social outcast.

    Just like to know, the quitters remain freethinkers or moved to other religion(s) or they were left half way black, once they quit. Got any factual statistics on it. Perhaps, the Messiah of FreedomFaith creating a new one and the people are waiting for the sea to split. (no pun intended)."

    Now you have something fresh to talk with apart from the emotions theory. Go AHEAD BABY!

  63. TheO says:

    🙂 Got boiled up again baby, with heart pumping and a good joke to say ' that’s why I never take a kid like you seriously '. Again repeating my own words, proving that you don't think or say of your own anything, since I said I do not give much importance to you.

    Yeah… everyone can see that by how quickly you want to respond me and childishly rush to give thumbs down. Let it be there to show your impatience, proportional to emotional quotient.

    Defending myself… no baby.. I'm accusing… read my very first post again, its accusation. But an empty head did not understand that properly, so I had to repeat it so many times in different words. Babies need to be spoon fed…..hmmmm…!

    "How does someone who make that many mistakes accuse others for the same thing? How does someone who refuses criticism and correction accuse others for the same thing?"

    Good thing you said those words which everyone keep asking the same to Sina for long time and the coward still keeps hiding to answer that and just watch his henchman 'diverting' it tactfully with those pseudoscience emotional theories.

    Your POINT ? Baby… as I said and proved you DO NOT HAVE a POINT at all on your own. Your blabbers are just reactive with the repetition of my very words or repeating what Sina said here or elsewhere. Like, when I said you are under my control and then you want to put the same but vice-versa. Nobody can see that you are having anything to say of your own, except the 'so called' emotional lessons.

    What was your initial point ? When Sina was accused you are just trying to safeguard him by trying to prove others are same as emotional as him. Is this what you claim to be the biggest defense for him? Too ameuterish one ! Its understood that you are trying to cleap up Sina, to cover him up with those emotional theories.

    Baby…one more time! try to answer with relevancy rather being sticking to your self-fascinating theories.

    Contd……..(below post)

  64. John K says:

    "Sina first of all i wanna invite u to b a muslim"

    Are you an idiot? Dr. Sina was a Muslim. Read this site and his book to see what Islam contains that made him leave it.

  65. John K says:

    "verses from quran which tell that allah is a big deceiver..but i couldn't prove them"

    It's really not necessary as it's one of the 99 names of Allah. Look it up at Wikipedia.

  66. Sanada_10 says:

    So, a Mohammaddan talks without "seeing the face" too? Also, about the editing questions in the Quran. She failed that too. You know what Juste, I feel there is a childish act in this very page done by someone who is obviously hates me (emotion). Yeah, truth can makes you hated anyway. Light does hurt your eyes.

  67. Sanada_10 says:

    I still don’t see any proof from your initial motive. You just go with the flow and busy looking after yourself here. You are making too many assumptions and accusations to begin with. All of it came from your negative emotion. In here, we are discussing Allah and his Islam. Now, where do you get these twin sisters? It’s from book. Where do muslims get the materials they’ve presented right now (including yours)? Again, it’s from book, a man made book which contains many errors. Where do muslims (including you) get the definition of the divine with its so called experience? Again and again, it’s from a book. Saying that Islam comes from the divine is dishonesty. Hiding Islam into the maze of religions is cowardice.

    I too have experience. An experience that explains “the divine” is actually not Allah nor is any personal god. Why is that? Read the Quran to know that. You should have known that a long time ago if you ever bother to read and think rationally, but hey, you are not rational. You are a believer and believer concludes first before investigating, that’s why investigation is futile since you don’t need that in the first place.

    Sun rises? Hold your horses, kid. Islamic science is not the topic here, beside, if you just show what others know that will be nothing special. Islam is man made book that's why the content contains nothing special, such as this. The teacher doesn't claim that he is the prophet while Muhammad claimed that. If you want to prove something divine then do it not from human's point of view but the "real" point of view and if you insist on this then you are just human after all. Not only that, Muhammad also made mistakes. I was taking about emotion but you responded with this. This is irrelevant, kid.

    My question stays again and again, where is the right place of the muslims? Replying with emotion like you will never answer anything.

  68. Sanada_10 says:

    Still don’t get it, kid? It’s funny when you just blindly accuse others using your own behavior, trying so hard to discard that childish rant to someone else in order to clean yourself. Talking to a kid is like this actually, that’s why I never take a kid like you seriously. Kids refuse to listen and stick to their own ego and self righteousness. When you explain something, they won’t grasp it so you need to explain it again.

    Let me give another example:

    A: New York is the capital of USA
    B: Wrong, it is Washington DC
    C: Stupid! Where does your brain go? It is Washington DC!

    Now, A and B are not emotional, but C is. Which one is right and which one is wrong? A is wrong but B and C are right. It is simple to see the right place of C and muslims are like C minus Washington DC. Emotion doesn’t invalidate the truth and muslims are invalidated not for their emotion but for their empty words. This is the initial topic which you have avoided because of your fear (emotion). You are busy defending your self means you are in my control already, including your petty mirrored retaliation. What makes you worse is your irrelevant “oldies” which indicates time. You wanted to get revenge (childish) but you did it the wrong way because of, again and again, emotion.

    May I remind you that you were already proven wrong from the very start? Your multiple posting explained a lot about your mistake. How does someone who make that many mistakes accuse others for the same thing? How does someone who refuses criticism and correction accuse others for the same thing?

    I don’t think you are a kid, in fact, I know you are a kid. Thinking and knowing is different.

    If you are done spewing fallacies like ad hominem, poisoning Sina’s well and appealing to spite, I suggest you come back to my initial point. I see you don't even understand my answer on your so called "basic point".

    Still doing what kids do?

    You wrote, "Whats the point in detailed explanation of 'our' posts which makes no relevance to the presence here."

    Oh, diverting the issue, eh kid? This detailed explanation is important to know what kind of person you are and how you have been refuted. Just because you can't answer it, doesn't mean it's false.

    You wrote, "you neglected to answer the primary question (posted 2 weeks ago) which is related to the whole purpose of this website and Sina's work."

    The one that neglected anything is you. You neglected my primary answer on your protest about Sina's emotion and this site's mission. My answer is very simple, emotion lies on everyone including Sina, muslim, Muhammad and Allah. Emotion doesn't invalidate someone as long as that someone has the right place. This site's mission is clear, to inform muslims about Islam and its falsehood with Sina's style since this is his website. What is his style? Blunt style. The answer is right here all along but you couldn't see it. Why? It's because your emotion. Your ad hominem is clear for anyone to see. You only satisfy no one but yourself. It's another emotion. I see you still haven't search its meaning.

    You are missing most of my points and replied for the sake of replying.There are six points on my post and you didn't even understand it. Thinking that you are always win is narcissistic behavior, kid. And mind you that Sina makes a reply as long as the opponent has the right place. You? Nah, you don't have it.

  69. TheO says:

    Must I call you baby (toddler)… being difficult to address you…coz of your ZERO wisdom with divinity and trying to repeat the words as if you understood. This can't be learnt or taught or be read somewhere, nothing scholastic in it. I know its 'Alien stuff' to you and you did a nice try to pretend as if you know about it.

    Yes… I know, there is no theories or stories did Sina gave on that topic and that made you helpless and clueless without any pointers to argue on that. Better you should stick to your same emotional theories, atleast you have something to tell about it.

    Btw, you can do all the analysis superficially on the fruit but I prefer start from the root and will reach the fruit, gradually. Don't worry I will address your issues and even those prefixed ones.

    But what I find here mostly is the dishonest arguments and misinterpretations with a primary attacking motive than to discuss.

    For an example,

    'Sun rise in the East and set in the West' is taught from school and generally agreed and said by everyone. In Astronomy, they can be scientifically calculated with sunrise equation like, cos a = -tan(b) X tan(c) where a,b and c being hour angle, latitude and sun declination respectively.

    But the fact known is the Sun does not really "rise" anywhere; the Sun fundamentally remains in the middle of the solar system. The Sun APPEARS to rise, because the Earth is spinning.

    One can literally argue and attack the statement of 'Sun rise in the East and set in the West' and claim that what is taught in school is absurd; look down the teacher who teach that and people who agree to it.

    Does that mean people really do not know about it? If its said so.. then its the argumentator's ignorance then. What he does not know or intentionally fail to acknowledge is that, people can understand in what context it is said and knows the real fact behind that. Also, can exactly understand the TRUE meaning behind it like why and when it is said, based on the space and time factor.

    Only an ignorant or a cunning argumentator will try to pick up the words literally and give a new meaning, while people give a good laugh at it, seeing his idiocy. :p

  70. TheO says:

    Hi Mr. Emotion(ally challenged)… I know you will say this as an emotion too …. yeah… everything is an emotion to you. True.. even sh…ng is an e-'motion' rite. Fine ! (be scared on the exclamation mark now)

    You have wasted resources too much in typing big which made no sense to anyone except you, to boost up ur narcisstic nature. Wait .. don't rush to reply as you do everytime hastily with anger boiled up.

    You took time to analyse your 'favourite' emotional things but missed the whole point which was mentioned in the first post itself. Since you were too hasty and impatient, you neglected it contents and diverting it, from the time it was posted. After that you are intensely trying to prove (desperately) that I'm emotional too, right oldie!

    What you have been doing from the beginning is either take my very own words to reply me (I started with emotional outburst of Sina and till now you are clinging on to it) OR you amplify what Sina had said in other places. Do you (really) have something to say of your own buddy sorry oldie ?

    Whats the point in detailed explanation of 'our' posts which makes no relevance to the presence here. But tactfully, you neglected to answer the primary question (posted 2 weeks ago) which is related to the whole purpose of this website and Sina's work. You purposely neglected that till now without an answer. What are you scared of ? its a basic one, you can try to answer it. However can understand that you are helpless, since Sina didn't put about it anywhere, so you are stammering to answer that. Now you know, where you stand and your knowledge.

    Anyway, I'm pretty impressed with your 'twisters' and the own (mis)interpretations, similar to this website content. But it portrays well, that you did not even an understood a simple sentence and you have own fixed opinions on it. (proving again)

    A least example is such as assuming that 'Escapist' remark was made on you and as you claim, you did not pinpoint anything there. Go read the post again, you were defending Sina with a feeble logic by proxying for him and concluding that Sina won't answer to me.(True.. how can he, when the truth is thrown straight on his face) Since Sina did not appear to answer and let some body proxy for him, so was the 'Escapist' remark made on him (Sina).

    Really laughed loud when you kept on thinking it was on you, no oldie.. never.. I never gave so much importance to you. Even to criticise someone, they must be worthy of it, comparatively Sina is more than you. I still keep replying you for the reason, that you did make my job easy here. And don't be scared or nervous about my presensce here and keep wondering what I'm going to do here ? This is a pre-analysis even before starting my work here. But before that finding out, is Sina really worth his posts and be honest in his claim and purpose. Till now the consfused one never turned up, might be his glossophobic nature is blocking him, like he usually avoids face to face arguments and let the proxies do the voice out.

    Before getting boiled up and neglecting the 'basic question' for the third time, you can analyse the post again, s..l… and instead of sticking with e-motions (theory) again and hardly try to divert with theories to save your Saviour; try to give a relevant answer, possibly for the basic one I asked for… see the earlier posts. If you can't find, let me help you on that.

  71. Juste says:

    Uhm… You know, i don’t know. My best answer would be, he’s a Mohammeddan.
    You know how Muhammad detested being questioned.
    PS: remember his exchange with Lonelyloner? Hilarious! He went everywhere with Lonely’s simple questions really.

  72. Sanada_10 says:

    Yeah, but what about the analysis? Why is she so quick to respond (repeating to be exact) to everyone here except me?

  73. Juste says:

    Don’t break a sweat Sanada.
    They are that of a kind.

  74. Sanada_10 says:

    Sina often talked about god, evil or devil in metaphorical way. Well, the most accurate is the "Evil". Living sunnah chose to cling to the evil Islam (with some selfish modification) despite the evidence laying around here.

    Little concern though, why is she so quick to respond to you but not me? Care to analyze that?

  75. Sanada_10 says:

    Oh, you mean living sunnah? Do you even realize that her arguments are just repetition and had some weaknesses? Do you want me to refute her again? I think it is futile to do that since a desperate auntie like you won't read it.

    Have you read your own prophet's anger when rejected? He wasn't capable convincing pagans, Christians and Jews. After he got power, he eliminated them all. Because of that, he threatened them with curses and hell fire. Ah, I see you don't read Quran as well on this one.

    Rebutted by many? Where? Talking is easy, auntie. Sina was desperate on the stubbornness of muslim who rejects factual information. Beside, that's not new to me. He had done that "evil", "devil", "brain" thingy in his articles since years ago. You must be a new reader. BTW, still avoiding me and my post about this particular issue? I know you haven't read it judging from your repetitive post.

    Ibn Kathir:

    Imam Ahmad recorded that `Amr bin Abi Qurrah Al-Kindi said: "Hudhayfah was in Al-Mada'in and he was mentioning things that the Messenger of Allah had said. Hudhayfah came to Salman and Salman said: `O Hudhayfah, the Messenger of Allah ﴿would sometimes be angry and would speak accordingly, and would sometimes be pleased and would speak accordingly. I know that the Messenger of Allah ﴾ addressed us and said:

    (Any man of my Ummah whom I have insulted or cursed when I was angry — for I am a man from among the sons of Adam, and I get angry just as you do.

    Sigh, why is the level of muslim visitors so low? Oh, I don't mean to be arrogant but that's just it, a simple complain based on fact.

  76. Sanada_10 says:

    Er, I don't think Taif would be good example since at that time Muhammad was alone and had no army, beside Taif was conquered later on. If he retaliated at that time he would be screwed. He was just trying to stay alive. What happened to K'ab, Asma, Abu afak or Abu Rafi?

    One word is enough to refute you, "Meccan" period.

  77. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Juste

    Ha ha pal, I'm not desperate.

    Don't you see that it is sina who is desperate trying to express his disbelieve in Rasulullah ? (which has been rebutted by many)

    When he was not able to convince livingsunnah about his opinion, he started calling her the way he did. 🙂

  78. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    And please compare your self with the person you have been accusing particularly with what he did towards people throwing him with stones in Taif. You know the story, don't you?

  79. Juste says:

    I think somebody is desperate.
    Muslims worship Muhammad’s allah right?
    Muhammad’s allah has Satanic qualities written all over. Like The Subduer, The Great Deceiver, the Death Bringer etc. Muslim take pride in killings, terrorizing and rapings etc. while shouting Allahuakbar (satan is great). It safe to say that muslims worship Satan.
    “Woman, you have sold your soul to the devil”
    “Shame on you, evil woman”
    and Satan worshipper definitely belong in hell with their master.
    “You belong in hell…”
    Where did Sina went wrong when he said all those things?

  80. Sanada_10 says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, what a desperate auntie. Coming here just to find trivial things like that? Check my post on that (yes, it's "check" not "avoid"). As I recall, scholar is human too and has emotion, be it Sina or muslim scholar (there are many examples from them). Beside, that words are not considered as "vulgar" coz when you type "evil" or "devil", the site won't filter it.

    Can't refute the big issue you desperately choose the tiny issue like this, worse of it, it doesn't erase the big issue. Your prophet is still a criminal no matter who does the talking.

    You muslims are like crows, waiting enthusiastically for dead meat but ignore the living one, hilarious. The living one does the talking, not the dead one.

  81. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ sina

    You opened this website with a reminder at the bottom of this comment section:

    "We have terms for commenting, please behave like a scholar. No vulgar words if you don't wanna get banned."

    Calling a lady with the following:

    " Have you lost you brain? "……

    " Woman, You have sold your soul to devil. "

    " Shame on you evil woman "

    " That tactic does not work with you "

    " You belong to hell. I can't help you. Not even God can help you. Well he may be able to help but I am not God "

    makes you behave like a scholar? 🙂

  82. Sanada_10 says:

    So, you refused to read the explanation I gave you and chose to deny it. You didn't even try to understand what I said and just repeated your own childish word.

    Look kid, let’s rewind for a second and analyze what you had actually done. This is for your ignorance yet boastful attitude.

    1. You came here and deliberately ignored all topics about Islam. Since you couldn’t answer this site’s argument you chose to seek the smallest “holes” on Sina’s words, uttered a logical fallacy that “emotion” could make someone debunked automatically. If I used your sorry statement, all muslims even Allah himself would be invalidated and this point had been missed purposely by you. From your cherry picked post, I could see that you didn’t dare to enter the real “battlefield”. You were afraid and fear is one of human emotions.

    2. After you “found” that “mistake” you were happy enough (emotion) and decided to picked that particular post and concentrated on that only (emotion again). But, the system had filtered your post and it didn’t show up immediately. You were upset (emotion) and tried so hard to post again. Again, it didn’t show up but you as the emotional kid couldn’t grasp what was going on at that time because emotion closes logic. You can erase the emotion as you like but that will only mean one thing, “You are stupid” or you prefer to be called that way? I don’t mind, actually. After trying multiple times you became desperate, still not knowing what’s going on, you created an accusation called “deletion scheme”, even used capital words to make your emotional point (one more example of a failed mind reading magician). At last, the system had done with your post and it showed up, presenting the glaring display of your impatient and emotional behavior.

    2. I came in and asked your intention regarding this fallacy but you answered it differently, showing that you didn’t understand my point at all. I pointed out your fallacy and emotion but as a narcissist you wouldn’t admit it and indulged in pathetic denial, forgetting your own initial motive and busy defending yourself. You would feel that you were always right. You were the center of the attention.

    3. What happened after I showed your mistake? Emotional rant again, instead of responding to my explanation, you chose to accuse me again using “escapist” with exclamation mark, indicating emotion. Pay attention that this mark was not the sole cause to call you as emotional kid. Your pathetic diversion also contributed on this one.

    4. Then I asked as why you protested my act on replying you, accusing me being a mouth piece while other posters had done the same. Why singled out me? This only meant one thing, you were afraid. I had provided answer to your accusation and explained why Sina didn’t bother to notice you but you refused to read (emotion) and posted the same sentences again.

    5. The rest of your posts are only selfish denial because you felt that you were always right. It’s not worth mentioning one by one so I just provided with one example at a time, testing if you were aware of what I was talking about. Cut short, you didn’t even understand my point, you replied for the sake of replying, not understanding your opponent’s argument (ex. 1-2, what a “kid” means, and emotional outburst which Allah also had). This time, your excessive pride came to play and keep supplying empty praises to yourself. That’s another emotion and your sickness.

    6. In the end, you only provided emotion and ad hominems, you brought nothing but your ego. Don’t worry, kids are like that. What you need to do is simple, fix your mindset, contain your ego, reduce your assumption and learn Islam with rational mind. With this, you’ll know that this religion is not even the truth. The truth is vast but Islam is not, this is another thing you have missed out.

    You know what, kid? Until this very day, you still didn't understand my point at all. You are pathetic, kid, that's fact. Your "yawn" is emotion too if you ever know what "emotion" really is.

    Repeating yourself and discarding your opponent argument especially the one that fixing your mistake is emotion too. Done searching? I know you haven't search its meaning. If you reply this with the same style and repetition, then you are not only emotional but stupid. Why? I don't need to explain, right? Only a stupid person needs to be repetitively explained the same thing over and over again.

    Using irrelevant pills and pointing finger is also emotional act. You wouldn't be glad if you didn't personally attack your opponent.

    PS: I don't think that people (muslim) are afraid of me, their constant diversion does the conclusion, not me. It's all about fact and proof, not mere words. It's here already, btw.

  83. Sanada_10 says:

    Ah, I see you know nothing about Islam. In Islam, Allah and Muhammad were emotional too. Go read it first coz you are still missing my point here. No one is following Sina here, it's agreeing based on evidence unlike the blind muslims who follow Muhammad unquestionably. All your words can back fire to you actually.

    Unlike your silly argument, I don't shrug Muhammad because of his emotion, but I shrug him because of illogical words, crimes, contradiction, and errors he'd committed. But, this one is different, I shrug Allah because of his emotion. Putting a divinity to Allah is a fallacy and this site had shown you that (unless you are too afraid to read). Feeling the divine intelligence is just assumption, and the problem is not "god" in general with its various description but Allah as god. See? You didn't understand the real problem but you act like you do but deny when corrected, that's childish.

    My question stays: where is the right place of the muslim? Sina's place is easily found. Beside, you keep missing the problem, refuse to enter it and spewing empty generalized statement. To say, "religions is this or that" doesn't prove anything. It's mere statement and to attack someone's proof with that is a prejudice.

    Your knowledge based on experience? Is making mistake, petty denial and retaliation included in that? Or is it just a failed experiment? Your hasty conclusion about Sina is obvious. He had explained in his articles that it took a long time for him to reach his conclusion after undergoing mental ordeal about his old faith. Don't judge someone before looking into the mirror. Also, he had used his 2 sides for years although at first he used polite language. He learns from experience too that this method failed to take notice. When I read his writing years ago for the first time, he was already like that but it didn't undermine anything he wrote. Compare it with muslims who accept anything good and reject anything bad without thinking at all. Your accusation suits them more.

    Done shooting at the messenger and avoiding my point? BTW, still doing what little kid does when no one is looking?

  84. TheO says:

    Thank u for endorsing that Sina has two sides and more sides for the matter of fact. People can see from his posts that he denies his own arguments in several places and wonder whether he even reads back his own writings. The ardent followers blindly follows him but some intelligent folks (not you but some others are here, agreed) neglected those knowingly, since they know it can back fire Sina's arguments later.

    Well my knowledge is based on experiments and experiences with truth and living with it but not like someone theoretically analysing books and making assumptions. Introspection starts with self before pointing others. Whether Sina admits or not, life will teach lesson to everyone at each point of time. But people fail to acknowledge and admit, since the ego don't give way to.

    ** Not knowing his own story is true or not, for time being assuming his bio is true, we can deduce Sina is a confused – half baked folk but believe to be intelligently rebellious in his own illusionary world. If he was really honest in his intentions to find the truth, he could have experienced divine intelligence, quite long ago. (Note: I did not mean spirituality but divinity). That would have given so much of answer within than analysing much outside, logically. He was too impatient and start to prejudice about religions. Religions are basics but to understand the truth have to go beyond it. He failed to see that every religion have enlightened people, within and even for the very attainment, the basics were learnt from the religions. Badly he was stuck up either for it or against it on superficial level, with the usual mob mentality, nothing significant in it.

    Yeah, poeple will be entertained hearing attacking stories and theories. Every clown will have his own (applausing) audience but the(ir) self cry out in loneliness or emptiness.

    You can think of a red sky instead of a blue sky but you need a sky for that, if you know what I mean by that.

  85. TheO says:

    ***see an exclamation; get alarmed; think as emotion : sheer stupidity

    Yaaawwwwnnn ! Nothing new… same repetitive blabber of an old folk trying to prove his point, desperately.

    Deliberately want to prove himself , even neglecting the question asked related to topic. Got neurotic.. oldie, wanna answer asap u see a reply to the argument (jobless too)

    I ROFL when you think ppl are afraid of you. Hysterically egoistic folk , U r the one who picked up the words, which brushed up ur emotions and totally neglected / failed to notice something, what you came here for.

    U r making me laugh at this hour, on seeing your senseless statements (I know u will fast to deny this and type something irrelevant but with same words)

    I heard you said…

    "..Normal people are not interested dealing with kids ………………………"

    so, thank you for proving and agreeing that you are an abnormal person and with the neurotic impulse to talk back so fast, can't even withstand a denial – same as some amateurish old folks, thinking big and beg for respect from others.

    Before replying you can pause on the old posts, to reply relevantly and don't be hasty again.

    Take care and don't forget to take ur pills, yeah the chill pills.

    Have a 'boggling with anger' days.

    # The (Remote Control) Kid : I can change ur channel (of emotions) sitting here remotely B)

  86. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, you didn't read again and gave irrelevant answer as usual. Humans didn't know that of course but Allah didn't too as I've pointed to you. This makes scientist smarter than Allah. Revolving movement of muslims has nothing to do with that just like roulette table or even spinning wheel. Beside, their movement is only temporary and you forgot that planets are rotating on its own axis too and have its own satellite unlike muslims and kaaba is not even round. Anyway, this tradition came from pagan and not even a clue. If that's a clue then all muslims are so stupid because they couldn't find this. Try to do my challenge first, kid. Reverse the act.

    You are so desperate to show that Islam contains science but never dare to discuss Quran itself. There are plenty "circular activity" done by humans through out the ages. Why don't you use them instead to prove whatever identity they might have to the divine?

  87. Abdullah ihsan says:

    @ Lonelyloner


    I'm sorry I've been busy with work so here is my response:

    As humans, we didn't know that we were revolving until scientists confirmed that we do as our earth does orbit.

    That's the clue. I hope you do some more thinking on the fact….. 🙂

    Try to connect it with the non-stop revolving movement of Muslims around the Kaaba. 🙂

  88. Sanada_10 says:

    Kid, you are repeating yourself here. Emotion contains different expression and your "hello world" contains that. Before you teach someone else why don't you search what an emotion is.

    Kids these days are so proud but never realize their own mistakes, they want to teach other instead (a sign of narcissism). I'll give another example:

    Commander: Soldiers! Attack! = emotion A
    Soldier 1: Yes sir! = emotion A
    Soldier 2: What a joker! = emotion B
    Soldier 3: Yes sir. = no emotion

    This is so simple yet you cannot grasp it.

    When I use "kid", it means immature behavior kids usually have and you retaliate (with emotion) with "old" which indicates "time" or "age" (based on pride aka emotion). You should use "mature" or "grown up" since this is not necessarily old. I know, you are trying so hard to defend yourself (emotionally) but that's futile since you still didn't even address my point.

    Nope, kid. I had only dealt with 3-4 kids all this time, the rest of it are grown up people. I know you didn't read anything, that's why this silly assumption keeps coming. So the problem lies with them not me. Normal people are not interested dealing with kids because of their stubbornness and boastful nature but they don't have anything worthy. Well, in this case, muslim kids.

    Are you done getting pumped up and emotional? I can see that again, kiddo. Your assumption is really pathetic. You only brought your emotion again.

    Come on kid, read my points again. You only picked and chose everything that touches your ego. What's the matter? Afraid, kid? No need to deny it because your constant evasion proves that, selfish statement means nothing.

    One more example of misunderstanding (I've expected that):

    "Now you lost in 1 and 2, wait there are more too… U r losing on every point"

    Kid, you are so clueless and your emotion makes you worse. There was no rebound point from you since you didn't even touch my point and you behave like a narcissist. You are losing on every words you have typed. Don't worry kid, I've seen that. I understand your level completely.

  89. TheO says:

    Still stuck with the remark of 'Escapist', may be it created a stomach full of emotions on you oldie! 🙂 and what emotion on earth does 'hello world' got.. my goodness, ur amateurish emotional theories are pathetic. Learn to get out of the emotional 'rut', theoretically atleast.

    Yes, post will look empty to empty heads, just as I said in a post, it takes a long understanding for you to get it understood.

    As you said u it happened before and happens again, coz you r still the same person. Don't worry ur pattern will keep repeating and as expected you have neurotic impulse to reply on these, neglecting the important one I asked finally.

    When u r not interested in dealing with kids, you must keep out it but coz of compulsive obsession disorder, you cant stay out oldie. Proven again.

    I'm not talking about the physical age too, rigid old fashioned oldies got their own assumptions and fixed theories on everything.

    Take a chill pill and relax oldie! C ya @ weekend..

  90. Sanada_10 says:

    Actually, she's just repeating the old arguments with little knowledge about Bible. It's kind of boring.

  91. Sanada_10 says:

    Er kid, the problem is not like that. Sina has two sides, rational side and emotional side while muslims mostly only have one. This is the exact problem and you are attacking the wrong place while muslims don't have that "right" place. Tell me, where is their "right" place? Sina's place is easily found.

    Metaphor has to be discussed according to the context, you can't generalize all of them.

    Again, you don't get my point. Sure, sure, Sina has a lot to learn but you have too since you keep attacking the wrong place. You need that more than him judging from your "secret act", let alone your irrelevant reply. BTW, Sina had already admitted that he is still learning about "the truth" but you, of course, haven't read it. If you are talking about Islamic "truth" then you should know by now that Islam is proven to be false (assuming you ever read anything). What's the point on dwelling with obvious fake religion?

  92. TheO says:

    Sanada_10 :

    " you can find many emotional words too. That's one of his faculty, just like any other human.."

    "Emotional outburst is understandable .. …………… mentioned those creatures a lot in his articles, most of them are metaphors"


    First of all, thank you that you admit that 'IT IS AN EMOTIONAL OUTBURST'. Seems to be a fair explanations too oldie but biased in practice. When Sina's emotional ones are considered human and understandable but when the person who debates him become emotional, then it is declared as lost in argument, weakened and almost failed in proving the argument. Ain't it biased buddy ? So can we declare here Sina failed too.

    Metaphors : again thank you for bringing this word in… brilliant usage but biased again. Sina can use a metaphor when explaining on his perspective but when it comes to attack on religious things, he can argue taking those literally, failing to agree the metaphors, deliberately perhaps.

    May be a typo error in last line / word : should be cultURist, advocating the culture of truth in a new light and thanks buddy as you rightly said "… Sina is just a human being……." and let me conclude the sentence, "…yes, he has a lot to learn too, since the whole of life is learning and conclude halfway on something esp on Truth, is an ignorant idiocy ".

  93. Sanada_10 says:

    Sigh, you don't even understand my point. You are rambling without direction here. That's emotion, kid (I have a funny feeling that you don't know what I'm talking about here). Your own post has proven that and my points are still intact. You don't read but you keep replying irrelevant answers. Got too many pride, eh kid?

    Wise kid? Nah, you are a proud one, rather misplaced actually. This lead to my old conclusion about you which is … (come one, fill the blank). Your post is long, I'll give you that, but it's empty.

    NB: Read my points first. You are clearly clueless about that and I'm not interested dealing (seriously) with kids. Why? It's happened before and it happens again at another place. The answer is always irrelevant and full of misunderstanding accompanied with boastful attitude.

    I'll give you just one example:

    Your "hello world" is not the same with your "what an escapist", nevertheless both of it contain different emotions. Got it kid? Er, no, this is not about the age, kid.

  94. TheO says:

    Hmmm..! Still the dummy (mouth) piece keeps replying. Perhaps Sina must be busy practicing more tactics to attack others than to face his own.

    Hey…still like calling me 'kid', then you must be an oldie with rigid opinions. Evident by neurotically repeating kid ; concluding technical glitch as impatience and above all getting alarmed on exclamatory marks. Relax…oldie (if I'm kid to you, then you must be really OLD one) let me enlighten you.

    Do not be alarmed on exclamations, not necessarily an emotion should be involved in it. Examples: Hello World ! (see.. no emotion involved or nothing to be alarmed about). Can be used for verbs too like, Eat! Run! Sleep! and more… (and u hv on 3 dots, throw that too)

    Don't get fooled by writing language or modes. It doesn't make sense in modern world esp in cyber world. OH.. since you are an oldie, better an old proverb might help : Don't judge 'any' book by cover (and the writing language too). Perhaps, grasping things literally from "BOOKS" made it habitual you. (well.. the message conveyed too now)

    If you are so good in reading 'read between lines' and analysing, you must have noticed my placement of fullstops, paragraphing, quotes / double quotes, well organised framing and having patience to wait for a week and reply back. It must be evident to you that, its a matured – meticulous approach. In earlier post, even I had the courtesy to reply with an etiquette of 'Thank You', which an impatient oldie like you failed to notice.

    Now its going to be tough for you to get timely factual slashes given by 'the kid' . In-fact the kids are more smarter most of times and make the adults dumbfounded by asking right questions and also, by giving right answers. So, I thank you for calling me a 'KID' anyway (and yes, u remain an oldie).

    to PS :

    1. What an Escapist : is a REMARK and u concluded it as an emotion. Prejudice on exclamation mark again. (explained already)

    2. Btw, r u AliSina ? : again u conluded too soon that I came to a conclusion. It did not mean that I assume you are Sina… it means that 'can you stand aside when I'm talking to him, since you are NOT him', said in an interrogative way. (phew… have to spoon feed some oldies)

    3. Now you lost in 1 and 2, wait there are more too… U r losing on every point.

    4. Too quick to conclude, remained your trait throughout, coz you are the one poked ur nose half way and had too many assumption.

    5. So, u arrived to conclusion again.. gimme a break buddy..Supremacy ain't the food, its the destination (u need to go long way to understand what I meant by that) since even a drop of narcisssism cant take u there. What you had is a pseudo – matic one

    Narcissism works too much for you thinking ppl are afraid on bumping you. Reminds me a story told by a sensei while teaching Zen : an ant who thought people on his line, always give way, scaring it may bite them. It felt proud and keeps boasting on it. But the ignorance made him fooled that people are least bothered about it and little squish will do it totally off.

    And I was compassionate to give importance to it and answering to its primary point : Will do more than you think after Sina comes in. Don't rush of with impatience (as u always do), we got plenty of time and till then I thank you for keeping me entertained here.

    Lastly, after you copying and reactively replying for me later on emotions, conjunctions and prepositions; on serious note I like to know something. I was searching through Sina's websites and blogs to find on the present status of people who quit their old faith. Hardly just found a confused one, asking which faith to adapt, fearing social outcast.

    Just like to know, the quitters remain freethinkers or moved to other religion(s) or they were left half way black, once they quit. Got any factual statistics on it. Perhaps, the Messia of FreedomFaith creating a new one and the people are waiting for the sea to split. (no intended pun).

    Do you mind helping throwing some light on that ?

    Thank You

    'The Wise Kid'

    N.B.: Shall we move to thread below, where some1 joined you to pull me there, since it got too crowded here in replies. May be I will put something there, will be easy for you to reply me. c yu there, tkc.

  95. overview says:

    Your ideas n opinions contravene greatly with the quran. U have a great wealth of materials to rewrite the quran. I.e. if u are lucky enough not to be killed by the exremists.

  96. Justice says:

    Woman, I think u are practising Taqiyya, the principle of lying for the sake of Allah.

  97. Hendrik says:

    I left islam at 17 (2009 was the year).

  98. Sanada_10 says:

    There are 2 possibilities, either she want to show Quranic science or covering a belief (Islam) with a fact (rotating sky bodies), trying to show that these 2 are facts. Both of it are absurd.

  99. Lonelyloner says:

    uh it is a coincidence, especially since one has nothing to do with the other…

    I mean, you know the roulette table? It also rotates.
    Does it have anything to do with why the earth rotates and revolves around the sun?

    Ihsan, what is it are you trying to say?

  100. Sanada_10 says:

    Er, kid. I too had similar problems in the past but I didn't get impatient and posting multiple posts like you. Relax, kid, when you are caught red handed, it's useless to point your finger to your opponent. I came here to discuss Islam with muslims and whenever new one emerged I bumped him/her. it's that simple, no emotion involved. Beside, I already knew that sina would never answer you. Why? He had stated that himself.

    Er, exclamation remark shows your emotion coz its writing's language. It's simple. Denying it is useless, beside your immature writing reflect your behavior thus making you a kid. Just look at your own posts. I know, no one can look into his/her own face.

    No, I'm not his mouth piece, I'm judging him just like others here so don't be afraid of me, ok. Actually, if you even read his debates you can find many emotional words too. That's one of his faculty, just like any other human and he already said that he is bashing muslims all the time and that doesn't make him refuted.

    Emotional outburst is understandable just like many muslims here. It just shows that they were humans too like Allah. About devil, god etc you should read more of his writings so that you can familiarize his style. He mentioned those creatures a lot in his articles, most of them are metaphors.

    You wrote long but you didn't even address my point (that's emotion too). Back to my primary point. Are you willing to defend Islam and help your brothers here? I still have many unfinished businesses.


    1. What an Escapist !!! = emotion
    2. Btw, are u Ali Sina ??? = prejudice and too quick to conclusion
    3. you are already lost 1-2 if you know what I mean.
    4. Judging from your second post to me, I'm right about your level. Do you even know what I mean? Don't be too quick to conclude, kid. Re-read my initial and second post slowly.
    5. I use "kid" when appropriate situation occurs which again proven through your second post. Beside, supremacy is a breakfast to you, since you are a muslim. Narcissism? Everyone has that but not NPD.

    Be honest, kid, it's a good quality.

    One more, this is the second time a muslim protested about me "bumping" to him while other posters are doing that too. Why muslims? Afraid? Oh, btw, I'd dealt with this protest if you decided to comment on it. Stay cool kid, denying and protesting are emotions too.

  101. Sanada_10 says:

    Auntie, educated people of course reject that and your post is an old one. In Quran the earth is fixed, the sun and the moon move (not rotate) because it's obvious.

    Read this. I've done that. Also, read my posts to rahmanhadiq. All of your posts are repetitions.

  102. TheO says:

    " btw, I came to do this…. " was the answer to your first question, think you don't even keep track of what you talk it seems and just gibberish out.

    My earlier post was repeated few times since it was deleted earlier and then appeared again, after I posted with 'NOT TO DELETE' request. You are the one who explained me that it is the part of moderation and hence, the repeated posts has its 'technical' reasons.

    But now suddenly it has become a statistical input data to 'find' my character with technical criteria; along with the pattern analysis of the usage of 'Exclamation' marks. R u haphazardly trying to edge me out with some invalid reasoning ? And this shows how you can twist even an irrelevant thing on your favour, if required. So, your words (postings) may lack authencity, then.

    " Oh, I can see that and that says a lot about you and your level."

    It shows how fast you come to a conclusion without knowing the other person and by calling me or others as 'kid', seems a subtle boasting and self-assurance on ur imaginery supremacy. Sounds egoistic and it is a kind of narcissism too. Don't repeat it too much, that it may lead you into obsessive compulsive disorder. So take care of yourself and keep away from being mouth piece for Sina.

    I have enough patience to get an answer from Sina, on his emotional outburst but it seems that it is you being too impatient and emotional, very evident by seeing ur post. Do not try hard frantically to deviate on other things, before finishing this.

    Infact, you being nosy will only back fire his arguments later. Don't make too hard for him later. Give him sometime to answer on his own. Do not be so impatient and emotional to answer for others, you CAN'T be him and hope you wont deny the fact that he knows himself better than you do.

    The spilled words with emotions was by Sina to the lady and I was asking an explanation on this, since by saying such words he denies all his 'built up' character and conflicting his 'belief' claims that he posted here and in other places too.

    Though it is understandable that when the 'mission impossible' fails, such an emotional burst is obvious and the real 'person' inside comes out and shows their true self, destroying the fake diplomacy. But let it hear from horse mouth that what he has to say.

    A person who can judge and write a psychobiography on someone who lived few hundred of centuries ago, will surely know his own psychological level. So he is the best to answer about him. Hope you are in good state of mind to read my statements, which was expressed calmly and clearly.

    # Thank You #


  103. Abdullah ihsan says:

    The earth rotates, and it revolves around the sun. The moon revolves around a the earth. All other closest planets also revolve around the sun. Latest discovery says that the sun is rotating and revolving as well.

    First question:

    Does anybody want to deny this? I bet no well-educated people will.

    Humans are inhabitants of our beloved earth. Humans are part of the Universe whose objects are now believed to be revolving. Among these inhabitants are Muslims. In Islam, humans are created to be the khalifa on the earth. Muslims are ordered to come to Mecca for Hajj (or Umrah) at least once in his/her life during which they do Tawaf – Islamic ritual to circumambulate/revolve the Kaaba seven times, in a counterclockwise direction.

    Does anybody see this as coincidence?

  104. Sanada_10 says:

    This theO guy needs a lot to learn that Sina is just a human who is dealing more than 10 years with countless creatures like theO. Unlike him, we don't think like a cultist.

  105. Juste says:

    TheO is a muslim.
    Muslims do what muslims knows best.
    Mindless rantings and merciless killings.
    He might prefer the former over the latter. Same crap they have been practicing for centuries.

  106. Sanada_10 says:

    You wrote, "And by the way, I just came here to do this….!"

    Oh, I can see that and that says a lot about you and your level.

    No, I'm not him and being emotional doesn't invalidate this site's content. Truth doesn't get affected by its messenger. You can say that earth is round either calmly, angrily, sadly etc and it'll stay the same. And sometimes, dealing with "tape recorder" can create frustration.

    Come one, there are plenty topics you can choose here, unless you don't have the gut you can scram now. Relax, kid no need for exclamation coz it shows your emotion and that's a refutation according to your dictionary. And you have posted the same content multiple times, therefore you are impatient fellow, rather clueless about what you are doing. That fact itself has refuted you, hasn't it?

  107. TheO says:

    " That's just show that Sina is just human after all…" : What an Escapist !!! Just this one refutes all the other arguments and claims of Sina

    And by the way, I just came here to do this….! If this site is really about 'Enlightening' with truth.. why not about about its founder too. Btw, are u Ali Sina ??? I did not know such polymorphs of Sina exists here. Fakist too ! Sigh.. !!


  108. Sanada_10 says:

    Huh? You came here just to do this? No one's deleting your comment, kid. It's the moderation process. That's just show that Sina is just human after all. If you can defend Islam then be my quest, show your knowledge, oh in the mean time, maybe you can help your fellow muslims here. They still owe me a lot of explanations.

  109. TheO says:

    ### DO NOT DELETE LIKE EARLIER, its the 3rd time I'm posting after its been deleted. BE FAIR, Thank You ###


    " Have you lost you brain? "……

    " Woman, You have sold your soul to devil. "

    " Shame on you evil woman "

    " That tactic does not work with you "

    " You belong to hell. I can't help you. Not even God can help you. Well he may be able to help but I am not God "
    (Above quotes from Ali Sina)


    @ Ali Sina : Well.. well .. well… it seems.. 'the cat is out of the bag'… showing it true colours, when the truth is thrown at its face. The so called 'LOVE ALL' & humanity lover Ali Sina, calling names and disrespecting a lady; even going to the extent of cursing her. May be she poked the right vein and causing pain for Sina, facing the truth, crying in emotional burst as response to stimuli.

    Hmmm…! Strangely.. Sina start to believe in devil, hell, GOD… which he denies logically but agrees subconsciously. What an unreliable person, who don't stick to his own claims. Can't withstand any words against Joshua, reveals the hidden phsycobiography of Sina.

  110. TheO says:

    " Have you lost you brain? "……

    " Woman, You have sold your soul to devil. "

    " Shame on you evil woman "

    " That tactic does not work with you "

    " You belong to hell. I can't help you. Not even God can help

    you. Well he may be able to help but I am not God "
    (Above quotes from Ali Sina)

    @ Ali Sina : Well.. well .. well… it seems.. 'the cat is out

    of the bag'… showing it true colours, when the truth is thrown

    at its face. The so called 'LOVE ALL' & humanity lover Ali Sina,

    calling names and disrespecting a lady; even going to the extent

    of cursing her. May be she poked the right vein and causing pain

    for Sina, facing the truth, crying in emotional burst as

    response to stimuli.

    Hmmm…! Strangely.. Sina start to believe in devil, hell,

    GOD… which he denies logically but agrees subconsciously. What

    an unreliable person, who don't stick to his own claims. Can't

    withstand any words against Joshua, reveals the hidden

    phsycobiography of Sina.

  111. Sanada_10 says:

    Ali Sina is not muslim name, it's Arabic name and Arab is older than Islam, not every Arab is muslim too.

  112. TheO says:

    " Have you lost you brain? "……

    " Woman, You have sold your soul to devil. " …..

    " Shame on you evil woman "…..

    " That tactic does not work with you "

    " You belong to hell. I can't help you. Not even God can help you. Well he may be able to help but I am not God "

    (Above quotes from Ali Sina)

    @ Ali Sina : Well.. well .. well… it seems.. 'the cat is out of the bag'… showing it true colours, when the truth is thrown at its face. The so called 'LOVE ALL' & humanity lover Ali Sina, calling names and disrespecting a lady; even going to the extent of cursing her. May be she poked the right vein and causing pain for Sina, facing the truth, crying in emotional burst as response to stimuli.

    Hmmm…! Strangely.. Sina start to believe in devil, hell, GOD… which he denies logically but agrees subconsciously or emotionally. Sigh..!!! What an unreliable person, who don't stick to his own claims.

    Can't withstand any words against Joshua, reveals the hidden phsycobiography of Sina. Finally, u too fake one Sina.. !!!

  113. Theo says:

    " Have you lost you brain? "……

    " Woman, You have sold your soul to devil. " …..

    " Shame on you evil woman "…..

    " That tactic does not work with you "

    " You belong to hell. I can't help you. Not even God can help you. Well he may be able to help but I am not God "

    (Above quotes from Ali Sina)

    @ Ali Sina : Well.. well .. well… it seems.. 'the cat is out of the bag'… showing it true colours, when the truth is thrown at its face. The so called 'LOVE ALL' & humanity lover Ali Sina, calling names and disrespecting a lady; even going to the extent of cursing her. May be she poked the right vein and causing pain for Sina, facing the truth, crying in emotional burst as response to stimuli.

    Hmmm…! Strangely.. Sina start to believe in devil, hell, GOD… which he denies logically but agrees subconsciously or emotionally. Sigh..!!! What an unreliable person, who don't stick to his own claims. Can't withstand any words against Joshua, reveals the hidden phsycobiography of Sina. Finally, u too fake one Sina.. !!!

  114. Juste says:

    You must be a malaysian muslim am i right?
    Only you people can think the way you are.
    I have former muslim acquaintances and they didn’t bother changing their name. So what?
    You wrote that you won’t need any proof to believe. Fine! Indulge yourself in your blind believe! Go ahead! What’s stopping you?
    Reading real Islamic books? Do you count Quran, Ahadeeth and Sirat as such? Because that is what Sina based his works on.
    May Allah forgive you and us?
    I doubt it. Muhammad’s allah is a vengeful and sick entity.
    What kind of God legalize the killings of innocents in His name?
    Need to learn a lot Dear Sakina.
    All those censorship in your country have done some damage to your brain cells.

  115. Sakina says:

    Sina first of all i wanna invite u to b a muslim, then i wanna tel u if u don’t want to b a muslim den change ur name.As i read ur stupid article becoz of ur name z muslimz name.And stop writing des thingz about our religion as we muslimz do not need d proof on whatever we believe.we have faith on allah that z wat our religion is all about.If u write all this becoz u hav no othr job and u wanna stupid praise on ur stupid imaginary and false work den go on,or u can prove ur self by reading real islamic books.Shame on u people if we muslimz dn’t interfere n ur religion beliefz who d hell r u to interfere in ourz.May allah forgive u and us.(ameen)

  116. enlightened25 says:

    "The people who were murdered after the conquest of Mecca were hardly innocent, and did more than "mock Muhammad" (pbuh). They provided weapons and supplies to the enemies of Islam."
    1)Ali sina already answered that. How could Asma bint Marwan a mother of five young children pose any threat to him when he was surrounded by his followers who were more than willing to kill and die for him.
    2)Earlier you wrote "Muhammad (pbuh), though, was divinely inspired." So what is it muhammad had allah whisper in his ear and tell him some meccans were providing weapons or did he actually find hard evidence of that?
    3)"enemies of Islam" What do you mean by that becuse islam is an idea. I am an "enemie of islam" and ali sina and geert wilders (just for a couple of examples) definitely are. Should they be killed?

  117. enlightened25 says:

    "Mose's (pbuh) place at the "throne" ultimately symbolizes his (pbuh) place of high importance/reverence)" It did not say moses was at the throne it said he would be holding it.

  118. Just Dan says:

    you said God gave rationality to mankind.
    God of whom?
    Muhammad’s God? Bin Laden’s God?
    Those guys were raving maniacs!
    They said your Allah made them do the things they did!
    Don’t be talking about “free will” because there is no such thing in Islam. Don’t believe me? Go live in Saudi! And have a taste of Islamic “free will”.
    Forgiveness? Yeah right. Did Khomeini died and give his mercy to Salman Rushdie?
    You are UNREAL!
    Please spread your spammy propaganda messages on your own website. Your site looks like a sensible place for it.

  119. livingsunnah says:

    You're confusing Islam with Muslims. Islam provides humanity with the guidelines that it needs to make good decisions, and God also gave rationality to mankind so that he can apply these guidelines. Most things in life are about balance; if something does not explicitly harm someone, then it's usually a concern of finding a balance with this thing. This is a very small concern, and it's every Muslim's choice, really, because we're all different and have a certain amount of free will. But those Muslims who kill others, the Qur'an guarantees the "hellfire".

    Yes, that's true to an extent. Anyone can believe what they want, but words and actions have an effect on others and people should be held accountable for this effect. Yet, as I've said in multiple comments now, the Qur'an argues for equitable retribution, and for forgiveness, applied to everyone. (Ex. 5:42-49)

  120. livingsunnah says:

    I didn't say people who criticize Islam should be killed. In fact, in other comments I've furthered the Qur'anic response of equitable retribution. If someone attacks with the sword, return in kind. If someone criticizes Islam, attack with words- hence why I'm commenting on all of the inaccuracies on this website and not blowing up bombs.

    The people who were murdered after the conquest of Mecca were hardly innocent, and did more than "mock Muhammad" (pbuh). They provided weapons and supplies to the enemies of Islam. Furthermore, of the ten people that were ordered to be killed upon the conquest of Mecca, many were also guilty of murder or other serious crimes, and some were pardoned eventually.

  121. livingsunnah says:

    Of course the earth orbits the sun; I didn't claim otherwise. However, it appears on earth to disappear under the Earth (which, technically speaking, is true: at midnight, the straight path to the sun is beneath one's feet, through the Earth, and millions of miles away) and prostrate. I don't think you understand the figurative part of this hadith.

    I said that "throne" PRIMARILY refers to God's creation, especially within the Qur'an itself. In this case "throne" could easily be interpreted literally and make sense. (If you read that entire hadith, though, the point of it wasn't about the throne- it was to explain that all prophets are equal in importance and should be respected, so the Mose's (pbuh) place at the "throne" ultimately symbolizes his (pbuh) place of high importance/reverence)

  122. livingsunnah says:

    Isn't it ironic that you complain that Muslims who visit your site only "name-call", and then wish that Muslims would present rational rebuttals to your arguments. However, when I do this (actually using citations, which your more extreme claims always lack), all you can do is call me names and try to support yourself with obvious logical fallacies (thousands of people agree with me, I must be right)!

    Also, I do not compare Jesus (pbuh) to Muhammad (pbuh). Both of them were worthy teachers and taught their respective messages. I never once called Jesus (pbuh) an assassin.

  123. enlightened25 says:

    "I think any Muslim would agree that the pillars of Islam are obligatory" Maybe about the main things, but about the small things like for example music is it prohibited or not? To non-muslims this seems trivial but to a muslim who believes music is prohibited he will kill his co-religionist believing him/her to be a satanic zionist apostate.

    "Yet, when I make any action that impacts someone else (since Islam says there is no "compulsion")," Yes its okay not to believe it as long as you don`t talk about islam. Or as one muslim put it to me its fine to be an unbeliever but satan worshiping disbelievers like you should be killed.

  124. enlightened25 says:

    "If you study the history at the time of Islam's introduction, or even history since then and including now, you can see how Islam's emphasis on tolerance, forgiveness, equality, retribution, and piety undeniably benefit society" Yes we can see that "tolerance" when you say people who criticise islam should be killed.

    "So, really, just kill the polytheists who supported your enemies or fought against you." Please we already know what you mean by "fought against you" becuse according to you the assaination of a 120 year old and a defence-less women was legit simply becuse they mocked muhammed. So please do not try to lie and fool me, becuse you made the mistake of removing your mask and revealing yourself as a thug terrorist.

  125. enlightened25 says:

    The earth orbits the sun, the sun does not orbit the earth so there is one scientific absurdity just for starters.

    "The "throne" in Islam primarily alludes to creation or God's domain (2:255)" Then how come in many hadiths it is refered to as an actual throne. Take this example "The trumpet will be blown for the second time and I will be the first to be resurrected to see Moses holding Allah's Throne." (Sahih Al-Bukhari 4.626) So are you suggesting moses will hold the whole universe?

  126. Ali Sina says:

    Woman, You have sold your soul to devil. You have gone to the dark side. I see no hope in you. I regret sending you my book. You have found your home. Islam belongs to evil people. Jesus was not an assassin. He told his followers to forgive people’s sins. He told them to love their enemies. He told them to throw the stone if they have not sinned. How dare you compare Jesus with Muhammad?

    Muhammad assassinated bad people? What did Asma bint Marwan do that Muhammad ordered her to be assassinated? How could that mother of five small children pose any threat to Muhammad who was surrounded by his gangsters? All she did was to compose a poem cursing the Yathrebis for letting a stranger coming into their town and assassinating a centenarian man.

    Shame on you evil woman. Shame on you for you have lost every trace of humanity and have become a despicable zombie. Congratulations! You are now a true devil worshipper. You have become a diabolic being.

    I am glad to see people converting to Islam and becoming evil. I have tried to prove to the world that we the Middle Easterners are not evil because of our race. It is Islam that converts humans into monsters and race has nothing to do with it. You prove my point.

    I can save only good people from Islam and I have helped thousands of good people to leave Islam. I cannot save evil souls. You are beyond redemption.

    In these 13 years I have talked to thousands of Muslims. I have developed an ability to discern who is a good person caught in the cocoon of lies and who is evil. You are evil to the core. I don’t want to save you and I can’t save you. It is rare to come across someone who would so shamelessly agree with all the crimes of Muhammad. Most Muslims deny them and genuinely don’t know the truth. You know the truth and still love it. Go to hell you miserable creature. There is no way I can help you. My tactic is to shock Muslims by revealing to them the evilness of Muhammad. That tactic does not work with you. Let me make an example. Muslims are generally like sleeping people. I take a needle and pierce them with it. It hurts them but it wakes them up. But I can’t resurrect someone dead by piercing his or her body with needles. You are spiritually dead poor woman. You belong to hell. I can’t help you. Not even God can help you. Well he may be able to help but I am not God.

  127. livingsunnah says:

    Well, thank you, that was a constructive comment.

    Did Jesus (pbuh) have any need to assassinate anyone? No one ever attacked him, and, indeed, hardly anyone recognized him (which was why Judas had to show the Jewish elders who Jesus (pbuh) was when he (pbuh) was arrested). Nonetheless, Muhammad (pbuh) preached for three times the length of what Jesus (pbuh) did, while in Mecca, and never once encouraged violence because God did not provide a revelation to him (pbuh) saying that it was allowed.

    "If God wanted to kill anyone why would he need henchmen?" Not everything that God demands from his followers are solely for His benefit; if there are bad people in the physical world, Islam teaches that a person has a right to defend their self. If God intervened to kill every bad person, not only would it prevent possible reconciliation and Muslim forgiveness/tolerance/growth, but it would prevent the need for self-sufficiency.

  128. livingsunnah says:

    I just realized that I neglected to respond to your last comment.

    Actually, I'm not exactly sure what your question is. The sun goes beneath the Earth- behind it, on the other side of it…. That's what the verse means, and it's similar to man prostrating to God, as it appears to man.

    The "throne" in Islam primarily alludes to creation or God's domain (2:255); it can also generally refer to God's power and sovereignty over mankind (20:5).

  129. Ali Sina says:

    Have you lost you brain? This man was an assassin and you say he was divinely inspired? If God wanted to kill anyone why would he need henchmen? Did Jesus commit any of the crimes Muhammad commited? You converted to Islam but what happened to your brain poor woman?

    Muhammad said women are deficient in intelligence and I beging to think at least in the case of you and other women converting to Islam he was right.

  130. livingsunnah says:

    Yes, Muhammad (pbuh) ordered a few assassinations; Muhammad (pbuh), though, was divinely inspired. People aside from Muhammad (pbuh) need to prove that they are using Muhammad (pbuh)'s divine justification before they simply act like him (pbuh).

    Additionally, the Qur'an also says that God never killed people (or civilizations) without sending a prophet first. Not only does this imply that assassinations should follow strenuous intellectual and spiritual teachings, but they also argue that it is up to God if people should die.

    Of course, it becomes justified to kill others is they commit one of the four death-penalty sins in Islam, including fighting against Islam. Islam says to punish one crime with the like. If someone attacks by sword, you counter with the sword; if someone argues with words, attack them with words. But the best response, if one repents or shows remorse for their actions, is forgiveness (which is expressed 200+ times in the Qur'an).

  131. enlightened25 says:

    part 2-"Islam takes a lot of understanding; it is not a book that can or should be pulled out of context- and that is the fault of violent extremists who take a few verses to justify their actions, when really the entire book argues against it!" How can you be so sure the "violent extremists" are wrong and your right especially if it takes a lot of understanding. And also does not the koran say its easy to understand? If thats true then why so much confusion amoung the muslims. And whats the point in allah sending messangers whose message is so hard to understand, that it has left humanity in much worse state than if it had been left alone.

  132. enlightened25 says:

    "Assassinating people proves nothing about Allah or any other Muslims! It proves that one person took verses out of context and attacked something that threatened them without being logical or patient about dealing with the situation." Muhammed himself ordered assainations.

    "Besides, saying the sun "prostrates" does not literally mean that it does prostrate- it's beautiful imagery to make people conscious of the idea of submission and guidance, even on the vast scale of the solar system" What does it mean then? It also says "underneath the Throne" i ask what throne? And where is it.

  133. livingsunnah says:

    One supplicates to God to prove and strengthen our submission and to ask for guidance. God does not take it as advice about whom to "deceive".

    Supplicating is an act that helps the supplicator more than anything; yet, it also is an act that shows God that we submit to his judgment, and to ask for his mercy. It humbles ones' self before the greatness and power of God. Because supplications help to increase one's blessings, faith, and piety, one is therefore more worthy after supplicating for the things that we supplicate for. It also makes us more conscious of our desires when we supplicate; thus, as a verse in the Qur'an says, it may help one realize that they "like something that is bad for them, and hate something that is good for them". Ultimately, God makes decisions based on what is best for mankind.

  134. livingsunnah says:

    Assassinating people proves nothing about Allah or any other Muslims! It proves that one person took verses out of context and attacked something that threatened them without being logical or patient about dealing with the situation.

    There are plenty of Muslims who can logically attack your argument, especially since it is illogical itself! Much of what you write above is about interpretation; where the sun was setting, as another person said, can refer to a place at the time of sunset, not the edge of the world. In fact, the stories confirm this: given the expanse of civilization and the length of time that travel took, it wouldn't make sense to say that anyone would walk to where the sun rose (especially not in one day, as the verse indicates).

    You also seem to take the language of the Qur'an literally (although Arabic is known for being incredibly expressive and metaphorical). Obviously the Earth is not a bed, but why does it have to mean therefore that it is flat; is that the first characteristic of a bed that one thinks of? No, we think of it as a place to rest, to make us comfortable. Besides, saying the sun "prostrates" does not literally mean that it does prostrate- it's beautiful imagery to make people conscious of the idea of submission and guidance, even on the vast scale of the solar system. Everything is inter-connected in this way; it wasn't said because the Qur'an is implying that every night the sun goes under the earth to do 4 ra'qas! 😉

    Furthermore, it is not the fault of ALL Muslims, nor the Qur'an if many Muslims have tried to interpret the scriptures incorrectly or vaguely so that non-Muslims can appreciate it. When it comes down to it, when you read the Qur'an in Arabic, you really can't change the meaning of it (which is something claimed by the Qur'an, and in other scriptures such as the Bible). However, those who try to change the scriptures will be losers in the end; those who believe their words and come into Islam with a false impression will be confused and perhaps abandon it if it doesn't agree with what they expect. Islam takes a lot of understanding; it is not a book that can or should be pulled out of context- and that is the fault of violent extremists who take a few verses to justify their actions, when really the entire book argues against it!

  135. marcionite says:

    It was a catholic priest who first proposed the concept of the big bang theory.But the real irony is that when father George Lemaitre,professor at Catholic University in Belgium first shared this with Einstein,he rejected it as absurd.("Your math is correct, but your physics is abominable.")

    The priest initially described his theory as "the Cosmic Egg exploding at the moment of the creation" but Fred Hoyle later coined it "the Big Bang Theory",not to be confused with the sitcom starring the hot Kaley Cuoco.

  136. This isn't Ali Sina's site ^_^ It's a fan site.. Ali Sina's real site is 🙂 LOL!!

  137. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    Ask your muslim debater, why did Rasool il Allah SAWS say __"Allah, Imkir li wala tomkir bi"__.__This statement has to mean one of the following,__1. Allah SWT doesn't already know whom to deceive & whom not to – hence this supplication__2. Allah SWT is a fool that needs constant supplication from his more smarter 'Prophet'__3. Prophet is conniving & trying to fool Allah SWT – because otherwise (i.e. without this supplication), Allah SWT would have decieved Prophet (for the crimes the Prophet had committed).__.__So, where is a need to supplicate an all-knowing Allah SWT. Also, isn't the Prophet trying to order Allah SWT to do this & not that. Let's say Allah SWT did follow the order/ instruction, now, this means Allah SWT is a second-rung thug that works for Prophet. Like how Chotta Rajan works for Dawood Ibrahim.__.__MN

  138. arun says:

    The Prophet was mentioned to supplicate the following:

    Allah, Imkir li wala tomkir bi.

    Translation: O Allah, deceive for me and not at me

    By the first glance, one would be horrified by this supplication. But If that person were to dig into the language it was spoken in, he/she would understand that it is the nature of the language the is the main factor, not the teaching or religion. It is for that reason that many translations prefer to use “Plan” when translating “Makr”. For the reason that the English language doesn’t offer the same leniency with the definition of its words as the Arabic does.

    how should i respond to this claim..please do help me

  139. arun says:

    dear sina,this is what he said defending about allah of not being a deceiver:
    First of all, one of Allah’s names is Al-Haqq (The Truth), this in contrast to the shallow understanding of Makr creates a contradiction. The reasons below will further clarify the definition of Makr Allah as mentioned in the Qur’an:

    – God doesn’t Yimkir (“deceive”) except with a Maakir (deceiver).
    – Us humans deceive to hide and omit truth, while God “deceives” to bring truth forth and make it apparent.
    – The Makr of humans is misleading, misguiding, and punishes the innocent, while Mark Allah is just, guiding, and punishes those who ought to be punished (the wicked).

    Thus we see that the deception of humans is always in a negative sense discouraged, while the “deception of Allah” is praised, encouraged and always in the positive sense.

    Arabic has a very lenient definition of its words, although the words do have a set definition, they can be used in a way that brings an unorthodox definition, below is a fair example:

  140. arun says:

    dear ali sina,i recently had a debate with a muslim about Allah.of being a i am a novice in such discussions i just quoted some verses from quran which tell that allah is a big deceiver..but i couldn't prove them..and the person with whom i was discussing gave the below explanation after reading i didnt knew how to respond could u please suggest me some..

  141. bom says:

    That is really the most stupidest thing i ever heard. Wishing for someone to die in gods name? Sh*t thank god that I was not born a muslim. Christians are seldom or never to be like that.Now what. give me some reasons why did you actually wished that thing.

  142. rogue knight seyren says:

    agree. I live here in the philippines, specifically here in mindanao and i can actually see the DIFFERENCE between the MUSLIM communities and the common civilized community. Heck, muslims in their own turf are like savage ones. Rapes, hold-ups and anything bad happening in a big city multiplied 20 times. Whenever there is a non-muslim raped that is committed by a muslim, the police don't actually catch the perpetrator(because the police is also a muslim, guess what, the records of the police in that station is actually all CLEAN). Nice huh? If i'd actually hear something people saying things like "Muslims are good people or like" my head does actually go aching and i want to shout to that person "You don't know what are you talking about"

  143. Ali Sina says:

    Is that all your god can do? Can't he give his worshippers a bit of wisdom so they can refute what I say logically? By assassinating people you prove my point that Allah is devil and Muslims are devil worshippers. If Allah were real god and had any power he could make one Muslim come up with a logical argument to refute me. But there is none. Instead there are millions of stupid zombies who know nothing more than killing.

    Look buddy. Allah is not God. If he were God and he was offended by what I say, he would have had some reasonable arguments to prove me wrong. He is also helpless. If he wanted to kill me he could have done it on his own and he would not have needed thugs like you do do his dirty work. All Allah can do is lie and deceive brain dead people like you. Then you go around killing people., At the end you go to hell for worshipping the Satan. Stop this stupidity. God has given us the brain so we can distinguish right from wrong, I used mine and realized Allah is devil. Why don't you use yours?

  144. mohanad says:

    ali sina u r smart man but believe me allah will get back on you for putting down his word and his prophet like that stupid dude in Denmark and i believe that inshalla less than 2 years you will be dead inshallah

  145. Ali Sina says:

    The general misconception is that Islam is good and divine and Muslims don’t understand it. The reality is however different. We see that those who know Islam best are most violent, backward thinking and abusive. The more a country or a person adheres to Islam the more vicious he becomes. Isn’t it time that we reconsider our belief about Islam being inherently good? Why is it that the countries that are not Islamic are almost always better off than those that are?

    The answer is right in the Quran, the Sira and the hadith. It is in the teachings and examples set by Muhammad. Compared to other religions, a disproportionate percentage of Muslims are terrorists. Anyone who bothers to study Islam will see that Muhammad practiced terror and advocated it. The Quran is full of violent teachings. Murder and martyrdom were encouraged and enjoined by Muhammad. These are facts recorded in the Quran and by Muslim historians.

    You wrote, “Muhammad (peace be upon him), was a messenger. Judge not the messenger but rather, the message.”

    This is quite a statement. Are you embarrassed of what Muhammad did? What was his message? Is it fair to say the Quran is the message? Here is what the Quran days about the messenger.

    We sent you not, but as a Mercy for all creatures. (Q.21:107)
    And surely you [Muhammad] have sublime morals. (Q.68:4)
    Indeed in the Messenger of Allâh you have a good example to follow. (Q.33:21)
    Verily this is the word of a most honorable Messenger. (Q.81:19)

    As you see the “message” says follow the messenger. The messenger was a terrorist, a rapist, a pedophile, an assassin, a thief, a thug. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that if Muhammad was a liar, his message is a lie.

    Forget about Muhammad for now. Is there anything good in the message itself? The Quran is a prescription for murder and terror. There is nothing good in this book. It is partly asinine and stupid statements, partly violent and evil teachings and partly plagiarized passages for other religious sources. Show me what is good in Islam that is new.

    Anyway, don’t Pooh-pooh my articles. has had 40 million visitors so far and I have led thousands of Muslims out of Islam. Many of them are now doing what I do and some of them do it better than me, and we are growing fast.

    Read my book and if you still think Islam is great, write your rebuttal to it. I will publish it, will acknowledge the truth of Islam and will even pay $50 k as reward for helping me see the truth.

  146. Isaak says:

    Or… how about considering that Ali Sina is amongst countless hate-mongering, anti-Islam folks who just have the agenda of distinguishing themselves in a destructive manner. Ali Sina could be just another pseudo-intellectual who wants to be taken seriously, and be in the limelight. Why would anybody want to challenge an introverted hate-machine with such a small audience?

    Lots of ignorant, sentimental folk with little understanding on anything share the same sentiments on Islam as Ali Sina – unfortunately a lot of what he can criticise about Muslims (not Islam) is true – Muslims need a new renaissance.

    However, ISLAM is NOT the same as "beliefs of Muslims". Most Muslims these days do not even understand their own beliefs or where it all comes from, or learn how to distinguish between literary manipulation and Divine message. Most Muslim leaders cannot even perform basic mathematical operations or construct grammatically correct sentences.

    Islam's true value will only be realised once these over-rated old farts make way for those who are able to unlock Islam's true worth and potential. Muhammad (peace be upon him), was a messenger. Judge not the messenger but rather, the message. He was a man who made mistakes – a fact that 99% of Muslims in the world today cannot seem to grasp. He also had his own interpretations and habits that were socially acceptable at the time, but by today's standards may seem weird.

    That does not mean his soul was not pure – he only spoke what he knew to be the truth. Muslims should stop obsessing over him and focus on the truth in his message.

    Ali Sina: stop looking at the traditions and cultures of Muslim people – including the prophet Muhammad in order to create the false perception that THIS IS ISLAM – but rather look at the truth of Islam itself. All you can criticize, reasonably or not, is common people's/Muslim interpretation of Islam – not true Islam itself.

    Refer to this website as a starting point.

  147. Arya Anand says:

    Hello SAT,

    Actually you are either ignorant about Islam and Muhammad's criminal and terrorist acts or you just practice deception(taqiyya). Ali Sina does not fabricate lies about Muhammad and always supports his claims with Quran, Hadith and Muhammad's biography. What evidence do you have against his claims? Give us evidence if you have one.

  148. SAT says:

    Ali Sina, you are a ignorant kid. "When he reached the setting of the sun, he found it set in a spring of murky water: Near it he found a People: We said: “O Zul-qarnain! (thou hast authority" This verse means that the person reached a spring of murky water at sunset. Ali Sina you have not told the single grain of truth when it comes to the prophet Muhammad and the holy Quraan. YOur articles about Muhammad are all wrong. I hope you suffer for the terrible lies you have told on behalf of Muhammad. If anything your an insult to human kind. You have taken something as self defense as murder.

  149. Moooo says:

    Could you please inform this rahmanhadiq? I have made response to him here in Safiyah article.

  150. John K says:

    Rebuttals are not possible. All they can do is divert, distract and obfuscate, when they aren't bullying.

  151. Ilah says:

    If any of them can actually write a rebuttal.

  152. Ilah says:

    How many of them can actually debate? I believe only Mr. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi and Dr. Khalid Zaheer debated Ali Sina properly. Have to say it was actually a good read.

  153. Ilah says:

    Unless money is involved or any other kind of persuasion or the person is weak minded, then I'm afraid no unbiased person would view the Quran as the truth. Besides don't you know that Ali Sina is an ex-muslim? I'm surprised he broke free from his brainwashing just from reading the Quran. He must not have been indoctrinated all that much, lol.

    I know I was indoctrinated a lot and would never have seen the errors. It was only because a friend was annoying me with the Quran being fairy tale which created the seed of doubt. Went online to find errors and that was the last time I ever saw "truth" in Islam. Scientific error was what removed my brainwashing. Some Christian guy wrote a blog about the error which happened to be a similar error to the one that muslims accuse the Bible of having. From there Ali Sina and many others showed just how disgraceful the Quran really was and nowhere near the "truth".

    Many things I said as a muslim that turned out to be false. One of the things I said was, "I would never leave Islam". Looking back it doesn't make sense to me as to why I would say that. What reason would I have for leaving Islam if it was true is all I can think of as an excuse.

  154. ALI BABA says:

    Ali Sina, you are free to hate on islam as that is your god given right but your post clearly shows you have no understanding of the Quran. The Quran clearly explains orbits and space, tells you the earth is elliptical round, the heavens have no pillars, the barrier is between the fresh and salt waters which do not mix, etc.

    Your diagram is amusing but has no relevance to the facts presented in the Quran. You make sense when dealing with nonsensical Hadith but it is apparent your observations are fueled by hatred of islam than an unbiased look at the Quran to ascertain whether or not it is the truth.

  155. John K says:

    That's pretty ridiculous. If you live in Japan, the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west.

    All the people in the world are not idiots, just Muslims who believe gangster con-man Muhammad and his book of Quranic lies.

  156. Hamba Allah says:

    Dear Mr. Ali Sina.
    Apparently you do more manipulation of data, why do you always cheating? actually your answer is already refuted by a man who named rahmanhadiq, but you reject it for no apparent reason. click on this link;

  157. adnan says:

    dear mr ali sina, by the blog that u hve written above,u look like a very knowledgable person and also u have scorned at the thought that the sun revovlves and u say that actually the earth revolves.
    but as a matter of fact, even the sun revovles as well as rotates. u can try googling it.
    and another thing, about u saying that the sun does not rise in the east nor sets in the west, then why is japan known as the land of rising sun. seriously, u dont mean to say that the all the peole of today are idiots. u can email me, and i will try my best to reply.
    E-MAIL- [email protected]

  158. John K says:

    The music has already started. I just listened to Dr. Walid Phares interview on the Gadi Adelman show. It is still on the homepage, but the Permalink is here:

    The interview starts with the song, Live to Die, by Joe Dan of The song is still at the # 3 slot on the Free Jukebox there, or you can hear it at the interview.

  159. indian says:

    great work mr sinha

  160. Ali Sina says:

    Thank you Ashish. You can bet this is one repetition I will never get tired hearing about. Or course we all need encouragement. The best encouragement is when someone writes to say he or she has left Islam as the result of reading my articles. That is always the best music to my ears. And I am glad that I am hearing this music more and more often.

  161. ashish says:

    Dr Sina
    I know this may be very repetitive to you but I am a great fan of yours and you are on No 1 on my list of people who are producing a change in the world for good. Thank You very much for your contribution to world peace.

  162. Khader Mohideen says:

    Dear Sina ,
    genuine Muslim scholars ??

    ALL frauds …..

  163. Khader Mohideen says:

    Great IDEA George ….

  164. Khader Mohideen says:

    Bro , Surely Not from a GOD , Because there is NO GOD at all :: )))

  165. Khader Mohideen says:

    Hello ,

    One billion Muslims , Is anyone available on the whole internet world to challenge Mr.Ali Sina?????
    Shame on you Muslims.

    Khader. K

  166. George says:

    Hello Mr Sina,

    I want to congratulate you for your good work. I have already suggested that you invite some volunteers to create verses similar to the koran. Also you could invite apostate singers to sing songs against islam like some heavy metal bands do against christianity and other religions. The album cover should be anti muhammad and anti islam so that the message sticks in the minds of the listeners. i think it will be very good if islam was attacked not just intellectually but culturally as well. the cartoonists have done a good job but good anti-islam songs will really make people think and question. something like anti islamic rage against the machine. as you say the islamic community needs to be shocked in that way to make them see the stupidity of their religion or any religion as such (i am an atheist and do not like religion in general).

    may true peace be upon you.

  167. Ali Sina says:

    I am always ready to talk to genuine Muslim scholars. Please see if you can convince one to write a rebuttal.

  168. adil says:

    Mr Ali Sina has proven himself as an ignorant man. Many of false hadiths were falsely realted to prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him); this is also true to all other Allah almighty prophets including Jessus son of Marry. Unfortunately, many of the missled people who attach muslims mentally or verbally find in comments like these "trash" a window to spread their heatrate and rhetoric aginst the most spread religon in the world. I would like to suggest to Ali Sina and others to read genuine muslim literature and talk to muslims scholars before building an argument.

  169. jimmy says:

    Nice Article

  170. Pope Damasus I says:

    One wonders what goes on in the heads of muslims!

    Slavery? Sex with children? Killing as worship? Proclaiming other human beings unclean?

    How in the name of all that is holy could this be from God?


  171. johannes says:

    thank you ali sina.. just what we needed.. you forgot however to adorn the lower heaven with stars..

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