Did Muhammad Perform Miracles?

It is no secret that faith blinds and believers cannot see anything wrong with the object of their belief. This is the reason why while Muslims can find errors in the Bible, the Hindu texts and the scriptures of all other faiths, they can’t see the blatant absurdities in their own faith..

Muslims love Muhammad so much that they want to dress like him, speak the same language he spoke, behave the way he behaved and eat the food that he ate. This is not an indication of the greatness of Muhammad, but the unconditional, fanatical and blind faith of his believers.

Followers of all cults adulate their leader. All cults are cult of personality. They are about one person at the centre of all the attention, adoration, emulation and eulogy. This is no indication that their leaders were really superior beings. Humans need heroes and fabricate them. Often when these leaders die they assume a mythological status much bigger than life.

Muslims have not seen Muhammad. They rely on second hand stories about their prophet. Those stories idolize him beyond human reason. Many of those tales (hadiths) are forged, exaggerated and baseless.  The following is one example.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 208
Narrated Anas bin Malik:
The people of Mecca asked Allah’s Apostle to show them a miracle. So he showed them the moon split in two halves between which they saw the Hira’ mountain.

Also Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 830 ,831, 832

The splitting of the Moon is mentioned in the Quran, but this strange phenomenon is not claimed as a miracle of Muhammad. It is rather Muhammad and a bunch of Meccans observing what they thought are two moons and Muhammad commented that this is the miracle of Allah.  For more on splitting the moon see this article

Or this one that claims he made water out of nothing.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 4, Number 170
Narrated Anas bin Malik:

I saw Allah’s Apostle when the ‘Asr prayer was due and the people searched for water to perform ablution but they could not find it. Later on (a pot full of) water for ablution was brought to Allah’s Apostle . He put his hand in that pot and ordered the people to perform ablution from it. I saw the water springing out from underneath his fingers till all of them performed the ablution (it was one of the miracles of the Prophet).

Or he multiplied the bread. Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 59, Number 428

However, the above miracles contradict the Quran.  When challenged, Muhammad repeatedly denied being able to perform any miracle. He said that although other prophets before him were given the power to perform miracles, his only miracle is the Quran.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 92, Number 379
Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, “There was no prophet among the prophets but was given miracles because of which people had security or had belief, but what I was given was the Divine Inspiration which Allah revealed to me. So I hope that my followers will be more than those of any other prophet on the Day of Resurrection.”

There are many verses in Quran that reaffirm this last Hadith, proving that Muhammad never performed any miracle and found it useless.

In the following verse Muhammad is acknowledging that other prophets before him came with miracles or clear signs, but still people rejected them, highlighting the futility of miracles as the proof of his revelation.

They (also) said: “Allah took our promise not to believe in a messenger unless He showed us a sacrifice consumed by Fire (From heaven).” Say: “There came to you messengers before me, with clear Signs and even with what ye ask for: why then did ye slay them, if ye speak the truth?” if you are truthful? Q. 03: 183


The unbelievers repeatedly asked Muhammad to perform a miracle so that they could believe. All they got in response was,

They say: “We shall not believe in thee, until thou cause a spring to gush forth for us from the earth, Q. 17: 90


His response was:

Say: “Glory to my Lord! Am I aught but a man,- a messenger?” Q. 17: 93


People doubted Muhammad because they saw nothing extraordinary or miraculous in him.

And naught prevented mankind from believing when the guidance came unto them save that they said: Hath Allah sent a mortal as (His) messenger? Q. 17: 94


And they say: “What sort of a messenger is this, who eats food, and walks through the streets? Why has not an angel been sent down to him to give admonition with him? Q. 25: 7


“Or (Why) has not a treasure been bestowed on him, or why has he (not) a garden for enjoyment?” The wicked say: “Ye follow none other than a man bewitched.” Q. 25: 8


But Muhammad kept telling them that he is just an ordinary man not an angel, and people should not expect miracles from him!

Say: Had there been in the earth angels walking about as settlers, We would certainly have sent down to them from the heaven an angel as a messenger. Q. 17: 95


Commonsense dictates that no one would deny and call a man who performs such mighty miracles, like splitting the moon, as believed by all the Muslims, a madman or possessed. But those who knew him best actually called him by these names.

They say: “O thou to whom the Message is being revealed! truly thou art mad (or possessed)!. Q. 15: 06


No one would demand him miracles if he had already performed one

Why do you not bring to us the angels if you are of the truthful ones? Q. 15: 07

Muhammad’s response was:

We send not the angels down except for just cause: if they came (to the ungodly), behold! no respite would they have! Q. 15: 08


The Quraish kept asking for a sign or a miracle to believe and Muhammad kept saying that he can’t do it. He is only a warner.

And the Unbelievers say: “Why is not a sign sent down to him from his Lord?” But thou art truly a warner, and to every people a guide. Q. 13: 07

There are many more verses that tell the same story – people asking miracles and him saying, I am just a man, just like you, only a warner.  A clear proof that Muhammad never performed any miracle is in this verse where it says that people rejected even other messengers who came with miracles and clear signs.  In other words he would not perform miracles because according to him even if he performed them they people would not believe. This is of course a lie.  I am a rationalist and a critic of Islam but if I see a miracle by any Muslim even I will believe.

Then if they reject thee, so were rejected messengers before thee, who came with Clear Signs, Books of dark prophecies, and the Book of Enlightenment. Q. 3: 184

In the above verses Muhammad is denying any supernatural power. If he could perform a miracle, why would he refuse to show them one? In the following verse he clearly rejects miracles as the proof of prophethood comparing them to witchcrafts.

Their hearts toying as with trifles. The wrong-doers conceal their private counsels, (saying), “Is this (one) more than a man like yourselves? Will ye go to witchcraft with your eyes open?”Q. 21: 3

Had he performed miracles, it would be of no proof to people who did not see him do it, but it would have at least convinced those around him.  Many charlatans, like the Indian crook Sai Baba perform tricks to fool their audience.  Muhammad could not do even that.

Muhammad was right in emphasizing that the real miracle should be his message or the Quran. Although this is a valid argument the Quran is no miracle at all. It is a book full of errancies and absurdities.

I don’t see Muhammad as a superior human being for two reasons.

a)       Many of hadiths and verses from the Quran, reveal him as a ruthless, vengeful, deceitful, and impious man. Acts like raiding, looting, killing those who did not believe in him, cursing his enemies, treating women as second class citizens and calling them deficient in intelligence, cowardly assassinating women and old men for criticizing him make him more like a thug and less like a prophet.  Acts like these are not precisely spiritual characteristics that I seek in a man I would like to follow and emulate. His deeds are far from the deeds of an  “honored messenger” as he claimed to be in the Quran. 69:40

b)     Today’s modern Muslims, especially those whose standard of ethics is colored by western/humanistic precepts, who unlike the masses of Muslims can distinguish between right and wrong, try to distance themselves from those hadiths that depict Muhammad as a ruthless immoral unethical gangster.  They deny the validity of those hadiths and everything that shows Muhammad in a negative light. However, if those hadiths and verses are forged, then the whole validity of Islam crumbles and there is no reason for to believe in a mythological figure whose real life and words are not known.

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  1. KAPPUNNY says:


    Psalm 23 King James Version
    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. 

  2. Ali says:

    Did you make that up all by yourself or did your god Ali Sina give you a helping hand (under the table)?

  3. denialisnoproof says:

    Twinkle twinkle little star
    how i wonder what you are
    up above the word so high
    like a diamond in the sky.

    muhammad was child rapist
    allah was a pimp of virgins
    mullahas follow his sunna
    they too try to f@ck their sisters

    see this is much more truthful than your quran

  4. boogie says:

    if what u say about Islam is true, then accept the challenge of the Quran and produce a Surah like it!

  5. anonymous says:

    lol that's absolutely hilarious, where do you get these fairytale stories from cause i'm a muslim and i've never heard of this before

  6. everin says:

    Let see this quatrain VII.7 from Nosradamus……" when occurs the battle of the great light horses, it will be claimed that the great crescent is destroyed. To kill by night, in the mountains dressed in shepherd's clothing, red gulfs in the ditches."
    Could this prediction is about the defeat of Iran in the future ? By Nostramus' vocubulary, "light horses" meant Jet planes, n "red gulfs in the ditches" could mean burning oil fields. Any better interpretaion ? Anyone ?

  7. truth set u free says:

    i can create such fairy tales 2…..even kids though….hahahah

  8. Hahaha says:

    Hahaha…nice story dude !!!

  9. John K says:

    This has been recently wargamed. With the massive global retaliations Iran has planned, I don't see any way out of it. Read about the wargame here:

    Ayatollah for a Day
    I war-gamed an Israeli strike on Iran — and it got ugly. http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/11/10/

  10. enlightened25 says:

    If their is so much as a hint that iran is planning any nuclear attack on israel they will be annihilated. Like ron paul said this is war mongering and we should stop this interventionist foreign policy. People have to sort out their own problems, it is not our fight.

  11. John K says:

    Recent news mentions a Russian warship sent to the waters off Syria as a deterrent to foreign intervention in Syria's crisis. I have my doubts whether NATO or Obama would care for a Libya re-run, but you never can be sure about hidden motives. It would certainly be in Israel's interests for Syria to go down and disrupt Hezbollah's stability before a strike on Iran. This alone might be enough to encourage Obama to preserve Syria, but he is going to be running the calculus between Saudi Arabia and Iran. He seems to have favored Iran judging by his non-intervention in Iran's suppression of the election protesters, but his support of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Spring seems to indicate that he is an equal-opportunity Islamist in the spirit of the Hamas-Hezbollah cooperation.

    It is important to remember that as a child Obama spent 6 years in Indonesia learning the Quran, and that when he was elected his first call was not to a head of state, but to Abbas. He has also written that when things are tough, he will take the side of the Muslims. His performance in foreign policy shows that he weakens our allies and strengthens our enemies.

    It must also be remembered that Obama is a Marxist whose aim is to destroy capitalism and America so that he can rebuild in his vision when America collapses. That is why he raised the debt to $15 trillion and is supportive of the OWS movement.

    There is also evidence that Obama is a Saudi plant in the White House. Before the 2008 election, Israeli intelligence picked up chatter among the Islamists stating that they would soon have a Muslim in the White House:

    There is also fresh evidence of Obama's Saudi corruption at about the 13:50 mark here:

    Background information on the video is here:

    Analysts say that Israel will wait for the coming expiration of the US treaty with Iraq that guarantees that foreign aircraft cannot use Iraqi airspace.

    Obama's military advisers are telling him not to bomb Iran because of the violence Iran will unleash. But the consequence is nuclear war if they do nothing. Analysts say Israel can be destroyed by 4 nuclear bombs. The new data shows Iran will have four bombs by April.

    Analysts say a leaked video from Ahmadinejad's office shows that he must launch a war to destroy Israel by the end of this year to fulfill his interpretation of the end-times prophecy. The video also calls for the assassination of King Abdullah:

  12. everin says:

    If Iran is permitted to build the N-bombs, these groups will be armed with mini N-bombs to destroy cities.. WWW3 perhaps ? Will USA stand idly by ?

  13. John K says:

    Right. They are expecting Iran to activate its terrorist cells in Europe and to unleash Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel.

  14. John K says:

    Thanks Zac! ^_^

  15. John K says:

    Where do they get these things? It has absolutely nothing to do with anything Muhammad said about the process of writing the Quran.

  16. Ali Sina says:

    Nice fairytale.

  17. zac says:

    Firstly the quran was not muhammad's miracle, in fact the quran was written for Muhammad by a monk call sarkis Bukhara. he planned it with this monk to get in to an empty well and Muhammad gadder-ed every one around the well and said who ever drops this scarf into this well and brings out the quran he is the prophet. so every one including Muhammad drop their scarves into the well and of course who brings out the book tied on his scarf Muhammad then he said to the people who ever believes in me put a stone in to this well to cures the evil. so they did and killed the monk this is where mecca is now with the mountain of stones. now that's where quran comes from a very copy of the Holy Bible.

  18. zac says:

    bravo mate cant agree with you more.

  19. Prithvi says:

    Dear A Muslim and Muslim:

    Can you please tell me as to who all would participate or go through the process on the day of the judgement as per the Holy Quran, apart from humans like ourselves?


  20. John K says:

    The only dreadful day is when you finally wake up and realize you have been duped.

  21. John K says:

    @A muslim – I can't believe you are standing up for ignorance, superstition, and Muhammad's deceptions.

  22. Muslim says:

    Don't you have any other job than to act falsely on something clear from all error.Either no research has been done or the bodies are full of lies.Clearly even if miracles are performed today, I think, people like you wouldn't accept Islam.Wait till a day that is dreadfull.

  23. A muslim says:

    I totally disagree.Mohammed(pbuh) did not perform miracles of his own except through the help of God.People always asked him to perform something.So it was a word of God,"Say:'Glory to my Lord!Am I aught but a man,a messenger".He never said he could not perform another miracle by the help of God.He doesn't had the need to,because his greatest miracle is the Quran,which people denied in the first place. Even if miracles were performed every time,they would still deny and say he is bewitched.Ali Sina's comments had no logic in it.Half of the answers to his question is already given in his own comment.I challenge him to find a single error in the greatest miracle,if people couldn't believe in other miracles.Then it would be clear that people who supports this person is the one whose blind and not the muslims……

  24. John K says:

    No, it's not accepting whatever he wants. It's revealing Muhammad's lies and contradictions. He obviously did not receive any knowledge from any kind of a real omniscient god. Every time he opened his mouth he spouted more foolish nonsense to prove his own foolishness and gave his opponents more ammunition to discredit him. But Muhammad, being a narcissist, could not handle being caught in his lies, so he dealt with the problem by killing those who disagreed with him and warned everyone else that the same would happen to them if they didn't believe him. This is a sign of a weak religion that cannot stand on its own, but requires force to keep believers. The same insecurity exists today as all of you Muslims cannot stand anyone telling you that you are wrong. It's time for you all to grow up and face the facts about Muhammad's lies and his criminal life.

  25. Anonymous says:

    THis is funny, u quote hadiths that he performed splitting moon miracle and then disregard it as false and then u quote hadiths that he did not perform any miracle and believes it ti be true……….. So it is basically u r accepting whatever u want to accept and disregarding whatever u dont…………….
    I have read many of ur articles and it follow the same pattern u dont believe in some hadiths and believe and claim ur researches from those hadith books………..
    Get a life dude……… U are just creating non sense propaganda, Why would anyone believe ur research that u have done from muslim books………. How do u know anything about Muhammad (PBUH) only bcoz of the text provided in hadiths, Why shall I believe that u r right bcoz in first place ur saying hadiths are wrong whcih are ur tools of investigation

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