Do You Have a Cause?

Let us pass to our children a world of peace

The other day I was chatting with an old friend and the talk turned to my fight against Islam. She said, Ali, I have known you for a long time. Since you were a teen you always had a cause. I heard that before.

This made me think and I wondered why. Why do I need to have a mission when most people are happy living their lives and are concerned only about their own business? Finally I came to the conclusion that it is because I care. I care about others – humans and animals. I care about the world and the future of mankind, and want to make them better.

Of course when you have a cause you give up a lot of other things, but I never saw this as a sacrifice. I actually enjoy doing what I do, even though others may see it as sacrifice. You may think that a mother that wakes up in the middle of the night to feed her new born baby is sacrificing her own sleep. But she does not see it that way. There is no sacrifice when you love what you do.

I see myself as a shareholder in this planet – a landlord – and as such I care about it. I want to fix what is broken, maintain my property in good shape and improve it. Some people see themselves as tenants. They don’t want to spend time fixing things. What happens to others, half a way around the world is not their business. If a bunch of thugs murder thousands or millions of people, it is their problem – a disagreement that they have to solve among themselves.  (Does this remind you of Obama and his indifference to the plight of the Iranians in the summer of 2009 when they protested their rigged election?  Yes, narcissists don’t have a conscience and they don’t feel the pains of others?)

This, I think, is a good analogy. We see ourselves, either as tenants or as landlords in the world and accordingly we behave. Some of us want to take care of it and make it better. What made Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, or millions of others like them leave their own comfort to help others? They were not extraordinary people. They were ordinary people who cared. Others want to enjoy the world, live comfortably, with a least amount of concern about others. These people are concerned about things that affect them. The pains and sufferings of others do not make them lose sleep. They get into a fight only when their own interests are threatened, for the most part. There are also those who are so alienated from the world that vandalize it.

The problem is that we are all interconnected, like cells in one body. Our separateness is an illusion. What happens to other humans in other parts of the world affects us all.  We are all passengers of the same spaceship. Our destinies are intertwined. Our wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of all the people on this planet.

This message is for the landlord type. There is so much that needs to be done. Where to start and what to do? These questions can overwhelms us. Many people want to do something. They are looking for a cause, but don’t know where to start.

For all of you who itch to do something, who want to leave your mark behind, who want to change the world and make it better and are searching for a cause, I have a great cause for you. The best cause is to bring peace to the world, to eliminate hate and to foster amity among all mankind.  Islam is the biggest source of hate. It is a disease in the body of mankind.  If it’s not extirpated, it will destroy the world. We can attain peace by eliminating Islam and other ideologies that are based on hate.

Islam is the biggest threat to humanity. It destroys lives. The main victims of Islam are Muslims, but of course no one is immune. When there is an epidemic outbreak, everyone is at risk. Islam poses a serious threat to the peace of the world and jeopardizes the human civilization. The prospect of a nuclear holocaust is very real, but this time, billions could perish and the world could turn into a wasteland. Make no mistake! There are many millions of Muslims who would not hesitate to blow up the world. Remember their slogan: “We love death, more than you love life.” Islam is a cult of death. It glorifies death while we celebrate life. A Muslims biggest aspiration is to die in jihad while killing others. Only death in jihad ensures him the highest reward in the next world. (Q. 4:95-96,  9:229:120-121 )

Today, eliminating the disease of Islam is the most important cause. Looking back into history, I cannot find any time as critical as today. With all the technological advances, at no time was humanity as vulnerable as it is today. At no time was insanity as rife as it is today. At no time was apathy as crippling as it is today. At no time was hatred as pervasive as it is today. We are truly at the brink of the destruction of humanity. Over a billion people are consumed with hatred, for no other reason than because their religion requires it from them. Others are in denial, blinded by their kindergarten doctrine of “see no evil, hear no evil ,say no evil.” Meanwhile, evil is creeping because good people don’t want to see it, don’t want to hear about it and don’t want to speak against it.

If you are looking for a cause, the best cause is the cause of peace and the unity of mankind.  Peace cannot be attained when a large portion of humanity is filled with hate. Hate cannot be eliminated with lies. Lies won’t go away by ignoring them. They don’t become less lethal by sugar-coating them. Only truth will set us free.

Please join this sacred crusade. Yes it is a crusade. We are taking up the same fight that the crusaders fought and saved western civilization.  This civilization, eventually dragged the world out of the Dark Ages into the modern world. But this time our weapons are words, our shield is truth and our battle field is the Internet.

Peace is my cause. If it is also yours, please promote this site.  We must work together, each in our capacity. Together, we are a mighty force that will eventually destroy the forces of evil.

I am not against any religion. I respect your choice to believe in any faith.  My goal is to foster unity in diversity. I only oppose Islam and other ideologies that divide mankind. I am against hate, not faith.

Many Muslims will never wake up. They are spiritually dead. They have sold their soul to Satan. I am not an idealist and I am under no illusion. I know some people, naturally gravitate towards evil. They may change their beliefs, however, unfortunately they always go after those that are based on hate, like Marxism, Nazism, KKK, Black Liberation, White Supremacy and Islam. Some souls are just born of the Devil.  Love has no room in their hearts. Love cannot cohabit with hate. Truth can never penetrated a heart that is sealed by hate.

Though many will. The great majority of Muslims are simply ignorant about their faith. Knowledge is the antidote to ignorance. It’s this majority that we want to save. We have to let them know the truth.  These are the Muslims we want to reach and gain to our side. I have won thousands of them to my side. Now I am after millions. Truth is out. All we need to do is make Muslims see it.

Islam is not the only source of evil, however it is the major source of it. Once Islam is eliminated the road to peace is paved. We may never see world peace in our lifetime, yet we can pave the road to it so that perhaps our children may see it.

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  1. X Muslim Scholar says:

    Yes of course, Death is the penalty for those who leave Islam and the killer is rewarded by Jannah in the Next Life. DONT EVER DO THIS

  2. FromMuslimCountry. says:

    With due respect Mr Ronald E Ratliff, from the few lines that you wrote about Mr Ali Sina, can I deduct
    That you have not read the Koran? Your comment is unfair to Mr Ali Sina. I am
    Living in a Muslim country, m persecuted by them because I m not
    A Muslim. Until. I finish reading the Koran for myself, I wouldn't fully
    Agree with what Mr Ali Sina wrote. Being a Pastor, your judgement
    Here is very flawed indeed. Please read the Koran for yourself before
    Passing any judgement. Thank you. God bless you.

  3. momukchu says:

    If prophet Mohammad was the last messenger of God,
    Then Ali Sina is First messenger of humanity.

  4. momukchu says:

    I think this is not a place for creative discussion.
    I am through it….

  5. aminriadh says:

    "Btw. You are doing TAQIYYA Again. LIAR . "

    See . . . if you were that intelligent . . . that rational – and possessor of absolute truth. As you imply . . . . then why do your own words betray you . . .

    Just as above . . . .adding this "LIAR" and constant insults?

    Why do you seek credence from such things?

    – – –

    Then also . . . why is it you are scared to study Islam – as objectively as possible. You have to – why? Because it is the only rational position. . . .

    Every time you write a message . . . you betray that all you have done is read anti-Islam sites . . .

    . . . do you know what really gives you away?

    it is the replies back I get . . . . it is so apparent you were unable to deal with answers . . . hence you look for the easy way out.

    Yes . . . by lacing your answers with petty insults and remarks you thing are witty. Anything of substance is generally missing.

  6. aminriadh says:

    Your ignorance shines fully here . . . .

    many of the original crusaders were sheer butchers . . . . so use that name? If you claim – you do not hate Muslims?

    – – –

    "Muslims are afraid ! That is very clear. That's why this quasi-intellectual AMINRIADH is here. "

    When it suits you . . . . you adorn me with whatever adjective you wish. Sometimes it is a "Scholar" . .. . . other times I am absolutely ignorant of Islam . . . once you claimed I was not even a Muslim!

    Dear me . . .

    – – –

    "He is probably paid by some rich oil-muslims. "

    And? Why are you so jealous?

    – – – –

    "But he will of course not succeed . It it is all turning against him and his EVI CULT ISLAM. Amin schemes, but we don't need scheming….WE HAVE THE TRUTH. "

    How so? The way i see it – I am winning with a clear margin!

  7. aminriadh says:

    "No, Amin we (non-muslims) don't hate Muslims, we have said that over and over again. "

    Yes you do . . . why else were you swearing blind . . . and wanted my attention – when I hadn't even bothered to converse with you?

    – – – –
    If you challenge Sina and his views . . . what does he do? He starts abusing you?

    has he got an answer . . . no – I emailed and ask. Twice he managed – few nonsensical sentences . . . and that is about it.

    – – – –

    "Do you see any NON-muslims suïcidekillers in the world killing muslims ? "

    Yes . . . non-Muslims have better armies . . . drone attack for example. Why use humans . . . when you can kill Muslims by mere metal.

    – – – –

    "You are brainwashed..this is the simple TRUTH. THÁT is what makes you muslims EVIL and HATEFUL."

    So what makes you hateful? The thing is . . . . you show it – your deeds do . . .YOU perso9nally.

    We are not talking about people – who are not in immediate vicinity/contact . . . . YOU.

    Why is that – you feel the need to abuse people verbally?

    – – –

    As for brainwashing . . . I prove this WITH EVIDENCE – that you are brainwashed.

    See – I can stay and refute this site . . . . yet all you have ever read is anti-slam sites. And that is brainwashing.

    For you to not be brainwashed – you have to have studied Islam – as objectively as possible.

    Other than what you have read on hate sites . . . . you don't know anything about Islam.

  8. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Dear I may not be visiting this blog frequently as I got in some more important study ! Allah hafiz!

  9. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Where did tolerance come from?

    You are blind you declare it in your own comment !

    Acting violently in reaction to an insult to Mohammed (pbuh) is related to factor Tolerance What on earth I am talking about factors affecting this tolerance ! Like Christians ( not for real) tolerate calling Jesus a gay but Muslim don't tolerate even insulting Jesus being one of their prophet.

    Oh you think you are allowing prostitution of freedom and ask others to tolerate your ugly mind of mocking prophets then this is impracticable !

    I have pointed in earlier comment that tolerance differ on different grounds moral, social, intellectual, emotional level . See example from different level here

    [youtube Z2JAef6c504 youtube]

    "Having sex with Prophet Mohammed or his young wife Aisha"

    There is nothing wrong with it husband and wife!
    You are pointing out pedophilia right ! Well tell you everyone on earth down the ages is product of pedophilia [ somewhere sometime they were born to a women of age considered as under age(off course reached puberty) by today's standard and not of that era so today's standard is dismissed as universal standard .This is academic error of Judgement.] And I pondered some other aspects in "Why Aisha" exploring success of Islam !

    Mohammed had sex with his sister-in-law Zainab
    Husband and wife ! Crooked story already refuted. If you have problem I am not going to shake your head sorry

    How can I even defame my Prophet ??? Most respected, most loved person in history of mankind ! You should suspect my capabilities !! lol

  10. .. says:

    What on earth are you talking about!!!

    Where did tolerance come from? When/how did I decide your tolerance? I would love to reply, but if only I can understand what you are saying. Your writing certainly reflects your thought process – lacks clarity. Your example (I am not sure, what the point is), suggest as if I was said something about having sex with Prophet Mohammed or his young wife Aisha.

    I am telling you that when you act violently in reaction to an insult to Mohammed – for example: "Mohammed had sex with his sister-in-law Zainab" your reaction is a direct violation of Mohammed's message, as such you are defaming your own prophet & as a result doing a bigger sin. You cannot rob someone & give the money as zakat.

  11. Ali Sina says:

    Muslims have advanced their religion either through terror or through deception. Islam denigrates women and this is obvious to anyone with a brain bigger than that of a rat and yet Muslims have repeated the lie that Islam respects women so often that many women who convert to Islam actually believe in this lie. A woman in Islam is only a sex object, a walking talking vagina and these deficient in intelligent females believes Islam respects them. When a lie is repeated often it becomes believable. These stupid females (I really don’t want to call them women because that would be a disrespect to women) see how women in Islamic countries are treated and believe the lie that those Islamic countries are not practicing the true Islam.

  12. Sol Landet says:

    Ali Sina.
    How i can contact you?
    I want to ask a question about islam and autism.
    I saw that many autistics were deceived by islamic taqiyya and are going to convert to islam, because they think it respect them.

  13. Julia says:

    No HONEST response of the (proven) LIAR AMINRIADH !
    of course,
    Again I got you red handed, kid !
    ARE YOU DRUNK ? (YOUR words,Amin!) LOL

  14. Julia says:

    No HONEST response of the (proven) LIAR AMINRIADH !
    of course,
    Again I got you red handed, kid !
    Brains is not your department….NEITHER IS THE TRUTH ! LOL

  15. Julia says:

    To Amin, the muslim fanatic.
    I Have given you the Surahs, about unbelievers being " worst of beasts"( other translations say "vilest of creatures" or something like that),"fuel for hellfire" , you know these surahs very well yourself.(also about " swines" and "monkeys".
    Everysane person calls this swearing and bad-name-calling. If you don't believe me: Try it out ! Say these things to a BIG STRONG GUY !! LOL
    I think Alzheimer is torturing you, AMIN, so again some proofs:
    Surah 8:55 ,Surah 72:15,Surah 3:10 and more,Surah 2:65 etc.etc.
    For example ,Surah 2:65 says:And you had already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the sabbath, and We said to them, "BE APES, DESPISED."
    Btw. You can hear "pigs" and "monkeys" calling in the mosques ALL over the world. Do you want proofs of this too ? LOL

  16. Ali Sina says:

    Hi Momukchu. I sent you an email a couple of days ago. Did you receive it?

  17. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    You started getting something like me lol

    You are not deciding my tolerance level as I have not asked to tolerate the person having sex with your spouse in front of your eyes advocating freedom with consents.

    Its all up to moral, social, emotional , intellectual levels to decide tolerance level !

  18. Anonymous says:

    Your disobeying your own prophet, like it or not – he never asked for justification, you are doing it on your own – I can't help you if you are trying to defame your own prophet in the name of justification, love, revenge,… or what have you.

  19. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Isn't that some twisted, crooked mind working on plot to defame?!

    If you think violence and rational violence are same I can't help you. There is nothing like both ways. Its only justified way !

  20. .. says:

    Once again – what would your prophet do?

    First, an insult (verbal, movie, article or otherwise) to your prophet is not an act of violence – your admitted reaction to show your 'twisted love' certainly is (all against his 'peaceful' teachings). Your prophet left you a example – gnome & be peaceful – especially with respect to insults (including bodily abuse)

    Your violent reaction itself is 'the' biggest insult to your prophet unless you admit your prophet did teach violence or all the non-violent behavior in Meccas was merely fake. You cannot have it both ways!

    I never asked for any analysis & I did not tell you what you think. I asked you a simple question that had only two 'possible' answers. I merely laid the answers and my comments to both possible answers.

    If your prophet teaches peace then you are wrong – there is no two-ways about it.

  21. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    I am not discouraging you for what your timid brain want to do and deal.

    There is nothing wrong in criticism or discussion intended to improve status of counterpart. But freedom and prostitution of freedom are different things.

    Its all about intentions, you will get what you deserve for your intentions ! Muslims have every other mode of communications available to them including cinematography as well.

    Just like I discussed idea of making a movie "Remembrance and Recall" majorly focusing on lives of polymaths inspired by Muhammad (pbuh) and secretes in Islamic theology.

    I always smile at lunatics lol

  22. momukshu says:

    who is kicking whom. your intolerance is your enemy no one.learn to take criticism with a smile as others are doing.

  23. momukchu says:

    if you are a genuine person. . . .why do you want embroil in this?
    I have lot of Muslim friends who are ignorant about their own self( religion Islam and its prophet)I wish them to learn true values of life, which is unconditional love to humanity we all come from same source these prophets and cults has poisoned the very thread of life. who is forcing us to see each other as Muslim or Hindu, Had there not been these religions between us, how lovely this world could have been. Don't you think still there is time to wake up I wish to tell all Muslims that the islam is not a religion of God it is just another power game played by Mohammed to fool innocent people.

    we are now mature and educated people we don't need threats and lollipops of Hell and Heaven to be moral. Muslims pl reform yourself because your religion is reform proof. as it being religion of God and Mohamed is last prophet( it is 100% write protected) Islam can not be changed the only hope is to change the the rational mind of the people and that is what Alisina and rest of us are trying to do just support us it is for your own good. Your loved one need you more than the ALLaHa,

  24. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Aint you irritating? lol

  25. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    What are you dreaming about me to do [ burning/blowing ]???

    OK time for medication for you

    Alprazolam 0.5mg SOS

  26. Julia says:

    "No one asked you . . . this is Indians only!"
    Air you drunk? Amin? (no insult !)
    Is this in the Quran ,too AMIN?
    You are afraid of me, aren't you Amin?
    Yes…Admit it kid.
    Amin.Listen .Oh "chosen one" ,It is your own fault that you made yourself into the clown of this site! Hahahahahahahaha.

  27. Julia says:

    Yeah, AMIN…that's what would make you happy …You are afraid to be ridiculed, And you are being ridiculed.
    Ali sina is a smart man and he sees what I am doing is helping OUR JIHAD against your evil cult Islam.
    Brains are not your department, Amin.
    ( this is a fact ,so it is no insult).;-)

  28. Julia says:

    "Simply trying to goad . . . a person with baseless accusation – and repeating them will not get you very far at all.""
    Goading you and all muslims is very easy to do.
    That's part of the fun ! Hahahahahahahahahahaahaha (sorry but it is funny you know).
    OH…Yes..Is " are you drunk?" very apt too ? Amin. Baseless accusations , hey Amin.
    What a sneeky LIAR you are, Amin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  29. Julia says:

    Insulting people in a sneeky way is also insulting.
    But since you don't understand this simple fact , i say very politely to you,Amin, that: "We have established – brains aren't your department"!
    Btw. You admit that you BELIEVE som stupid crap .
    That's a stupid thing to do ! Remember: talking ant , jinns made of fire , talking rocks etc. Do you want more ?

  30. Julia says:

    The EVIDENCE Is in your own evil book the Quran and the Sunna .
    You now very well, that each muslim must do Jihad. Fighting for Allah and trying to spreadIslam. This is not only fighting physically byt also wit money etc. As much as he can. And there is also the Zakat, they have to pay. This must be a huge som of money of these oil-muslims.
    Jihad literally means an effort or striving other. It includes a religious war against unbelievers with the object of converting them to Islam or subduing all opposition. (See Koran 9:5; 4:76; 2:214; 8:39.) It is the sacred duty of the Muslim nation to ensure that Islam triumphs over all religions.It is secretly the the 6th pillar of islam.
    Is this enough EVIDENCE,AMIN? Btw. You are doing TAQIYYA Again. LIAR .

  31. Julia says:

    There are many who are crusading , with only the TRUTH, against the EVIL CULT ISLAM. And be sure of it , the number of"crusaders with the TRUTH" will grow.
    Because the muslims MUST try to take over the FREE world. And the FREE people will not let them do that. The more pressure Muslims put , the more heavy the reaction will be.
    Muslims are afraid ! That is very clear. That's why this quasi-intellectual AMINRIADH is here. He is probably paid by some rich oil-muslims.
    But he will of course not succeed . It it is all turning against him and his EVI CULT ISLAM. Amin schemes, but we don't need scheming….WE HAVE THE TRUTH.

  32. Julia says:

    You are clearly afraid, empty head { }.

  33. Julia says:

    No, Amin we (non-muslims) don't hate Muslims, we have said that over and over again.
    Do you see any NON-muslims suïcidekillers in the world killing muslims ?
    Of course not, it is clearly the other way around.
    We hate the Islam that has taken possession of you muslims. The EVIL heritage of your EVIL fake pophet. You are brainwashed..this is the simple TRUTH. THÁT is what makes you muslims EVIL and HATEFUL. It comes directly from your evil quran and sunna.
    We love the human beings that you muslims can become by only leaving this EVIL CULT ISLAM behind you !

  34. Julia says:

    We ARE playing with you, stupid ! And we HAVE fun. !
    Man…this empty head { } is hilarious !

  35. Julia says:

    You are burning with anger, hey empty head? { }
    That's a good thing, perhaps it brings you to think (if possible) about your EVIL CULT Islam.
    You can of course also fight in the course of your fake gos Allah, by blowing up yourself. Allah likes that very much, you know. He surely doesn't like your childish babbling here.
    So , go on, don't be a coward and hypocrite!

  36. denialisnoproof says:

    You mean to say when muhammad asked adult girls to breast feed adult people?
    Muslims are born b@stards as they follow a b@stards religion.
    And nikah is not marriage it is sex . So your ammi is paid before sex with your father . When your father gives talaq she will have all the money for her.
    Also muslim women hide their face so that their clients do not recognize them.

  37. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    I don't have animosity but since your dad had denied and your mom had no proof , your maladaptive gestures towards Muslims are irritating !

  38. denialisnoproof says:

    Why did you bother to reply to me then biatch?

  39. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    denialisnoproof, You are already on IGNORE LIST . Have Fun or play ping pong

  40. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Rational violence is true Justice.

    You better learn to live life and just stop blabbering that you proved something which is a law of universe lol

    Its justified when you use violence to bring peace ( where other options are failed ), solutions on social , political , diplomatic grounds. Whole world accept this universal law.

    And don't do my part of analysis on your own. You need something like me to tell me what I think !

  41. denialisnoproof says:

    So if any one insults or criticize you your fanatic followers will beat the hell.
    that is why many muslim followers of muhammad killed their own family.
    shame on you pissleeems.

  42. .. says:

    Dodged my question! Nice, very nice 🙂

    Let's take your example of 'you' and your 'brother'. Well, the question is what are 'you' teaching against insults – if you promote violence, sure your 'brother' will beat the hell out of me. However, if 'you' are against violence and if your 'brother' beats me then your 'brother' is wrong and 'he' is also insulting 'you' since 'he' is not following 'your' teachings & 'he' is giving 'you' a bad name, putting 'his' love for 'you' above 'your' teaching & message.

    You did not answer, so I will explore both answers for you!

    My prophet would have said to forgive – Then you are wrong in acting violently to insults & above all you are going against his teachings – your love for him cannot be bigger than his message and teachings.

    My prophet would have said to react violently – Then you are suggesting your prophet promotes violence, it is not only a non-peacful message it is also contradictory to his message of peace in Mecca.


  43. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Violent reactions are not demanding its a relationship and love that do wonders. Lets say insult me I may not react but my brother will be going to beat the hell out of you.

  44. .. says:

    No need to be violent, just concentrate on the verses from Mecca – Your prophet even took physical abuse in Mecca. So are you saying that if your prophet would be alive today, he would have demanded a 'violent reaction' to his insults – for a Video?

  45. ᠌᠌᠌᠌ says:

    Unique concept for the film is evoke Muslims by hurling insults on their beloved prophet, belief, generate more violence & imbalance in world and get kicked !

  46. aminriadh says:

    It is what you hate that matters . . . my reference to your hate is Muslims.

    You hate Muslims.

    And your comment demonstrate that.

    You hate Muslims . . . by personally belittle them.

    For example:

    I asked you about your bogus interpretation of Quran – which was contrived. And I knew would be exposed under questioning . . .

    What did you do?

    Out of the blue . . .

    You turned around and called me. . .


    – – –

    I think you have a serious problem. For example when I challenged your hashing of Christan material . . . straight form the bat you response was "You are a liar."

    Yet you never did prove the lie. It was the classic – bring the other verses. . . oh there are so many – what does one matter. Yet you ran away from a serious debate.

    – – –

    "You Muslims hate reason, hate democracy and freedom, hate independent thinking, hate women and hate mankind. "

    This is simply You projecting what a Muslims should be. And is far from truth.

    It is a folly to think that your opponents have weak intelligence. So far – then why is that you come off looking worse?

    And i haven't started on your book and articles.

  47. Ali Sina says:

    Hating something evil is not a bad thing Amin. Hate is a human emotion and there is nothing wrong with it. You Muslims also are full of hate. The problem is that the object of your hate are people and anything that is good while the object of my hate is evil and anything that bad.

    I hate misogyny, supremacy, submission, human rights abuses, discrimination. child abuse, dictatorship, bullying, violence and fascism. Islam stands for all these things. So I hate Islam. Nothing wrong in that. I hate what has to be hated and love with is good.

    You Muslims hate reason, hate democracy and freedom, hate independent thinking, hate women and hate mankind.

  48. aminriadh says:


    I don't believe some of your claims. As demonstrated in the other comments – it became a bit unraveled under questioning.

    – – –

    "I like Ali Sina and wish to help him in the crusade he has chosen. "

    Which is one of hate . . . if you are a genuine person. . . .why do you want embroil in this?

  49. momukchu says:

    @ aminriadh
    What effect ??
    who are you ?
    and why am i even communicating with you?

    I wanted to post a long and detailed answer to your doubts . I deleted it because I don;t like debates and i am not a great with words, my language is visual and i am very successful with that. there are thousands of films in my credit and i need not impress anyone.
    I like Ali Sina and wish to help him in the crusade he has chosen.
    and thanks, pl do unreal me .

  50. momukchu says:

    Mr Ali Sina
    As rightly said by you the finance is the key issue for any film project. But the good news is that with today's technology a film can be produced with minimum budget. I am capable of bearing the cost of technical pre and post production like camera equipment and editing. we can start working on concept to begin with. I am sure if the script is worth production the finance may not be a major hurdle.

    My concept is hypothetical ….what could have been life today '' without Mohammad'' or How one can get rid of this formless form called Mohammad to improve our human values.
    or some thing like that.. I have gone through your concepts of God and evolution which can be a very valid idea for the film. I have a very strong belief that the future God would be discovered somewhere on sub cellular or sub molecular level. If we can understand the mysteries of mysterious life in or through sub cellular mitochondrial secrets buried in unknown ( knowable) self of genetic world.
    pl help me to develop a unique concept for the film first the finance can be sorted out later.

  51. aminriadh says:

    "The Islamic bomb developed in Pakistan is also financed by Saudi oil. "

    Evidence? These are just claim of yours . . . and they not new. Where is your evidence?

    – – –

    "I don't have to tell any lies to any one for any reason whatsoever"

    Other than that you were at Jeddah – and you came across this Saudi conspiracy . . . how?

    – – –

    "I know that i don't have command on Arabic language"

    Ah . . . see how it is beginning to unravel . . . .

    – – –

    What all this means is – that it is YOU ho has hatred in your heart. . . .

    " I am against all brotherhood of Muslims which spread evil hatred and divide human kind,"

    Does that include Hinduism? Just as an example.

  52. momukchu says:

    Mr aminriadh
    I don't have to tell any lies to any one for any reason whatsoever, I know there is a mission of Islam with vision of world dominance. Saudi Govt. is financing the project. The Islamic bomb developed in Pakistan is also financed by Saudi oil.
    I wish to help humanity to survive from these religious cults and madness of sick people. I am all for brotherhood of mankind free from religions and cults. I am against all brotherhood of Muslims which spread evil hatred and divide human kind, I know that i don't have command on Arabic language but i have command on visual language where a picture can be more then thousand words…

  53. aminriadh says:

    No one asked you . . . this is Indians only!

    It probably turns out – if He is from Kashmir – we share common ancestry less than 200yers back.

    Although – our people were Han Chinese – and Buddhists.

    – – –

    To meet with Persians – we have to roll back several thousand years . . . although my father pretends otherwise.

  54. aminriadh says:

    Yet – you are the person . . . he banned?


  55. aminriadh says:

    "You always are happy to answer silly questions….but you never answer serious questions about Islam and the Quran itself.. You are always attacking little , non-important things ! Let's stay on topic…and that is here Islam! "

    Another baseless accusation – As I have answered many questions . . . on Quran and Islam. For example recently to 'knowTheEnemy' – pretty detailed.

    Then there was a longish exchange with someone over the word Makar – on which you even left a pertinent remark. . . hence another false accusation.

    – – –

    "What about the swearing of Your Allah in the Quran? Do I have to spell it out again? (Kafirs are fuel for hellfire, they are the vilest of creatures, monkeys, swines …etc).You don't like hatemongering …do you? "

    I have answered this twice and this person has ignored all I said – and simply repeated this.

    I pointed out previously – such trollish behaviour – it doesn't matter what is said in response – a troll will repeat his 2 questions over and over. As they lack the ability to do deal with answers.

    If you feel there is "swearing of Allah" – then please point it out . . . and we will examine it – I OBVIOUSLY need exact references.

    – – –

    I have answered question 2 – once already somewhere. Muslim bow in the direction of Kaba and not the black stone. It is not an Idol – but a stone – broken and in fragments – held together. Muslims are only required to kiss it once instance at Hajj. And its purpose is symbolic. To establish link with blessed Prophets – till Adam.

    – – –

    "What is the meaning of surahverses 2:1, 3:1 and so on with the letters ALIF,LAM,MEEM,QAF,NUN etc. etc . "

    Such meanings were not disclosed. Although some Sufis do allege mystical meanings – and scholars guess . . . but all agree – no meanings are given to the believers.

    – – –

    Quran is easy – what are your difficulties – elaborate? . . . . and I don't get the "detail" bit. What does that mean. Quran is there and that is it.

  56. aminriadh says:

    This is for effect only . . . Even Sina knows "Momkchu" isn't real.

    – – –

    Or does he?

  57. aminriadh says:

    "Why are you calling bad names to people"

    This is a baseless accusation . . . and false. I do not go around calling people bad names.

    – – –

    "IS humiliating sopmeone…Aminriadh…and that is very inconsistent and therefore illogocal of you !!! Bye "

    No it isn't – this person . . . copied and pasted someone's words as his own. It was stupid thing to do – As I found out. And other such acts. . . hence:

    " We have already established – brains aren't your department " – is pretty apt. And very polite – compared to what you come up with. And it is civil.

    – – –

    Simply trying to goad . . . a person with baseless accusation – and repeating them will not get you very far at all.

    No matter how many: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Julia says:

    Why are you calling bad names to people, Aminriadh. You yourself don't like that…you made that very clear .It is uncivilised…Thát's what yóú said.
    But you still keep on doing it yourself !
    " We have alread established – brains aren't your department
    Äre you drunk"…etc. IS humiliating sopmeone…Aminriadh…and that is very inconsistent and therefore illogocal of you !!! 😉 Bye

  59. Julia says:

    To Aminriadh.
    You always are happy to answer silly questions….but you never answer serious questions about Islam and the Quran itself.. You are always attacking little , non-important things ! Let's stay on topic…and that is here Islam!
    1) What about the swearing of Your Allah in the Quran? Do I have to spell it out again? (Kafirs are fuel for hellfire, they are the vilest of creatures, monkeys, swines …etc).You don't like hatemongering …do you?
    2) Why is the pre-islamic pagan idol ,the Black Stone, still in/on the Kaaba? And why do you prostrate in the direction where it is, and moreover: why do you (as Mohammed did) kiss it?
    3) Last but not least… What is the meaning of surahverses 2:1, 3:1 and so on with the letters ALIF,LAM,MEEM,QAF,NUN etc. etc .
    Again: your god Allah says that his Quran is easy to understand and explained in detail ! So: where is the explanation of Allah (not sombody else of course 😉
    Please give ,us kafirun, one single , clear and logical answer !
    Oh..I hope my English was good enough for you…I did the best I can 😉

  60. Julia says:

    Dear Ali Sina.
    Muslims will not like it but I agree with you completely!…..AGAIN 😉
    I don't know you personally, of course, but I congratulate you for making this site !
    Now the truth about Islam is speading around the world , and it is impossible to stop it ! How hard the muslims, like Buraq Hyssein Obama, are working to stop FREE SPEECH…IT WILL NOT WORK, The JINN OF FREEDOM is out !!!
    Thanks again for giving us ALL the opportunity to give the muslims a piece of our minds .
    I hope you don't mind my poor English …:-)

  61. denialisnoproof says:

    Dear Alisina,
    You are mistaken I am not talking about fairy tale.
    I am talking about the person who wrote ramayana that is valmiki.
    We belong to his clan, We revere him.
    I am not telling you to believe ramayana.
    It is lineage . Not fairy tale.
    But that doesn't mean that all human beings
    other than my clan are somebody else.

    As a hindu I believe that "vasudaivakutumbakam"- world is one big family.
    Yes We all have same gene , but we have a different ideology.
    for muslims and mullah's like zakir naik it is ok to have slave woman during war and have sex with her. But I abhor that. I hate muslims.
    I can't help it . If we read our history written by our own enemy we will feel our blood boiling.
    Given a chance I will do the same thing to muslims which muhammad did to banu quraiza tribe

  62. Ali Sina says:

    Dear Momukchu,

    Ideas to make documentaries about Islam abound. We need financing to make them happen. As you know making movies is expensive and you must make them in such a way to recover your investment.

    I was dreaming to make a feature film about Muhammad for years. I started working on it only when I received the assurance of angel financing. Also today’s technology allows us to sell our movie directly to the viewers all over the world and bypass theatrical release altogether.

    If you know anyone who might be willing to finance the project, we can work on some ideas.

  63. Ali Sina says:

    “I can trace my family root more than 5000 years. ”

    I severely doubt you can . .”

    I can! I can trace it back to six thousands years ago, i.e. if you believe in the fairytale of the creation.

    My second cousin has our family root going back to Muhammad. Muslim historians have traced the family tree of Muhammad to Adam. Therefore, I can easily trace my family root to Adam.

    But Adam is a fairytale. Furthermore, we all have common ancestors just as we will have common descendants. Think about it: you have 2 parents, 4 grand parents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great great grandparents. Go back only ten generations and you’ll see that you descend from more than 1000 people. Go back another ten generation and your ascendants become over 1,000,000. In just thirty generations (about 700 years) your carry the genes of one billion people. It is not difficult to see we share the same ancestors. In the future this mixing of genes will be more widespread as people born from all over the world will have common children.

    We are one people. We come from the same primogenitor and will share the same descendants. Who can say that my great great great grand daughter will not marry your great great great grandson? Just as it it certain that we share the same ancestors, it is also a sure thing that we will share the same progeny?

    These wars and hatreds are nothing but fratricide. They must end and so their causes must be eradicated. Hatred based on race and religion are stupidity. That is one more reason to fight Islam and eliminate this curse.

  64. denialisnoproof says:

    Do you understand the difference between clan and general history?
    Clan or lineage is not general history so shut your ever denying muslim mouth.
    everybody knows that your muhammad is a rapist now

  65. denialisnoproof says:

    this is the bastardly nature of islam.
    you want to be son of a saudi sheik

  66. aminriadh says:

    No you cannot – that is general history.

  67. aminriadh says:

    "free will ? will anybody convert out of free will when invaded? "

    Yes . . . thousands and thousands do.

    – – –

    "riadh is a city name of saudi arabia. "

    Wow – and just because it is . . . that has nothing to do with a persons name.

    – – –

    "amin riadh it sounds like son of some dubai sheik "

    Really? I wish . . . might have had bit more money – Mind you I am not poor.

  68. denialisnoproof says:

    free will ? will anybody convert out of free will when invaded?

    riadh is a city name of saudi arabia.
    tell me what is the meaning of your name?
    amin riadh it sounds like son of some dubai sheik

  69. denialisnoproof says:

    yes i can trace. as i belong to the clan of the person
    who wrote ramayana ie valmiki , and ramayana is one of the oldest scripture in the world

  70. aminriadh says:

    "I can trace my family root more than 5000 years. "

    I severely doubt you can . . .

    – – –

    "What matters is you were either forced to convert or
    muslim invader army might have taken one of your grand mothers as right hand possession. "

    Oh dear . . . you really are removed from reality. No – someone converted to Islam – out of their free will.

    – – –

    "After converting you also started acting like an arab?
    keeping a name of saudi city in your name. "

    You seem to have the trouble realizing – the difference between history and me personally.

    Are you drunk?

    Then your ridiculous assertion that Riaz a popular Muslim name – has nothing to do with the Saudi city.

  71. denialisnoproof says:

    I can trace my family root more than 5000 years.
    You were there in kashmir or may not be there that doesn't matter. What matters is you were either forced to convert or
    muslim invader army might have taken one of your grand mothers as right hand possession.
    and yeah buddists are very much indian.
    After converting you also started acting like an arab?
    keeping a name of saudi city in your name.

  72. aminriadh says:

    Over 600 hundred years . . . and this is what you say. See – you were going to make something up like this regardless.

    For example – where do these so called-original Kashmiris come from?

    For all we know – my family has always been there. They were converts to Islam. From Buddhism – I think.

    – – –

    600yrs of traceable family history is quite a feat – coming from India!

  73. denialisnoproof says:

    It means you are not the original inhabitant of kashmir.
    you came along with muslim invaders or
    may be progeny of right hand possession

  74. aminriadh says:

    There are not many immigrants to Kashmir. Our family has lived there for centuries. We trace it back to around 600years.

  75. denialisnoproof says:

    Your true kashmiri or immigrant like mehmood shah gilani.

  76. aminriadh says:

    I didn't – parents. They moved to UK – My grandfather was in the British Army – hence he came over.

  77. denialisnoproof says:

    Why did you leave kashmir?

  78. Julia says:

    " We have alread established – brains aren't your department "
    Now that was very uncivilised of you ,muslim Aminriadh.
    But this kind of haughty talking is allright with you?
    Isn't that a bit inconsistent of you, muslim?
    See, again no caps, no "!!!", and no insults on my side .
    Sorry for my bad english, it is not my first language , you know 😉
    I hope that it not bothers you too much .
    Oh yes…
    1) What about my simple questions to you…do you remember them?
    2) What about the hatemongering and swearing of your Allah in your Quran towards us, disbelievers? Do you still believe in your Quran? Or don't you agree with this hatemongering now?
    Bye /;-)

  79. aminriadh says:

    Sure. . .

  80. denialisnoproof says:

    Hey bro , I wanted to ask a personal question to you .

  81. aminriadh says:

    We have alread established – brains aren't your department – especially when you have to resort to a bit of cheating . . .

    Gavrilo Princip – the assassin of Ferdinand wasn't a Muslim

    – – –

    "and second world war had lot of muslim involvement "

    says a lot – don't it.

  82. denialisnoproof says:

    you should know that 1st war was started because a muslim man murdered ferdinand duke .
    and second world war had lot of muslim involvement

  83. aminriadh says:

    "Before that I was in Jedha Saudi Arabia, were i came to know the real mission of Saudi Govt. to have Islamic world dominance."

    This is a probable lie – even if you were in Jeddah – how is that you came to know the real face of Saudi govt?

    Your language skills, access to their govt facilities? Who exactly did you speak to?

    – – –

    Saudi govt – has no more wish than to preserve its own dictatorship for as long as possible. And does anything for that . . . best buddies with USA, allowing its military base and etc.

    – – – –

    " Now after 30 years I look around and find that they are working hard in their mission. I have a lot of Muslim friends here in India and Pakistan who can help me in the film project. "

    This is another thing I have trouble understanding . . . . why such people claim they have "Muslim" friends . . . when it take their fancy. When it is obvious . . . that this is just for effect.

    – – – –

    "Now I wish to take voluntary retirement and wish to produce the films of my choice and that is to expose the real face of Islam to save the world from Islamic world war 3. "

    Wow! Considering . . . the last 2 had nothing to do with Islam. . . .

  84. momukchu says:

    Mr Ali
    Last 30 years I had been producing educational films for a Govt. of India. Now I wish to take voluntary retirement and wish to produce the films of my choice and that is to expose the real face of Islam to save the world from Islamic world war 3. Before that I was in Jedha Saudi Arabia, were i came to know the real mission of Saudi Govt. to have Islamic world dominance. That is the story i came to know about 30 years before when i was working in a high security printing press. They had plans to paint up the world map with Islamic green in definite time period . Now after 30 years I look around and find that they are working hard in their mission. I have a lot of Muslim friends here in India and Pakistan who can help me in the film project.

    Please help me with our vision and mission so i could be of some use in to your crusade.

  85. denialisnoproof says:

    India is not dhimmi country . politicians are dhimmi.
    Actually politicians are using muslims not muslims using politicians.
    Sina please make a cartoon movie . it is good for everyone. no one gets hurt .
    and also india won't burn in the hands of muslim fanatics

  86. Ali Sina says:

    Thank you Momukchu,

    My first thought was to make the movie about Muhammad that I am planning to make in India, but everyone I talked to said that is impossible. Sadly India is a a dhimmi country.

  87. denialisnoproof says:

    Welcome brother , Please help our guru alisina in making mohammad movie . link to the plot of the story is in this webpage

  88. momukchu says:

    Mr Ali
    I found your sight on one of my question about Islam on Yahoo answer. this came to me as a healer to my bounded soul. I found your articles very inspiring and wish to join your crusade to find some meaning in my own life. I am a same soul like you trying to find some purpose in life. By profession I am a film maker and have great ideas for making documentaries on the same subject of Islam.
    Thank you for awakening scratching my soul.


  89. sanjeev_connect says:

    Did u notice the reaction of printing a simple cartton by all mullas????

    now imagine what will happen if u make a movie….but i hope some brave person shud do it….

  90. DPhysicist says:

    I tried to talk to Muslims but they attacked me… and physically on my brother and threatened me, well sometime there seems no hope but still quitting on this fight will not result in any better future… Mr. Ali you will always inspire me.

  91. Comment says:

    First u said he will throw us in hellfire,then u said have mercy on us,which one should we choose?

    Come on,go to,an… learn something instead of showing us mercy,

  92. Verdi says:

    Wishing you both the absolute best !

  93. Lars says:

    Hi John.
    Thank you. I'll do it.
    Be well.

  94. John K says:

    Great letter. Don't marry her until she says she agrees with Ali Sina's book and hugs a Jew!

    You should copy this letter to Ali at his email in the Contact tab under the About menu item. He sometimes can't keep up with the comments section.

  95. Lars says:

    To Ali Sina
    Greetings from Western Australia
    Thank You for the wealth of information that I have fallen back on repeatedly over the last two years. I especially like to spend time in Your old site. It is nice and easy to find my way around there.
    I met a Muslima during a debate on YouTube two years ago. She was very sincere, and I immediately took a liking for her. Since then, we have forged a very close friendship. She is a Qatari National. Born and bred Arabi. Needless to say, the closed society that she finds herself in imposes many difficulties on her. She is a life-long Muslim of course, and 29 years old. I have learned to love the Qatari people. It is exactly how You describe it. Most of these people are basically good. Her family is certainly not evil. But Islam holds them in it's grip. The relationships are love-less and unfulfilling. Foolishly perhaps, we have fallen in love. She adores the way I care about her. I'm just an ordinary Guy. But she sees everything in our relationship, that she will never have with a local man. After countless hours together online, I feel much sorrow for these people and their relationships. Husbands and wives and children…all suffer from Islam. Anyhow, we love each other deeply. She will leave all this behind. She will find the courage. Sure it's a bad idea to get involved…I know, I know. It wasn't planned. My Israeli friend told me to treat it like extreme sport…lol funny Guy. Look – I have read your advice for this sort of thing. I'm ok. I can handle it. I believe in this woman. She will find her way out of Islam. She's very sharp, intelligent and strong-headed. A black sheep amongst her own. She refused to marry various cousins and other arranged proposals at great difficulty with her family. The battles raged for years. This is why she's single at her age. Qatari never marry outsiders…well… It happens, underground of course. She always was very aware of the social depravity that festers in the Gulf region. Her blind conviction about Islam is beginning to fail. She has begun to express doubt. Her denial is falling away. We have spent much time debating, and sometimes arguing. This process has had a remarkable maturing effect on us. In many ways. We now have the ability to handle hot potatoes with grace and skill. Anyhow, cracks have appeared on her armour. Unmistakably. She is beginning to see. She has begun to think of the many things I have said over time. She's suddenly motivated to investigate quietly. I feel the earth is slipping away beneath her feet. Just a little. But unmistakably. It's wonderful and scary all at once. Strange how I would now feel concerned. What will happen for her…what have I done…what if others become aware and harm her etc… We want to marry, live here in Australia. She wants out from under the oppression of Qatari culture. She knows it is Islamic culture. She no longer defends or denies off-hand. Islam is tormenting these people. She's beginning to see this painfully. What a ride it's been. Fall in love and marry a Qatari Girl. Run away…escape and adventure. Crazy and delightful. Like extreme sport.
    I'm not too worried about this situation. I think we will pull this off. We have a very strong, trusting relationship. She's a go-getter and rebel at heart. She can handle pointed criticism against Islam and the Muhammad that we all know so well. Thank You for helping me with all that You have shared on Your old website. Sometimes I find my attitude become too aggressive after reading your debates. I am naturally rather like this myself. Argumentative German.
    It's good to write about this here. Whilst You do not know me, I have known of You for some time now. There is a feeling of familiarity towards You, after reading so much on Your sites. Anyhow, I hope it hasn't been to tedious.
    I have a question…regarding Your book. Is there an Arabic translation ?
    I'm happy to pay or donate whatever. My Qatari Girl will read it if I ask her. Her english is about 75%… adorable accent. It is difficult for her to read long articles. She devours Arabic like she's as thirsty as a thousand Dingos.
    Thank You for Your time and effort.

  96. Agracean says:

    Hi released, do you know the fact that Adolf Hitler was influenced by the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini whose secret agenda was to follow what was taught in that death manual? As a result, 6 million Jews perished in the holocaust because of this false prophet's hatred and jealousy of the Jews!

  97. JSOP says:

    You seemed to have miss my point again

    Any form of terrorism is bad as there is no justification on hurting innocents

    Never said they could do no wrong

    Innocent until proven guilty and when those who are on trial are guilty you do not take it out on the innocents that commit no crime at all as that would be illegal to do as makes you the same as those extremist who justify abuse of innocents

    Did you read about Britain and the US supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia to use on the Shia ?
    Hollowing out the bullets (dumb dumb bullets) to kill civilians

    Turning a blind eye to what they get up to and supplying weapons to use on innocent civilians

    Both Iran (supplying to Syria to use on civilians) and the US (supplying to Saudi Arabia to use on Shia civilians ) are committing a wrong act

    The twin towers were destroyed by extremist Muslims and innocent Muslims have been getting the backlash ever since
    Many use this to justify abuse on any Muslim they see and justify invading Muslim countries

    You cannot use this to justify abuse on Muslims who were not even involved in the attack those who destroyed the Twin Towers also regard Iran as the same as Israel and the US thus you cannot blame a country who was not involved in the attack

    Many have claimed Iran are making nukes yet there is very little evidence of them doing this
    China and Russia do not believe they are making weapons and do not agree with sanctions on Iran

    Not all of Iran wants to destroy Israel and not everyone in America and Israel want to destroy Iran


  98. everin says:

    JSOP >This comment cannot be violent n sick but the attacks on the twin NY towers, on the 2 US embassies n the USS Cole .etc., are, becoz thousands of innocent people were killed.__Iran had proved to be a terrorist state time n again with its declared intention to destroy Israel n American interest in the ME. It is making the Nuke bombs to do so. Why can't it live in peace with others. It is supplying arms to Pres. Assad of Syria to kill its unarmed citizens. So u never find that violent n sickening ??? __No one ask the Iranians to dismantle the drone n they do it at their own risks. ____

  99. JSOP says:

    Look at your own comments (threatening and justifying violence )


  100. JSOP says:

    Attacks from years ago do not justify some countries Violating international Law and Sovereignty of other countries

    ''Yr mind is so clouded with yr religious teachings that u cannot understand world affairs''

    I answered this in another comment (not the case at all )

    ''The US should spy on all enemies.''

    Not really justifiable and also is a double standard if they Prosecute other countries for doing the same (Russia China Iran ect )

    Cannot have one country dictate to others and cannot have one country immune from doing something wrong as if the Iran does something wrong it should be the same for any country (Law for one and not the other )

    Yes Iran can do things wrong but it is a double standard when nothing is done when others do the same acts

    ''The downed spy drone could be a Trojan horse. When the Iranian scientists dismantle it, Highly Radioactive materials leak out or some kinds of virus n bacteria leak out spreading incurable diseases.

    Justifying violence of Iran civilians by radioactive materials and germ war fair
    I find this comment violent and sick and this would be a War Crime if this indeed happened

    A war crime is a war crime no matter who commits it

    All peoples human rights need to be protected


  101. JSOP says:

    I know you and others believe Obama is a Muslims but most people do not


  102. JSOP says:

    Read your own comments also and you will see your own remarks directed towards other Muslims and myself


  103. JSOP says:

    Read the criticism it explains itself

    Also shows Muslims are not the only one who notice he and others like him are wrong


  104. John K says:

    That's sad. In a free country you could then direct the discussion to why the Quran teaches that the Jews are bad, and why should we accept what the Quran says.

  105. John K says:

    Funny how everything you say goes against the Quran and Sunna.

  106. John K says:

    The US has a Muslim president. This is clearly recorded in his Indonesian school records, and this was a school where non-Muslims were not allowed. He has never renounced Islam.

  107. John K says:

    What anyone says about Robert Spencer is irrelevant for the same reason that anything anyone says about Ali Sina is irrelevant. Both cite Quran and Sunna. So any criticism of their work is a criticism of Quran and Sunna, or a criticism of Islam. So your criticism of them is blasphemy by Islam's standards.

  108. John K says:

    The words of your response are a fair description of your methodology throughout the comments section.

    We provide ample facts. You, on the other hand, never provide facts, but rather stoop to insults and name-calling.

    Others have pointed this out to you as well. This site is for discussion of Islam. You never deal with issues of Islam and its doctrines in any of your writings.

  109. everin says:

    What is test no. 3 ???. Better be more specific.  Unbecoming of u to give such a vague answer, sir.

  110. everin says:

    JSOP Hei, u simpleton. After so many sneak attacks on the US, like pearl harbor, 9/11, bomb-last of 2 US embassies in East Africa n bombing of the USS Cole, etc,, The US should spy on all enemies. Yr mind is so clouded with yr religious teachings that u cannot understand world affairs.
    Don't be too happy. The downed spy drone could be a Trojan horse. When the Iranian scientists dismantle it, Highly Radioactive materials leak out or some kinds of virus n bacteria leak out spreading incurable diseases. The spy drone landed without any damage should be taken with suspicion.

  111. enlightened25 says:

    "Everyone is going on about Iran yet Israel has threatened to attack Iran and Palatine.
    India has threatened to blow Pakistan of the face of the map yet nothing is said not to mention what all the other countries get up to these days" But the question here is, should the world allow the brutal insane regime in Iran just to get its hands on a nuclear weapon? And do not just think this is Israel that is worried, the Arab countries also don`t want a nuclear armed Iran.

  112. JSOP says:

    Pamela Geller:
    ''American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, who frequently writes about topics relating to Israel and the Middle East, has described Geller as a "bigoted blogger" and noted her support of South African white supremacist Eugène Terre'Blanche.

    Robert Spencer:

    Spencer's work has been criticized as showing "entrenched hostility" towards Islam, and condemned as hate speech by a number of Muslim-American and civil rights groups.

    ADL condemned Spencer because he "seeks to rouse public fears by consistently vilifying the Islamic faith and asserting the existence of an Islamic conspiracy to destroy ‘American’ values.” ADL also noted Spencer's "influence" on manifesto of the Norwegian Terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik who released it after going on a killing spree.

    Karen Armstrong criticized Spencer's citations of Islamic scripture as cherry-picked, stating among other examples that "Spencer never cites the Koran's condemnation of all warfare as an 'awesome evil', its prohibition of aggression or its insistence that only self-defence justifies armed conflict…" She concludes that "His book is a gift to extremists who can use it to 'prove' … that the west is incurably hostile to their faith."

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has named Spencer and SIOA co-founder Pamela Geller as the founders of an anti-Muslim hate group.
    In the Summer 2011 issue of Intelligence Report, published by the SPLC, Robert Steinback listed Spencer as a member of the "anti-Muslim inner circle", noting that "Spencer has been known to fraternize with European racists and neo-fascists, though he says such contacts were merely incidental."

    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) listed Spencer as a "Smearcaster", and stated that "by selectively ignoring inconvenient Islamic texts and commentaries, Spencer concludes that Islam is innately extremist and violent".


  113. enlightened25 says:

    Anyone regardless of their ethnicity or religion can be a citizen or even president of the United States – if they uphold the constitution. So in priciple at least, a muslim could be elected president whether anyone would vote for them is another matter.

  114. JSOP says:

    'The unfortunate thing is that the intolerant Muslims are the one with the Quran and Sunna on their side, so they eventually take control of the moderates'''

    Accusing with out facts yet again ?
    You know this how ?
    Do you know all Muslims ?
    Do you speak for all Muslims now ?


  115. JSOP says:

    John Said ''It's more likely he did it deliberately because he was raised in Muslim schools in Indonesia for 6 years''

    Jumping to conclusions without facts or proof about Obama (Many do the same to Islam and Muslims)

    How is this proof of anything what does it matter if he was a Muslim (He is not) ?

    Muslims are not trying to take over funny how some cannot accept this


  116. JSOP says:

    Funny how you most criticise a Muslim country for not letting a Christian lead them yet I wonder if a western country would let a Muslim lead them

    Would the US allow a Muslim president?


  117. JSOP says:

    Charlee said ''Why wasn't a missle sent to destroy the downed spy drone in Iran immediately Obama is afraid to start a war with Iran ? Now yr top guns bemoan the fact that yr secrets are exposed to China n Russia. Obama is a weak president.?''

    So it was legal to have a spy drone there in the first place and it is justified to missile it (not knowing who is near it) Violating international Law and Iran's Sovereignty attacking another on the countries soil could be taken as an act of terrorism against that country or act of war (Killing scientist also for example)

    Everyone is going on about Iran yet Israel has threatened to attack Iran and Palatine.
    India has threatened to blow Pakistan of the face of the map yet nothing is said not to mention what all the other countries get up to these days

    You can not judge one country yet say nothing to all of the others when they do the same act they are accusing another of doing

    No one wants a war when will war mongers learn to stop poking other countries
    For example poking Pakistan, China, Russia and Iran

    They should Improve there own country before invading others

    Rather then letting there own people starve


  118. JSOP says:

    Ali Sina said : Obama is not just weak, he is a traitor. He would pass the secrets of America to her enemies happily.

    Accusing someone with out fact again ?


  119. John K says:

    Hi Charlee,

    Ali Sina has given you the correct answer. One of the best articles I have seen is this one from Pamela Geller. The keys words in it are:

    "Obama's decision not to retrieve one of our most important cutting-edge weapons in the war on the global jihad was an attack on America. The commander-in-chief is not on our side. Think about that."

    This video from Tom Trento at The United West shows what kind of values Obama inherited from his father, not to mention being raised as a Muslim for 6 years in Indonesia:

  120. studt says:

    me 2 4m kerala but i was impressed more by his short articles in
    like anfal,sex slave safiyyah..i know these are there in his books 2.but transalating short articles will be easy and easy to circulate

  121. Charlee says:

    John K, Why wasn't a missle sent to destroy the downed spy drone in Iran immediately ? Obama is afraid to start a war with Iran ? Now yr top guns bemoan the fact that yr secrets are exposed to China n Russia. Obama is a weak president.?

  122. John K says:

    Hi Everin. This has been a big blunder of Obama to take down governments who were protecting Western values from fundamentalist Islam. It's more likely he did it deliberately because he was raised in Muslim schools in Indonesia for 6 years, and the only rebellion he didn't support was the Iranian one because they were rebelling against an Islamist regime, not a pro-Western regime.

  123. everin says:

    Fully agreed with u, John K. The situation in the ME countries are no different. With the depature of the more realistic n pro-western dictators, the Islamic brotherhood is taking control all over. More mayhems in those countries. Wars with Israel look imminent n troubles for the US ?

  124. John K says:

    Thank you for your service. A Navy aircraft maintainer gave me his toolbox which is still adorned with his hazmat sticker and photo of a drop tank.

  125. Rembrandt says:

    Individual Muslims (Unless they are active duty terrorists) are humane. But a gathering of Muslims becomes a problem..

  126. Rembrandt says:

    Spread this site among the navy personnel. They might get a good idea of the motivation of their foes.

  127. John K says:

    The unfortunate thing is that the intolerant Muslims are the one with the Quran and Sunna on their side, so they eventually take control of the moderates.

  128. Yun says:

    I'm born a Christian. Living in Malaysia, a Muslim country, it takes a high degree of tolerance as we have diversified culture. I grew up knowing that we are different but our differences was merely based on our appearance – the color of our skin, the eyes, the nose…but as I got older, I noticed the beauty of diversity is no longer the reason that bring us together when we were kids, it somehow become the reason that tear us apart. Yes, part of the community is fighting for unity of all religions and races regardless of the differences but sadly, another part just don’t blend with the idea. I have Muslims friends who are very tolerant and unlike other Muslims on other part of the world, they are quite liberal. But I can’t put aside the fact that some are just full of hatreds and disgust towards non-Muslims. And sadly it is pandemic, eventually, the other group of religions also fighting for their superiority above other religions …this is how I come to this conclusion – religions divide people.And of course my Christians parents disapproved of me being a free-thinker but I chose to be want I want to be.

  129. Rembrandt says:

    You will be shot right through the heart. :-D.

    Donot do that and become a target. Whats RC btw ?

  130. John K says:

    Keep up the good fight. All we can do for our posterity is give it our best effort.

  131. valhalla says:

    As a mother ,grandmother and greatgrandmother ,I worry about the future of my grand children ,I recieved a petition recently asking for the intake of migrants to increase from 13,750 to 25,000,I told them no as the illegal migrants coming here by boat were mainly -Muslim,migrants are welcome ,but we are swelling the ranks of Islam who openly say they are going to overtake us,Holland no longer supports muticulturism England ,France ,Germany, and America,there is much unrest ,there is trouble wherever Muslims settle ,all Muslims live under that cruel Sharia Law and are trying to have it made official here in Australia ,they make demands ,one by one it is called -creeping Sharia,they will obey our laws ,but their first allegiance is to Islam and Sharia when they have the numbers they will strike ,but they will find we Australians won't give in to threats and intimidation so easily.

  132. samudragupta says:

    Islamic Jihad,arrogance,intolerance and blind faith will fall in this century,it is 100%sure.But how much it will take time it is a matter.Oil is the oxygen for them.It needs no progress in their social structure.Hope the day comes soon and it comes with least bloodshed.

  133. Wong says:

    Can't agree with you more Ali, you are courageous keep up the good work .

  134. yusufharto says:

    Rido, as for reading materials that against Islam ,it is not just Indonesians wouldn'tlike it. Most muslims would'nt like it either as far as I know.
    What I suggest you, if they are zealot , just engage in conversation with them about Quran contradictions that you can find in Alisina's page. they will be shocked For those with nominal faith, just introduce them with Alisina's page.

  135. Denny says:

    I heard that Indonesia is the most hypocrite country in the world. Everybody seems to be very religious. But their behavior is very corrupt. I think Indonesia really need somebody like you who is willing to spread this news. You have to be smart to do it. Never confront them directly. It is no use. I wish you luck.

  136. rido says:

    No wonder, like you said the muslims did not like read something against islam, they prefer live in denial than know the truth about islam especially the truth about their prophet muhammad. but even though I want you to know that the very root of Indonesian culture is polite and respect of others before any religion come and hijack them despite which tribe they are. and as you can see what we have become now. this religion doesn't just corrupted our culture, but our resources as well, i don't know for how long this so-call religion of peace destruction my country and turn in into misery. if they thought we didn't knew it, well I tell you they are wrong. we are silent doesn't mean that we know nothing about it. i mean look at us.

    I have contact you asking the book about understanding muhammad by email, and still not received your respond yet, I want to make sure that you have received my email and I hope you can send me that book. just in case if you not received it you can send it to freethinker212 at gmail dot com if its ok. I'm looking forward from you.

  137. Ali Sina says:

    No don’t have any debates with Indonesian Muslims. But there was this moderate mullah that I invited to debate. He did not reply. It would be nice to invite someone of repute otherwise the debate is a waste of time.

  138. rido says:

    Mr. Ali

    Great, l'll contact you soon, i hope it's ok if i'm not use the same email address. have you any debates with Indonesian Muslims? thx

  139. Ali Sina says:

    Helo Rido,

    Yes Understanding Muhammad is translated into Indonesian, It is the translation of the very old edition. The latest editoin is much improved. However I can send you the one I have, if you contact me at my email faithfreedom2 at gmail dot com

  140. rido says:

    Thank you Mr. Ali, I have follow your site and read many of your sacred debates and articles since 2007. you know i would love to join your crusade, but i'm afraid their responds and i'm not sure i'm good to spread the truth about islam. since i live in Indonesia, the largest muslims country in the world, and many of them are extremist. i'll try though, but do you have any better suggestion to advance my campaign here. is there availabe your book "Understanding Muhammad" in Indonesia language?

    for peace and freedom

  141. sahuleika says:

    may my allah have mercy on you too zulaikha… you in fact are totally misguided by your "precious" mohamed-made quran… have you read and studied your precious in depth??? you looks very pathetic… if not, you may only know the truth after you die… hahahaha….. mohamed himself was not sure about his heaven or hell… not to mention you…. good luck zulaikha with your precious heaven and hell…. pahala oh pahala….hahahahahhaa……..

  142. muhmet says:

    no, you will not see it in your life time… as long as the Hindus or other non-muslim are still like to get married to female/male muslims due to the wealth, charisma, bullshit-kindness, sex or their taqiya…. as long as the brainwash using loudspeaker 5-times a day, through film, TV or other media to make fool all of non-muslims….as long as there is soft or hard oppression to non-muslims…. hahahaha….. you non-muslims will be gone forever… then all systems will be ISLAM… but dont worry… the system will be imploded by itself…. hahahaha…..but there will be no non-muslims at that time…hahahaha…..

  143. nasredin says:

    because… i guess everyone in this world has already known it.. all the people who are going to make such a film will be persecuted, harassed, or even tortured or murdered…. hahhhaa… who or what countries or organizations in this world will support them to resist against ISLAMOFACISM now???? NONE… this world is hopeless…. all now is already obedient to ISLAMIST…. the right approach is world-wide rebellion (openly or underground or secretively) against all the institutions in this world that favor ISLAMIST (aka BEAST) than non-muslims (aka HUMAN)…

  144. ronald e ratkiller says:

    just another taqiya…. he's not a baptist preacher at all hahaha…. he is a muslim with invented name and invented label such as a baptist preacher…. just make you confused hahahaha…. congrats ronald or whatever you are…

  145. Songadh Lion says:

    rahul what u said how the page on FFI should be well it was like that earlier about 4 years ago. As FFI grew so did the headlines contents.Sina Sir is way too good. You can read all his debates and articles. Everything he writes he writes with so much passion, truth facts love. Cheers

  146. Just Dan says:

    Thank You, Mr. Sina.
    I rest my case. If indeed your cause is a just cause, time will tell and eventually people will learn to see.
    God speed your journey, my dear Sir. I shall leave you with these words:
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that
    all men are created equal, that they are
    endowed by their Creator with certain
    unalienable Rights, that among these are
    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

  147. Ali Sina says:

    Hi Dan,

    The adversary will not be standing. There is a power in the universe that anyone can tap into and that is the power of conviction. Your cause does not have to be right. Even if your cause is all wrong but you are convinced of it and dedicate yourself to it, mysterious forces in the universe conspire to make it happen. Muhammad is one example of that. This mad man was convinced of his cause and he transmitted that conviction to others and they made his sick dream a reality. My dream is neither mad nor sick. I want to see peace in this world and Islam is the biggest obstacle. I want to remove it. No one can do something like that alone, but if we become millions the job will be a sinch.

    I am now working on a mighty project. I dreamed about it for years and somehow those mysterious forces came together to make it happen. Doors opened and now that dream is closer to reality. Within a couple of years millions will learn the truth about Islam and it will be the moment that history will take a different rout.

  148. Just Dan says:

    Mr. Sina sir,
    Now it’s almost a week since i know about you; truthfully i found your name and reputation from wikipedia. I was looking for something that led to another, then another then to you.
    At first i thought your cause of eradicating Islam was a joke. I thought this whole network was a joke. That’s why my comments are somewhat cynical, sarcastic and a bit off. For that Mr. Sina, you have my sincere apologies. Because the more i read, the more i realize that you really mean about your cause and i don’t know how i’ve missed you for 10 years after you first started FFI.
    I’ve read somewhere in the FFI that you gave yourself 25 years of effort for your cause. Suppose the 25 years up and your adversary still standing. What will be your next move then?
    If you already answered the similar inquiry and post it somewhere, Just ignore this message and i’ll look it up by myself.

  149. John K says:

    Don't worry. There is no Allah, so Dr. Sina doesn't need any mercy from him. The true God, however is pleased with the loving humanitarian service Dr. Sina does to free Muslims from the totalitarian yoke of sociopathic Islam.

    Nothing Dr. Sina has written is his opinion. Everything he writes about Islam is fully documented from Islam's texts. He avoids the texts that are not widely accepted so as not to give an excuse to discredit his analysis.

    Read the material again and check the references to your own books. You will see he is right.

    So you think the Quran is a perfect book from Allah on how humans should live, but you think a man should not abuse a woman. But Allah's perfect word said he should.

    What else do you like in the Quran? Do you like the part about killing unbelievers wherever you find them?

  150. ZULAIKHA says:



  151. sageer says:


    This translations has to reach into muslims hand, really after reading I shocked to how much vulgar and cruel is islam, it is true after reading meaning of quran any muslim can remain as modierate muslim either become terrorist or leave islam.

  152. The-secret-code says:

    It-sounds like
    written by The secret code , March 27, 2011

    Allah …….sounds like "I-LIE"
    Islam ……sounds like I will slam you if you do not pray 5 times a day, do not follow all other Islamic rituals and kill the enemies of Allah.
    Muhammad …….sounds like more-holocausts-mad (ness ). Holocausts are happening from Pakistan to the Middle Eastern Islamic countries now.
    Quran……..sounds like corupt leaders of Islamic countries ran for their lives.
    Iran………Sounds like, I, The Shah of Iran, had ran for my life.
    Libya…………The people there are fighting for their liberty from the tyrant, Mohammed Kaddafi.

  153. Arya Anand says:

    Yes, it seems Muslims will start world war III and with the end of this war will come the end of Islam.

  154. Arya Anand says:

    Thank you, Sageer for the information on online availability of Ali Sina's book and its Tamil version, my mother tongue. Look forward to hear the good news of its translation into Malayalam.

  155. Yasmeena says:

    Mr Ratliff, are you really a Baptist Preacher, or a or an anti Christ, it seems you haven't made the effort to study the religion, if you are talking about the quran, then let me tell you about some of the evil things that do exist in quran. A Prophet who lust for his son's wife, and then has sex with her, is not a prophet. A Prophet who has lust for young boys, and kiss them on their tongues is not a prophet. A Prophet who lust for men, and embrace them while they were naked, is not a prophet. This is only few things that I know they are in the quran, please make an effort to study the religion.

  156. Yasmeena says:

    Good on you for you effort and good work, God bless you

  157. Forgiven by Jesus says:

    God bless you Dr. Sina for your encouraging books, you have stated all the truth about Islam, or I should say the ugly truth has been revealed, I am with you 100%, I pray and desire to see Islam falling very soon, no other man has ever lived on the face of the earth, that had done this much evil to mankind. When I talk to Buddhist, or even atheist I find peace and love within them, but Muslims have nothing but hatred, some people in the Western countries are confused, or misled between "Alla" and God, they think He is the same, I have replied several times, that my God is not a Killer but God of love, forgiveness, and peace, came in a form a man, humbled Himself and lived with us to bring us back to Him, His words were peace, love, hope, joy and to live in harmony with others.

  158. Yasmeena says:

    Thank you Dr Sina, your work is valid and had answered many Muslims young peoples questions, every era God raise good people to make a difference in this world. Lots of Muslim young people are confused, some of them taking their precious lives away by committing suicide, no Muslim leader has an answer for them, and how would they, where would they bring the answer from, many times Father Zakaria Boutrous had mentioned, what would you delete from the quran, or what would you correct, and how would you explain it's immoral and evil acts of so called prophet. Thank God for those whom are putting their lives on the line for the sake of our freedom. Islam should fall soon, it's irrelevant for today's life style, and has no truth non so ever.

  159. Sageer says:


    Understanding muhammed is written by Ali sina not by me, is really very good every things are written based on quran and hadiths, I sure any muslim can't reply any way tamil translation and engilish version is available in

  160. Janasangam says:

    I am ready to traslate your book into Malayalam upon given permission and providing a copy in PDF format. I too from Kerala.

  161. Sageer says:


    I am muslim from kerala,india(I hope you are also from kerala), but I am worrying like you after reading understanding muhammed by Ali sina, send this book to many muslim friends,they are also become like in their inner mind, I know they and my self can't break shell, so some one has to translate book understanding muhammed into malayalm to undertand how worst is muhammed and islam.

  162. Sageer says:

    I am sure it wil be very good attempt destroy evils of islams and make muslims real human beings

  163. John K says:

    Good news Jonathan. CGI is expensive too.

  164. John K says:

    There's always plenty of T-shirt shops that can do custom designs. You would have to put up the production money. T-shirt sales usually do well on ebay, but I don't know if safety concerns would make people reluctant to wear them.

  165. John K says:

    Hey Jonathan. Nice to see you on this side.

    Ali hopes we can reclaim Muslims by showing them the truth so we don't have to fight them. I hope we are successful.

  166. John K says:

    It doesn't matter what Muslims say about Islam. It matters what the Koran, Hadith, Sira and Sharia law say about Islam.

  167. hbk says:


  168. Rajesh says:

    Well? What is the future of Islam- at least in India? Do you think Islam will fall, when the most difficult thing for any Muslim to o is to leave Islam, and when apostates are given death penalty?

  169. Rajesh says:

    Dr Sina, what are your views on the demise of Islam? In 2001 you predicted that we would see the fall of Islam in our own lifetime. Then in "Understanding Muhammad" in July 2010 you said– "I predicted the fall of Islam in 2001, but since then Islam has only grown, not reduced". What is the realistic hope now? And I am more worried about non-Muslim countries than Islamic nations. What about India? Will we be able to save Hinduism from Islam? Will Islam fall worldwide in 30 years? Please reply…

  170. RC is the way to be. says:

    make T-shirts available that say: I (HEART) Ex-Muslims!

    in every country in every language!


  171. Rahul says:

    Dear Dr Sina,
    THE homepage should look like this. Instead of the articles that presently occupy the upper half of, there should be the following:

    $ 50,000 AWARD TO ANYONE
    Narcissist Pedophile Womanizer Terrorist Rapist Misogynist
    Assassin Looter Mass murderer Cut leader Madman ….

    There should be a link on "MUHAMMAD WAS A MESSENGER OF GOD" which after opening will result in a page- "Errors in the Quran, proofs that Muhammad was not a Messenger of God- bringing forth solid arguments like 86:7 of Quran sperms originate or 19:27-28 Mistaking Mary for Mariam etc etc. All these allegations should have links as they already have.
    Below this should be written the present page of the challenge – like "Here are the debates", I will remove this site if proven wrong etc . IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO WRITE PROPERLY ONE LINE WHICH IS- "TELLING THE TRUTH OF MUHAMMAD TO A MUSLIM IS LIKE TELLING A CHILD THAT HIS FATHER IS A RAPIST MURDERER AND THIEF" A child who adulates his father will not be able to accept it even if all the proofs in the world are given to him. The shock is too much. READING THIS LINE WILL HELP MUSLIMS IN SEEING THE TRUE FACE OF MUHAMMAD.

    I myself used to blindly follo what my father said as I adulated him since childhood. But after I read this line on Ali SIna's testimony of leaving Islam (that testimony too should be put here on I could see many of my fathers errors Though I still adulate him, I can now spot his mistakes and disagree with him.

    Below this should be the present articles on oped and news of Islam- all this for Same should also be done on Ali

    DR SINA PLEASE REPLY TO THIS. I am Rajesh 's friend who advised yu this here on this site. PLEASE REPLY-waiting for your answeR…..

  172. John K says:

    Somebody else recently decided against it because of safety for the actors and production personnel.

  173. Sageer says:

    Ali Sina

    Why not you take initiative to make good quality film or movie based on life of mohammed, I am sure it help to reach real life of muhammed to maximum muslims, please respond

  174. John K says:

    Ronald, no one and read the Quran and believe it is peaceful or from God. Islam has brought nothing but suffering to the world. How dare you say it brings peace to anyone at all.

  175. Eliane says:

    Ronald, Ali Sina is not a deluded individual, whereas you are a liar. You are no Baptist Preacher, you are a muslim. If not, you are mad.

  176. Ahamed says:

    Jabar we have to start like this site only concentrating and revealing foolishness of quran, hadis, mohammed.


  177. Ahamed says:

    Please start in malayalam also.

  178. Western Feminista says:

    Ronald, I find it odd that a Baptist Preacher would defend an ideology that is in 2011, still actively seeking out Christians and slaughtering them on the basis of their faith. {Unless of course, you do not consider Baptists to be Christian?} Please do not say "oh, that's in other countries, and it's not religious it's political… I have studied Islam, and know that it is an ideology that encompasses all aspects of life. It is both political and religious….please read the Koran, then swap the word Muslim for white, and infidel/kaffir with black – and you will find a nice handbook that the KKK/Nazi's would be proud of. (You don't need to substitute the word Christians/Jews, its already there..)
    If Islam succeeds in spreading world wide (in a true sense) other religions will not be tolerated, and Baptist Preachers won't be necessary….think about it.

  179. U.S. Navy PO2 says:

    do you have learning disabilities ronald? read the website and the debates aNd even his book. A religion that brings "peace" but also murder and mayhem world wide? I take it you have never been to the middle east and dealt with muslims on a large scale, so i suggest before you start making accusations, do your own studying pastor. ISLAM IS A CANCER AND WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU HAVING THEIR BACK ESPECIALLY A BAPTIST PREACHER, I CAN SEE MY GREAT U.S.A ARE HEADED TO OBLIVION.

    U.S. Navy PO2 : 2 tours to Afghanistan, 1 tour to Iraq, and a 1 year "vacation" in Bahrain

  180. chris says:

    You are about I SLAM, right??? Good.Because I thought you are out of your mind.

  181. chris says:

    I am living among the moslem and I never come across a race or religion which can backstab you like the muslims do.

  182. Guest says:

    For Americans who support Dr. Sina's cause visit CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) is a branch of Hamas.

  183. Moooo says:

    If religion is a library then its purpose is destroyed.

  184. rmoslem says:

    for objective one, you should met a muslim, you will get more comprehensif perspective on islam
    it's not wise to judge just by one side

  185. Nelu Roman says:

    I have never met a muslim.What I have known about Koran was: It is like a library ,you could take good books or bad books.It is your choice. If you take a good one, you do good things,if you take a bad one you do bad things.Simple….was,because now, I have another perspective on islam.Not a good one, of course,and that is because of your article-Mr Sina.Thanks for that! I would like to translate some article of yours (books…. would be a little harder ) into my language-romanian.I know,in my country there is not so much interest on such a subject, but I look forward to reading your articles-I am a fan now.

  186. ronald e ratliff says:

    You are a deluded individual. Nazism, KKK, white supremacy all were a product of white christiandom. You have not even made any effort to study the religion and the peace it brings to millions. You are worse than a Nazi!

    Baptist Preacher: Ronald E. Ratliff

  187. John Sudhaker says:

    You are doing a great hard and long strugling job.I am also a small soldier of this big war in my own way.In India cogress+communists+christians+islamists all together are busy to bring islam and sharia in country. Hindus are becoming fools and 2nd rate citizens.Lalu,Mulu,Baalu,Digvijay,Arjun,Amarsingh,manyshankar iyer etc are muslims under hindu names.they all along with that Italien lady are ruling the country and pushing it to Darul Islam.Wait for 20 yrs India will be a islamic republic of India because Hindus are still under great sleep or stupor or inetrnal rivalaries.Wake up Hindus wake up.

  188. EA jabbar says:

    wish you a prosperous new year.
    I'm also an EX-Muslim.
    for the last 30 years I 'm also doing the same as you, here in South India [Kerala]
    I think that Islam is the most dangerous thing happened in the history of manakind.
    my blog:-

  189. Truth Lover says:

    Ali Sina,
    I have joined, as a soldier, the crusade that you have started.

  190. NDANUSU KAPINGA says:


  191. released says:

    You have been inspiring me for the last six months. I'm a teacher for almost a thousand teenagers in the biggest islamic country. I know you speak the truth and sometimes could not help not to talk about some of ideas you bring about here. But, I must be extremely careful not to harm myself. What I am doing now is giving my students good readings and good movies that can open up their minds to humanity. It is not an easy journey though. I have some parents complained about letting their children watching 'Osama' because they thought the movie defames Islamic values. My students comments often shock me too. For example, after watching Schindlerlist, we had a critical thinking discussion about why Hitler hated jews so much, one of my students said it is a natural cause since they were bad people according to Koran. It really breaks my heart knowing that my students have such belief.

  192. jkolak says:

    I have been thinking about this issue for some time now. Thank you as always for articulating the various thoughts and feelings in a manner that shines a light into our own souls and clarifies for us what is happening inside.

  193. Ali Sina says:

    I was with someone who was helping me fixing the problems of the site. He stopped in the middle of the work becuse a friend came to visit him. I need someone knowledgeble in WordPress to fix both sites.

  194. Ali Sina says:

    If you are the lady that wrote to me about a year ago and talked about your Muslim brother, hello. I have quoted part of your email in the sixth edition of my book. No mention of coutry or name is given. I thought it was a very powerful testimony.

  195. Ali Sina says:

    Obama is not just weak, he is a traitor. He would pass the secrets of America to her enemies happily.

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