Praying tree and praying rock

These two images are reported to be praying to Allah.

Muslim tree

Muslim rock

Muslims’ mind work very much like that of children. Trees and rocks don’t have a head, arms and body like humans to stand in prayer as these naive Muslims think. These are flukes.  Rocks and trees don’t pray. They don’t have a brain. A rock is compacted sand. It does not have a persona. This is so absurd that it does not require any explenation.  If one is so stupid to not know that rocks can’t think or recognize God to pray then words are redundant. If you can ask this rock take another prayer position I maybe able to make Muslims reason.

These are fluke.  And here are some examples.

Is the tree resting?

This tree resembles Ganesh. Is that a miracle to prove Hinduism? Look at the face at the top

If that praying tree is a sign of God then God must be confusing people. Hindus believe this is the sign for their faith.

I know what you are thinking, you dirty minded Muslim. No that is not what these trees are doing.  It only appears to you that way just as the bending tree in Australia appears to you praying.

Let me ask this tree. Hello Mr. Tree. is that tree praying?

Thank you. I get it. Please tell that to Muslims.  They don’t get it.

Here are some curious rock formations.  These formations don’t mean anything. Our brain processes them in such a way that we see familiar images.

This Indian face is the most amazing rock formation in Canada. It is several miles long, only visible from satilites.  Is this a miracle?  Isn’t this much more elaborate than anything you Muslims have yet shown?

They must be looking inside a well.

Are these rocks kissing?

Do any of the above images mean anything? Of course not. The same is true about the ones that follow.

There is some similarity. Don’t you think so?

Please dear Muslim. It’s really embarrassing to see you people are so naïf. It is an embarrassment to our human species to have people like you. Do you really believe that trees and rocks have a mind of their own and can pray?  Only children  think inanimate objects have personality.

Oh well, Muhammad also thought that way. He thought the planets and heavenly objects can think and make decisions.  He said Allah “turned to the sky, and it had been (as) smoke. He said to it and to the earth: ‘Come together, willingly or unwillingly.’ They said: ‘We come (together) in willing obedience'” (41:11).

Do the earth and stars have a mind and a will? Muhammad was a lunatic.  Even in his time people were smart enough to know that inanimate objects don’t make choices.  Smarter people laughed at him. They clled him a madman.  Aren’t you ashamed for following a fool like Muhammad? No wonder you think trees and stones can pray.

Wake up for Pete’s sake.  All these so called miracles that make your faith strong in Islam are stupid. Your faith is based on stupidity.  There are no miracles in Islam. Islam is invented by an ignoramus. You are endowed with brain. Use it. There must be a limit to stupidity.  Or is there?

Looked from a different angle the tree does not look like praying anymore.

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No Responses

  1. Alyiah says:

    How little you know of islam is flattering. Making things up wont and cant change our belief sorry. What do you want us to do? insult your religion? Well no, because we believe in Jesus too. Come back with real facts.

  2. narcole1919721 says:

    *shares eid cookies* yalla,lets spread love. *smiles* 🙂

  3. Ali Sina says:

    @ Jade
    “they’re only human.”

    That is very much in doubt. Why no one provokes the followers of any other religion? Why only Muslims are so volatile and violent? No my dear, people don’t provoke Muslims. Muslims are raiders. Did we Persian provoke Muslims for they invading us? Did the Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis of that time, Indians, the Spaniards or the Europeans provoke Muslims. No. Muslims raid to conquer and dominate the world. Yes I question the humanity of Muslims.

    BTW you posted a dozen of other comments which I deleted without reading them because each comment had a different username. This childish game are not allowed in here. Stick to one username.

  4. Jade says:

    What do you expect? It's like the whole world against Islam and Muslims. Everyone provokes them, and so obviously they get sick of it and retaliate, they're only human. I admire the patience of some Muslims for putting up with the constant abuse and discrimination they have to face because everyone generalises them based on what the radical and minority do, and the media sensationalising every 'bad' thing a Muslim does to non Muslims, but when it's the other way around and he Americans killing innocent Muslim civillians, they don't

  5. whysomuchhate says:

    Get in line brother, So did Hitler

  6. Fleming says:

    you could simply stop going to a mosque or praying.
    No need to pretend.
    Change your place of residence so that in the new place you can start from day one as a non muslim.

  7. Sakat says:

    ha,ha,ha!…….Ali ,you are simply a third kind man even God (if he really exist) can't beat you,see how bankrupt you have made them, now they have become paper,the peon(Shabeer) is lurking here and their with unpalatable forged currency making last ditch effort to save his corporation, please don't be rude this much man.

  8. Arjun says:

    Yes I am prepared, the day u talk about may happen or may be not, I don't need to take your word for it.
    You cannot prove it today can u. But, What IF that never happens and you find out (that day 🙂 all this talk was a lie it would be too late for you to rectify your sick life.

  9. DPhysicist says:

    well thanks Mr. Sina for some amazing pics…

  10. John2find says:

    I just don’t Understand why Muslims starts alleging that even Christianity is not free from Evil. when they find that they don’t have logic to prove their religion right. It does not matter>> What christian do or what jews do or what Hidnus do they maybe doing wrong but why do your religion Islam which you claim is fabricated by the Allah (he is different from god as Allah can only be called Allah not even god) do have wrong and evil satanic teachings in it first of all.
    Think on this. But I know very least of you think and try an undertake what other person has to say. You go deaf as soon as we say Islam is evil. You never try to proove why Islam is good. We have made a lot of allegation to proove Islam is evil.
    Read each article present on this website of Mr.Ali Sina, if you do not want to buy his book.
    They are self sufficient in telling you the Evilness of Islam.

    I will request your(Muslim) mullah and scholars to buy just one copy of Ali Sina book , jut one copy all amongst them and publish a book saying “Ali Sina’s lie” with you logical proofs.
    But Mr. Ali Sina do not tell lie if you can proove him wrong I will start believing he is a liar, in fact he himself has announced that he will convert back to Islam. BUT Neither any of you nor any of you Mullah’s nor Immam nor your muhammad (I have used small M intentional in muhhamad name as he does not deserve M)nor you Allah have those logical proofs.
    Its juts because you do not understand the simple words LOGIC and FREEDOM.

  11. John K says:

    It's unfortunate, Trey, that you have fit yourself into the typical pattern of Muslims who don't know enough to discuss the issues and compensate with insults. You need to spend some more time on the site reading to inform yourself and crawl out of the black hole your culture has put you in.

  12. Trey Songz says:

    They were facing mecca.

    And it is actually a sign, the rest are stupid.

    You're immature.

  13. John K says:

    Correct. The Quran only says that Muslims must not murder non-Muslims, and that no Muslim can be tried for murder of a kafir.

  14. Ria says:

    21 “The son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’
    22 “But the father said to his servants, ‘Quick! Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. 23 Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate. 24 For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.

  15. Ria says:

    13 “Not long after that, the younger son got together all he had, set off for a distant country and there squandered his wealth in wild living. 14 After he had spent everything, there was a severe famine in that whole country, and he began to be in need. 15 So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country, who sent him to his fields to feed pigs. 16 He longed to fill his stomach with the pods that the pigs were eating, but no one gave him anything.
    17 “When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have food to spare, and here I am starving to death! 18 I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. 19 I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired servants.’ 20 So he got up and went to his father.
    “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.

  16. Ria says:

    Thanks Mr Sina. West, even if not a Christian country, but have roots in Judeo-Christian faith. It reminds me story of the prodigal son. The Prodigal Son, also known as the Lost Son and the loving Father, is one of the parables of Jesus. When the child makes a mistake, you don't condone the sin, you condemn sin but still love the child. Like the father in the story below, when the child returns leaving the sin behind the parent is so happy for him or her. Their honor is not greater than their love, thankfully.

    Jesus continued: “There was a man who had two sons. 12 The younger one said to his father, ‘Father, give me my share of the estate.’ So he divided his property between them.

  17. Ria says:

    Were does it say in Quran don't murder non-muslims.

  18. Ali Sina says:

    “Their honor does not depend on their daughters, ”
    This is such a poignant point. Children commit mistake. For a Muslim the solution is to kill the child for disgracing the family. A westerner has a completely differnt appraoch. They show love and compassion and try to bring their wayward chid back home. They accept her and protect her and if she brings a child to the world they take care of that child and raise him with love. The society respects them for it. No body will look down at a family if a daughter becomes pregnant outside wedlock. People are allowed to make mistakes. And they learn from their mistakes. When mistakes happen people try to mend it. They don’t kill the person who commits that mistake. This is the difference between a civilized society and a primitive and barbaric society.

  19. John K says:

    On the nature of evil, Solzhenitsyn said:

    “Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through every human heart, and through all human hearts. This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years. Even within hearts overwhlemed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained; and even in the best of all hearts, there remains a small corner of evil.” – The Gulag Archipelago

  20. John K says:

    So true! Phenomenon found globally, but the people of Iran are learning this big time now!

  21. Ria says:

    Mullas 😉

  22. Ria says:

    BTW I live in US, I don't see people as you are describing to. Here people love their kids with expecting anything in return. Their honor does not depend on their daughters, so they don't have to kill their daughter for messing up. They love their daughters regardless. No one is stone anyone to death because it is required to stone some of lack of moral. Yes there are bad people here too…but then again are your Islamic countries free of bad people ?

  23. Ria says:

    Your Allah is the SATAN!! You really believe a man like Mohammed reputation will be given a holy God's message. Satan picked Mo not God.

  24. Ria says:

    Samira has a log in her eyes and trying to take speck out of others. Don't you know Babri Masjid in India sits in the very place were there was a temple dedicated to Hindu god Ram. Same way they build their al-aksa mosque were jewish temple stood.
    And now they want to build so called mosque on Ground Zero. Why ??? A symbol of victory killing innocent people.

    You are on the wrong side of the boundary, you are welcome to join the family of God. And save youself from the hell of Islam. They are many who are fleeing the satanic cult of Islam. You can too….

  25. John K says:

    He's talking about the Quran's threats against the unbelievers about burning in hell. When Muhammad was weak, he only threatened unbelievers. When he got strong, he killed them instead.

  26. John K says:

    That's cute and the point is well taken, but I should point out that in technical terms the war between good and evil is termed in Latin, Humanitas v. Barbaritas, so barbarian definitely carries a connotation of savage. An innocent culture such as what you are thinking of might be called primitive natives or an uncontaminated deep-jungle tribe. Or in the past, simply a tribal culture. Well, I'm sure there is a better technical term, but it escapes me at the moment! 😀

  27. Rembrandt says:

    I think I answered tactics to a question that asked for a strategy.

    So here is the strategy:

    Basically get rid of Islam from your Mind System. (Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings ) etc.
    Convert the hate for kafirs built up from reading the Quran into love for 'ALL'. 'Believe' and practice the Golden Rule. This thing works.

  28. Rembrandt says:

    I think I answered tactics to a question that asked for a strategy.

    So here is the strategy:

    Basically get rid of Islam from your Mind System. (Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings ) etc.
    Convert the hate for kafirs built up from reading the Quran into love for 'ALL'. 'Believe' and practice the Golden Rule. This thing works.

  29. Rembrandt says:

    You are wrong on one count. Primitive Barbarians are not pedophilic, wife beating, hallucinating and narcisistic mass murderers. Primitive Barbarians simply lived in the forest. All the western media focused only on the violence they unleashed and not their social structure, their kinship, comradery etc. They were simply regular people living in the forest or harsh climates. You insulted Primitive Barbarian ethos and now forgiveness from Gods of the Primitive Barbarians. 😀

  30. Rembrandt says:

    He is just being a muslim ..

  31. Rembrandt says:

    "Islam teaches you about bettering yourself and being a good person, living a life of honesty."

    and you start with a wtf ?

  32. Rembrandt says:

    He never WAS a true muslim. I second that too and Thank god for it 🙂

  33. Rembrandt says:

    I second this advice. Be free. That's the point. Don't go out with guns blazing and trying to stop Islam. You cannot stop a thing that doesn't exist. Stop doing 5 times namaz out of fear and start doing it as an exercise. I used to do the same. I used to mumble some really nice teachings from the bible while doing the postures of salat. I escaped persecution. You can mumble a beautiful song like "What a wonderful world!!!" or something from the Bhagvad Gita or even a Zen Koan. That's it. Don't go about debunking Islam. These muslims have intellects to trace a non muslim, shadow him, torture him and kill him but don't have the intellect to read their damn Quran. Someone here has already done the debunking. Nothing can ever save Islam from its demise. You enjoy life. Go out with girl friend. Pretend you are muslim. Talk to other muslims about things other than Islam. They respond. Don't challenge or insult a muslim about islam. You cannot escape the violence unleashed on you. Sing What a wonderful world…

  34. Rembrandt says:

    Could elaborate with quotes from Quran, Tafseer, and Hadith what Islam contains ? Don't ask me to study it by myself. I just did. I am asking you to tell your view point.

  35. Rembrandt says:

    Hear Hear!!!
    Or should I say Read Read 😀

  36. Rembrandt says:

    "**** u bitch. Ur retarded. U shouldn't be saying these things about another persons religion. That is just rude. Just because u follow only your religion doesn't mean others don't follow theirs. Non Muslims have beautiful, life fulfilling and scientific religions. Someone as disrespectful as u isn't going to damage them!"

    If I can talk to Mohammad while he was insulting the religion of the Meccans or Medinians.

  37. John K says:

    So true. It's been 21 weeks and no sign of him! 😉

  38. Ria says:

    Empty threats!!

  39. Ria says:

    Actually we all have more understanding about Islam and Mohammed than you do. Do you know your prophet raped a 9 year old girl, he marred his adopted son's wife, he killed men and raped their women on the same night. Do you know he had more wives than you can count on your fingers. Well you can defend him by saying Oh ! that was a society norm. Dear society norms are not always right! A holy God's man will a holy message should have been better than the "primitive barbarian" society norm. Do you discuss these issues in you Islamic settings, or do you sweep these issues and so many more can or worms about Mohamed and Islam under the rug. How do you sleep at nigh, thinking this person is from God.

  40. Prithvi says:


    You are still here? I though you must have left islam by now after reading my response to you under this article.
    Why don't you debate and prove me wrong first on the points I raised before, I would love to be proven wrong.


  41. John K says:

    Yes, please do learn facts before you post. It makes you look foolish when you don't.

  42. John K says:

    Negative. You demonstrate illiteracy by your failure to understand what I wrote. Your response was erroneous, demonstrating a serious lack of reading comprehension. In the typical Muslim way, you are in a big hurry to jump into battle without using your brain first.

    Now you are really being smart. Read your comment above. You just said that the Quran, Sira and Hadith sources have no place in the Quran, Sira, and Hadith. You make me wonder if I was wrong in my original diagnosis. Are you brain-damaged as well? Or are you a woman, deficient in intelligence? Do you even know where that verse is, Mr. Smart Guy?

  43. John K says:

    Yes, knowledge is power. Any non-Muslim who has read the Quran and Sunna easily has a better grip on truth and falsehood than Muslims who are only informed by their culture and community.

  44. Ali Sina says:

    Muslim, don’t use several usernames please. One is enough. Yiu also lied about your messages being deleted. I have not deleted any of your messages, but will start to delete them if you post under different usernames.

  45. Ali Sina says:

    Yes people are all made from the same genetic stock. So they are more or less very similar. But education and beleifs influence the way they behave. Islamic education makes Muslims act irrationally and harbor evil thoughts. If I teach my child all those who do not believe in what we believe are najis, enemies of God and will be sent to hell, my childn will grow up distrusting and hating them. His dirty mind is the result of my dirty indoctrination. This is what is happening with believing Muslims. Otherwise they are people like anyone else,

  46. Ali Sina says:

    The evidence is overwhelming. But you have to read the articles posted in this site to see it.

  47. Ali Sina says:

    Those who made contributions ot science were not thinking like a Muslim. Islamic thinking is very infantile.

  48. Muslim says:

    My comments were deleted for speaking the truth.

  49. Lara says:

    Seeing as you are most likely not a Muslim, its not surprising that you are so convinced of your statement. Learn truth, not falsehood.

  50. Muslim says:

    You lack common human knowledge if you think that i am illiterate. If there is any individual that is uneducated, that would be you, for you do not understand clear english. I have read the sources you have given me. I do not act out of ignorance, unlike you. The sources have no place in the Quraan, Sira or Hadith. They go against them. Not that you would know. The mentioned references are enough to prove your ignorance. By stating i have no right to post a comment, you are going against the right to freedom of speech. Stop contradicting yourself. And for your information, I learnt to read at a secular public school.

  51. Fair says:

    I take it Abū ʿAbdallāh Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī, Abu Ali al-Hussain Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina (Avicinna), Hunayn ibn Ishaq, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, Abul Qasim al-Zahrawi, Al-Idrisi, Ghiyath al-Din al Kashani, Umar Khayyam, Abu Wafa Muhammad al-Buzanji, Abu Abdullah al-Battani, Abu al-Fath Abd al-Rahman al-Khazini, Abu al-Hassan al Haitham, Al-Kindi , Al-Asma'i, Ibn Majid, Al-Biruni, Jabir ibn Aflah, Imam al-Ghazali, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Khaldun were non-muslims??? THEY ARE ALL MUSLIMS!!!!!!!!! You just replied with sheer ignorance. Learn the facts before comenting such absurdity.

  52. John K says:

    It most certainly is.

  53. John K says:

    So you are illiterate as well? Didn't they teach you how to read in the Madrasah?

    Your first error is that I said that this material is an introduction. Do you expect me to write a book in the comments section?

    Your second error is that you didn't bother to read the references I gave you. If you wouldn't be so lazy you would see that the references are based on the Quran, Sira, and Hadith.

    Are those references not good enough for you? Be careful you don't blaspheme Allah and Muhammad in your response.

    People like you without a brain and education have no right to post comments.

  54. Muslim says:

    And i take it those are your only sources????? I suggest you do proper research. Prophet Muhammad was a mercy for mankind. Would such a man commit what your ignorantly state he 'did'? If he did, he wouldn't be a Prophet. People like you who lack common sense have no right to belittle our beloved Prophet.

  55. John K says:

    Don't believe in laughable things and you won't get your feelings hurt:

    Qur'an Error: Does the Sun Set in a Muddy Pool? (Surah 18:86)

  56. Samira says:

    That is not rue ISLAM

  57. John K says:

    You can get an introduction to depravity in Islamic sexuality here:

    Boys of the Taliban…

    WARNING: Graphic Content
    Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 1 of 4
    Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 2 of 4
    Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 3 of 4
    Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 4 of 4

  58. John K says:

    That's not correct. Religions and religious leaders who behave respectfully deserve our respect. Unfortunately Muhammad's behavior was criminally insane. You can get an introduction to the evidence here. It says Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leader an assassin
    a terrorist a madman a looter

    Click on each attribute for an introduction to the evidence. For madman you have to read Dr. Sina's book. He will send you a free copy in email if you don't want to buy it.

  59. John K says:

    Fair doesn't mean blind. Your so-called Muslim accomplishments were made by non-Muslims living in Muslim countries.

  60. John K says:

    Unfortunately you have an opinion of Muhammad that is sustained by your culture but is not sustained by the facts. You can get an introduction to the facts here. It explains that Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leader an assassin
    a terrorist a madman a looter

    Click on each attribute for an introduction to the evidence. For madman you have to read Dr. Sina's book. He will send you a free copy in email if you don't want to buy it.

  61. Timothy says:

    We'll see how much you laugh when someone makes fun of your beliefs.

  62. Muhammad: a mercy says:

    How dare you. How dare you swear at our beloved Prophet (pbuh). And the comment also gets likes. Prophet Muhammad is the mercy for all of mankind. He brought peace( and don't even think of stating that Islam was conquered by the sword! The conquest of Makkah saw no bloodshed expect for a few who attacked the Muslims.) Ignorant fool. Would you like it if an individual slanders your religious hero? Of course not. Look for something better to do.

  63. Fair says:

    By stating that Muslim minds are like that of children, you are completely disregarding the many contributions of Muslims in Mathematics, Science, Chemistry and Physics. And of course rocks do not have a brain and neither do they pray. That is what makes the miracle even more significant, as how else would they have come about like that? Mother nature? Certainly not. It is by the will of Allah (swt). You are a disillusioned being. You had the chance to discover the immaculate beauty of Islam. The real Islam. Not your Islam that you state out of context of their historical background. You have been led ignorant from the true beauty of the Quraan and Islam, as well as The Prophet (pbuh). And I suggest every individual on this website to do your own research, and find out the opinions of many other individuals rather than all this biased absurdity. The pictures aren't flukes. How can they be? they are miracles.

  64. Fair says:

    However, what you are doing is of immense degradation. It is equally wrong to degrade a Christian, Jew, Bhuddist, Athiest etc. You are inflicting hate and hurt amongst people. I am absolutely dismayed at what is being posted on this website. The disgusting accusations about Islam's final Prophet and Messenger have no basis whatsoever. What evidence is there for such accusations? I beg to differ. You are making fun of the practices of a people. They believe in it. What is it to you?

  65. Fair says:

    Just because one renounces a faith, it does not give them legitimacy for demeaning and degrading the followers of a religion, in this case, Islam. Similarly, the use of generalisation when calling Muslims "dirty minded" is misleading. If Muslims were "dirty minded" what would other individuals be? If Muslims are dirty minded that would mean there are many others who are just the same. Afterall, human beings are all made up of the same matter, and our personalities are alike. If one is "dirty minded", there are bound to be many others like him/her. By stating that Muslims are "dirty minded", one is challenging the sanctity of human life. It is entirely wrong to dehumanise a religion and its followers, the same way it is utterly wrong to state opinions that are blasphemous towards a religion. No one is telling you to change your ways, as there is no compulsion in religion.

  66. Prithvi says:

    Thanks Scrutator and Raks….

    Your kind words only corroborate what Ali Sina has been saying or requesting to the muslims since some time now, rational thinking, yes I believe that is the only differentiator!
    What is more important though is that the lady whom I responded to, my reply helps her understand and realize the truth.


  67. John K says:

    PS – Who do you know that is doing this?

    "Worships money and power more then there God."

  68. John K says:

    Where are you Jakob? I want to see you live by the rule you have set for yourself. I want to see you "Look to home before abroad".

    I didn't say there was something wrong with you because you disagree with me. I said you are wrong because you don't know Islam.

    Did I threaten you with violence? I told you to beware of Muslims who know their religion and will treat you accordingly.

    Why do you think I have a phobia? What do you think I"m afraid of?

    Why do you think I'm a hater? You need to do some reading before you make assumptions that make you look bad. If you look at these articles you will see that this site is about love, not hate. You can start here:

    Why Are You Spreading Hatred?

    What is my Identity?

    About Ali Sina

    What I have been opposed to since the beginning is your Muslim supremacist attitude. You have taken a supremacist attitude since you very first message to me, and I have labored to pull down your haughtiness and will continue to do so.

    You have disrespected your elders and your social and educational superiors. I'm sure you would never talk this way if you didn't like something your father or your Imam said. If you were here personally I would slap your face to put you into your place.

  69. Raks says:

    Yeah, very well written by Prithvi.

  70. Scrutator says:

    Dear Prithvi,

    Boy oh boy ! You’ve lashed out at Samira and given her the full monty !

    You’ve refuted everyone of the points she has raised and done so convincingly !

    If I wore a hat, I’d take it off once for every one of your refutations !

    What you’ve written is all true, I doubt if now Samira would respond to any one of your points !

    I have nothing but admiration for your comments, do keep up the effort !

    Well done, once again !

  71. John K says:

    You are Muslim. Your filthy language illustrate the depravity of Islam and the savagery of the Muslim barbarians knocking at the gates of Civilization.

  72. John K says:

    No real professor here. A real professor would know the Crusades were a defense against Muslim aggression. If Muslims weren't aggressors, Saudi Arabia would be the only Muslim country in the world. Or really, Mecca would be the only Muslim city in the world since Medina was also taken by aggression.

  73. John K says:

    No, Jakob, you don't know a single zero zippo thing about me and what I am.

    The day you can prove to me that Mormons teach to kill the unbelievers wherever you find them and that whoever leaves his Mormon religion you should kill him, and that Islam is a Religion of Peace [TM], then I will apologize and admit that you are right.

    In fact, better yet, Ali Sina said he will give you $50,000 if you can prove these statements wrong. Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leaderan assassin
    a terrorist a madman a looter

    Stop talking nonsense and put your money where your mouth is Jakob the Almighty Slave of Allah.

  74. John K says:

    Hi Mr. Bengali American Muslim! I won't insult you by calling you by your user ID, Islam.

    I know a lot about your religion. I bet you haven't taken the time to read your books. But I do learn a lot of amazing things about your religion every day too!

    Come take a short-cut course and learn with us!

    Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leaderan assassin
    a terrorista madman a looter

    (click on each word at the site)

    Let me know when you are ready to learn more!

  75. John K says:

    Hah! What a joke you are! You pull up a Wikipedia article, and I'm supposed to go, "Oooh! Aaah! Look at Jakob. He's so smart. I wish I was smart."

    Yes, let's look at Islam's depraved morals:

    Boys of the Taliban…


    Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 1 of 4

    Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 2 of 4

    Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 3 of 4

    Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 4 of 4

    Now let's look at Muhammad's loose morals, depravity and criminality:

    Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leaderan assassin
    a terrorista madman a looter

    And let's not forget lazy Muslims on welfare in the West. Are you one of them?

  76. John K says:

    Not so neutral Sally. Non-Muslim murderers and vandals do so against their religion. Muslim murderers and vandals do so in compliance with their religion. Have a look at documentation proving that Muhammad is:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leaderan assassin
    a terrorista madman a looter

  77. islam says:

    im an Bengali American Muslim! this is my country so my beliefs and i are staying right here! i would like to know how much you know about my religion! because everyday is a learning experience. i learn something new and amazing about my religion.

  78. neutralsally says:

    ma'am i would like to point out that Islam speaks against violence. i wonder if you would question Christianity or another religion if some else was destroying religious objects. a murderer is called a murderer no matter what his religion is.

  79. proffesor Rahman says:

    wtf?!! how has Islam made the world suffer?!! what about Christianity?! are you forgetting about their crusades?!! wtf was that all about then?!! Islam teaches you about bettering yourself and being a good person, living a life of honesty.

  80. yasmin says:

    i am muslim. and this author is an idiot who is pulling shit out of his ass. first of all no one said that the rocks and trees are praying to Allah but they are just nature's phenomena. if you attempt to educate yourself, you might actually learn what Islamic scholars have to say about that. i show my respect for everyones religion so i expect the same. i could go ahead and trash talk Christianity but then all of you ignorant folks out there will start calling me an extremist Muslim who wants to blow the whole world. the praying tree is just a tree but what is amazing about it is that its in the prayer position of ruku and its facing mecca. in case you didnt know, when muslims pray we have to pray facing mecca!!! that is whats so important about the praying tree. i suggest getting all the facts before you decided to insult my religion. and i have never heard of the praying rock but it seems to me it resembles the position of prayer when we're submitting to Allah. they are simple reminders of Islam that just makes you wonder. no one is stating that rocks and trees are praying. there are Muslims all over the world and the religion continues to grow so i guess there is something about the religion thats right and draws peoples attention. if you care about humanity so much, learn to respect others beliefs otherwise dont try to lecture people about how embarrassing we are to the human species. and dont you dare insult Mohammed (pbuh). and we dont need these things to keep our faith strong. we see these things because our faith is so strong Allah always appears to us in many ways. you're a ignorant illiterate fool. good bye!

  81. John K says:

    I gave you the knowledge, so I am the answer to your prayer.

    You can read it and learn something, or you can ignore it.

    That's why we call people like you ignorant. You ignore knowledge.

  82. John K says:

    Read the story Samira. You still don't have it right.

    I'm sure I have read your so-called holy books a lot more than you.

    What is your favorite part? Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them?

    Or however leaves his Islamic religion, kill him?

  83. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    No they did not stop worshipping the idols, Muhammad attacked them by deception in the holy month of ramadhaan when the pagans refused to pick up their arms or fight and destroyed the holy temple and all its idols except one, the black stone. This was the best time for Muhammad to attack them.

    It is also said in quran that trees and animals including lions, tigers, cats, monkeys also pray to allah. How do you figure out which one is a muslim monkey and which one is not or which tree is a muslim tree and which one is not? Do you know that these trees and animals would be a part of your judgement day?

    Do not imitate Muhammad by threatening us. It is not going to help you. What is more important is that you do your homework properly and try and understand the bitter but true side of islam by especially reading the Sahih Hadith by Bukhari with an open mind.

  84. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    Do you realize how ridiculous you sound when you say or rather proclaim that the quran is the unchanged word of god and the reason or source for your claim is – the quran.

    It is like you saying that you are the most beautiful person on the earth, it is fine till such time you think like this but the problem starts when you expect others to also believe that you are the most beautiful person on this earth, why, because you are saying it.

    Muhammad is no messenger like Moses or Christ, if yes why do you hate Jews and Christians? How many people did Christ murder or got beheaded, Muhammad got 900 beheaded on a single day which included teenagers also.
    Muhammad was none other than a master politician, a coward who used to stay behind when his mercenaries used to fight the battle for him and all he wanted was the wealth of mecca. He did it by copying from the stories as to how Moses and Christ appeared.

    You someday come up with a theory about science and you are correct in your theory and you can prove the theory to be right by merit, would you resort to killing and beheading people just to make people believe or prove that your theory is correct?


  85. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    I think you need to study your religion yourself before coming and commenting on this forum. The verse or the hate filled verses which I have mentioned above is not even the tip of the ice-berg.

    Why is it so easy to radicalize a muslim for anti-social activities? Why is it that all the terrorists are muslims? Why is it that the class 1 or grade 1 to radicalization starts with the references from the quran and the reward it offers?
    It is also a myth that people who are suffering and poor are the ones who fall victim to this radicalization process by organizations. You find terrorists who are from well to do families and well educated, why is that?

    Surprisingly, most of the Kaffirs here have read the quran but you have not. Some time ago, a brother of yours by the name of Abdullah Ihsaan presented a challenge to me which is thrown by your allah to humanity to produce a surah like in the quran.

    Me and a human friend of mine on this forum by the name Sanada_10, not just presented but presented 10 surahs which were better than the surah of quran. Since then he is hiding and avoiding meeting me on the forum.


  86. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    People do not talk about HINDUISM because the other name for HINDUISM is tolerance and respect for others beliefs. As far as your accusation of worshipping the penis of Shiva is concerned, it is the brain child of muslims only who try their best to increase their numbers in the absence of anything which can termed as divine or spiritual in islam.

    The Shiva’s penis which you see is called the “Shiva Lingam”. The word Lingam is Sanskrit in origin and mean a SYMBOL and not penis. So what is termed as the penis of Shiva is actually the symbol of Shiva but is dubbed as the penis of Shiva by muslims in order to degrade a religion which is more than 10000 year old.

    thank you for feeling sorry for us but if any religious teachings or religion rewards a coward like Muhammad atta who crashed a plane filled with innocents in the WTC by admitting him into paradise BUT punishes Mother Teresa who all her life served the needy by burning her into hell cannot be GOD and to make you happy, I would carry with me a pack of talcum powder or some lotion with me.


  87. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    6. You cannot divorce your husband at will.
    7. You cannot listen to some music of your choice.
    8. She cannot put a painting in her home of her choice.
    9. You are promised your old husband whereas your husband is promised 72 black eyed virgins to have sex with in paradise.
    10. You will have to sleep with another man for a reunion with your original husband in case by mistake your husband divorces you someday.
    11. You are supposed to be loyal to your one husband but your husband can have up to 4 wives.
    12. Your husband can sleep with any woman by marrying for a night – Muta marriage
    13. Your husband can maintain another woman or mistress – Misyar.


  88. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    Do you know what Muhammad said about you?

    1. Women are deficient in intelligence – Muhammad
    2. I have not left any affliction more harmful to men than women – Muhammad
    3. If there is evil omen in anything, it is in the house, the woman and the horse – Muhammad
    4. Majority of the dwellers of hell were women – Muhammad

    As per the laws of islam and teachings of Muhammad

    1. You are deficient in intelligence.
    2. Your testimony is half to that of a man.
    3. You cannot fast without your husband’s permission.
    4. You cannot say no to your husband’s sexual urge even if you have running temperature and if you say NO, then angels would curse you till the morning.
    5. You are only supposed to see the outside world from behind a veil – in practicality because there would always be other men outside.


  89. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    Why is your god so stupid that he will make us stand in a line after we die and ask us a question the answer for which is he already know?
    That is because the god is not stupid but Muhammad was.

    who gave the muslim rulers the right to destroy roughly 300 temples of INDIA in the name of a false god. What is so wrong if just one was destroyed? What about the famous taj mahal which was also a temple.
    Forget about Taj Mahal, why did Muhammad destroy the Kabah temple and destroyed the idols which were there since time immemorial. History has just started turning back, witness it with your own eyes.


  90. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    You keep the fear of the day of the judgment day to yourself because your muhammad has used both the carrots and sticks methodology to lead his mercenaries for crimes. Carrots were the money, wealth and women – if you die – virgins/wines/gems/fruits in paradise. Sticks – fear of judgment day quiet vividly described.

    Your god as per Muhammad when talking about the judgement day forgot that there are people on this earth who are following a ritual of burning their corpses since the last 10000 years, the HINDUS, why did your god aka Muhammad not mention about what will happens to them when they are burnt after death. The angels who would visit your grave after you die as electricians to light up your grave, what action they would take for people who would have no grave?

    Can the all knowing god commit this silly mistake, the answer is a big no but one man can, his name was Muhammad because he simply did not knew the customs of a country far off by the name INDIA.


  91. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    What you are seeing today is just the tip of the iceberg, every country would start producing Ali Sina’s because Ali Sina is not a person, it is an idea, an idea which is to defend humanity from religious fanatics who breed intolerance and hatred in the name of a hollow and false god.
    You are quoting one verse from the quran and to respond to it, I am quoting some from the same quran, be thankful, I am quoting some only.
    009.123, 009.073, 009.005,
    PICKTHAL: O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).
    PICKTHAL: O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites! Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey's end.
    PICKTHAL: Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.


  92. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    What is the evidence your allah has left for humanity?
    If you are talking about the quran then do you also know that the quran was never sent as a complete compilation?
    Do you know that it was never compiled during the lifetime of Muhammad?
    Do you know that your allah depended on a human hand by the name “Zaid ibn Thabit” to compile the quran?
    Do you know that caplih uthman recompiled the quran during his caliphate and burnt all the originals?

    muslims all around the world have no better work but to brag about islam and ridicule others, you have problem with all the other religions of the world. Wasn’t this religion founded on the lines that what others are doing is wrong, so hatred and ridiculing others is at the heart of this religion?

    We/all the other religions of the world, thanks to internet, after learning the reality of this religion islam which is based on lies/deceit and hypocrisy are only answering to you and the rest of the muslims in your own language.


  93. Prithvi says:

    @ SAMIRA

    IDOL worship is different from practicing islam because it does not require the idols to be washed by the blood of innocents in the name of spreading a religion or appeasing a false god. IDOL worshipping is content to the human who engages into one and not raiding a temple in order to loot the wealth of that temple, kill innocents and the leave the baggage of morality in the name of a false god. So IDOL worship is better than killing innocents.

    Do you know that IDOL worship is also a part of islam, during the hajj pilgrimage, muslims touch, kiss and venerate the black stone which has been there at the kabah before Muhammad destroyed all the remaining 359 idols. Do you also know that Muhammad used to pitch a spear in front of him as “Sutra” when he used to offer namaz?


  94. Prithvi says:


    You are so intelligent and it is the proof of your intelligence which I am ready to contest with Muhammad wherein he said that women are deficient in intelligence and your testimony is half in value to that of a man.
    Your intelligence is so mind blowing that you have immediately understood that the rest of images were edited. I am not questioning your intelligence but in fact agree with you that the rest of the images are actually edited but has been put up to show as an example that the 1st 2 images are also potentially edited.

    Mr. Ali Sina is shouting from the roof top since the last 10 years for anyone to show him not just the truth but the beauty of islam and he is willing to pay $50,000 for that noble service from any muslim world over. It is rather surprising that no one has been able to show him the truth about islam. It is an irony, may be you can suggest some names and request those people to show Ali Sina the truth about islam.
    People are responding in the language till now exclusively spoken by muslims all around the world. It is called giving you the taste of your own medicine. Tit for tat, I am sure you must have heard this before.


  95. Sanada_10 says:

    Garbage posting I must say. Islam is the only religion till this day that hasn't reformed.

  96. Sanada_10 says:

    We? Islam does insult other religion and not just that, it wants to prevail over it with evil way, making only certain religions as second classes and erases the rest.

    Since Allah actually could do thing by himself then why did he look so helpless in Islam?

  97. Sanada_10 says:

    That's it? Can you enlighten me as why your so called words can affect Allah?

  98. hindu2011 says:


    The Babri Masjid deserved to be broken down. There are two reasons why:

    1)The moghal terrorist named Babur broke a hindu Ram temple and had built his masjid over it. Pieces of Ram mandir are still present there which is evidence of Babur breaking it down. So we just settled the score by breaking Babri masjid and REBUILDING the Ram mandir.

    2)Babri Masjid was named after a terrorist named Babur, so he does not deserve anything built in his memory. We would love to break down everything that reminds us of hideous terrorists like Babur, Aurengzeb, Gauri, Ghazni etc.

    Samira, I hope you got your answer

  99. Jakob says:

    Oh brother, if what you say is right and correct and these vices are present in me then Allah may pardon and forgive my sin. And if you are telling a lie then Allah may forgive you and pardon your sin

    – Zayn al-‘Ābidīn

    Regards Jakob

  100. Jakob says:

    ''What do I know about Islam? I'm sure I've read more from your religion's trashy books than you will read in the rest of your lifetime since you are too lazy too read. You will never know as much as I do if you start today and spend 24 hours a day reading for the rest of your life. ''

    You think very high of yourself God complex much ?

    ''Yes, your Muslim countries are all backwards primitive hell holes. If you like them so well, take yourself back and stay there. ''

    Yet what about all the other countries with very loose morals and starving or in the US people living on Food stamps.

    Look to home first before looking at others

    Regards Jakob

  101. Jakob says:

    ''What's wrong, Jakob? Talking about yourself again. You should really see a psychiatrist about this problem you have''

    I wonder what a Psychiatrist would say about you.Anyone who doesn't agree with you,you say there is something wrong with them

    Remember Phobias and hate come from fear.

    ''If you like the violent hell-hole dysfunctional countries where Islam is dominant, you should go there. Maybe you will be assassinated by a Sunni.''

    Wow not very Mormon threatening violent's on a different religion this just shows what you really are

    Never said I was Shia you assumed this as I said I see all Muslim sects as Muslims

    I do not judge each sect of Islam

    I read all books about Islam

    Look to home before abroad.

    Regards Jakob

  102. samira says:

    well Indian before asking that you answer me, who gave you the right to break down the Babri Masjid in India ? hypocrite……

  103. samira says:

    John read the thing properly. Ibrahim (a.) was saved by Allah by cooling down the fire. HE DID NOT ASK FOR FIRE FROM HEAVEN…. READ BEFORE YOU WRITE….


  104. samira says:

    may Allah give his creation some knowledge….

  105. John K says:

    I'm sure I am much more aware of what your book contains than you. If you had a clue you would not defend such evil. Do you know how to read? You don't sound like you have that much education.

  106. John K says:

    You don't have a clue about me. But I know very much about you by the idiotic things you say and the criminal fraud religion you believe.

  107. John K says:

    What's wrong, Jakob? Talking about yourself again. You should really see a psychiatrist about this problem you have.

    If you like the violent hell-hole dysfunctional countries where Islam is dominant, you should go there. Maybe you will be assassinated by a Sunni.

  108. John K says:

    It doesn't matter what you Muslims say about Islam. You are either ignorant or lying.

    The only thing that matters is what Quran, Ahadith and Sira say about Islam.

    These documents prove Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leaderan assassin
    a terrorista madman a looter

    When you are on the page, click on each one of the items to see an introduction to the Islamic proofs for each one. For "a madman" you have to read the book.

  109. John K says:

    What do I know about Islam? I'm sure I've read more from your religion's trashy books than you will read in the rest of your lifetime since you are too lazy too read. You will never know as much as I do if you start today and spend 24 hours a day reading for the rest of your life.

    Yes, your Muslim countries are all backwards primitive hell holes. If you like them so well, take yourself back and stay there.

    Delete? Yes, you would love for us to erase the evidence of your idiotic beliefs.

  110. John K says:

    You got your Bible stories mixed up. Elijah called on God to send fire from heaven, not Abraham.

    I wouldn't feel so bad about your ignorance if you were here to gain knowledge, but people like you… I feel sorry. Really.

  111. John K says:

    Don't you watch the news? Are you the only one who doesn't see how much killing is done in the name of Islam every day? How many more people have to die for Islam? 270 million people have already been killed by jihad. Isn't that enough for you?

    First, Muhammad was speaking to Jews and didn't want them criticizing Islam, so that's why he said not to bug him about his religion. Second, that verse was given in the more peaceful Mecca Quran when Muhammad was too weak to threaten anyone. That verse is abrogated by the later instructions for violence in the Medina Quran. Are you the only Muslim who does not know about abrogation? Or are you just a liar? Of course you wouldn't be insulted to be called a liar because Muhammad said lying is not immoral. I'm sorry, but God never abrogated, "Thou shalt not bear false witness". May God have mercy on Muhammad's soul, if that is possible after all the crimes Muhammad committed and all the crimes that are committed in Muhammad's name.

    The pictures in this article are just an aside to illustrate the stupidity of Muslims. If you want to read the scholarly presentation of the proof in Quran, Ahadith and Sira, ask Dr. Sina for a copy of his book. While you are waiting, you can read The Challenge. It proves that Muhammad was:

    a narcissist a misogynist a rapist
    a pedophile a lecher a torturer
    a mass murderer a cult leaderan assassin
    a terrorista madman a looter

    When you are on the page, click on each one of the items to see an introduction to the Islamic proofs for each one. For "a madman" you have to read the book.

    What proof do you have that there even is an Allah? He was invented by Muhammad. So why do you appeal to Allah?

    I'm sorry. I'm afraid you know far less than I do about Islam, and you clearly haven't read the Quran. If you had, you would know the things I am saying are true, and you would know the Quran is evil.

  112. yusufharto says:

    Other religions are about the same with Islam. All religions are manmade.
    The problem with Islam is because it iteachs us hatred. Hatred to Jews, christians and other beliefs.That's why we are fodusing on Islam to eradicate.
    All miracles attribute to prophets are myth. There is no proof about it. Religions always tell lie. Science tells the truth. So we should believe in science,not religion.
    Even, if therre is Gog .There is no sin if we don't believe something that cannot be proven.
    As for test. It is not wise for Him if He test us with that. He already knows who pass the test. Why would He need to test us? Teacher needs to test their students. Because they are fallible. They are not God.
    Now lets assume Islam a true religion. Can you show us proof?
    Where is the proof that Muhammad is a messenger of God?

  113. Jakob says:

    I would rather a ''primitive culture'' then live in one of sleaze.
    Where someone educates themselves so much they start to believe they are God themselves
    Worships money and power more then there God.

    Regards Jakob

  114. Jakob says:

    Extremist do not speak for an entire religion

    Please do not stereotype

    Read about Islam yourself or sit down with a Muslim and discuss Islam

    Regards Jakob

  115. Indian says:


    Dear then what Taliban did with buddhism statutes in afganistan?
    What Pakis are doing with hindus temples in Pak?

    Do you have guts to give answers of these?

  116. Indian says:

    I never saw devils but I have seen Islamic terrorists. And I think they both are same.

  117. Indian says:

    When people dont have answers then they speak like you.
    3 cheers for Ali Sina

  118. samira says:

    John you know what? your comments prove through out the website that you are ignorant about Islam and you are barking without understanding what you are saying!
    primitive barbarian! are you kidding me? then why do you worship idols made by your own hands? what are you than? please i need to know…. we are barbarians and you are………..?

  119. samira says:

    you cannot be a true Muslim or you do not have the real idea about Islam. then why did you convert? no body forces anyone to change religion, not even in Islam. are not able to follow Islam properly , or,
    2. you do not have idea about Islam at all, or,
    3. you are lying in order to make Muslims look fake …………..

  120. samira says:

    you better read the previous comments i made in the other comments then you will know why i laughed at you!

    you know its a total waste to talk to people like you. because you think you know everything (actually the truth is, you no nothing AT ALL) ….. so sad! you call Islam as primitive culture…… what do you know about Islam except all these crabs posted by non-believers? NOTHING! so better not make yourself fool infront of we Muslims! cause we know what we do. so better stop thinking about us and our religion (if it harms you so much!!!!) and look forward to your religion.

    P.S. we believe in all the messengers sent by Allah. EVEN JESUS was one of them. we believe in all the 4 books sent to the messengers of Allah by Allah himself. look brother, your believe is with you and ours with us. do not comment such rubbish things and please do delete such pictures. BECAUSE NO ONE GAVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO INSULT ANY RELIGION OR ANYONE'S RELIGIOUS VIEWS.

  121. samira says:

    hahahahah… thats actully you who do not know what it contains! funny you actually commented on things you are not aware of!

  122. samira says:

    well in that way i can also ask you where is your JESUS? or BUDDHA or SHIVA/ GANESH and bla bla bla when people pray to them or ask for help(grow up and ask matured question)… well yusufharto, well you have seen things in a different point of view brother. Muhammad (sm.) is another messenger of Allah just like Moses(A.), Esa (A.) (Jesus of yours) are all messengers of Allah to show us the right path.

    if Muhammad (sm.) did not exist than why the than people of Mecca and Medina actually believed him and stopped worshiping idols and worshiped Allah and Allah only? (you have idea about history right?) i guess you do not that is why you are saying this.

    let me tell you about Ibrahim (A.) , to prove Allah exists no other god, he actually broke all the idols worshiped by people the than to prove that they can not help themselves then how come they will listen to the prayers of human? the than ruler and people asked to fire him down. but Allah said the fire the cool down for him and fire cooled down and nothing happened to Ibrahim (A.) (Subhanallah)

    you asked about why he does not listen to our prayers? in Quran Allah said, I test people's faith by giving them problems and also so that Muslims can understand who are actual Muslim and who are non-believer. just to bring out the believers in front of everyone.

    please i do not want to talk to people who has already made there mind that Islam is not the real religion. If you asked me in order to know or to gain knowledge than i would be happy to help. but not to people like you… 🙁 i feel sorry….. really

  123. samira says:

    you are hypocrite! you said We are not interested in correcting all the errors in all the religions and philosophies of the world when they are harmless…… how come Muhammad (sm.) harmed you? my questions are to you…..

    1. who gave you the job to prove Islam (and only Islam) wrong?
    2. what made you think Islam got violent behavior against others?

    In Quran its directly said your religion is with you and ours with us! (we believe in peace in society so no one bothers in others religion or belief)
    it also clears that whenever a non-believer crosses its path in order to destroy Islam, don't hesitate to punish that person as the person wants to create harmful situation for Muslims.
    per se, if anyone (extremist) wants to destroy your religion what will you do?) thats exactly what Islam gave permission to do……(that does not make Muslims terrorists.. its called defensing own religion)

    i would rather ask you to go for authentic sources of Islam rather than believing such stupid pictures and commenting on it. it shows the limited capacity of your knowledge that you are no better than an animal to digest any food provided by your so called master!!! (sorry no offense)

    and i do not want to talk to a person who gives his point of view based on such pictures and some videos made by Christians or Non-Muslims(not even having slightest idea about the real religion itself.)


    you still have the chance to read the Quran. do it. just for the sake of getting knowledge about a religion, instead of wasting your precious time here in arguing without knowing. translation of Quran in available in internet. try reading that.

    i said enough. rest is upto you.

  124. yusufharto says:

    Samira, It has been 1400 years already since the advent of Islam. He hasn't showed us who He is, right? Why?? Because He doesn't exist. He doesn't exist like religious people think. What exists is a natural law in this universe which has no mercy,no hatred, no care.
    That's why when disaster hits, it doesn't care whether you are pious muslims, atheist or any other faith. It just happens!
    Think about this, How many million times since the era of Muhammad, muslims all over the world pray for the down fall or death of Jews? Look at the Jews now, they still exist and even prosper than muslims.
    Where the hell is Allah? Why doesn't He listen to your million prays?

  125. John K says:

    Why should I be afraid? I am not the one living in a primitive culture and belief system like you.

  126. John K says:

    We are not interested in correcting all the errors in all the religions and philosophies of the world when they are harmless.

    We are interested in stopping Islam because of its violence and inhumanity towards others.

    If it were not for that, we would just think you are another cute religion.

    We point out the depravity of Islam to help you realize that Muhammad could not possibly be a messenger from a real God.

  127. samira says:

    naujubillah… if you think like that, then why do not you talk about Hinduism? If we are like that then what happened to the people who actually worships Penis of SHIVA! yes it is done in Hinduism! and you call us pervert! And cant you see the pictures are edited to make Islam look false infront of people?

    you want to see his miracle? he will show you do not worry. (inshallah you will face it and than wont have the chance to repent than) i feel sorry for you brothers……

  128. samira says:

    hahaaahahaaa…….. its actually ur fear not mine

  129. John K says:

    If there really was an Allah, he could show us something now. Don't make yourself look like a fool by believing Muhammad's fraud. You have been a slave of ignorance long enough. Take the opportunity to learn the truth.

  130. John K says:

    Sorry. Doubts have already been cleared. You just need to avail yourself of the opportunity to learn. Of course you don't want to talk. You are afraid you are wrong. Why? Because deep inside you know it already. Stop running from your fears. Face up to the facts.

  131. samira says:

    and this is called being ignorant to show so-called power of knowledge…… i do not want to talk about it anymore…..i am waiting for the day when the doubts will be cleared////////////// just wait and watch…

  132. samira says:

    loser…. cant you see most of the pervert things are edited?????

    Allah will show you how he is……… that day you will only cry but will not be able to change your misdeeds. you still have time…… do not quote such things without knowing this religion properly or listening to ignorant people….. dont make yourself look fool infront of people by your ignorant knowledge…

  133. John K says:

    There may be extremists, but they don't do it because of the teaching of their religion like Muslims, and they aren't nearly as many.

    Check the percentages and body counts.

  134. John K says:

    In non-Muslim countries crimes are not reported as crimes because the barbarism is legal under sharia law.

    You must not read the news much if you are ignorant of the savagery of Muslim nations.

  135. John K says:

    That's true. And they appeal to "the fact" when this site is full of facts proving they are wrong.

    It is a weak and insecure religion that can only survive by threatening people.

  136. Admin says:

    This is called spreading terror. Terror is nothing, but spreading fear to control the masses.

  137. samira says:

    thank you so much for writing what i wanted to write….

    expect for first two images and last image i felt all of them are edited…. those people who cannot accept the fact that Islam is based on truth, they do these staffs. If Islam is false (IF) then why people from other religion are so much into making fun of Islam? why dont they actually make fun of people who worship IDOLS MADE BY THEMSELVES…. and we dont worship nature.. we worship Allah. there are some evidences left by Allah so that people can see his creation and also understand about his existence.

    if you people think we are wrong then keep it inside you… because we never make fun of people worshiping Idols. because Allah said, he is enough for them.
    your religion is with you and ours, with us! so better stop giving such non-sense pictures and have fear for the day of judgement! how are you going to face it…. think about it….

    Jajhak Allah Kheyar

  138. topijerami90 says:

    IN al-quran already said ALLAH will show theirslf with sign at tree,bottom and others…
    it call miracle….

    you god dont say that…

  139. Juste says:

    Dear Hamid,

    You started off by saying that may Allah Swt 4giv us b4 it is too late and ended it by cursing words “you moron”?

    You must be having some sort of mental incapacitation.

    Trees and rocks can not pray.
    If you believe trees pray, you also believe that they have genital organs, faces, limbs and have sexual intercourse like pictures above have shown.
    How hard is it to accept?

    Sincerely speaking,
    Please educate yourself for your own sake and the sakes of your future descendants.

  140. hamid says:

    May Subbuanna Watahala 4giv u al what you have about the MUSLIM'S n the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD ….S…A..W .. …It's highly the better you seeks for ALLAH's 4givness b4
    is getting too late …You moron!

  141. adam says:

    also i was born and rasied in a western country and have friends from different religion and cultures and i have nothing against them, like what the religion states, unless they dont force me not to believe in what i want, then i have no reason to be against them. i am against the "extremists" and a lot of the people who are muslims i know are too, because they kill innocent poeple, distort the image of this religion and above all, the highest number of victims from suicide bombs and other terrorist stuff, have been muslims (obviosly not including the terroists). that was a mouthful, so please can you next time not generlise. i hope thsi gave you a positive insight into a really beautiful thing, and not what the media, people, extremist inncorrectly portrate it to be, and dont forget there are extrrmist in every religion, culture and country (KKK, nazi, jewish defence league, LTTE, taliban, IRA, sikh terrorism, al-qaeda ect.)

  142. adam says:

    maracionite, u think like a dirty minded ignorant man. im muslim, but i dnt believe in this tree praying crap (its actually funny because the rock is praying wrong, so how can it be a miracle) and i would like to ask you if u have ever been to a "muslim" country, because i have and they are not what u claim them ALL to be (rapist, murders etc) in fact these actions are strongly against what the religon states. last time i checked the "non-muslim" countries have higher numbers of murders and rapist, im not gonna start saying its because of there religion, its because they are sick. although the religion does say treat a muslim like a non muslim (which is why in the prophets days, he had friends from different religions and helped them), todays muslims fail to follow that act.

  143. marcionite says:

    Sean,you think like a dirty-minded muslim.We are not against Islam because its absurd…we are against Islam because in Islamic countries you have muslim mobs that terrorize non-muslims & even muslim minorities.These muslim mobs often murder,rape,plunder non-muslims & destroy their homes & places of worship in the name of Allah.As soon as muslims start perceiving a certain group as being a threat (ie. growing in numbers or even just doing well) then they'll invent stupid lies to attack a certain group.

  144. marcionite says:

    If muslims believe that those "praying" rocks & trees are signs from Allah then they have to accept that Allah is a pervert who made more sexual rocks & trees than praying ones.

  145. Just Dan says:

    Hi Nilosh, lighten up.

    Is this article make you mad?

    It should be. It proves how muslims stand on idiots.

    Have some wine, eat some pork.

    Feel free to look around. Go to too. Check out the debates.

    Please educate yourself and free your people. Humanity is missing you.

  146. nilosh says:

    Firstly I would like to start to start of with how DARE YOU INSULT OUR RELIGION when what ever you believe in (obviously your an atheist) has no faith! your basically descriminating against other religions when you say such non-sense, not only that your disrespecting our PROPHET MUHAMMED (S.A.W) p.b.u.h?? you must be seriously looking for trouble, but I’ll will tell you one very important thing… I really dont care for what all you non-believers say, I speak for all Muslim brothers & sisters, in the end we are the ones that are going to be smiling , as you my dumb headed friend will be stepping all over your tongue in Hell regretting the day you wrote this foolish tale!! you can fool yourself but when the time comes you will definantly be the one being consumed alive by the DABBE!! if you dont know what that is I’m sure you will find it so much better to look it up you numb nut..

    p.s. they are coming for you!!

    peace to all my muslim brothers & sister

    essalamun aleykum we aleykum selam we rahmetullahi we berakatuhu!

  147. Duratma_Gandhi says:

    It all depends on your country of residence & your country of citizenship. Especially, if you're from places like Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon or one of the many Islam majority countries (may be a few exceptions, like Malaysia, for example), you really have a tough job ahead. Apostasy is punishable by death; even if not, you're bound to face legal hardships. You can google to find out more for each specific country.
    Back home, in India, it's fairly simple. You need to reach out to the government "PRESS" – and request for a Name-change with reason as "Change of religion". That's it, the government PRESS (also called Gazette) will publish the details informing, on behalf of the govt, that you're no longer a Muslim.
    The name change could be as small/minor as a change in the spelling – for example, Zayed instead of Zaid.
    Hope this helps.

  148. Prithvi says:

    Islam Best:

    That is because you have been brain washed and this fear of hell fire has been injected in your blood stream.

    Do you think that Mother Teresa is burning in Hell right now?

    If, yes then you are not a Human with Zero respect for HUMANITY and If, No, then you are not a Muslim.

  149. Just Dan says:

    I like this article. It should be on all webpages dedicated to clear the muslims’ minds.
    They are so speechless defending Islam nowadays, desperate measures are taken.
    Ali Sina has more brain than 1 billion muslims in the world put together.

  150. SinaKamina says:

    Sina! Wait for me my son….. I am coming…

  151. John K says:

    Why would anyone listen to a superstitious barbarian member of a medieval death cult?

    Free yourself from ignorance and join humanity in the 21st century.

  152. John K says:

    There is no reason to submit yourself to sharia court. You are a free man. Sharia court only has the authority over you that you give it. Don't give it anything. Just pretend it doesn't exist. Be free.

  153. John K says:

    The only rage is from you because you didn't know your holy books contain so much evil.

  154. John K says:

    Why should anyone believe warnings from a primitive barbarian?

  155. Dont-u-Worry says:

    you can choose to ignore all these signs and take them for jokes, but the joke is on you sweetheart.

    you may think muslims worship "inanimate objects" but when that day comes, that day where none of this "knowledge" of yours will help you in anyway, when YOUR OWN TONGUE, LIMBS AND EYES SPEAK AGAINST YOU ABOUT HOW YOUV USED THEM, you will see that these "inanimate" objects indeed do have a soul. and they will speak up

    against you


    hope your prepared 🙂

  156. raiyu says:

    Hello Mr. Ali Sina,

    I’m a convert muslim but have renounced myself from islam after a few months converting. I have never believed in islam, but I was decieved by a muslim into conversion. I really regret myself for letting this muslim to trick me into Islam. I was so stupid.

    I would like to make my renounce as official, but I will have to go the syaria court. I don’t think there’s any muslim lawyer will wan’t to take my case to court because I am a disgrace to the muslim people.

    I’m married now to a christian and we have a son. but I have to live in limbo since that I still don’t have the permission from the syaria court to renounce islam.

    I would like to ask for your oppinion. Is it still logical for someone who is clearly no longer a muslim to be appointed to a muslim court? Doesn’t syaria law only for muslim people?

    since that I don’t know much about islam and verses in the koran, I would like to know if there are any verses in the koran that states if a person is no longer consider himself/herself as a muslim, they still need to follow islamic law.

    please mr. Sina, this is really important to me. maybe I can use it in court.

  157. Anthony says:

    can anyone explain what is he saying? is he threatening? I think he is cursing….lol

  158. Grace says:

    Kudos to my sweet Dr Ali Sina!

  159. Ali Sina says:

    Not really. I can't think of anything better than liberating 1.5 billion souls from the bondage of a lie that is keeping them ignorant, backward, and reduces them into murderers, hate mongers and evil doers. The whole world is suffering because of Islam and what Muslims do. Is there anything more important and better than saving people's lives? I don't think so.

  160. pesho says:

    christians are not innocent, they too have flaws, historically so dont be ignorant, i know many converts to islam from christianity, whats with all this rage inside u lol,

  161. leema says:

    to the person who created thsi website, dont u have anything better to do in life than to do all this lol, ur full fo so much hate, i loved n respecta ll religons n faths and i am muslim, so just stop, ur creating the hate here

  162. islam best says:

    stop insulting muslims and islam, hell is worse than the volcan itself if a small amount of it as the size of 1 sand everything in life dies . be careful, you will touch hell fire for unlimited YEARS , AND you cant even touch warm water for 1 second . you've been warned

  163. psychscholar says:

    These are simply cases of pareidolia or photoshopping.

  164. coward kafir says:

    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Cretinoid moslems (frankly it's difficult for me to believe that moslems are that dumb,as I have had 2 extremely nicle moslem friends , one an Iraqi and the other an Iranian!) can believe any thing.If a 55 year old screpot, child screwing, women insulting rapist can be considered as a rasool by moslem scum bags, they are capable of believing any thing

  165. allah.suck says:

    just took a sample of rocks or other natural photos and make some modification using Photoshop.. make it as it were the miracle from allah for islam… And all moslem will take that photo and tell the whole world that islam is the truth.. :(( so sad…

  166. Anonymous says:

    Fuck u bitch. Ur retarded. U shouldn’t be saying these things about another persons religion. That is just rude. Just because u don’t follow that particular religion doesn’t mean others don’t. Muslims have faith in their religion. Someone as disrespectful as u isn’t going to change them!

  167. eunice says:

    It may be true because i have heard many stories like this before and it is true. like rivers, treesand rocks they live as human before .Just ask they tell you the stories about all those trees , rocks and rivers e.g oshimili river was a woman before and ovia river, ikpoba river etc have you heard the story of olumo rock before find someone to tell you the story.there are also trees who like human before such as eranbeiri in okoro village near abudu in benin-city

  168. Sean says:

    You can't disprove a religion because some people think trees are a sign of it. That's not exactly fair. Also, you can't insult their prophet because a few random people now think the trees resemble things.
    Another thing, you can't generalize Muslims by calling them all "dirty minded" because that really isn't fair.
    I'm not saying I'm a Muslim, but I really don't think that's fair of you at all.

  169. suckermohammad says:

    Thi is really rocks muslim are a bunck of idiots when they idolize the fucking mohammad they lose their brain to think

  170. soumyasaxenaa says:

    i laughed so much

  171. Hass Abbas says:

    Muslims are not going to be happy when they realize you didn't add the praying woman from the surface of Mars. Ah nature at it's best…

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