9/11 Conspiracy Theory: The Litmus Test of Gullibility

More than a decade after the 9/11 attack conspiracy theories are still rife. It is important to know the truth and what feeds this conspiracy.

My goal is not to prove that the US government is innocent or it may not have had any role in it.  It is entirely possible that, as John F Kennedy said, there is a shadow government behind everything who feeds wars for its own nefarious agenda. And it is also possible that Osama Bin Laden was assisted by this cabal. That is however, a different subject.  My goal is to debunk multiple claims that are made concerning the 9/11 attacks some of which can be seen in this video. Please watch before continuing.

Well, it sound convincing, doesn’t it?  Now let us go over the claims one by one and uncover the deception.  The myths promoted are as follow:

Myth 1 – The Collapse of the Building 7

One question that the conspiracy theorists ask is, why a third sky scraper at the WTC that was not hit by the planes collapsed?

I quote the following paragraph from Wikipedia:

“The working hypothesis, released in the June 2004 progress report and reiterated in a June 2007 status update, was that an initial failure in a critical column occurred below the 13th floor, caused by damage from fire and/or debris from the collapse of the two main towers. The collapse progressed vertically up to the east mechanical penthouse. The interior structure was unable to handle the redistributed load, resulting in horizontal progression of the failure across lower floors, particularly the 5th to 7th floors. This resulted in “a disproportionate collapse of the entire structure”

Answer: The insurance company agreed to replace the building. This cost them seven billion dollars.

Firstly, insurance companies don’t pay the owners if their buildings are damaged or destroyed. The insurance is for replacement cost.  Therefore, Larry Silverstein, the lease holder of the building did not and could not collect one dime from that seven billion dollars. That money was paid to a contractor hired by the insurance company to replace the building.  This is the normal procedure.

Secondly, would the insurance company pay so much money if the building was fraudulently destroyed?  Wouldn’t they send their own inspector to verify the legitimacy of the claim? Seven billion dollars is not small money. If they paid that money it is because they were convinced of no foul play.

Thirdly,   who would have benefited from the destruction of that building?  If the intent was to kill people, as the conspiracy theorists want us to believe, that goal was not achieved.  So if the official explenation that says the building had suffered fatal damages due to the fall of the derbies from the two WTC towers is not true what other motive can these conspiracists think of?

The video claims that Larry Silverstein is on tape saying he ordered the New York Fire Department to “pull it.”

Think about this for a moment.  Would a fire department pull down a perfectly safe building just because its owner orders them to do it?  How  can any rational person believe in such a fairy-tale?

To answer this first argument one does not have to be a building engineer or have any knowledge of structures. All one needs is a little commonsense — a commodity that is not that common.

If the conspiracists thought for one moment, they would know that reality does not work like that.  Fire departments are not in the business of demolition. Even though they may break a door or a window to save life they receive no training in demolitions, let alone the demolition of a sky scrapers that requires knowledge of engineering and weeks, if not months of preparation.

Do the New York fire fighters receive training how to knock down sky scrapers?  That is silly.   Would they enter a precarious building, risking their lives perforating the columns and inserting dynamites in them? How come none of them complained that is not their job?

How can any sane person believe in this balderdash?  If you ever  thought this story may be possible, now you know you are not as smart as you thought.

This picture shows the damage sustained by Building 7 and why it became necessary to bring it down.


The following paragraph is taken from Wikipedia

After the North Tower collapsed, some firefighters entered 7 World Trade Center to search the building. They attempted to extinguish small pockets of fire, but low water pressure hindered their efforts. Over the course of the day fires burned out of control on several floors of 7 World Trade Center, the flames visible on the east side of the building. During the afternoon, fire was also seen on floors 6–10, 13–14, 19–22, and 29–30. In particular, the fires on floors 7 through 9 and 11 through 13 continued to burn out of control during the afternoon. At approximately 2:00 pm, firefighters noticed a bulge in the southwest corner of 7 World Trade Center between the 10th and 13th floors, a sign that the building was unstable and might collapse. During the afternoon, firefighters also heard creaking sounds coming from the building. Around 3:30 pm FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro decided to halt rescue operations, surface removal, and searches along the surface of the debris near 7 World Trade Center and evacuate the area due to concerns for the safety of personnel. At 5:20:33 pm EDT the building started to collapse, with the crumble of the east mechanical penthouse, and at 5:21:10 pm EDT it collapsed completely.

Myth 2: Fire alone is not enough to collapse steel buildings.

The conspiracists argue that considering that Meridian Plaza in Philadelphia burned for 19 hours and yet it never collapsed how could the twin towers fall after one and two hours of burning.  They also ask, “How could the jet fuel have caused the collapse when the Federal Emergency Management has stated that most of the jet fuel was gone in the initial fire ball?” Moreover, they ask, “How could the fires have caused the collapse at all since tests by Cardington found that steel buildings survive fires with temperatures beyond the range possible with Jet Fuel?  Since the black smoke coming from the buildings indicates that the fire was oxygen starved and could not have reached its maximum degrees of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and steel melt at much higher temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, how could cleanup crews have found melted steel in the basements?”

Answer: When a steel structure high-rise catches fire, the only fuel is the furniture inside the building. This does not produce enough heat to melt the steel structure.

When thousands of liters of jet fuel burst at once in a closed space the heat generated is a lot hotter.  It’s no longer just heat but a bomb. That is because the heat is trapped.  A log burned inside a woodstove can generate more heat than if it is burned in an open space where heat can dissipate into the atmosphere.

However, the buildings were not collapsed because the steel columns melted.  They collapsed because the structure was damaged and rendered precarious. The heat softened the steel and allowed it to bend precipitating the collapse.  It was an added element, but not the main cause.

The South Building fell after just one hour because the weight above the damage was more than that of North Building that fell after two hours burning.

Structural damage alone was enough to make the buildings collapse.  That was what happened to Building 7.

Sampoong Department Store in Korea

In June 1995 the Sampoong Department Store in Korea a building just six story tall collapsed because of structural failure.  At first minor cracks started to show. The cracks widened gradually.  It took several days after the cracks were discovered for the structure to finally give in.  With so much weight above the point of impact causing so much damage to the columns, the two towers were doomed even without a fire.

Myth 3: Super thermite was used to increase the heat.

“Physicists” such as Steven E. Jones and Niels Harrit have claimed that within the dust and rubble of the World Trade Center towers lies evidence of “a highly engineered explosive.” They are pointing to traces of active thermitic material, a substance that produces intense localized heat when burned that was found among the rubles in Ground Zero.

Answere: Super thermite can only generate intense heat in small areas. Painting it on one inch thick steel, which is the the thickness of the steel used in building the columns of WTC, and setting it on fire does not make the steal hot enough to bend. In fact the fuel will end before the other side of the steel gets hot.  This theory is completely unscientific.  But where did the traces of super thermite come from?

Active thermitic material is a combination of elemental aluminum and iron oxide in form of thermite known as “nanostructured super-termite.” It is used in steel cutting and welding, fireworks shows, hand grenades and demolition.

super thermite

After the collapse of the buildings the columns had to be cut so they could be removed. This allowed thermite to be scattered all over the place and that is the reason melted steel was found on the site. You can find this material on the floors of any welding shop.

So much for the erudition of these two “physicists!” Are these people real or just hired actors? Any thing is possible when it comes to Jessy Ventura.  Everything about this man is fake, starting from his wrestling.  He is in the business of entertainment and make belief. Anything that would attract audience and make him richer will do.


Myth 4: The impact of the wind and storm is greater than the impact of the airliners

One question the conspiracy theorists ask is, “how could the airliners’ impact have caused the collapse when wind gust and storms had at times been greater than the impact of the airliners?”  They argue that the buildings were designed to stand the wind force gust of 140 mph that cause a sheer lateral force of 11,000,000 pounds, which exceeds that resulted by the jets.

This is sheer deception.  No one has said that the buildings fell because of the impact. The 11,000,000 pound force is sustained by the entire structure, whereas the passenger jets hit only a small area of the façade.  This localized force was enough to destroy some of the columns. The buildings did not bend because of the impact.  They collapsed because of the damage caused to the columns that gave in to the weight of 20 and 40 stories above them.

A bullet that can cause sever damage to your body or even kill you. But if you wear a bullet proof vest, the impact of the bullet is distributed which may slightly push you without even making you fall.  While the impact of the wind is distributed the impact of the panes were localized which caused structural damage.


Myth 5: The Twin Towers were destroyed through Controlled demolition.

Another question asked is, “how could the buildings collapse with the speed of gravity? Each floor hit, should have slowed the fall.   This couldn’t have happened without explosives placed inside the structure. “

Answer: This question may confound those who have little understanding of physics.  Why should the floors have slowed down the fall?  The weight of the material falling becomes bigger and bigger as it goes down. If the first floor below the impact could not resist that weigh falling on it there is no reason to expect that the floors beneath it would resist. All floors were built with similar strength but the weight falling on each lower floor was greater than the the one supported by the upper floors.  Floors are built to support the weight of people and furniture. They are not designed to support the falling weight of thousands of tons of concrete.  Construction workers know that floors cannot support a lot of weight and while storing the construction materials they never put too much weight in one spot.  No floor can stand the falling weight of 20 or 40 story building.  Often the falling weight of one story is enough for the lower floor to give in.


Myth 6: Explosives were used to demolish the buildings

This claim is the crux of this conspiracy theory and it is the easiest to disprove.

A few eye witnesses have claimed that they heard several explosions. Jesse Ventura, the conspiracy theorist enthusiast, has interviewed several people who claim they heard, two, three, four, and up to ten explosions. This means that with the exception of  one, all others lied to him, or merely they are confused people. Or perhaps he hired them to act.

There are many videos showing the entire event.  None of those videos show any explosion.  The huge dust created is caused by the crushing of the concrete.

The best way to debunk the theory of controlled demolition is to watch the collapse of the WTC towers and compare them with controlled demolitions.

In controlled demolitions the columns are perforated and dynamite is placed inside them.  When they are detonated the building falls and get crushed as the floors hit the ground.  In controlled demolition, the demolition happens from bottom up.

Here are a few demonstrations of controlled demolition. Note how elaborate is the process of preparing a building for demolition.  Did all these preparations happen in the offices of people in WTC under their nose  without anyone noticing?

The collapse of the WTC is very different.  All the videos show that the demolition is taking place from top to bottom. While the upper floors are being destroyed the floors below them are still standing. They fall as soon as they are hit by the weight of the falling debris.

It takes only a few minutes of attentively watching the videos of the falling of the twin towers to dismiss all these conspiracy theories.  If you watch carefully you will see that the floors below the impact are standing intact when the upper floors fall on them, which means no demolition took place below them and the whole argument of controlled demolition is discredited.  This is all we need to dismiss other claims.  Compare this fall with the falls of many other controlled demolitions.  You will see the difference. In controlled demolition all the floors fall together.  Whereas the lower portion of the WTC towers are standing firm until they are hit from above.

This is all you need to watch to see this conspiracy theory is a big lie. You don’t have to be a building engineer or even an intellectual giant.  All you need is to have a little bit of commonsense.  That is what most people lack. We humans are victims of our own gullibility.  We let ourselves to be fooled because we don’t learn critical thinking. We are a stupid species. This is the reason behind our never ending misery. Isn’t the election of Obama proof enough that masses of humanity are just plainly stupid? The majority of mankind all over the world thought this mentally sick man is the Messiah.  It is the same people who believe in 9/11 conspiracy theory. These very people have swallowed Obama’s fake birth certificate hook line and sinker and derogatorily call those who point out to all the evidence, “the birthers.”  How is it that some people see black as white and white as black?  Stupidity is indeed a bottomless pit.

The following is a computer generated simulation of how the buildings collapsed.


Myth 7: The top part of the buildings fell over so there was no weight on floors below.

Another question asked is, “How could the twin towers fall straight down when the damage and resulting fires were only to one corner two sides? Only the tops of the twin towers should have fallen, and they should have fallen over not straight down. In fact the top of one tower did fall unto building 4, so there was no building weight to crush the floors below.  So what caused the collapse of those floors?”

Answer:  The upper part of the building did not fall over, but collapsed over the lower floors.  Considering the area of he floors it would have been impossible for the top par to fall over.  Here is the picture that shows it.

WTC south tower

WTC southtower

Secondly why should the building with such a huge footprint fall over? This would have required an enormous lateral force. If the only force in action was gravity there is no reason for the top parts to fall over.  Once two sides and the core of the building gave in the rest of the columns did not have the strength to hold the building in place. They bent and the building fell on itself.

This picture is enough to see that the floors below had no chance of standing that weight.  The top floors with the weight of 40 stories fell faster than the one with 20 stories.

The pictures and videos of the twin towers’ collapse also belie the claim of the conspiracy theories that they  were demolished from the basement. Had this been the case they would have fallen over on other buildings like this  building in Philippines

Here is a simulation of the collapse of the twin towers.


Myth 8:  The hijackers could not fly.

One of the hijackers’ flight-instructor has said, “I’m still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon. He could not fly at all.”

The hijackers did not have to learn how to take off or land the planes. Steering them in the air does not require a lot of training. That is all they wanted to learn to perpetrated this crime.

Assuming the fanatical Islamic terrorists who cheerfully seek martyrdom to go to heaven were not piloting the planes, who piloted them?  Who else is so eager to commit suicide?

The argument is so idiotic that it does not need any refutation. But it gives us a glimpse into the devious minds of the conspiracy theorists and the gullibility of those who accept them.

The absurdities do not end here. The conspiracists ask. “Isn’t it too much of a coincidence that four hijacked airplanes had only 20% to 50% of their seats filled, while all other transcontinental that day had 70% to 90% of their seats occupied?”

I don’t know how many seats in those hijacked planes were occupied and whether this was highly irregular.  The objective of these conspiracy theorists is only to confound and we will see why below.  However, let us give them the benefit of the doubt and accept this claim. What are they trying to prove? That those who planned the destruction of the WTC and caused the death of 3000 people were concerned about saving the lives of a few dozen more Americans and hence they decided not to fill the planes with passengers?  If the intent was to kill and this was all planned by Bush, Chaney and Condoleezza Rice why not fill the planes to the maximum capacity?

Liars are inconsistent. The goal is to sling so much mud in the hope that some of it may stick. This deceitful kind of presenting arguments is typical of all bankrupt ideologies that rely on lies to come to power. It was practiced by the Nazis in Germany, the fascists in Italy, the communists all over the world, and now by the leftists and of course by Muslims who have been lying for 1400 years.   These hate mongers rely on the power of the big lie.  The bigger the lie the more credible it sounds.


The New Blood Libel

During the middle Ages in Europe, on Passover, the bizarre blood libel accusations were often leveled against the Jews. These accusations usually led to violent attacks against Jewish communities. There were hundreds of blood libels throughout history, resulting in the deaths of thousands. The blood libel theme rarely deviated. A child–almost always a young boy–was lost. Allegations then arose that the Jews murdered him and used his blood for ritual purposes. Usually those leveling the accusations had murdered the child themselves in order to accuse the Jews. Sometimes the child was a victim of an accident or later found unharmed. The cruelest methods of torture were often used to force confessions and the fabricated charges would serve as a pretext to slander and attack Jewish communities.


By the 14th century, ritual murder charges became common at Passover time. The fact that human sacrifice and the use of even animal blood for any purpose are strictly forbidden according to Jewish law did not matter to those perpetrators and believers of lies. Reason is abandoned when hatred and ignorance rule. Repudiations of blood libels by many popes throughout the ages did little or nothing to stop them.

To this day in many Arab countries Muslims promote this libel against the Jews to demonize them and arouse hatred against them.  This libel is exposed, however the hatred against the Jews is still alive. The Jew haters have now invented a new libel – the 9/11 conspiracy theory.  According to this theory, it was not the Muslims who perpetrated the carnage in the September of 2001, but it was Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel, with the help of the CIA and Bush administration.

A variety of motives are suggested, including: to cause the United States to attack enemies of Israel; to divert public attention away from Israel’s treatment of Palestinians; to help Zionists take control of world affairs; and to persuade Americans to support Israel.

Some proponents of this believe that Jewish employees were forewarned by Israeli intelligence to skip work on September 11, resulting in no Jewish deaths at the World Trade Center. According to Cinnamon Stillwell, some 9/11 conspiracy theorists put this number as high as 4,000 Jewish people skipping work. This was first reported on September 17 by the Lebanese Hezbollah-owned satellite television channel Al-Manar.

The number of Jews who died in the attacks is variously estimated at between 270 and 400. The lower figure tracks closely with the percentage of Jews living in the New York area and partial surveys of the victims’ listed religion.


Who is behind this conspiracy theory?

Lies are promoted because someone benefits from them.  Who benefits from spreading this lie?

It is not difficult to see who benefits. Muslims and the leftists are the ones who benefit.

Osama Bin Laden, who has called this attack ghazwah, (raid) has gloated about his success. The hijackers are lauded by many Muslim jihadi sites. Isn’t that enough evidence that Muslims were behind it?

Al-Muhajiroun led by Omar Bakri Muhammad and Anjem Choudary organized a conference “The Magnificent 19”, praising the September 11 attacks.

These are facts that the conspiracy theorists ignore, but they cling to baseless theories, none of which is logical or scientific.

Bertrand Russell said, “If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way.”

This explains why this stupid conspiracy theory is accepted by so many gullible folk. People who believe in this lie are not just gullible. They must be inclined to believe in lies and in evil. Millions of Germans believed in Hitler’s big lies because they wanted. Some of them resisted and fought back. Being rational or stupid is a choice.

The objective of conspiracy theories is to confound and distract people so the enemy is not stopped. Muslims on one hand lionize the hijackers and at the same time they deny they had anything to do with it.  With one side of their mouths they say America had it coming and with the other side they shift the blame on the Jews and the CIA and Bush.  This is all taqiyah.  And of course the leftist useful idiots are always on the side of whoever is against America. The more confusion is created the more votes they can grab.  They know that their only hope to come to power and stay in power is through lies. Anything that can smear America is welcomed. Any absurdity that can blame the Jews is accepted.  They prefer lies to truth even when there is no evidence to support them.

The 9/11 carnage was inspired by the Quran; it was devised by Muslim mujahids; it was perpetrated by Islamic fighters; it was hailed by Muslims as their great victory and was cheerfully celebrated throughout the Muslim world. Yet none of that matters to the conspiracy theorists.


The reason Muslims promote this conspiracy is clear. It is their new blood libel against the Jews.  But antisemitism is alive even among non-Muslims.  The people who incinerated six million Jews are still alive, hidden among us.  Their modus operandi is to win through lies and since most humans are naturally gullible with little or not critical thinking, they have a large audience.

Millions of Germans and other Europeans believed in the lies of Hitler. They remained silent while he massacred millions. But everyone paid dearly. Over 50 million people from all over the world were killed as the result.

These hate mongers and masters of lies are back again, this time they operate as leftists helping Muslims to conquer and destroy humanity.  Of course, they too, like those who fell for the lies of Hitler, will also become victims of this lie.   But stupid people will do what stupid people do.  They naturally gravitate towards lies and evil.

There is an excellent article on the absurdity of this conspiracy theory. Here is a quote from that article:

1. A good conspiracy theory suggests that the government is competent enough to map out the strategy, plan the mission, subvert the individuals required to run the plot and then carry it out without getting caught. For anyone who has ever worked for government, it is known that the level of competency required to create such a conspiracy is beyond that of virtually any government – democratic or otherwise.

2. A conspiracy theory assumes that the government pays its employees enough to remain silent. Given the untold millions that could be made by a single book deal revealing the conspiracy and the relatively low rates of pay in government, this is obviously a ludicrous suggestion.

3. The 9/11 conspiracy theory assumes that the rank and file worker in government who helped carry out the conspiracy would tolerate and assist in the mass murder of their fellow citizens. This might be a fair criticism of senior political leaders in some states, but it is a slanderous accusation for the vast majority of government workers in democratic states.

Please read all this article here.  9/11 Conspiracy Theories – Debunking Richard Gage

And here is another very good article on the subject.

9/11 conspiracy theories: The truth is out there…just not on the internet

Lies will keep spreading as long as truth remains hidden.  Those who fabricate lies and spread them don’t have our best interest in mind.  Let us spread the truth and put an end to this devious lie.

If Jesse Ventura had put a fraction of the work that he has put on his biceps in developing his brain, he wouldn’t have made that conspiracy movie about 9/11.    One person asked him whether he is going to make a documentary on Obama’s ineligibility. His response was no. He added that it does not bother him at all. The biggest fraud on the American people does not bother this man but he has no problem deceiving the public with lies and blaming the victim when an external enemy attacks America.

The problem is not Jesse Ventura. He is after money and lacks patriotism. The problem are the ordinary Americnas who watch his stupid programs and and make him rich.  The problem is that Americans no longer can distinguish between friends and enemy, or even truth and falsehood. Such a nation is doomed and we can see that happening.

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    Think clearly, friend. Planes crashed into WTC had nothing with nature ! They had to do with jihadist pilots.

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    Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.

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    I never ever believed in conspiracy theory… Its a blatant lie and insult to all those who lost their lives.

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    LOL.. CIA has got their own website to write all this.
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    Dr. Sina, for those wo think that such big buildings can't drop without explosives, I think the planes could have been loaded with explosives. Why doesn't anybody think of this?

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    what you have presented there is nothing , but CIA propaganda . Do you work for the Terrorist organization CIA ( Criminal international agency ) ???? . Watch this video and answer to it .

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    Conpiracy in the killing of Osama bin Laden_
    4 US helicopters flew 90 minutes on a moonless night over Pakistan on May 1, 2011 to Osama bin Laden's villa in Abottabad. One Navy seal helicopter crashed landed in the compound of the villa. The seal team took 40 minutes to hunt down n kill Osama. Before they left, they blew up the crashed helicopter with a huge bang. All this while no interference from the Pakistani army or police. Questions :_1) without the info from ISI, how could the US know the whereabout of Osama.?_2) Why was the helicopters not detected by radar n shot at.?_3) Why were the Paki F16s not scrambled to intercept the 4 helicopters as they should, because any foreign planes that flew into their territory should be considered as an act of war.

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    The leftists see Muslims as the underdog. All cultures except the western culture and all religions except Christianity and Judaism and all races except the white race are according to their twisted thinking under-privileged and need to be defended.

    The idea is to make everything uniform. No culture is better, no civilization is better and hence no one is worse. But the obvious fact is that some cultures and civilizations are better. So the leftists` only solution is to demean and vilify the superior cultures and glorify the inferior cultures so as to make them look similar. If they can show that the bad is not as bad and the good is not as good the differences will disappear and equality will be established. This equality will usher mankind into eternal peace.

    This is the utopia of the leftists. That is why they defend Islam and attack the west. No it does not make sense. It is utterly counterintuitive and even stupid. But it must be defended at any cost because otherwise it will be evident that leftism is a flawed ideology and they will have to abandon it altogether.

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    @Ali Sina

    Apologise for not being clear enough.

    Actually the intention was not to raise question on your claims but to understand the position of lefts with Islamists. You said that they both are allies, I was seeking an answer thorough you.

    Theoretically(correct me), they shouldn't support Islamists or any other Theist per se.
    Why they think that supporting most intolerant religion will help them too. Paradox?


    Thank you

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    Which heaven?Heaven of deception and lies?Only you have access to it I tried very hard but failed.

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    I despise islam even more than you do however you do not have to be a muslim or a leftist to doubt and question the official 9/11 story. I think it is legitimate to question the events that ocurred during 9/11.

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    Islam is still a cult.
    Islam still promtes slavery and still makes slave of those poor muslims that have their brain filled with hate.
    Islam continues to terrorise with a record number of violent acts since and before 9/11
    9/11 is over but Islam continues to feed hate into the hearts of mins of people..

    But as in the words of Jesus, we can in thank these people for showing us what a world without love looks like.. We see what happens when you fill a person with Hate and take joys away from them..

    So those that seem complacent of the wonderful world we have, well wake up and smell the roses and speak out for peace and Love

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    This conspiracy theory is nothing but a hoax because the US govt. had never used jihadist or kamakazi pilots in any airplane, be it commercial or millitary.

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  31. Ali Sina says:

    That is great brother. Can you keep a secret? This is just between you and I. Yes I am playing taqiyah. This is all a trick to make Muslims feel stronger about their faith. So invite them to come and read my articles, inshaallah their faiths will grow.

  32. gms says:

    You claim to be an ex-muslim are you not using deception or principle of Taquiyya?
    You know what ?Since I started visiting this site I became more practicing Muslim!!! I know more about Islam than before and I have even more positive opinion about it!!!

  33. gms says:

    Again you said "fake god" from your point of view any god is fake so religion does not exist. If Muslims are killing each other you should be jumping of joy and keep quiet about it!!! why are you complaining about them?Let them kill each other.What about drones attacks invasion of Iraq Afghanistan, Hiroshima,Nagasaki,Guantanamo,World war I and II,Vietnam,Colonialism,slave trade.You said"islam is not a just religion" Are you just in going only for Islam leaving other ideologies and religions aside and that were involved in major holocaust .

  34. Guest says:

    So you can judge by seeing a video!

  35. gms says:

    It is by watching a film on the Internet of a falling building that one concludes that no explosives were planted in the building?No chemical investigations of the residues are required?This is very "advanced " way to conduct forensic investigations!!!
    A mere fact that there so many films of the event taken from so different angles and using static professional cameras shows that there were many teams prepared and positioned in advanced.
    It proves foreknowledge of the event. I'm sure that those films were not released by OBL.

  36. Guest1 says:

    Ali you lost.

  37. Guest says:

    Esh caught Ali Sina lies clearly but this bull sht is not going to close his site

  38. Bert SR-71 says:

    Did no one tell to you, that also Moh. Atta and al-Qaida are (antisemite) worldconspiracy believers, what about the strange but logic experience with the Nazis and the worldwide KGB-ideology lead leftists is – and since 1919 with the later SS-, MB,- Araft- and ArabLeague-leader Jerusalem mufti Moh. Amin al-Husseini — that those who believe in this fanatisizeing "theory" execute it projectively as a matrix for their own world wide crimes of anihilation.

    There was no need for oil power to make such self worrying fussiness. If wanting to get more influence and control about oil business and delivery, the US and GB would need lay bare the RIDE FOR A FALL by the russians and their tricky allies France and Germany, who gave Saddam strategic feed or armicide, let the UN-program "oil for food and medicine" corrupt actively or passively by 100s of UN-employes and 100s of companies for Saddams strengthening & "advantage", – what secondary after 2001 weakened the US/ GB ultimatum and made the invasion of Iraq inevitable.
    So similar support Germany with strategic goods and Russia with weapons and nuclear matertial did for Mullah-Iran, what also is leaded by a "nazi-islam" ideology, what early was delivered by the SS-mufti al-Husseini lead SS-broadcast since 1941 to Khomeini und much iranian imans, the german ambassador proudly reported !
    – Later more !

  39. Moor says:

    Extremist are killing in Islams name not everyday Muslims.

    Some call Extremist none Muslims due to acts they say are Islam (when they are not if you study Isam yourself rather then relying on others)

    Others say they are Muslims who are Muslims who are committing Sin believing that no one can call a Muslim a none Muslim

    Depends on what sect you belong to.

    Either of these views A extremist is not following Islam if they commit the acts they do as they are acting on aggression, taking an innocents life and causing choas

    Those who do these acts (the 1%) are perverting the teaching of Islam and causing the likes of people like you are your followers (the 1%) the excuse to use these extremist to justify hurting Innocent Muslims

    Thus you are no better the the extremist you dispise

    Again with the domination strage you say about conspiracy theories yet thing is also a conspiracy theory as not based on all the facts

  40. Interesting says:

    "Islam is like cancer"

    This weird mentally challenged people have routines to use ugly words. But Truth doesn't change.

    Another similar example

    "Love is like a fart , If you force its sh!t"

  41. Interesting says:

    I think after studying Islam , you are unknowingly using it as your source for reasoning. This sounds interesting.

  42. Eshmeralda says:

    We are going round and round in the same circle.
    Every liar thinks that the others are the same like him.
    I do not have to beg you to believe what I said. It is
    enough to me that I know it is true, as long as I know
    that, I bear a great respect to myself. Admiration and
    respect from people like you are not needed.
    I just wonder how can you live in peace with yourself,
    planting hate around the world, aren't you afraid that
    you will reap it one day?
    This is the last reply you receive from me, because
    I am sick of the whole thing.

  43. Eshmeralda says:

    So, you were born in belgium but originally
    you are from morocco. No wonder you see
    the Arabs most hateful and deplorable beings
    on this planet.

  44. Atheist And kaffir says:

    i'm from morocco.

  45. Atheist And kaffir says:

    I was fortunate to be born in belgium.

  46. Ali Sina says:

    Yes Muhammad said it too, but he was the most benighted person and so are his followers. This truism existed as long as humans started reasoning. He is copied it like all other things that he copied.

  47. Ali Sina says:

    I don't think God exists, but you do. Muslims are killing innocent people for their belief in this lie. That is why I speak against Islam and their fake god. If Muslims were peaceful like the followers of other religions I would have had no interest to talk about their religion. I never speak against any religion. Islam is not just a religion. It is a political ideology of domination. That is why I speak against it. Otherwise I can care less how many times Muslims pray and to whom they pray.

  48. Ali Sina says:

    I explained that already. I told you that the movie made by the pea brained Jesse Ventura claimed the owner of the building ordered the fire fighters to pull the building down and they did it. I assumed this liar would not say such a blatant lie so I assumed the building was indeed brought down to avoid it falling on its own which would have caused more damage. But apparently Ventura is capable of even saying blatant lies. The building had fallen on its own, which makes more sense because it would have been impossible to prep it for demolition in such a short time and sending hundreds of workers in a precarious building would have been insane.

  49. Ali Sina says:

    How can eradicating Islam make me rich? I have led thousands of Muslims out of Islam. Only a handful of them made minor donations that is not even enough to pay the cost of the server. So under what basis you accuse me for doing this for money?

    You claim to no believe in Islam and yet you unmask yourself all the time. You are not even a good liar. Let us say I said I want to eradicate communist, or fascism or racism or any other ideology. Would you have attacked me and slandered me? Of course not! But when I say I want to eradicate Islam you get hurt. Yet as a good Muslim you also lie and even malign your prophet just to make yourself believable.

    People will not start killing each other because of what I write. Muslims are killing others because of what Muhammad wrote. Since 9/11 to date over 18,600 terrorist attacks has happened by the followers of Muhammad costing hundreds of thousands of lives. I want to end that by showing the benighted followers of Muhammad that they won't go to paradise if they kill innocent people, that they shouldn’t believe in that liar, impostor.

    I received many emails from people saying they hated Muslims until they read my articles and now that can see Muslims are mere victims of Islam.

  50. everin says:

    U are the real donkey with yr mumbo jumbo rantings n scoring all the negative points. U and yr twisted logic n poor knowledge. No wonder Mo said women are deficient in intelligence ! Which country are u from ?

  51. Ali Sina says:

    If you look at the videos carefully you will see the buildings are not falling because of any demolition. All the "evidences" are also debunked by others and by me.

  52. Eshmeralda says:

    How interesting! I never knew that!
    I usually save my breath with donkeys like you,
    (no, I am doing the donkeys too much of injustice)
    but consider these few words a genorosity from me to you.

  53. Eshmeralda says:

    In which country were you born? Iran or Pakistan?

  54. Atheist And kaffir says:

    That arabs are some of most hateful and deplorable beings on this planet is true but i do not think he's against them, if he is i cannot blaim him.

  55. everin says:

    Correction : There is no violence n killing n hate in Buddhism and now Christianity. Don't be the "frog in the well" who did not know much about the outside world but keep churning out rubbish.
    Buddha was deeply moved by the suffering he saw all around and he found the key to human happiness.
    Christ practised God's love for all humanity, including sinners.

  56. SorrowSnake says:

    He's against Islam not Arabs.

  57. Atheist And kaffir says:

    Absolutly, there is violence and killing and hate in al religions, thats why i am an atheist.

    We can start one step at a time by eradicating the most evil and hateful religion of them all; islam.

  58. Eshmeralda says:


    Also, listen to this: Sina is not only after Islam, he is after a whole race (Arabs).

  59. SorrowSnake says:

    Why don't you just read the article instead of repeating the same nonsense that's already been refuted.

  60. Eshmeralda says:

    I do not like the rules of this religion neither its "Sharia'a". When I attack Sina, that does not mean that I agree with Islam or I believe in it.

    I do not need to repeat this over and over. There is violence and killing and hate in all religions.
    Just let people believe what they want to believe, and do not turn them against each other.

    When was the last time a Muslim rang your front door bell and asked you to join Islam?

  61. ex-muslimAndproudkaffir says:

    Believe me, we would be doing future generations a favor the faster we get rid of islam.

    Islam is like cancer and just like you use chemo to destroy cancercells to save a life, we must destroy islam to save humanity.

  62. gms says:

    "Divine arrangement"? What about the first world war,second world war,
    Vietnam?9/11 was also a"Divine arrangement"?

  63. Eshmeralda says:

    “To turn America and the world against Islam is my job.”

    A job that only some one like Sina is proud of. Everybody in this world wants to be rich, but not in this contemptable manner.

    Next time, and when your employers hand you your pay check, look at their faces.

    They know very well that you can easily sell them for some one who pays more.

    People might start killing one another because of this “job” of yours. You are worse than

    a hired killer.

    By the way, watch your spelling: it is NAIVE not Naife, and it is WATCH not wach……..

    Doctor !

  64. gms says:

    To Alisina,
    Why are you defending the official conspiracy theory?
    Do you believe that the terrorist are not capable of planting bombs in the buildings?What if it was a controlled demolition carried out by terrorist?Why are you defending the terrorists?
    How are you certain that they did not plant explosives in the buildings? Did you speak to them?

  65. gms says:

    Is that so? Who was fighting in Vietnam,Laos,Korea,China and Japan? I agree with you Budhists can never kill an ant only Humans!!!

  66. gms says:

    You are an atheist what is to you if Allah is hubal,jesus,chrisna or any other deity?Why are you insisting in discussing something which you say it does not exist?

  67. gms says:

    For your information cross is a old Egyptian religious symbol.
    Neither crescent nor dome are symbols of Islam.Crescent is a Turkish symbol.It has nothing to do with Islam.

  68. gms says:

    Not only.He also has phd in Islamophobia.

  69. ex-muslimAndproudkaffir says:

    You are inconsistent in your explenation of the collaps of building 7. first you claim in your article that building 7 was fatally damaged and it had to be brought down? Explain how did they bring down building 7? Controlled demolition? And then in your response to me you say the building fell by itself? how can a building fall by itself of you say they brought it down?

  70. Interesting says:

    Iraq war: us soldier throws his medals and stars!!! and quits

    [youtube B6hp8HMstkE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6hp8HMstkE&feature=related youtube]

  71. Interesting says:

    Nothing can wake up those who don't want to wake up.

    This is you learned from Quran right ?

    Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you (O Muhammad PBUH ) warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe. (Quran 2:6)

  72. Interesting says:

    American Soldier, who Accept the ISLAM

    [youtube vQVDLggeQus&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQVDLggeQus&feature=related youtube]

  73. Moor says:

    Shia and Sunnies are killing each other for many reasons read the history and you would know why do not just use the news as the facts as I could do the same for many other things

    Buddhist can believe in God as Buddha never said if there was or was not a God some believe this is due to he was preaching to hindu and they already knew about some type of God thus at that time he preached his lifestype

    Depands on what type of Buddhism they follow as there are many sects

    Also ''Buddhist'' that believe in many unbuddist things yet pass them off as buddhism such as those ''Buddhist'' who take drugs drink and sleep around

    60's free love era meets Buddhism perversion

    Every person can kill and be bad even a Buddhist as every person can be Evil or Good (Buddhism even says this) Humans control themselves from evil (Jihad)

  74. gms says:

    Not only Palestine belongs to jews but also ALI SINA belongs to them!!!

  75. Moor says:

    Ali Sina does not know Arabic Hebrew or Aramaic and has been proven by many that he/she/they miss facts on Quran and Torah half quote Quran/Hadith miss history spread hatred and vilify Islam and others who do not go along with his ''truth''

    So Ali Sina you are wrong now spend your time on better things rather then spreading your poison to others


  76. Eshmeralda says:

    This is astounding !!!!!
    How did you manage to create this story?
    Do you know what is the problem of
    the liar? it is each lie he makes leads
    to another and another and another,
    until lying becomes pathologic.
    In spite of all the proofs submitted, yet
    you insist. You cannot retreat now, and
    admit that you were wrong, because
    everything you have been building will collapse.

  77. Eshmeralda says:

    I am not afraid of you or of anybody else…if I am a follower of Islam, I will declare this loudly.
    I am not defending Mohammad,
    but I am defending justice and the truth.
    Deceive you???? again look who
    is talking. No one can deceive you,
    you know why, because you have
    a Phd in deception.

  78. Eshmeralda says:

    "there is no good reason as to why ppl must confide in you.. '
    Of course there is…….don't you know that there are some
    donkeys who are trained to use the internet?

  79. Eshmeralda says:

    A statement that fits you precisely.

  80. Eshmeralda says:

    This statement fits you precisely.

  81. gms says:

    To sina ,
    Crime can be committed by commission or omission but it is still crime.
    Which USA police force or other security agency investigated this crime?How BUSH concluded that it was OBL who did it? Even if OBL claimed responsibility for it which he never did.
    Is CNN a Police agency?
    One may not know what the real motives are behind all of this.But as you say "American government and media are corrupt to the core".So why do you believe in their version of conspiracy theory ?
    If somebody really wanted to bring down the building would not be appropriate to place explosives inside the building?
    What if the terrorist did the controlled demolition?Why are you denying that they were not capable of it?I have an open mind all options should be investigated.All the details and pieces of information collected .What if there still terrorist on the the loose in the USA those who planted explosives?If we don't look for something we will never find it.

  82. gms says:

    From the discussion I conclude that:
    1-WTC 7 neither was hit by a plane nor fell by controlled demolition IT COMMITTED SUICIDE!!! I was the first ever building to commit suicide in history of mankind!!!
    2- Terrorists should have received a NOBEL PRIZE in Physics for discovering a quick method of melting steel with paraffin!!!
    3- They also discovered the process of making passports resistant to extreme temperatures!!!
    4- The third plane was ordered to go for Bush so it landed in the bush!!!
    5- Crime scene evidence collection and investigation are not required if it kills thousands of people!!! people!!!

  83. Ali Sina says:

    The cross start with Christianity becuse it is a symbol of the crucifiction of Jesus. The Crescent is a relic of Hubal.

    Sometimes the evidence is right in our eyes and some people refuse to see it. It is the same kind of mentality that creates consipracy theories accusing Mossad and CIA for 9/11 when Muslims glorified their 19 terrorists and Bin Laden claimed victory for his dasdardy crime.

    Nothing can wake up those who don't want to wake up.

  84. Ali Sina says:

    This guy says even if Allah originally referred to a false deity, it does not matter because today people don’t think of false deities when they use his name but rather they think of the formless creator.
    This argument makes sense only if one believes that there is a formless creator. To a rationalist, all gods, even the formless variety of it are fictitious.
    The point is that the Quraish believed in Hubal whom they called Allah. At no time Muhammad denounced the Allah of the Quraish. He claimed that it is the same as the God of the Bible. This belies his ignorance or the different origins of these two gods.
    Had he believed that all the people believe in a single God even if they call it with different names, he would not have condemned people who believed in non-Semitic religions.
    The god of Muhammad was very much a parochial god.

  85. gms says:

    Especially in this site!!!

  86. Ali Sina says:

    . No one defends a dead leader so passionately as you defend Muhammad to the point of insulting those who criticize him. Look lady, I have been dong this for 14 years and I have seen all sorts of Islamic deceptions. Go and deceive another person.

  87. gms says:

    "origin of man is ape" I would say origin of some man is ape and origin of some ape is man.

  88. Ali Sina says:

    "I say how can this stupid person achieved all this success and estabilised an empire !!!!!!"

    You have to read my book to understand this mystery. He was not the only insane and stupid person who rose to power fooling multitueds. Jim Jones, Charles Manson, and even Obama are other examples.

  89. Slomo says:

    He is not promoting hate…..he is promoting "Islam is very bad influence to this world, …base on this…and that….you must fight against this bad influence !!!". He is DEFENDING this world from your Islamic war.

  90. enlightened25 says:

    “I say how can this stupid person achieved all this success and estabilised an empire !!!!!!” Who said he was stupid? Muhammad was a man of his time. He achieved what he did because the conditions were right. All the “great men of history” have the same qualities as him, from Julius Cesar to Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan and Oliver Cromwell. This is not to say everyone with these qualities is a despot dictator or a cult leader. You will find them among politicians, movie stars, business leaders or salesmen. That’s what Muhammad probably would be if he was around today in the western culture – a great salesmen or a business leader.

  91. Eshmeralda says:

    One of the pretextes of Sina, that "Allah"
    is the moon god, is the crescent we often
    see on the domes of the mosques.
    I told him that in this case the Christians
    worship the cross, and the Jews worship
    the star (or the god of the star).
    Thank you for the video

  92. everin says:

    Shittes n Sonnies believe in the same god but never be straight n started to kill each other all over ME countries, Iraq, Afghanistan n Pakistan since the 7th century.. Did u not see the TV news? Buddhists never believe in God but never even kill an ant. Go n study Buddism n u will be "straighter than just straight."

  93. everin says:

    He is always using weird logic only he can understand. Haahahaha !

  94. everin says:

    No, u got it wrong here. The US had helped the mujahedeen to kick out the Soviet Union by supplying them with stinger missles to shoot down soviet helicopters n planes. The mujaheddeen mutated into the Taliban n turned against the US bcoz of religion n Osama bin Laden. The Taliban had ruled Afghanistan with tyranny n bombed the old grand Buddha statues. They got a taste of their own medicine when the US bombed them back to the stone age bcoz they refused to serrender Osama after 9/11. THEY REAP WHAT THEY HAD SOW. Therefore, never play the fool with the statues of other religions bcoz they contain spiritual power. Till today they are still under drone attacks by the US. Called it Divine arrangement !

  95. Moor says:

    Watch this Video to explain about Allah:

    [youtube ATrDPGypJHw&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATrDPGypJHw&feature=related youtube]

    Again you are wrong

  96. Moor says:

    The irony you say I am a hatemonger yet you are the only one promoting hate many have said this

    It is quite funny you say about conspiracy theories yet just read what you say and it reads like one also

    ''I promote the truth''

    Manipulation of facts history and lying is not truth, so again you are wrong

  97. Moor says:

    Ali Sina said '''To turn America and the world against Islam is my job''
    This comment speaks for itself and shows what you really are.

    Spreading hatred, violence, slander, fear and chaos yet you claim Muslims are the Nazis loot no closer then the Mirror Ali Sina


  98. Moor says:

    They also created the Taliban to defeat the Soviet Union by encouraging fanatic behavior and thus creating a new group just like the Soviet Union and those rebels fighting them became them

    Many have shown what you have said directed towards Muslims is hatred and fanatic behavior

    You claim Muslims are evil yet what does that make you when you say far worse and lie about what Islam says.

    Ali Sina all you are exposing is your own and your followers fanaticism


  99. Eshmeralda says:

    Strange ! How can a stupid person
    like him who memorize without understanding, I say how can this stupid person achieved all this success and estabilised an empire !!!!!!

    How do you know that he did not understand? this is just an assupmtion and a claim.

    I was not wrong, Sina, you never hesitate to lie to prove your point.

  100. Eshmeralda says:

    Honestly I have no idea why you call me
    confused, although my writings are systematic, terse and to the point.
    You just want to call me anything
    negative and that's it, then you selected
    "confused" randomly.
    Looks like, you consider every person who
    doesn't agree with your "claims" and fabricated stories…..confused.

  101. Eshmeralda says:

    For me, Mohammad was a leader, not a prophet. There is no such a thing as
    a prophet anyway. In those days, they called a good leader, a prophet.
    By the way, he did not claim to be a prophet, it was Waraqa Ibn Noufal, the priest who convinced him that he was
    a prophet.

  102. Ali Sina says:

    Okay so you are a confused woman.
    I don’t admire any leader. Muhammad claimed to be a porphet of God, the most prefect huaman and someone that has to be emulated. Political leaders are human. I am fan of none of them but why you think you should compare political leaders and someone who claimes to be a prophet? This twidted reasoning is unique to Muslims. As soon as we say Muhammad was a rapist or a mass murderer they bring the examples of Hitler and various sex offenders to say there have been worse people. So what? Does anyone worship these criminals? What kind of argument is this?

  103. Ali Sina says:

    Muhammad memorized a lot of Biblical stories, often confusing them too. But to memorize and to understand are two different things. He had no understanding of the Bible and particularly of Christianity.

  104. Eshmeralda says:

    You asked me: why so much vitriol against me.
    I answered you. You are bias and not fair.
    All religions are ludicrous, not only Islam,
    there are terrorists in all sects and religions
    not only in Islam. If Mohammad was a killer,
    the leaders whom you admire, are killers too.

    You are not only bias, but evasive also.
    Do not be so elated by those readers who
    idolize you. Only donkeys believe you, and I
    found many of them in your site.
    One should be proud of his friends, also of
    his enemies.

  105. Eshmeralda says:

    First I am not confused, second I am not a man.
    Is it that difficult for you to realize that Eshmeralda is a feminine name?

    Third, I refuse to accept any man as "holy".
    Would you pay attention this time: I told you
    I have no religion.

  106. Eshmeralda says:

    It is true that nobody wants to hear lies,
    and everybody wants to hear the truth;
    but not everybody tells the truth!

  107. Eshmeralda says:

    Yes, I can disprove you.
    Mohammad was fully aware of the Christian and
    the Jewish God. He lived over 15 years with his
    Christian wife and her cousin who was a priest, and he educated Mohammad about Christianity and taught him the bible.
    You don't need to read and write to memorize

  108. Ali Sina says:

    Islamophobia is a lie. I hate Islam. I am not an Islamophobe. Phobia is irrational fear. There is nothing irrational to fear an ideology of hate that tries to dominate the world through deception and violence.

  109. Ali Sina says:

    It more so is about you and hatemongers like you. I don’t promote hate. I promote the truth. But you as a Muslims believe in a faith of hate. This is what makes Muslims and leftists allies. Both of them subcribe to ideolgies of hate. My entire effort is to fight hate.

  110. Ali Sina says:

    “How do you exlpain building 7 collapsing.”

    There is so much lies and misinformation on the Internet that can mislead anyone. The video prepared by the pea brain Jesse Ventura says that the Building 7 was brought down through controlled demolition because its owner said “pull it down”. I read this also in many other sites. Obviously this is another lie. That building fell by itself. I added the description of how it fell to the article, copied from Wikipeida. It is self-explanatory.

    I am very much aware that the American government and American media are corrupt to the core. How else can one explain the fact that an alien communist pro Islam man who is not even eligible to be the president is shoved on the gullible people? This man is criminal and yet he was sold to the world as the savor of humanity. There is extreme corruption in America but this does not mean the WTC was an insider job. The claim is simply stupid. No one in the government could stand to again anything from this. The allegation was started by the Muslims and the shameless leftists who are the most corrupt and treasonous people on Earth fanned this lie.

    War is not profitable for America. America lost trillions of dollars in war. If the goal was to sell armaments they could encourage Saddam to attack Iran again and sell arms to both sides, directly and indirectly and get their oil. Assuming selling arms is all they cared for setting a war between to dictatorial countries is far more profitable. Even if you want to slander and libel you should do it in a way that is plausible. Yes you can fool stupid people with any lie, but you can’t fool everyone with lies.

    The videos show that two planes hit the buildings and then they fall from top. You don’t believe in the obvious and believe in the most bizarre and stupid conspiracy ever concocted. Not only technically the argument is debunked, the motives you present as evidence are also nonsensical.

  111. Interesting says:

    "However, like good Muslims who bite the hands of those who feed them they turned against America. No one should ever trust Muslims."

    Don't trust muslims and billions of muslims won't trust you ( solution to hatred theory )

    "To turn America and the world against Islam is my job."

    Its good that you are not jobless. I found very different and interesting reasons against Islam from different disciplines. Most stupid is that some christians supporting atheism. Islam already have defined enemies of muslims and their types.

    "I just remove the mask so the world can see this monster."

    Using Islam against Islam is keeping Islam alive. Do you mean you are going to remove skin and show the world these are bones? You are being ignored as big mouth.

    Truth is not winning and loosing. Truth is His WILL

    ISLAM = Submission to His WILL

  112. Ali Sina says:

    You don't have to defend anyone. But you must also not lie and defend evil.

    Yes we all know al Qaida and Saddam were paid and supported by America in thier respective wars against the Russians and Iran. However, like good Muslims who bite the hands of those who feed them they turned against America. No one should ever trust Muslims.

    Americans are not against Islam. They are againt the terrorists. In their naivite they think the terrorists are bad Muslims. That is why I try to educate people and let them know that the enemy is Islam. They should forget the terrorists and should go agaisnt Islam itself. Geert Wilders is one politician who got the message and more are listening. To turn America and the world against Islam is my job.

    I don't need to defame Islam. All I need is to expose it. Islam can defame itself without my help. I just remove the mask so the world can see this monster.

  113. Interesting says:

    Why should I care defending US government and give it clean chit? So you have proof of being moron !

    Al Qaeda and Saddam both were funded by US Government.Hillary also admit this

    [youtube Dqn0bm4E9yw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dqn0bm4E9yw youtube]

    US Government is still not against ISLAM as it can't be. What it is dealing with demons created by itself.

    Your objectives to defame ISLAM under this head and article are hopeless and its not more than just sharing ideas, perspectives on what had happened or what would have happened and the END.

    Its Interesting to see your time and efforts spend on the article.

    ISLAM is forever

  114. Interesting says:

    Brain transplant? How hopeless are you ? Can't you see overdose of Islamophobia in above comment? What I prescribe that person at least will ease his/her anxiety.

    Its purely HATRED search your definitions.

    ISLAM is forever

  115. Moor says:

    ''What you think is happening in Palestine are just lies. The land belongs to the Jews.''

    No read Judaism and you will know they were exiled for falling to the evil deeds of other Gods and they have no claim over Palestine or any land

    Zionism is not Judaism and many true Jews are being persecuted by Zionist

    You say others are fools for believing Conspiracy Theories yet you say:

    ''The mainstream media that is controlled by the leftists is promoting this lie. But it is a lie nonetheless. ''

    ''What you think is happening in Palestine are just lies. The land belongs to the Jews. It belonged to them for thousands of years before Muslims conquered the land and built their mosque on top of the site of the Jewish temple.''

    Read your own writing they are nothing more then conspiracy theories so with your own logic you are a fool

    ''Just recently Assad has killed over 9,000 Syrians. Where is the outcry of Muslims? But woe if a Jew kills a Palestinian.''

    Read the News many Muslims are upset about what is happening in Syria and do not like the violence on either side so again this is a lie

  116. Moor says:

    ''Reason is abandoned when hatred and ignorance rule.''
    This can be directed towards you and your followers of ''Truth''

  117. Moor says:

    In 1958, a year after Saddam had joined the Ba'ath party, army officers led by General Abd al-Karim Qasim overthrew Faisal II of Iraq. The Ba'athists opposed the new government, and in 1959 Saddam was involved in the unsuccessful United States-backed plot to assassinate Qasim.

    Iraq was a strategic buffer state for the United States against the Soviet Union, and Saddam was often seen as an anti-Soviet leader in the 1960s and 1970s. Some even suggested that John F. Kennedy's administration supported the Ba'ath party's takeover. Although Saddam was al-Bakr's deputy, he was a strong behind-the-scenes party politician. Al-Bakr was the older and more prestigious of the two, but by 1969 Saddam Hussein clearly had become the moving force behind the party.

    After Khomeini gained power, skirmishes between Iraq and revolutionary Iran occurred for ten months over the sovereignty of the disputed Shatt al-Arab waterway, which divides the two countries. During this period, Saddam Hussein publicly maintained that it was in Iraq's interest not to engage with Iran, and that it was in the interests of both nations to maintain peaceful relations. However, in a private meeting with Salah Omar Al-Ali, Iraq's permanent ambassador to the United Nations, he revealed that he intended to invade and occupy a large part of Iran within months. Later (probably to appeal for support from the United States and most Western nations), he would make toppling the Islamic government one of his intentions as well

    Iraq invaded Iran, first attacking Mehrabad Airport of Tehran and then entering the oil-rich Iranian land of Khuzestan, which also has a sizable Arab minority, on 22 September 1980 and declared it a new province of Iraq. With the support of the Arab states, the United States, and Europe, and heavily financed by the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Saddam Hussein had become "the defender of the Arab world" against a revolutionary Iran.

    The only exception was The Soviet Union, who initially refused to supply Iraq on the basis of Neutrality in the conflict, although in his memoirs, Mikhail Gorbachev claimed that Leonid Brezhnev refused to aid Saddam over infuriation of Saddam's treatment of Iraqi Communists. Consequently, many viewed Iraq as "an agent of the civilized world".The blatant disregard of international law and violations of international borders were ignored. Instead Iraq received economic and military support from its allies, who conveniently overlooked Saddam's use of chemical warfare against the Kurds and the Iranians and Iraq's efforts to develop nuclear weapons

    Iraq quickly found itself bogged down in one of the longest and most destructive wars of attrition of the 20th century.

    During the war, Iraq used chemical weapons against Iranian forces fighting on the southern front and Kurdish separatists who were attempting to open up a northern front in Iraq with the help of Iran.

    These chemical weapons were developed by Iraq from materials and technology supplied primarily by West German companies as well as the Reagan administration of the United States which also supplied Iraq with "satellite photos showing Iranian deployments" and advised Hussein to bomb civilian targets in Tehran and other Iranian cities. France sold 25 billion dollars worth arms to Saddam.

    Saddam reached out to other Arab governments for cash and political support during the war, particularly after Iraq's oil industry severely suffered at the hands of the Iranian navy in the Persian Gulf. Iraq successfully gained some military and financial aid, as well as diplomatic and moral support, from the Soviet Union, China, France, and the United States, which together feared the prospects of the expansion of revolutionary Iran's influence in the region. The Iranians, demanding that the international community should force Iraq to pay war reparations to Iran, refused any suggestions for a cease-fire. Despite several calls for a ceasefire by the United Nations Security Council, hostilities continued until 20 August 1988.

  118. ex-muslimAndproudkaffir says:

    You accuse me of making logical fallacies while at the same using ad hominem by calling people who have an opinion who does not align with yours fools an idiots. You keep rambling about how the twin towers collapsed because of the falling debris and i have thought about it. Its a plausible theory if you disregard all other evidence. I would’ve probably bought the official story had i not seen that day two planes flying in te the twin towers but somehow 3 buildings collaps. How do you exlpain building 7 collapsing like a house of cards especially if you compare it with wtc 3 and wtc 6 which stood much closer and sustained far more damage than wtc 7 but have their core structure stil standing. If i read your above comment correct are you admitting that wtc 7 collaps was through controlled demolition because then you are contradicting the official story. Nowhere does it state that wtc7 was brought down by controlled demolition.

    You really are a clueless man when it comes to politics in America. There is a difference between the Amerikan public and the goverment. The latter does not serve the publics best interets but the interest of big corporations, wallstreet banks, powerfull interest groups. These people do not care if amerika loses trillions of dollars in treacherous and fraudulent wars as long as they keep making profits

    War is far more profitable than befriending saddam hussein en selling him a few guns and tanks which at most wil make them a few billion dollars, compare that to the 700 billion that gets injected in to the Military Industrial Complex every year. The money thats flowing to the Military Industrial Complex is even 5 times the size of iraqs whole economy(gdp). The profits that could be made by a full scale war and the threat that saddam Hussein posed to the dollar as the reserve currency outweighed keeping him as an ally in case of a potencial war with iran. I see no reason why the current puppet regime would oppose a war with iran, they may be shia but they woul do as they are thold by the Usa.

    The sad thruth is that those who are in control in amerika have no consience at all not even a grain of humanity. They will starve a half million children to death as they did in iraq with the 1990 sanctions wilst knowing it would achieve absolutly nothing. They would lie to the whole world at the united nations telling us iraq has weapons of mass destruction with a straight face. They will topple democratic elected leaders and replace them with ruthless dictators to suite their interests. A country with the greatest prison population in the world just so private run prisons can maximize their profits so much for the land of the free.

    Do you really think someone will blow the whistle who was part of this conspiracy just so he can sell some books? that’s what the “big lie” is als about. The truth becomes incomprehensible for those who are deluded by the big lie. I encourage you to do some more research and not let your hate and contempt for islam cloud your judgement.

  119. Ali Sina says:

    “Because you are bias and unfair.”

    Instead of making personal attacks you can disprove me. This forum is open and free to post. You obviously feel helpless to do so, therefore attacks at my person is your only option.

    The fact that Muhammad claimed he worships the god of Abraham, Moses and Jesus does not mean he actually did. He may have thought so, but he was an ignorant man.

    Allah is not a proper name; it is a title, like the president, the king, the boss, etc. It is composed of the definitive article al and ilah which is Arabic for god. So allah means the god.

    The god the Quraish worshipped was Hubal. He was the biggest god of the Ka’ba and he was the father of al Lat, al Uzza and al Manat.

    The sanctuary was dedicated to Hubal, who was worshipped as the greatest of the 360 idols the Ka’ba. It was this big god that the Quraish called allah. He was simply known by his title, the way the British would called Elizabeth II, the Queen.

    The ilah of the Arabs should not be confused with the ilah of the Jews. Hubal was purchased by Amr ibn Luhayy b. Qam’a b. Khindif.

    According to Al-Azraqi, the image was brought to Mecca "from the land of Hit in Mesopotamia" (Hīt in modern Iraq). Philip K. Hitti, who relates the name Hubal to an Aramaic word for spirit, suggests that the worship of Hubal was imported to Mecca from the north of Arabia, possibly from Moab or Mesopotamia. Hubal may have been the combination of Hu, meaning "spirit" or "god", and the Maob god Baal meaning "master" or "lord". Outside South Arabia, Hubal's name appears just once, in a Nabataean inscription; there hbl is mentioned.

    Muhammad was not aware of any of these things. He believed in the fable that the K’aba was built by Abraham, something highly improbably since Abraham lived in Canaan. Why would he or his slave wife with her infant travel all the way from Canaan to the valley of Mecca? Obviously this whole story is fable. However this was the myth that the Quraish believed.

    Without realizing that the allah that the Quriash worshiped was none but the Hubal, he thought allah is a proper name and since the Arab Jews and Christians also called their gold Yehewh, allah, the illiterate prophet thought these two gods are one and the same. Nothing is further from the truth.
    “I mentioned it more than once that I love the truth even
    if I don't benifit from it.”
    You are not alone. This is what every person believes. No one thinks or wants to believe in lies. Yes by the differences of beliefs that exists in the world it is clear that this is much easier said than done. People believe in lies and hold unto them fast believing to be defending the truth.
    Sometimes truth is completely contrary to our expectation. That is why we may fail to see it even if it hits us in the head. If you truly want the truth you have to empty your cup and unlearn everything you have learned. This is not an easy thing to do but it is the only way to find the truth. I don’t see this readiness in you yet.

    Muhammad claimed to be a prophet of God, and the example to follow. He acted like a thug. You are a confused man. You judge his actions by the actions of tyrants and then accept him as a holy man. This much confusion is not even rational let alone unbiased.

  120. Ali Sina says:

    Is that what your doctor prescibed for you? I am sorry but it looks it does not work. Try brain transplant.

  121. Ali Sina says:

    "I am not stupid ":

    Yes dear Uninteresting; you are very stupid indeed. If you had any brain you would have at least read this article under which you comment to see I have refuted all the points in your moronic laundry list.

  122. enlightened25 says:

    Everything changes and everything has a cause, and comes from something its not. Including all categories, and not just living species but modern technology such as computer, car, motorbike, houses, pen, books, languages etc. No thing in the universe springs into being out of nothing. This is not a scientific theory but a logical fact about reality. There is no *debate* about this. The only debate is what are the mechanics of evolution. Even according to your religion God is infinite and an infinite God cannot create for the simple reason he is already there, at best you can argue humanity evolved out of a part of God, but an infinite God cannot create. Period. Therefore you should reject creationism just on theological grounds.

  123. everin says:

    Yes. many claimed it was a demolition job. But what was the REAL MOTIVE no one can say. NO MOTIVE, NO DEMOLITION BUT JIHADIST ATTACKS WITH A CLEAR-CUT MOTIVE.

  124. Interesting says:

    I am not stupid like you busy in making claims for donations.

    Keyword : 9/11 was an Inside Job About 54,300,000 results(Google)

    Conclusions on Internet :

    1. Proof of thermite and nano-thermite (explosives) found in WTC dust.

    2 .All three of the World Trade Center Buildings were brought down by controlled demolition.

    3. Building 7s collapse at freefall speed into its own footprint.

    4. Fires had never brought down a steel structure before 9/11, and have never brought down one since.

    5.Several tons of molten iron at the base of the buildings.

    6.Al Qaeda was not responsible for the collapses.

  125. Interesting says:

    25 mg anti-anxiety drug 3 times a day for one week.

  126. Eshmeralda says:

    Because you are bias and unfair.

    Now I remembered what made you think that I defend
    Islam. It is because I went against you when you said
    that "Allah" is the moon God. I told you this is a lie,
    for it is mentioned in the Koran that they worship the God of Abraham and Jesus and Moses.

    I mentioned it more than once that I love the truth even
    if I don't benifit from it. As for you, your eyes can see only the faults of Islam, forgetting, or pretend to forget that most of the teachings of the Koran is derived from the old and new testaments.

    Mohammad was a killer? yes, but all the leaders who want to establish power and control are killers, even the
    politicians that you admire and support.

  127. Ali Sina says:

    If not why so much vitriol against me?

  128. everin says:

    Yes, the collaspse of the WTC was rather fast. Reason 1) the building were made of defective n old materials. or 2) God wanted it to happen that way to spur Pres. Bush to do some house cleansing in Afghanistan n Iraq splurging trillions of dirty USD from the US treasury. The Supreme God is also doing the house cleansing in the Arab Spring or rather the Bloody Arab revolutions. All the sinners in God's eyes are being punished. Every major event could not have happened without Divine arrangement. Therefore, whether it is conspiracy or not is not important at all as everything is in the hands of the supreme God.

  129. Eshmeralda says:

    Since when I defend Islam and its claims?
    Can you please show me where did I say
    I am a believer in Islam and the Quran ?

  130. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, please note that throughout history, human beings have altered the stubborn truth to suit their taste but that doesn't mean that the naked and stubborn truth is wrong.

  131. Agracean says:

    Hi Eshmeralda, do you mean to say that your head is full of stinky poop? Those who believe in fairy tales are the ones who believe that their first ancestors were apes and not human beings at all. So now, you ought to know the answer. 🙂

  132. Agracean says:

    Dear Mr/Ms/? Eshmeralda, I believe that Charles Darwin was just another joker, just like you. Any intelligent human being who care to use his/her brain to think, will know that Charles Darwin was a liar.Too bad, this dead liar has returned to the ground and I couldn't have a good debate with him over his unsubstantiated theory of evolution. Maybe I should pay a visit to his tomb and asked him why apes can walk around showing off their manhood and big testis while menn have to wear briefs to hide their nakedness? I think that you should take a good look at yourself in front of the mirror and I strongly believe that you'll realized that you are totally different from an ape and that you are a masterpiece, created by a loving Creator God. 🙂

  133. Ali Sina says:

    If you know about evolution and agree then how can you defend Islam with all its unscientific and silly claims about, creation of Adam and Eve, Allah, angels, hell, heaven, and other enanities that are in the Quran and hadith? It is either one or the other. You either believe in evolution or in creation. Evlolution precludes any creator. And please don't talk to me about intelligent design because there is nothing intelligent in that.

  134. Eshmeralda says:

    I am sorry, deary, my first reply to you was supposed to be
    to your comment about the theory of Darwin.
    Now let's talk about fairy tales:
    1- You have a head that is full of poop, because you did not
    understand what I meant.
    2- I think that you are the one who believes in the fairy tale
    of Adam and Eve, don't you ??

  135. Ali Sina says:

    Your video does not prove your claim or the claim of the narrator. It actually proves my claim. The floors fall one by one as the debris crash on them. When the debris falls on each floor, the dust gushes out of the building through the gap between the columns. The narrator says these are actual explosions. No they are not explosions. They are compressed dust that is pushed out with force and this is the flashing you see. The floors fall first, then the walls collapse. The fall of the floors is a few stories ahead of the fall of the walls.

    This video shows the fall of the South Building from different angles. Pay close attention. There are no explosives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhyu-fZ2nRA&fe

    This video alone is enough to debunk all the silly claims about controlled demolition.

    If a person wants to believe in something he can find any straw to grab on. But if one looks for fact, there is no fact to support this utterly stupid and asinine claim.

    [youtube qhyu-fZ2nRA&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhyu-fZ2nRA&feature=related youtube]

  136. Saveworld says:

    Islam=Stupid, Lazy, Rubbish, Dirty, Ugly, Crazy, Oppress, Violent, War, Boom, Poligami, Fanatic, Evil, Terrorist

  137. Eshmeralda says:

    You don't believe in a genius like Darwin,
    and you don't believe that the origin of man
    is an ape.
    If you have a mirror in your house, look
    into it, and you will sure believe !

  138. Ali Sina says:

    You are more stupid than hamburger. America lost trillions of dollars by waging these wars. If the whole idea was oil they could have made a deal with Saddam, sell him armaments and get all the oil they wanted. Also they could have drilled oil in America. There is more oil in Alaska and in the mainland USA than there is in Saudi Arabia.

    I have refuted each and every silly augment made in that video made by the pea brained Jesse Ventura. But none of that really was necessary because all one has to do to see this claim is false is pay attention to how the buildings fall. This closes the case. The buildings are standing until they are hit by the debris. Watch every other video of controlled demolition, including the Building number 7 which was brought down through controlled demolition because it had been impaired. In controlled demolition all the floors fall simultaneously. In WTC towers, the lower floors are not falling until they are hit by the debris.

  139. Ali Sina says:

    Your argument is nothing but logical fallacies. You start with argumentum ad consequentiam, i.e., someone could make a lot of money so they did it. This is a fallacy because by watching the videos it is clear that the buildings are not falling because of any failure in the lower floors but because of the falling debris. Secondly, the argument itself is quite false. America lost trillions of dollars by waging these two wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Thirdly, if the idea was to sell armaments, it would have been a lot easier to befriend Saddam Hussein and sell him whatever he needed in exchange for oil. In fact making Saddam strong again to counter Iran would have made more economical sense for America. This whole argument is really foolish. It is just disappointing that otherwise rational people are willing to fool themselves to this extent.

    Everybody saw that the airplanes flying into the buildings. Why would any sane person ignore the obvious and dabble in these asinine conspiracy theories is beyond comprehension.

    Assuming this idiotic logic of the conspiracy theorists was truth and that someone needed an excuse to go to war. What the hell those 19 Muslims had to do with all this? The argument is that the CIA knew the Muslims are going to attack but they placed explosives in the buildings to make sure that the damage is complete. How stupid one must be to buy this asinine narrative? If they needed an excuse it the very fact that these terrorists attacked the buildings would have been enough. Why kill so many innocent people? Those buildings were doomed anyway.

    If they wanted to destroy the buildings, wasn’t it much easier to just park several truckloads of explosives in the basement and around the buildings and blow them up? Timothy McVeigh destroyed an entire building with one truck of explosives. Why go through all those impossible hassles of putting explosives inside the columns as the conspiracists suggest? I say impossible because they had to hire at least a hundred demolition experts and do this work under the nose of the office workers for weeks without anyone suspecting anything. Only two guys could have parked two dozen of trucks loaded with explosives in the basement.

    Then who were these demolition workers? Were they Americans who killed their countrymen? Does this make sense? Why no one of them has come forward to blow the whistle? Countless clueless shameless bastards have written books and made movies about this conspiracy and in the process made millions, but those who did the actual work have remained silent. Are they all bought? It would have required hundreds of people to do that work. Are Americans so without conscience? Even if they were they could make millions of dollars to write a book and tell the truth.

    When a person wants to be fooled facts don’t matter. He will find every implausible argument to fool himself.

  140. Agracean says:

    People with an active imagination like Mr/Ms Eshmeralda tend to believe in fairy tales ie. Pinocchio. It's no wonder this joker is a duplicate of Pinocchio and he likes to fart here and he need a diaper to shut his ass hole up!

  141. Interesting says:

    ok watch fall of buildings

    [youtube uve5ppEBxZY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uve5ppEBxZY youtube]

  142. Agracean says:

    Dear Dr Ali Sina, I can't believe my eyes when I read your above comment that you're still buying Charles Darwin's unsubstantiated theory of evolution! How could a smart and intelligent man like you continue to believe in the stupid lie that the origin of man is ape and that you belong to a species of ape? I really marvel at your stupidity which really has no limit. Do you mean to say that you're believing that your first ancestors were apes and not human beings at all? No wonder your body is so hairy, just like your ape ancestors except your manhood. LOL.

    Why continue to believe in Charles Darwin's lies which were merely the product of his active imagination? Was Charles Darwin present at the scene to witness your first ape ancestors evolved to become human beings? Or maybe I should have the courtesy to ask you if he was even born yet! How can you be so gullible?

  143. Interesting says:

    Due to lack of sterilized gloves I left the idea of slapping him and you started kicking lol

  144. Daniel Burgess says:

    You obviously have a very right wing, biased opinion on this matter. Because if you talked about all the evidence supporting an inside job you would clearly see there is more evidence to support that then there is in the "official report". You seem to be clouded by arrogance. One answer as to why it happened which is the most obvious but still seems to elude you. Oil! Now they have it. You clearly are a very naive person and to even state that a conspiricy exists because of islam is slanderous. Question. Why was the wreckage cleared so quickly at the Pentagon? Its a national crime scene is it not. Why would you remove all evidence of this? Many experts, more then you would care to talk about in your rambling, have supported an inside job theory with collective evidence and expertise.
    The official report does not even touch on this. My last question for you is, how can you make such a blatent claim when you disregard every aspect of the matter. Sweeping certain things under the rug aren't you?

  145. ex-muslimAndproudkaffir says:

    The still one unanswered question on this forum is WHY did 9/11 happen? what was their motive and what did they gain from it. Thats a dificult and complex question to answer because there’s no straigt answer but i’l try.

    Let us ask who has profited the most of this catastrophe. There are multiple factors who contributed and where to some extent indirectly and directly responsible for 9/11.

    First you have military industrial complex which has profited immensely from the change in American foreign policy after 9/11. The American defense budget went from 300 billion per year pre 9/11 to the current monstrosity of 700 billion per year . Now where does most of that money go? it goes mostly in the pockets of defence contractors like Lockheed martin, Halliburton, boeing, raytheon and many others. All these corporations grew an profited immensly from 9/11 and the change in foreign policy it has caused. More war means more profits, enormous profits which they never would have made had 9/11 never happened. Money is a very powerful motivator and people have died for far less. So there you have your motive!

    Secondly There is the Israeli lobby group AIPAC. Now before you call me an anti-semite jew hater or something like that i want you to know that i consider my self a zionist and i support Israel but they have just like Amerika a bad en self-destructive foreign policy. They wield great power over Amerikan politics and they are partly responsible for the agressive foreingn policy Amerika pursues. Somehow the jews believe that if Amerika keeps invading muslim countries they wil be safer, so 9/11 played directly in to their hands. I also understand that had the arab muslims the chance they wil not hesitate to eat the jews alive but persueing agressive millitary agenda against the muslims is not the solution, only enlightenment can free the muslims.

    At last there is the american dollar which is the reserve currency of the world. This gives the usa the privilege to print infinite amounts of dollars. But to keep the dollar as the reserve currency of the world, oil needs to be exclusively sold in dollars and it’s seems that saddam hussein was a threat to this “petro-dollar” system, but to invade a country like iraq ofcourse you need a reason, a pretext otherwise the public would never go willingly to war and that pretext was 9/11. Iraq was invaded under the guise that saddam was somehow harboring terrorists which we all know now that was not true and they knew it and it looks like iran is now their next target.

    I know thats its hard to believe that the Amerikan goverment can slaugter its own people and that such a conspiracy can not be kept secret, truth is it was only a handfull of people very high up inside the goverment who where responsiple for this atrocity. It is ironic that under the American Empire the citizens of the empire are extracted of their wealth and liberty in order to extract lives from the targeted foreign populations. Just like the bombed and murdered Muslims, the American people are victims of the American empire.

  146. enlightened25 says:

    “We are already preprogrammed to a great extent. The seed is already there.” We are not “preprogrammed” from a seed + right conditions you can get anything. There is no way the seed is “supposed” to be. (apart from what humans want it to be). “Environment allows us to educate, i.e. bring forth out natural potentialities. Bad education can also undermine the natural growth of those potentialities.” In other words humans can “artificially select” (so to speak) those traits they find desirable or what that particular culture values. “Nature endows us with inborn abilities and traits; nurture takes these genetic tendencies and molds them as we learn and mature.” These so called “inborn abilities” then don’t actually come into existence except under the right conditions and with humans moulding people’s and cultures into how they want them to be.

  147. Ali Sina says:

    Okay, you find her attractive and I find her ugly. Maybe it is her stupidity that makes her appear ugly to me. In any way I find her a wicked person. For example she says the CIA was threatening the Iraqis to tell them what they know. This idiot woman interprets this as CIA wanting an excuse to attack Iraq. How stupid one can be and how traitor to one's onw country one can be to think like that. It is very clear what happened. The CIA picked up some broken information by eavesdropping to the conversation of the terrorist. They knew something is planned and wanted to find out about it. That is why they threatened the Iraqis to tell them what they knew. It is likely that the Iraqis did not know. But the CIA tried its best to get the information from any source they could. They even thought it could be dirty bomb.

    Now this is enough to see that this idiot is either a cunning bastartd who will sell her own country for money or is a total moral who will sell her country for money. This is a filty woman not just any idiot.

  148. fakeman says:

    muslims have no brain but talks like non-sense , only addicted to blame on jews and christians

  149. knowTheEnemy says:

    If after reading even a couple of his articles, you can't at least talk more decently to him, then all I can say is, you have no idea what good writing is, and no brain to realize that you need manners.

    People (with a brain) can read your comments and tell who needs diapers.

  150. KickAliSina says:

    Mr Sina, Unfortunately people are Not as Blind as yourself.Im not here to convince you or anyone whether or not 9/11 was an inside job but surely im not convinced with ur Response which clearly reflects your malicious intention, ignorance and unwillingness to face the facts. This is what happens when u do not do ur homework properly before producing it. U will never find it when u do not search for it
    Anyways who cares about your perception of things when its not even remotely close to being rational and unbiased.

  151. KickAliSina says:

    OMG !!

    "Ugly women " ? This proves your desperation beyond limits.You find her an attraction seeker & she does it to sell her Book… if that be true i do not find u dancing to a different tune either.. in fact You are deceptive and irrational as well…
    there is no good reason as to why ppl must confide in you..

  152. Eshmeralda says:

    Ofcourse I have an active imagination, and it is vivid as well.
    I sketched a picture of you in my mind, and I am sure it looks
    exactly like you, specially the nose…………Pinocheo

  153. Eshmeralda says:

    In person, I do not know him, but I read both his sites, so
    I know a lot about him. You failed again……..this time
    your fart really stinks, use diapers !

  154. Ali Sina says:

    So you believe that man is born like a tabula raza, a blank slate and everything is recorded on it through life experiences. This is not true. We are already preprogrammed to a great extent. The seed is already there. Environment allows us to educate, i.e. bring forth out natural potentialities. Bad education can also undermine the natural growth of those potentialities.
    Nature endows us with inborn abilities and traits; nurture takes these genetic tendencies and molds them as we learn and mature.

  155. Ali Sina says:

    "I am imagining myself and Sina sitting on a sofa debating, and you came just in a sudden and squeezed yourself in between."

    You have an active imagination.This is a public forum. It is open to everyone.

  156. knowTheEnemy says:

    ok, I jumped in and you call me a pest. I am sure you must know what a person is called when s/he judges others and talk rude (like you do with Dr. Sina) without knowing anything about them?

  157. Eshmeralda says:

    You know (knowTheEnemy), I am imagining myself and Sina sitting
    on a sofa debating, and you came just in a sudden and squeezed
    yourself in between. Only one person does that, a pest.
    Maybe the best thing Sina can do is talking, so he does not need you.

    If you farted, it would sound better.

  158. knowTheEnemy says:

    " The author of this article is a complete moron and incredibly naive. incredibly naive. "

    — said the complete moron

  159. knowTheEnemy says:

    Eshmeralda, How many of Ali's articles have you read till date? As someone who has been reading his articles for over seven years, I assure you that Mr. Sina knows both Israelis and Palestinians from inside out. He is also extremely good at sciece including evolution.

    I never saw you posting comments at FFI before. You probably just showed up this morning, half-read an article or two, and already start judging him. I suggest you take time reading more articles, get to know the author better, and only then have a discussion with him. I promise that your comments will be lot more respectful towards him.

  160. enlightened25 says:

    As to him being a “facist and nazi” (or what ever it was Russell said) nothing could be further from the truth, everything those people did, represented everything he hated from stirring up the bellowing and saluting herd in his speeches, gnashing his teeth and shaking his fists , talking about “the party” “the state” and “Germany” and killing in the process their independence, ability to think and of course their POWER. The result of which was turning them into mindless slave hordes, while also killing and not generating life affirming values. No Nietzsche would not consider Hitler to be a “super man”.

  161. enlightened25 says:

    I can tell you have never read Nietzsche and base your view (even quote him) on what the academic Bertrand Russell said who. I also highly doubt read much if any of his work. No in the past humanity (according to Nietzsche) got its values from God, now since “God is dead” man has to get his values from himself – be his own God – and make values and goals for humanity – become “supermen”. The man of power is not the one who takes it, but the one who CREATES it. It is through his own strength he creates values for humanity and creates power in others. You could start by reading his brilliant Thus Spake Zarathustra. http://members.optushome.com.au/davidquinn000/Zar….

  162. enlightened25 says:

    Well the way the dalai lama believes it, in the sense there is a “karmic stream of consciousness” which is completely separate from the material world and only reincarnates at the times of physical birth and death is impossible. It could be true in another sense however, as it could be just before a person is about to die some alien being makes a copy of their brain, but due to some bug in the system the vast majority (if not all) memories of the person are wiped and only a few personality traits and abilities of the person remain which then somehow are channelled into the mind of someone or something else. I accept this to be a POSSIBLITY in the same way it is possible some highly advanced alien created our universe for some purpose or other. But I have seen no evidence even slightly suggestive of that hypothesis, what would be proper evidence is if some child started speaking fluent ancient Greek and who had no contact with Greek speakers. Of course it would have to be examined by experts before it was admitted as proper evidence as such.

  163. enlightened25 says:

    “As for reincarnation, no I don’t believe in reincarnation. However, I don’t deny it either. Let us say I reject it 99% and give a 1% chance that it may be true. The reason I don’t believe in reincarnation is because it makes no rational sense. The reason I don’t denying it 100% is because there are strange phenomena that cannot be explained and reincarnation is a plausible explanation.”

  164. enlightened25 says:

    “You don’t believe in God, so where do you think we get our morality if not from our own evolutionally process?” I believe morality comes from our upbringing and social conditioning. As that is essentially is what “Good” and “evil” are – conditioned emotional responses. Their have been cases where people have lived in the wild. One such one was a boy called Victor, he could not talk or control his basic animal nature. When he was first found he could not for example control his sexual impulses. He had to be taught how to control his animal nature and despite attempts to be taught French he never learned how to speak. Though cases like this are exceptional rare they strongly suggest our “humanness” is a result of conditioning. Cultures evolve and therefore morality evolves and changes.

  165. Ali Sina says:

    I was right about you. You have read too much Nietzsche's nonsense. He was a sick man a weak man who fancied about power and strength because that was what he lacked.

    Sir Bertrand Russell describes Nietzsche with contempt and says he condemns Christian love because he thinks it is an outcome of fear. It does not occur to Nietzsche, as possible, that a man should genuinely feel universal love, obviously because he himself felt almost universal hatred and fear which he would feign disguise as lordly indifference. His noble man, who is him-self in his daydreams, is a being wholly devoid of sympathy, ruthless, cunning, cruel, concerned only with his own power. This is also a perfect description of Muhammad. It is easy to see that Nietzsche was greatly influenced by Muhammad and admired him? Like his seventh century Arab hero, he too was a malignant narcissist.

  166. Ali Sina says:

    The origin of man is ape. Actually we are still a species of ape. Our morality is the product of evolution in the same way that our intelligence is the product of evolution. However, since we have bigger brains and are arguably more evolved than our hairy cousins, we have higher intelligence and higher morality.

  167. Ali Sina says:

    Yes morality comes from human nature. It evolves with human consciousness. One can see that babies understand morality, fairness and justice even when just few months old. Now this does not mean that animals that are not as evolved as humans have the same sense of morality. Nonetheless even animals respond to kindness.

    If you deny that morality is intrinsic in our consciousness, where else do you think it comes from? Religious people say it comes from revelation, i.e. God. You don’t believe in God, so where do you think we get our morality if not from our own evolutionally process?

    As for reincarnation, no I don’t believe in reincarnation. However, I don’t deny it either. Let us say I reject it 99% and give a 1% chance that it may be true. The reason I don’t believe in reincarnation is because it makes no rational sense. The reason I don’t denying it 100% is because there are strange phenomena that cannot be explained and reincarnation is a plausible explanation.

  168. darkfire316 says:

    Seriously you're asking dumb questions again and passing it off as logic. You don't even realize that you're doing it.

  169. enlightened25 says:

    “how it has any semblence in the real world.” Okay say some scumbag pulls a gun out on you, what are you doing to do? Tell him to think of the “golden rule”, “compassion”, get on your knees begging for mercy? Or are you going to fight with every last breath and every last ounce of strength to bring him down? To – if you able – give him a beating so harsh he will never forget it? Or even if he defeats or even kills you he we never forget his encounter and will have much additional wisdom to go over and will not be doing it again. Forget about “loving your enemies” what about courage?

  170. darkfire316 says:

    Why do I give a rat's behind what you think Ali Sina believe or should believe? Seriously again your post amount to verbal diarrhea that completely misses any indication of having any practical application.

  171. enlightened25 says:

    So then where does morality come from? Is it from your own head? I think it is. We should have the strength to realise were values come from and how they come into the world – through strength. Ali Sina as far as I am concerned is delusional he thinks nature is a place of loveliness and sweetness this is baloney. From what I have read he even believes in literal reincarnation and people will come back to “work on their love”, all wish thinking. We must have the strength to face reality as it, and the only way we can change anything is through our own will, not through fantasizing. It is this thinking I am against and find contemptible.

  172. darkfire316 says:

    Nah dude… Hitchens doesn't happen to have the same points as you…. you just parrot half of his. And then you go about arguing using pointless repetitious questions and verbal diarrhea that completely belittles human practicality and judgement at the same time leaving the person scratching his head wondering what the point you're making is at all and how it has any semblence in the real world.

  173. enlightened25 says:

    I don’t know what you mean by this “shallow imitation” are you suggesting Hitchens said made similar points to mine but in a more “clear” and “powerful” manner? If so then I not denying that Hitchens was a master of the English language and a great speaker and author, a level which I or I doubt any other human being will even hope to reach. But I am not trying to copy Hitchens let alone be his “follower”. I am not a follower of anybody. I will speak the truth as I see it and speak against anything I think is false, lie or delusion – however much that may be valued.

  174. darkfire316 says:

    Furthermore your arguments completely belittle human commonsense as you engage in the repetition of asinine questions that merit little educational value moreover evoking no self-realization to the people you argue with. Hearing them over and over again is like hearing nails scratch across a chalkboard.

  175. darkfire316 says:

    I love Hitchens. What I'm commenting about is the way you write and the points you make in comparison to his; shallow imitation and no powerful points.

  176. Eshmeralda says:

    Most people are born good………
    so, in your opinion the origin of man is
    an angel, not an ape.
    Once, there in England, lived a very smart man
    called Darwin………have you heard of him?

  177. enlightened25 says:

    If you don’t like what I write then don’t fuc*ing read it. All I am doing is expressing my view, you or anyone else is not obligated to read it. “at least Hitchens had powerful points.” If you think Hitchens had a small intellect (by the sound of it you don’t value his opinions much more than mine) then you don’t know what an intellect is. Hitchens was just a man who called a spade a spade, and stood up to religious nonsense, totalitarian fascism and “political correctness” I.e. lies which comfort the sensitive herd. And who could not give a shit about what people like you thought about him.

  178. enlightened25 says:

    “Shiites and Sonnies are the same to me. But that Shiite mulla was right,
    if it was not the fear of "God" people will become cannibals. Spinoza also
    said something similar, and he was an ex-Jew. Most people need this
    imaginary "God" to be straight. Very few people are born good, and living
    with the golden rule (like you, Sina)!” This is nonsense Nietzsche said after the “death of God” to create goals and value we will need to become “supermen” and it will be through our own inner strength that we will create value and goals for humanity to work towards. Instead of getting values from an external “God” we have to be our own “God” and what does a God do? He creates. So don’t misrepresent me, I don’t want a dead insane humanity that falls into the abyss of nihilism. Values come into the world through an individuals strength, that is why I value strength above all other things. I want a strong humanity with life affirming values, that has the will to create more and more power.

  179. Ali Sina says:

    What you think is happening in Palestine are just lies. The land belongs to the Jews. It belonged to them for thousands of years before Muslims conquered the land and built their mosque on top of the site of the Jewish temple. Nothing unusual there! They have been doing this everywhere.
    Although most Jews were scattered all over the world a good number of them never left their homeland. Then after the fall of the Ottoman Empire they returned. They repurchased the lands from the new Arab owners and converted a godforsaken land into a vibrant and modern country. As the Jews started building, many Arabs from Jordan and Egypt came to Israel to work for them. They stayed and now they claim the land belongs to them. Nothing unusual for Muslims there too!
    Arabs have been killing each other always. Just recently Assad has killed over 9,000 Syrians. Where is the outcry of Muslims? But woe if a Jew kills a Palestinian.
    Palestinians are not victimized by the Jews. That is why I have no empathy for them. Had the Jews been truly oppressive, I would certainly denounce them. But I will not be fooled by false propaganda.
    The Muslims are the victimizer and then they cry being victims. This is the old trick in the book. The mainstream media that is controlled by the leftists is promoting this lie. But it is a lie nonetheless.
    I have no personal gain to support the Jews. They don’t pay me. I maintain this site with my own funds. The donations pay only part of the expenses. As you read in one of the articles I published, a couple of rabbis say I am pathetic like a wounded animal. But I still defend the truth, precisely because everybody else defends the lies.
    “Very few people are born good, and living with the golden rule.”
    On the contrary, most people are born good. I quoted researches showing even infants know the difference between good and bad and justice and injustice. Goodness is natural to all humans, as sweetness is natural to apples. But some apples grow soar. This is not in their nature. It is because something has gone wrong in their growth. The same is true in humans. Children must be taught in order to kill and be ruthless. If we raise children according to their nature, most humans will be good.

  180. darkfire316 says:

    Seriously…. reading what you write is like hearing nails scratch across a chalkboard.

    Why do you consistently ask asinine questions that do not provoke any real thought? Why do you write gibberish that completely goes against common sense and pass it off as measurable logic and high intellect? God… at least Hitchens had powerful points. I can't find anything useful or profound in all your ramblings. With all due respect (and I sincerely mean that) all I see is a delusional person, devoid of common sense, who thinks he's smarter than everyone else.

    Even a 7 year old would be able to answer your questions and say that you make absolutely no sense.

  181. Eshmeralda says:

    How cute……..you are really amusing !!

  182. Ali Sina says:

    If you understand degrees then there is no reason for me to explain anything, If you don't then there is no point to explain anything. A few drops of black paint in a pail of white paint does not turn the color of the paint into black. It is still white.

  183. enlightened25 says:

    “People with higher consciousness see their world very differently.” I say they don’t see the world at all, they are living in a dream where everything is a sweet little bunny rabbit and man is all benign and all loving. This biblical verse speaking about “the messianic age” sums up this childish, and it must be said rather JEWISH thinking “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”
    “something even higher” What, like God? No what moves people is their own nature their own consciousness not some mythical new age “God conscience” or their “eternal spirit” that keeps reincarnating on earth until it has “fulfilled its love” or some other such rubbish.

  184. enlightened25 says:

    “If they do something it must be either because they covet a gain or fear a loss.” If you want to love everybody and it gives you pleasure, including all the weak and helpless and the filthy and disgusting, then that’s your job, but don’t tell me I have to do it and I have an “inferior consciousness”. Also note all demagogues going quote moralisms of this sort. From Jesus, to Karl Marx to Mahatma Gandhi. From communists to socialists to anarchists even to the modern “occupy capitalism” movement.

  185. enlightened25 says:

    “Like all human faculties, empathy needs to be nurtured. If you don’t have it and question its very existence at this age, it is highly unlikely that you will ever know what it is.” No its not that I don’t have it, but I am very restrictive to who I love. I am good to people that are good to me and who deserve it. If someone is harsh to me, I will not turn my cheek like a cowardly dog, I will smash you down. I do put myself in others shoe but then I think if I was that homeless tramp I would get up of the floor and do something about it myself, without depending on other people throwing me money, like a stray dog being thrown bones.

  186. Eshmeralda says:

    Benevolent men, like you, are very very rare.! But it seems to me that your
    "conscience" is very selective, because I wonder why it doesn't say "Ouch"
    for what is happening to the Palistenians and their children.
    I do not care about the Palistenians, neither about the Jews, but can you
    tell me where is your "conscience" wandering when the Palestenians'
    villages are destroyed, and their children butchered?

    Being a vegan is not a big deal. You might refrain from eating meat
    because you just do not like it; and you keep on bragging and telling all
    that you are a vegan, so that people will say what a big-hearted man
    he is.

    Shiites and Sonnies are the same to me. But that Shiite mulla was right,
    if it was not the fear of "God" people will become cannibals. Spinoza also
    said something similar, and he was an ex-Jew. Most people need this
    imaginary "God" to be straight. Very few people are born good, and living
    with the golden rule (like you, Sina)!

  187. enlightened25 says:

    “People who eat meat are not evil.” Well they must be, because according to you they don’t have a “heightened consciousness”. The Americans who eat their burgers from McDonalds, know full well an animal had to suffer just so they can have a few minutes pleasure eating an unhealthy burger which makes them fat. What difference is their between them and a mass murderer? Onkay maybe in degree but their still quite evil.

  188. enlightened25 says:

    “Human conscience” Is our emotional response to certain actions this is the result of upbringing and social conditioning. This is why a Muslim may feel a similar emotional response to a drawing of Muhammad that you do to see people eating meat. This value has been ingrained over time into the consciousness (so to speak) of that culture. Most Muslims are not psychopath they feel the same emotional response you do, but what they value and feel responses to is different to what most westerners value, because they have a different culture.

  189. Ali Sina says:

    People who eat meat are not evil. But those who stop eating meat because they don’t wish to harm animals have a more heightened consciousness. It is a question of degree. One does not become a holy person buy becoming a vegetarian. Some sociopaths and serial killers are strict vegetarian.

    Conscience comes from empathy the identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or suffering of another. Empathy is exclusively a human characteristic. Animals do not possess empathy.

    Like all human faculties, empathy needs to be nurtured. If you don’t have it and question its very existence at this age, it is highly unlikely that you will ever know what it is. In all your comments, for example when you question the validity of the Golden Rule or my hidden motives for defending the rights of women, etc. you reveal that you lack this quality. For a person who lacks empathy and conscience, everything has mercantile value. If they do something it must be either because they covet a gain or fear a loss. They are motivated by the primitive influences that we share with animals, i.e., pleasure and pain.

    People with higher consciousness see their world very differently. They are also motivated by pleasure and pain but there is something even higher than those that moves them and that is their consciousness.

    The rest of your comment is just irrelevant to the subject, so I don’t respond to them.

  190. Ali Sina says:

    No, I will not do things that will bring me pain and misery for no reason. But I may put at risk my own life to save the life of a drowning child even if the child is a stranger. This is natural and even instinctual to most humans. Bin Laden did not listen to his conscience. He had lost his conscience the moment he submitted to a psychopath and took Muhammad as his prophet. People who surrender their own conscience to someone else do no longer function as fully humans. This is true in the case of all cultists. I have dedicated three chapters of my book to this phenomenon. Human conscience is natural, but it can be damaged through childhood abuse or false indoctrination. Maybe some people lack it from childhood but mostly all children are born with it.

  191. enlightened25 says:

    “People with conscience do things because it is the right thing to do.” Those Americans that eat meat every day without a moments hesitation must be evil then? Conscience comes from your own mind, your own heart. Applying this to the whole of nature, is pure ignorance. I help people that can help themselves not the helpless. And if you do help them then you help them to be strong and to look after themselves. Unless of course you want to keep them weak and dependant – such as in the case of women – then there is obviously a ulterior motive. The people that died in those towers are dead, there is nothing we can do for them. Crying over them is not going to do anything, having the courage to get up, dry your tears and hit back is what will get things DONE, not standing around weeping, that has never done anything.

  192. enlightened25 says:

    No one does something for nothing. If you doubt that then consider do you do things that bring you pain and misery? “For those with conscience the question of “why” never arises.” No because they know where their conscience comes from – your own heart, your own mind. “Why” did Bin Laden blow up the twin towers? What did he gain? Absolutely nothing. He did it because that’s what he believed is the right thing to do.

  193. Ali Sina says:

    Well I have shown wihtout any doubt that those who believe in this stupid conspiracy theory are naife and moron.

    Just wach how the buildings fall and the whole claim becomes meaningless. The buildings are crushed only by the weight of the debris. There is no sign of them falling from beneath, which is the case of controlled demolition. Sorry, it is you who are stupid, on many accounts but this is the most obvious of all that I mentioned.

  194. Ali Sina says:

    Well, she goes around, gives speeches, gets attention from the fools and sells books. What else can an ugly woman like her want in this stage of her life?

  195. Ron says:

    The author of this article is a complete moron and incredibly naive. incredibly naive.

  196. Ali Sina says:

    Why instead of all these senseless talk don't you explain how buildings don't fall the way buildings in control demolition fall? Why the entire building does not come down simultaneously and only the floors are getting crushed one by one as the weight falls on them? This is not how buildings in controlled demolition fall.

    This is all we need to know to dismiss this silly claim. Every other argument is hot air when facts are so easy to observe.

  197. Ali Sina says:

    yes this old man is just an idiot. I have proven all his asinine claims wrong in this very essay.

  198. Ali Sina says:

    When a building like that falls it makes a lot of noise. Don't get distracted with all these nonsense. Watch the videos showing the towers falling and see that the lower part is standing when the upper part falls. This is all you need to see to dismiss any possibility of controlled demolition.

  199. Ali Sina says:

    Even spending one dollar on something so obvious was a waste of money. One needs only one minute to watch the videos of the fall of the buildings to dismiss all these asinine claims.

  200. Ali Sina says:

    This kind of reasoning is normal for people who have no conscience and lack the understanding of the Golden Rule. For example, the Shiite mullah with whom I debated believed that if it were not for the fear of God humans would become cannibals, raising each other for food just as they raise animals for food. Enlightened25 says the reason a man defends the rights of women is to make himself endeared to them. You believe that the reason a non-Jew would defend the Jews is to make them pay him money. This kind of reasoning stems from the fact that the person lacks conscience. For those with conscience the question of “why” never arises. They do it because it is the right thing to do. For example, I am a vegan and I defend the rights of the animals. Am I trying to endear myself to cows, chickens and fish? People with conscience do things because it is the right thing to do. We put ourselves in the shoes of the other and have empathy. Empathy means having the ability to feel the pains of others. For them it is natural to take the side of the truth and defend the wronged. People with no conscience are motivated by either fear or greed. They lack conscience and are unable to feel empathy. So they look for ulterior motives. The very fact that people like you ask such questions is proof that they lack that inner moral compass. Otherwise the question is mute.

    As for the 9/11 conspiracy, it really has to do with intelligence and we don’t need a lot of it to see it is a lie. Any person who watches the videos of the collapse of the buildings and pays attention how they fall can see that the buildings are not falling from the lower floors, which precludes any possibility of controlled demolition. Anyone with eyes can see that the buildings are falling only after they are hit by the weight above them. Any person who ignores this simple evidence and then listens to this stupid woman in the above video or any other charlatan is a fool, a big fool.

  201. darkfire316 says:

    "What drives some people to want to be fooled so desperately? "

    If you haven't already seen this video watch it. Alan Moore answers your question.

  202. Jadeja says:

    may be i am bad engineer, 🙂 no offence taken…experience is something no body normally brags about, you are bound to get the experience, if you have a job., the technical formulae presented by the kid above shows a 7th graders work.
    the amount of plastic deformation steel structure can go is beyond imagination, specially at high temperatures 🙂 anyways i have given my opinion, i hope you will welcome it like a big man

  203. Interesting says:

    $ 65 million USD spend on investigating sex life of Clinton and only $15 million USD on 9/11 investigation

    [youtube kwSmFnlwrK0&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwSmFnlwrK0&feature=related youtube]

    [youtube uve5ppEBxZY&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uve5ppEBxZY&feature=related youtube]

  204. everin says:

    U could as well find the truth behind the bombing of the USS Cole n the 2 US embassies in East Africa. It was the work of the CIA n the mossad probably. Haaa ha ha !

  205. Eshmeralda says:

    I forgot to mention that the Jews are NOT donkeys………they are smart,
    and they know the secret behind all your love to them.

  206. Eshmeralda says:

    I quote Ali Sina:
    " Lies will keep spreading as long as truth remains hidden. Those who fabricate lies and spread them don’t have our best interest in mind." Look who is talking !
    In the beginning of your article you repeated over and over that only the fools believed this
    story, but it is not too late, you can get rid of your foolishness and get enlightened if you listen
    to Ali Sina, so do not waste this opportunity. As if you are warning the reader: either you
    believe me, or you are branded to be a fool all you life; (counting on the fact that nobody
    wants to be considered as a fool).

    There are two impulses for your extreme "romance" and devotion for the Jews:
    1- Your grudge toward Arabs
    2- Financial gain.

    I am a diligent person and still searching for the truth, and I love the truth for
    itself, even if does not serve my interests, but you are a source that I will not
    even consider.

  207. Ali Sina says:

    This is not even the question of numbers. Even if all the engineers of the world make that claim the claim is defeated by observing the videos and how the buildings fall. It is quite obvious that the lower floors are not falling until they are hit from above. In controlled demolition the lower floors fall first and with them the entire building comes down. This is a no brainer. Why people make a fool of themselves making such claims despite the evidence is beyond me.

    The whole story is pathetic when you take into consideration that everything was filmed from different angels. Despite all that some people are so stupid that think it was not the planes that brought the buildings down but the government had planned bombs beforehand waiting for the planes to hit and then demolish the buildings. How can anyone be so stupid? They deny the obvious and you expect them to be reasonable and not believe in the fairy tales of Muhammad? I am really baffled. What drives some people to want to be fooled so desperately?

  208. lonelyloner says:

    All this are just bla-bla-bla to me.
    Dr.Sina's points above are quite self evident, the WTC building's collapse was NOT a controlled demolition. My suspicion goes to those who insist that it is.

  209. lonelyloner says:

    Those sounds of explosions and rumblings are not necessarily bombs. Gas mains ignited? Debris hitting things? Could be anything.

  210. darkfire316 says:

    All the lies posted by Richard Gage at ae911truth can be refuted at this website which dedicated to debunking that website.

    1600 architects and engineers sounds like a lot but it's seriously nothing when compared to the total number of architects and engineers in the US. There were 105,000 architects as of 2010 in the US alone and 1.5 million engineers as of 2006. That number just shows how pathetic their assertions are.

  211. Interesting says:

    I have noticed using your administrative privileges in this website


    You have given best example of manipulation

    Penalty for manipulation : ONE TIGHT SLAP
    Clarification time : 24 hrs effective from now

  212. Guest says:

    Fox news reported same day only that its a terrorist attack like Ali Sina (as govt mouth piece!), though no one was clear about that what happened
    everything together

    I guess Ali is using logic to lie at any extent, who knows?

  213. knowTheEnemy says:


    Can you please explain in brief about WHY YOU LEFT ISLAM??

  214. knowTheEnemy says:

    Guest, now that you know all the inside secrets of US govt revealed by 'creative writer' Lindauer, what do you propose should be done next?

  215. Interesting says:

    ok wait till next assignment.

  216. Ali Sina says:

    How stupid is this questgion asked at the end of this video! The building that the ticker signals is not the building 7 that was demolished intentioanlly. But who cares about the truth when the objective is to lie and to deceive? So according to the conspiracy morons even the BBC is involved in this conspiracy and they make such an obvious mistake of saying the building 7 is collaped while showing it at the same time. Now, if you still had any doubt about the sheer stupidity of these conspiracists, this post and this video should settle everything.

  217. Interesting says:

    Answer this

    [youtube ky90eEIzStw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky90eEIzStw youtube]

  218. Ali Sina says:

    Please do not brag about your experience. You are obviously not a good engineer. The videos speak for themselves. In controlled demolition all the floors fall at the same time because the demolition happens in the lower floors. The videos showing the collapse of the twin towers clearly show this is not the case. No matter how much you brag about your credentials you can't get away with this lie. The videos are very clear and no other explanation is needed or can change the fact. The only thing destroying both buildings is the weight of the falling debris. Until the upper portion of the buildings fall the lower portion is standing firm – in both buildings. This proves without any doubt that the foundation and the lower floors have not been weakened in any form. We don't need to go any further than this.

  219. everin says:

    So what are the real motives in bombing their own WTC ? "No one will cut his own finger to start a fight." What logic is that ?

  220. J L says:

    Are you a consultant/design engineer or a contractor engineer?

    In design phase, the structure of the building is designed to carry the weight under normal conditions+ future development margin+ safety margin (to support common abnormal conditions such as minor earthquake). It is not designed to support more since it will require additional unnecessary building materials thus a lot more money just because a lunatic Muslim terrorist may crash a plane into the building!

    Design does not include calculations to support airplane crash since it’s supposed to be something uncommon.

  221. Mechanical engineer says:

    where did u get ur degree from?
    The building had strong structure, that’s why it supported the impact and didn’t directly fall in an incline
    Heat increases —> gaz pressure increases
    F=P/S the pressure is high, the surface is small thus the vertical force is extremely high
    What opposes to this vertical force?
    The structure below of course, the columns and the core of the building.
    Each floor puts some weight on the floor underneath it. So the lowest level must be able to take more weight.

    i- The columns and common core structure were weakened by the impact and the vibration effect.
    ii- The columns close to the impact were weakened by heat.
    The weight of the floor where the impact occurred + weight of plane + weight of the floors above it are no longer supported by columns.

    weight of a floor = a
    weight of 2 floors = 2a ….
    weight of n floors = na

    that’s how the vertical force increased with each floor laying its support on another when columns failed to carry the weight.

  222. Jadeja says:

    Dear Ali,

    I have 20+ experience in civil/structural engineering, and i can asure you that you have rather very poor knowledge of structures. I hate religion and beleive that islam is worst form of impearlism in the world (which always has been used as a tool).

    Thats not the point, but i admire your confidence of structral engineering. on the date 9/11 We were working at a construction site and saw the wedge formed by plane, we were sure it will not fall down, if it will it will go down at an angle. To our surprise it was most perfect form of collapse one will expect from a controlled demolition, no muslim is technically capable of that around the world.

    I dont know the conspiracy theories, but majority of us beleive whatever happened is highly highly unlikely, next to impossible.

  223. Ali Sina says:

    There was no other explosion. I talked about it too. You did not read. There were people who claiemd more than one explosion, some even said they heard ten explosions. Obviously not all of them can be true. How about all of them are liars? The fall was filmed. We can trust our own eyes and ears more than the hearsay of some idiots who may be either seeking attention or are malicious and evil people trying to poison the well.

  224. ex-muslimAndproudkaffir says:

    I’m one of those ex-muslims who left islam whith a vengeance so i support you’re battle against islam, but i stil believe 9/11 was perpetreted by the cia.

    What about the ” http://www.ae911truth.org ” which is a group consisting of more than 1000 architects an engineers who claim the buildings could’ve only collapsed by controlled demolition and these are all people with a phd. I doubt it that these people have al ratbrains. If you visit their site you wil see that most of you’re arguments already are refuted. You have a right to your opinion but it is not the truth.

    I think you’re biased because of you’re hate for islam, you want to believe that it was muslim terrorists who did it because it legitimizes you’re cause against islam and gives you more credibility. Maybe its you who is being decieved by the “big lie”. Just remember that it was the cia who orchestrated a coup back in 1953 in iran, it was you’re beloved western civilization who ousted the democratically elected president Mohammad Mosaddegh and replaced him with a puppet so they could steal you’re oil, so it should not come as a suprise if you go by the history of the cia.


  225. Guest says:

    As per Ali's conviction, this guy must have a rat brain :(. 🙂

  226. Interesting says:

    Interesting Intelligence

    [youtube daNr_TrBw6E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daNr_TrBw6E youtube]

  227. Guest says:

    Wht about those explosion. Looks like you hv brain just bigger than Rat, not as big as human 🙂 have fun with your scientific data… Politics is more powerful.

  228. Guest says:

    Keep watching it for some more years. Hope it will come out till then

    [youtube KlWSv0NZBRw&feature=youtube_gdata_player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlWSv0NZBRw&feature=youtube_gdata_player youtube]

  229. darkfire316 says:

    I think you would like this Dr. Sina. One of the great writers of our time, Alan Moore on conspiracy theories:

  230. Ali Sina says:

    Thank you Claudia. I don’t have extraordinary erudition. In fact to see the stupidity of this conspiracy theory one does not need to be even educated. These people are hate mongers. In the middle ages they accused the Jews of using the blood of the Christian children to make their Mitzvah. The foolish people believed and hated the Jews causing countless atrocities against them to the extent that the Jews had to seek refuge with Muslims. Go figure. Now they have invented another big lie to incite hatred of the Jews. That is all there is to this patently stupid theory. Muslims and leftists have joined hand to destroy America and Israel. They help each other to spread this obvious lie. Hitler also used the same tactic. The whole purpose behind this idiotic theory is to incite hatred against the Jews and America when in reality they are the victims and the perpetrators are the Muslims.

    I have refuted every part of this theory, but all you need to see it is nothing but a lie is watch the videos of the collapse of the buildings and see how the lower part is intact until it crushes from the weight of the debris falling on it. This is not how buildings in controlled demolitions fall. They fall starting from the lower part. That is all one needs to dismiss this whole asinine theory. But the objective of these sub-humans is not to find the truth. The goal is to vilify Israel. This is the new blood libel against the Jews.

  231. Ali Sina says:

    I can’t open the mind of a person who loves to remain ignorant. What does nanotechnology have to do with thermite bomb? Thermite bomb does not exist.

    But the whole point is mute when you look at the videos and see how the WTC towers fall. The lower section is intact while the upper part collapses. This is enough to see no bombs were used in the basement or any part of the building bellow the impact.

    Any person with a brain bigger than that of a rat can see the way the buildings are falling precludes any bombs.

    This whole theory has so many holes in it. Why instead of making ridiculous claims you don’t read what I wrote? This is not a rocket science.

    “There are only two possible governments – the U.S. and Israel – that could do make it and get it into the buildings.”

    This is the new variation of the blood libel. YOu are the reincarnation of those evil people who invented the first blook libel and now you have found a different variation of it to spew your hatred against innocent people. Shame on you. You have no shame and no brain. You only make a fool of yourself with this theory just as your ancestor made a fool of themselves with the blood libel.

  232. Claudia says:

    I am entirely convinced of Ali Sina's sound and cogent logic. He is a man of extraordinary erudition.

  233. Guest says:

    You can explain that away.  If you know nano technology and search “nanotechnologized”, You will be surprised that this was not ordinary Thermite or Thermate, but material that had be nanosized, which only a government could do..  There are only two possible governments – the U.S. and Israel – that could do make it and get it into the buildings.

  234. Guest says:

    Another what for me is enlightening information from this book regards the true personality of some important politicians. We have been accustomed to the image of Collin Powell as an incorruptible politician whom the neocons have pushed aside because he wouldn't play the game of the Bush administration. Lindauer's story has however exposed General Powell as just as much a hypocrite as the others in the neocons' camp. He was fully aware that Iraq probably did not have WMD – if only because Lindauer herself had warned him so – before he went to UN to give his speech, and yet he later complained on national TV that no one in the intelligence community had warned him that this was so. With General Powell's reputation, you would never expect him to lie and put on a show on TV in order to protect himself and the "official story", and yet he did so, and you'll only knowing this from Lindauer's book. Similarly, it is only from this book that you learn that Iraq has fully agreed to cooperate with the international community about letting in weapon inspectors and with the United States about 911 and other terrorism investigations. Yet, knowing this, the Bush administration got on TV to lie that Iraq was uncooperative. Then John McCain got on TV to lie that Mohammed Atta had met with an Iraqi agent even though he knew this was false. It is only by reading Lindauer's story that we learn how politicians otherwise known as respectable can actually lie with a straight face.

    Lindauer's story is also proof that foreknowledge of the 911 attacks was widespread in the intelligence community for she herself was warned about it by her handler. Her knowledge about this and the truth of Iraq's willingness to cooperate on everything in order to lift the sanction and avoid being invaded was what got her in trouble with the Republicans. When she requested to testify in Congress about what she knew she was arrested on the Patriot Act under some trumped-up charges as an "unregistered Iraqi agent". The second half of her book then details her impossible struggle with the Patriot Act – where the evidences for her "crime" were kept secret from her and her attorney and where her own attorney was required to collude with the prosecutor to work for her destruction – and with the abuse of psychiatry in the name of justice – where a stream of psychiatrists, supposed experts on what is reality and what is not, colluded with the government to declare reality "delusion" and non-reality reality.

    The book is generally well-written, for Lindauer is a skillful creative writer. The only flaw in her style is her tendency to repeat the same piece of information throughout the book. This "flaw" dwarfs, however, in face of what we can learn about "what really happened" in regard to these past terrorist attacks, the events of 911, and the Iraq War, and about the horrifying abuse of the justice system. In these days when so much of the information which the government puts out through the mainstream media is false, we have nothing to count on except for these personal stories told by the actual participants without the help of traditional institutions. This book is thus precious. When we consider that Lindauer publishes this 400-page heavy duty account all by herself we have to be impressed by her incredible ability: not everyone can do this. It's obvious that any future historians who wish to write a genuine account about our current "era of terrorism" must take account of this book.

  235. Guest says:

    I'm especially impressed by this book for two reasons. One, it gives us a wealth of information which only an insider can give us. Second, it gives us a personal account about the terrifying use of the Patriot Act and the abuse of psychiatry in the justice system.

    Lindauer was recruited by the CIA and the Defense Intelligence as an asset, specifically as a go-between between the CIA and the Libyan and Iraqi government in order to unofficially negotiate deals through back door channels when these two nations were under sanction and had no official relations with the US. These back door negotiations were never reported in the press, and if it weren't for Lindauer's informing us, we would never know about their existence. Lindauer's account of these back door negotiations is a source of precious information about "what really happened" which, I'm afraid, we will never know about had Lindauer not been here to tell us: for "what really happened" is unfortunately what our government did not want us to know. There are two things in particular.

    First, Lindauer tells us about "what really happened" in regard to a stream of past terrorist attacks about which we have been fed with false information by the authority. During her work as the "go-between", her handler and the Middle Eastern diplomats she worked with provided her with insider knowledge about who were really behind the Oklahoma City bombing, the 1993 WTC bombing, and the Pam Am 103 "Lockerbie" bombing. The official stories which our government put out about these attacks were not true. There are a lot of speculations about what really happened with the Oklahoma city bombing, and Lindauer's account must be considered because it is based on the communication of the Iraqi government. What I have a particular interest in is the Pam Am-103 bombing. We are told by our authority that this was the work of the Libyan agent al-Megrah, who was convicted of this crime. Lindauer's CIA handler however revealed to her: "In part, Dr Fuisz explained how the bombing of Pam Am 103 was intended to strike down a team of Defense Intelligence Agents, who were flying back to Washington to protest the CIA's tolerance of heroin smuggling as part of locating the hostages in Beirut" (p. 46). A group of Syrians were hired for the purpose (p. 392). I suggest you compare her statement with what is told in Gordon Thomas' "Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of Mossad" (1999 edition), p. 328. The airline once hired a certain Yuval Aviv, a former Mossad officer, to investigate the matter. The report makes a similar claim: that CIA had a rogue team COREA which was smuggling drug from the Middle East to US, and that US Army major Charles McKee, who was on the Lockerbie flight, planned to expose it. The CIA thus decided to kill him. COREA was working with Al-Kassar who was linked to the Abu Nidal organization and they together loaded up a bomb to the Lockerbie flight when it was transferring in Frankfurt.

  236. Guest says:

    Various visual and audio recordings of explosion and rumble sounds in the vicinity of the WTC World Trade Center on 9/11 2001.

    [youtube _A9X_8flGeM&feature=youtube_gdata_player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A9X_8flGeM&feature=youtube_gdata_player youtube]

  237. everin says:

    No, she is not stupid but well paid by Saudi petrol dollars to be a "defence lawyer". I wish some one could pay me handsomely to do the job too. !

  238. Ali Sina says:

    If after all these years you have not seen the unholy alliance between the left and Islam you must have been living in another planet.

  239. Ali Sina says:

    People lie for various reasons, mostly for attention, but a one good reason in this case is for her to write a book and make money. People can be foolish and this woman is definately a stupid woman. For example you can't make bombs from thermite. Thermite is used for cutting steel and for welding it.

    She says the government knew about the attack and threatened the Iraqis to give them the details which they did not know. This is not a secret. The CIA had picked up the information that a major attack is planed but they had no clue how and who. They even thought it could be dirty bomb. They thought the Iraqis knew it and threatened them to reveal the details. You see? She interprets things that have very logical explanation in a twisted way because she is a stupid woman.

    She claims someone reported seeing a couple of vans so it must have been three or four vans coming every night to the building. First of all this is hearsay, secondly a couple means two. I just want you to see this woman has really low IQ.

    Prepping a building for demolition is an intense work. I showed a video how it is done. For a building like the towers of WTC it requires a crew of at least 100 men to work for over a month. You can’t do that under the nose of office workers or in a few wee hours of the morning and then cover everything up so no one notices.

    The videos show that the buildings are being destroyed from top to bottom, quite different from controlled demolition when the buildings give it from the bottom.

    Then the thought that some Americans, whether demolition workers or soldiers, did this to their own countrymen and kept it silent for 11 years is just beyond reason.
    If any person believes in this nonsense, especially after reading my clear and logical explanation he or she is a certified stupid. I am sorry I have no patience for stupid people and sadly most people are just stupid.

    Also this idiot individual agrees that the towers were hit by the planes, Well thank you for confirming what we all saw in film. But she says the hit was not enough and that is why the government had to prepare the building to fall, First of all the hit was enough to make the buldings fall, Secondly if the whole idea was to find an excuse to attack Iraq, the very hitting was enogh, They could do that even without going through the trouble of making the buildings fall.

    No matter how you look at it, the logic of this moron and all the brain dead 9/11 conspirady theorists is idiotic. How any sane person can believe in this patent and stupid lie? If you really believe in this baldardash please go and kill yourself becuse you are a true idiot. The world will be a much better place without idiots. This even beats Isalmic idiocy.

  240. Roger says:

    @Ali Sina
    What's with the LEFT, how they would be benefited? Why you have clubbed Islamists and commies in the article?

  241. Guest says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars Sometimes the truth is just too shocking for the masses, January 30, 2011

    By Michael Herzog – See all my reviews
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq (Paperback)

    Being a certified investigator & talk show host, I did my 'homework' on Susan Lindauer as her book 'Extreme Prejudice,' reads more fascinating than any Ian Fleming Novel. My conclusion…
    Ms. Lindauer's story is credible, easily verifiable & conveys in explicit detail just how far the 'Powers that Be' will go in perpetrating a lie to achieve their goals. This book blows the doors off any conceived idea that our Politicians are 'For the People.' Definately a MUST READ for anyone that dares step out of the box & wants a good dose of American Political Reality.

  242. Guest says:

    So then conspiracy and science doesn't go hand in hand. She wrote a book as well. Btw any reason why she would lie or being stupid. being part of US govt probaly she is in direct interaction with CIA (13-16 min)

  243. everin says:

    Proponents of this conpiracy theory had done a great insult to the 19 "heroes" jihadists n Osama bin Laden. Can they tell us if Bush really did it, what was his motive ??. To grab the Arab oil fields ? Not logical. If he wanted, he could have easily invaded Saudi Arabia n Iran, just as he did to Iraq. Why bother to fight in the mountains of Aghanistan to hunt down Osama. Anyway, 9/11 had caused great misery to the muslims in general n tragedies to Afghanistan n Iraq. The downfall of Sadam Hussein could have sprang the Arab Spring.

  244. Ali Sina says:

    I already explained the science behind thermite heat. Why should we believe in this stupid woman not not in science?

    Did you even read my detailed explenation or are you satisfied believing in nonsense and stupidities? I refuted every nonsense this idiot woman says with science and logic.

  245. Ali2 says:

    Seeing Susan video it looks like Bush is very much appreciating Ali Sina to cover the lie!

  246. Guest says:

    Lady explain all the details in a nut shell being part of us govt. Information starts from 4 min.

  247. Guest says:

    Whats your opinion about her.

    Susan Lindauer

    [youtube G43zl4fzDQg&feature=youtube_gdata_player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G43zl4fzDQg&fe… youtube]