Flying dome miracle of Islam in Nepal

The best way to understand Muslims is to look at what they claim to be miracles from Allah.  It is this kind of naiveté that allows them to believe in Islam.

Watch this video:

This alleged miracle actually happened in Indonesia not in Nepal.  It is a helium filled balloon covered with a sheet. The balloon hits a minaret and bursts. The sheet falls on the structure.   What happened to the ghost inside it?

This is how Islam spread without the sword.  Where sword was not used, deception was employed.  The ignorant masses were tricked with phony miracles.  These tricks have been going on since the begining of Islam.  Every time a miralce is set up thousands of benighted people flock ot the mosques and donate money and a few fools also convert.

Now, those people watching this show are a bunch of ignoramuses going hysterical and making animal noises over a baloon.  But what about the educated Muslims who post these silly videos on Youtube and email them to each other? Aren’t they just as foolish?

Isn’t this embarrassing?  Doesn’t this tell us about the level of intelligence of those who believe in this fraud?

The alleged miracle is refuted even by a Muslim who supports jihad in this video.

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  2. Edward says:

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  3. wiki says:

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  4. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    Read this conversation between an Atheist and a Muslim Muslim: Allah existsAtheist: How do u know?Muslim- Muhammad says soAtheist: what if he lied?Muslim- but koran says he is telling the truthAtheist: but what if koran is wrongMuslim- it can't be as koran is given by AllahAtheist: how do you koran is given by AllahMuslim: because Muhammad says soAtheist: but what if he lied? Muslim—-you are a bad person as you use logic to defeat my blind superstition…

  5. youdumbass says:

    wow you are retarded

  6. DPhysicist says:

    Miracle is the ugliest form of deception to prove religion… It shows the lack rationality…

  7. John2find says:

    and finally the Muslim who have uploaded the video as a proof of miracle Islam have removed it(because of your post here). Ha ha ha. Silly Muslims.

  8. tariq says:

    Great photoshop, but you should give more blur to the photos cause actually we still can see the wires,hhhhhhhhhhhh, you must be so stupid if you think that all of these people there are pretending,,:p

  9. The Merry Mullah says:

    Read about Allah's tomato miracle

  10. Reader says:

    Ah ah ah. Very good collection of pictures that proves how the idiots use the natural formation to support their already foolish stories

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