Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: The Deception of Moderate Islam

Zuhdi Jasser

These days the discussion everywhere is about the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria and offered for sale by the Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram. And guess who the media is turning to for answers! The self-proclaimed “moderate Muslim” Dr. Zuhdi Jasser! He will tell the Americans that slavery has nothing to do with Islam and terrorism is un-Islamic.

He sent a tweet announcing that he had been invited by Fox News for an interview. I sent him a tweet, congratulating him for having another chance to bamboozle the American public. Here is our mini debate on twitter.











Dr. Jasser is under the delusion that if he shows Muslims the superiority of American constitution they will abandon the Quran. Nothing can be further from the truth. Muslims follow the Quran not because it is good, ethical or even logical, but because they think it is the unaltered word of God. That is the end of discussion. If Dr. Jasser really knows Islam and Muslim he should know that for them the Quran is the ultimate authority. It is ridiculous to expect them to turn their back to Allah and his messenger and follow a non-Muslim American president. Is he really this deluded or is he deceiving his audience? But let us see the rest of our tweets.





Dr. Jasser’s says by highlighting the evil teaching of the Quran I am radicalizing Muslims. So for 1400 years Muslims lived peacefully, like angels, until I began pointing out the hate and the violence in the Quran. It is then that they became radicalized.

This is really what he thinks. I heard this argument numerous times. This is the typical Muslim thinking. You heard it when Muslims demonstrated across the globe for a few cartoons. They blamed the cartoons for their violence. You heard it from Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who went on TV saying if his proposed mosque on Ground Zero does not go ahead Muslims will become radicalized.   They never assume responsibility for their violence.  “If you don’t give in to my demands I will become violent and it is all your fault.”  This is the underlying message they want us to understand.  By virtue of following a narcissist, Muslims share his psychosis and reason like their prophet. That includes this clean shaven “American” doctor. A Muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim. It does not matter whether he sports a beard or not.  The brain of all Muslims work like the brain of their sick prophet.

I tried to show the fallacy of his argument with the following question.












There you have it.  Once he saw he can’t defend his absurd argument he ended the discussion. Of course Islam is violent. Of course Boko Haram is not doing anything that Muhammad did not do. Muhammad made immense fortunes by enslaving women and children and selling them or ransoming them in exchange for money.

The truth is that Zuhdi Jasser and his Canadian counterpart, Tarek Fatah, a closet Ahamdi not even recognized as a Muslim, have no effect on Muslims. Not only are they not converting the radicals to moderates, they will most likely be killed just like any apostate, if they go to a real Islamic country.

Muslims don’t care how others interpret the Quran. They are not illiterate. They can read for themselves. Those who read the Quran and Tafseer know that the so called radicals have the correct understanding of the Quran. The solution to end the Islamic violence is not to lie more and claim Muhammad was a man of peace. The solution is to tell the truth and show them that the Al Qaida, the Wahhabis and the mullahs of Iran are the real Muslims. The differences between them are superficial. They perfectly understand the spirit and the essence of Islam and follow the examples of Muhammad. It is my belief as well as experience that most Muslims, once see the ugly truth, will leave Islam.

That is how we can put an end to Islamic violence, with truth, not with more lies. But truth is ugly, so most people prefer lies. Lies mask the truth.  That is why Zuhdi Jasser and Tark Fatah get invited by the Media and ex-Muslims are ignored.

This reminds me of they guy who lost his keys in the dark and went under the street light to search it because it was easier for him to see.  Our politicians and the media love to interview the “moderate Muslims” even though they have no answers because those who have the answer say things that are not pleasant to hear. After all the media is an industry to make money. They don’t care about the truth, especially when it is costly.  Why should they bother, putting their business at risk?

Needless to say that Dr. Jasser’s reasoning that Muslims can’t handle the truth and will become radicalized if they hear is is an insult to Muslims. He basically says Muslims are stupid, incapable of accepting the truth.  Yes, Muslims become offended and throw tantrum when their religion is slighted. The solution is not to lie more.

Many Muslims are leaving Islam silently.  I have received thousands of emails personally.  We need to intensify our efforts and spread the truth to everyone. A well written, well documented and well produced movie can bring that change.

Truth is often bitter, that is why people resort to sweet lies. But lies kill us, and truth will set us free.


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  1. Islam4dummies says:

    I have seen a flying horse! It was on that movie Clash of the Titans baaahhha..Muhammad never went to Jerusalem and this magic night journey never happened unless he was dropping acid and hey who knows look at the crazy crap Mo came up with…He was a malignant narcissist possessed by an evil spirit. Hi wife convinced him that he was a prophet.

  2. Krishnarao says:


  3. Krishnarao says:

    The day I see moderates preach equality for all religions and no religion in Saudi Arabia is the day I will believe they really are moderate. Until than, they are big fat extremist posing as moderates.

  4. Wilders4President says:

    Muslims often use taqqiya, and remember that they are quite quarrelsome compare to people from all other cultures. Is easy to see a fight muslims-VS- muslims, even from the same group

  5. Paul says:

    Can any Muslim including dr Zuni explain how a murderous pedophile-necrophile, bandit, thief, liar can be a prophet?

  6. Demsci says:

    /"As such, all that may be asserted by those who do not accept the divine status of 
    the Qur'an is that it is the composition of Muhammad (e). "//

    That, in the opinion of divers scholars and many others, like me, is not "all that may be asserted". The Quran may have come about in a different way. Yes, there may well have been a prototype of prophet Mohammed. But until 691 AD, supposedly 159 years after his death, very little is found about him, or even his name, in the historical record.

    Furthermore, according to Gerd Puin, certain passages in the Quran, were rather Aramaic than Arabic in origine. And some parts may be outright plagiarised,therefore not technically "written" by Mohammed (or Allah).

    And despite the story that Uthman compiled the Quran around 650, it may well have been done only completely at the time of the Khalif Abd-al-Malik around 690.

    And the "facts" Shabeer presents about Mohammed being most favored, and even considered truthful by his opponents, these derive from the Hadiths and the Sira, the biography of Mohammed, but that was written only around 760 ad, by Ibn Ishaq, about 128 years after Mohammed's reported death. And by that time, the biographer very probably was biased well in favor of Mohammed.

    It is not so clear-cut and simple to judge the question whether the Quran was divinely WRITTEN (not just inspired!) or solely composited by Mohammed as Shabeer presents above.

    Quran may well be of a complex, but very human origin. Valid evidence and logic for alternative Quran-origine-theories have been presented. Among others, by Robert Spencer, in his book: "Did Mohammed exist?"

    These are not sure, even Ali Sina doubts parts of them, granted, but they still make believing in a Divine WRITTEN  Quran a gamble at very low odds IMO.

  7. Alex Man says:

    They are the 2 in 1.

  8. Alex Man says:

    The mathematical error was dealt with by Ali Sina in another website re-inheritance as spelt by Allah.

  9. Alex Man says:

    Shabeer and slaveof prophet,

    see the dead terrorit Achmed. Jeff Dunham – Spark of Insanity – Achmed the Dead Terroris thttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_jU3FdnNoc

  10. ihateislam says:

    It is disgusting that allah was concerned with massaging Muhammad's raging emotion rather that his morals which were at the lowest ebb.

  11. ihateislam says:

    Issue three, it was more prestigious for Muhammad to claim direct communication with God than for him to have presented himself as a literary genius because of his educational handicap. People criticized Muhammad and faced death. Anyone who would have dared to say that the quran was not his creation would have equally been dealt with summarily. Accepting Muhammad's message in the form of the quran was a product of fear as the sword hung over the head of any one who dissented . There are innumerable verses in the quran to confirm this. Such dissenters were classified as 'enemies of allah and his apostle'.
    Issue four, those references in the quran where allah admonished Muhammad concerned his initial reluctance to do things which no decent human being let alone the God of righteousness would have authorized. It is such a shame that allah would admonish Muhammad for not hastily taking over other people's wives as it commanded him. Nowhere in the quran did allah frown at the killings Muhammad did or his acts of brigandage. Instead, all such acts of criminality were given 'divine' mandate.
    Issue five has the same answer as issue four.
    That all those misdeeds, which are repulsive to mere mortals, were approved by allah show that allah and Muhammad were one and the same. In muhammadanism, there is no higher authority than Muhammad (plagues be upon him in hell).

  12. ihateislam says:

    Although you are not the originator of this post, I will answer the posers contained therein.
    Issue one, Muhammad was not even an upstart. His marriage to the matron, Khadijah, gave him a status he never dreamt of. Without her money, his claim to prophethood based on the so-called revelations would have floundered and crashed. As Ibn Ishaq says, Muhammad's problems with the Quraish was not as a result of what he said had been 'revealed' to him but because he picked a fight with the people by insulting their religion and tradition. The elders went to his powerful uncle and asked him to prevail on the irritant and agreed that he could keep his religion while allowing them to keep theirs. He failed to heed this.
    Issue two, it was because he was seen as having been truthful, that he now came up with a big lie which he believed would be swallowed without question based on his precedent. Hitler, who admired Muhammad, said in order that people will believe a lie, it has to be a big one and repeated frequently. That was Muhammad's philosophy in concocting his big lie which he sold to the unsuspecting public as coming from their deity. But not everyone was fooled. The Jews saw through his gimmicks for which they incurred his venomous wrath.

  13. ihateislam says:

    I believe what Fat Dream has said because it is true. How is it a scientific fact that the world is as flat as a bed or spread like carpet? Or that the sun sets in murky water? Historically, how could Mary, the mother of Jesus, have been the sister of Moses when at least two thousand years separated the two? Are you a sibling to somebody who lived before Muhammad? Morally speaking, how do two men commit fornication?
    What other evidence do you want? Have you not read them in the quran? No doubt, you are ashamed of calling a book with such nonsense, 'holy'.

  14. Lucy says:

    Of course, 7 layers of the atmosphere 😀 And stars are in the lowest layer, e.g. in the troposphere ! 😀

  15. shabeer says:

    prove with evidence ,no one belive u'r personal openion

  16. Phoenix says:

    you copy/pasted:The OZONE LAYER is the part of the stratosphere where absorption of ultraviolet rays occurs//
    First your source counted the ozone layer and stratosphere as seperate in order to reach 7 layers but the very next sentence says the ozone is part of the stratosphere(ie. not seperate),
    Are you even able to recognize descrepancies?

  17. Katarina says:

    According to Prof. Xin LI, Sharia laws were created by Mo to protect his own selfish interests. Any of his gang member stole the booty, he choped of his hand. Gang members who committed adultery esp with his many wives, would be stoned to death. He was jealous of his gang members casting an amorous eyes on his many young wives so he passed a decree that all women must cover up. Of course, all this laws were passed using his Alloh's name.

  18. Ali Sina says:

    Nothing yet. I don't know where to begin and who to contact.

  19. Ali Sina says:


    This forum is for comments on the article not for copy pasting long articles No one reads what you copy paste and it is a waste of bandwidth and storage. I don't want to inflate my site with garbage. So I will delete all your copy pastes. I hate to block you but if I see you are taking a lot of my time I will have to block you too.

  20. Ali Sina says:

    Please do that. They provide platform for these deceiving Muslims. Although what they say is pretty, it is nothing but sugarcoated poison. Islam is evil and dangerous, Does it help if we sweeten the poison? Wise people deliberately make poison look, smell and taste foul to avoid accidental ingestion and here we are deliberately sugarcoating Islam. That is lunacy.

  21. A seeker says:

    Hi Ali,

    Is there any progress on the movie, did you manage to get the funds. I am checking your page every week for a good news.

  22. Satanic Verses says:

    7 planets in the Universe(All-knowing Allah says)
    Quran 65:12 Allah is He who created 7 firmaments and of the earth a similar number.Through the midst of them all descends. His Command : that ye may know that Allah has power over all things and that Allah comprehends all things in his knowledge.

    Quran claims there are 7 planets in the Universe.Modern Astronomy has proved that there are hundreds of billion stars and planets exist in the Universe.

  23. Katarina says:

    Every one who exposes the truth is a good guide.

  24. Kishore says:

    Katarina, who appointed you as other people's guide? did you appoint yourself or were you appointed by God of Truth?

  25. Katarina says:

    For sure the USA is assemblying drones to blow this Boko Haram to pieces, just like they did to the Taliban.

  26. Katarina says:

    Yes, truth needs to be defended to guide those misguided souls, who believe in the charlatan's stories.

  27. Kishore says:

    Dear Ali Sina,

    If what you're saying is the ultimate truth, do you think truth needs your defense?

  28. Katarina says:

    @ Shabeer & Slaveofprophet,

    How can you believe in a god who said the sun sets in a pool of muddy water 2. the earth spreads out flat with mountains as pegs. 3. the moon had been split into two. ( the Chinese had a 5-thousand history had never recorded this event ) & 4. Muhammad's night journey on a flying horse from Mecca to Jerusalem ? Had anyone see a flying horse so far ? Answer me, all of us are waiting.

  29. Demsci says:

    //"Muhammad thought of the OT as Alla's literal book.That idiot couldn't distinguish between a metaphor and a chronicle.Hence,his followers lack the same ability today."//

    Understood. But now Zuhdi Jasser,Tarek Fatah, Irshad Manji, Qanta Ahmed etc seems to be trying to interpret violent parts of Islam more symbolically, less literally. And even if they all lie through their teeth, that, I think, is also the policy of Western defenders of democracy against Islam; namely Daniel Pipes and Ryan Mauro of Clarion Project, who definitely support "democratic Muslims".

    And my hope is that this at least helps them and us to make more Westerners cooperate in the fight against the danger of (totalitarian) Islam. But I know and admit that the following of the "Democratic Muslims is still negligible. But can't we use this in our discussions with Islam-apologists? Can't we ask why Shabeer does not support Zuhdi Jasser, while he (Shabeer) all the time is making out Islam as such a benevolent religion?

    If Shabeer and other Islam-apologists are ALSO against Zuhdi Jasser, we can assume that they really  are against democracy and deceiving. Unlike openly seditious Slaveof Prophet and Anjem Choudary who openly declare to be against democracy and it's laws and human rights and in favor of a totalitarian shariah-state.

  30. Demsci says:

    //"1. One who makes a covenant in My Name, but proves treacherous; "//

    Zuhdi Jasser, being criticized and opposed in the above article, by Ali Sina, maintains that he IS a Muslim, but that he also respect the US Constitution and Democracy. He is perfectly willing to come to some kind of covenant with the American government, or in effect has already made it, on behalf of other Muslims who dare follow him.  

    I suppose that Shabeer sees him as a treacherous person. So we have here a person and a way of thinking very much concerning Islam and Democracy, who/ which is thoroughly rejected by BOTH Ali Sina and Shabeer. Or not? We know how Slave thinks about Zuhdi Jasser, but what does Shabeer, the most active and vocal Islam-apologist in the world, think about him and his way of interpreting Islam and combining it with democracy? 

    Towards Muslims I like to suggest that counterjihadists can't be lying about everything they say, there must be at least some truth in their writing, so packed with valid evidence all the time.

    And towards Westerners that Islam-apologists also can't be lying (or being deceitful) about everything they say all the time.

    And so, might not the person in the middle point out the logical position that some of what counterjihadists say and some of what Islam-apologists say is true and reasonable?

    And I think that most Westerners can accept such a position, and that it is only the vast majority of Muslims that does not accept such a position (yet?). 

  31. FFI reader says:

    Let's all send this debate to Hannity and O'Reilly shows on Fox News and voice our concern of having him as a guest on their shows.

  32. FoT says:

    Well done Mr. Sina. Excellent job in exposing Dr. Zuhdi Jasser's flawed logics and dishonest nature. Jasser is obviously an expert in lies and deception. Yet  he could not answer or avoid your questions. Congratulations on your victory.

    I have an unrelated question: How high is your IQ?

  33. ihateislam says:

    Slave mentality,
    There will also be young men, called ghilmen, whose bodies will look like pearls for the sexual gratification of muhammadan martyrs. That means gay lifestyle will be extended to the muhammadan paradise.

  34. ihateislam says:

    In muhammadanism, is any body free other than a Muhammadan?
    In Muslim 019:4368, Muhammad said that Sa'd's judgment was in keeping with allah's because he said that the fighting men who had surrendered should be killed and the captured women and children enslaved. The women and children did not fight yet they were enslaved and sold. Were there not free persons at the time they were sold and their prices eaten by Muhammad and his gang? Boko haram is doing exactly that and take note that as far as muhammadanism is concerned there is perpetual war until the creed of Muhammad reigns absolutely. In effect, no non-muhammadan is free.

  35. shabeer says:

    Malik :: Book 46 : Hadith 46.1.3 
    Yahya related to me from Malik that he heard that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "I have left two matters with you. As long as you hold to them, you will not go the wrong way. They are the Book of Allah and the Sunna of His Prophet." 
    Bukhari :: Book 9 :: Volume 92 :: Hadith 415 
    Narrated Humaid: 
    I heard Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan delivering a sermon. He said, "I heard the Prophet saying, "If Allah wants to do a favor to somebody, He bestows on him, the gift of understanding the Quran and Sunna. I am but a distributor, and Allah is the Giver. The state of this nation will remain good till the Hour is established, or till Allah's Order comes." 
    Killing innocent people prohibited: 

    49: 6. O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done. 
    17:33. and do not kill anyone which Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause. And whoever is killed (intentionally with hostility and oppression and not by mistake), We have given his heir the authority [(to demand Qisâs, Law of Equality in punishment or to forgive, or to take Diya (blood money)]. But let him not exceed limits in the matter of taking life (i.e he should not kill except the killer only). Verily, he is helped (by the Islamic law). 
    Malik :: Book 21 : Hadith 21.3.10 
    Do not kill women or children or an aged, weak person,Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees.Do not destroy an inhabited place. Do not slaughter sheep or camels except for food. Do not burn bees and do not scatter them. Do not steal from the booty, 
    Don’t acquire slaves except through war 
    8:67 It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war (and free them with ransom) until he had made a great slaughter (among his enemies) in the land. You desire the good of this world (i.e. the money of ransom for freeing the captives), but Allah desires (for you) the Hereafter. And Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise. 

    Selling free human is prohibited: 

    Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 36 :: Hadith 470 
    Narrated Abu Huraira: 

    The Prophet said, "Allah said, 'I will be an opponent to three types of people on the Day of Resurrection: 

    1. One who makes a covenant in My Name, but proves treacherous; 

    2. One who sells a free person and eats his price; and 

    3. One who employs a laborer and takes full work from him but does not pay him for his lab our.' " 
    Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 34 :: Hadith 430 
    Bukhari 1.2.29 
    Bukhari 1.3.97 

  36. saurav says:

    good post after a long time

  37. Phoenix says:

    But now we can retort that yes, the texts are equally violent, but the interpretation of Christians of them is radically and massively different, less literal. And so should the interpretation of Islam by Muslims become one day.//

    I think the reason christians don't interpret,the bible especially the OT literlally,whereas muslims do – is due to their leader's (Jesus) comprehension and use of the OT.
    Jesus refused to murder someone accused of adulterery,did not kill his men for working on the sabbath,allowed the disabled and sick to enter temples (OT forbids that too),saw no spiritual advancement in circumcision,or the way men and women dress,etc. The OT's ridiculous list of do's and don'ts or too long to list but you get mt point.It was never meant to be taken so literally.
    Muhammad thought of the OT as Alla's literal book.That idiot couldn't distinguish between a metaphor and a chronicle.Hence,his followers lack the same ability today.

  38. slaveofprophet says:

    You are questioning over belief. Belief is everything in Islam.If you believe in prophet, Allah, Quran you will get everything in heaven. Holy Quaran says:

    Quran: (44:51-55): Yes and we shall wed them to dark-eyed houris (beautiful virgins).Quran: (37:40-48): 

    Quran: (44:51-55): Yes and we shall wed them to dark-eyed houris (beautiful virgins).
    Quran-(78: 33-34):“And young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age, and a full cup of wine.”
    Quran-56:22: “And (there will be) Huris with wide, lovely eyes (as wives for the pious)”

  39. Phoenix says:

    Ali Sina:You say Mu was not a terrorist. Fine, answer the question hypothetically.//

    Zuhdi Jasser responds not with logic but with a red herring by using false accusation he hopes will deter the discussion.
    ''that is a patently absurd question ala "when did u stop beating ur wife"

    Unfortunately for Jasser we can prove using islamic texts that Muhammad engaged in terror activities.Can you prove Sina beat his wife?

  40. Phoenix says:

    I would like to know whether these girls are of non-believers? //

    Do their beliefs justify them being kidnapped?
    Let's assume a) they were non-muslims.This would make them fair game to be kidnapped in accordance with quran and sunnah of Muhammad.
    Let's assume b) they were muslims but engaged in haram activities such as secular education,dancing and playing video games.This would also justify their kidnapping under the guise of being "disciplined".

  41. lonelyloner says:

    He was on his way to having a spotlight, he's expected to give voice to the 'moderates', of course Zuhdi Jasser CANNOT admit that he's wrong, whether he knows he's wrong or not.

    But it seems to me Dr.Ali Sina himself had too once been someone like that long ago.
    The only difference is Dr. Ali Sina managed to admit that he got it wrong, and so decided to seek the truth instead, the true story as it is instead of as others want to believe. 

    But I can understand that mentality. Most people really are afraid of truth.
    Especially so with muslims, since they are obsessed with defending their 'face', just as they are obsessed with defending Islam, desperately trying to convince themselves and the world that Islam is not ugly: that this paper flower is real flower and not fake.

    No way you can expect Zuhdi Jasser to admit that. He has a face to defend. His rep, his position, he depends on them. 

    But I hope more and more people will come to see how fake and full-of-shxt Islam and all its adherents are, moderates and radicals both.

    Please keep asking the tough questions Dr.Sina.
    Those who are offended are those who need it the most.

  42. KLMNOP says:

    You are such a shameless creature, you openly accept your vile teachings and your words defy all logic. Really pathetic.

  43. slaveofprophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    Firstly, Ali Sina you should have known Islam is a divine religion and as per divine religion
    Slave girls can be sold. Muslim have all right over slave girls of non-believers as per Islam. 
    The Quran in Sura 4:24 says:
    And forbidden to you are wedded wives of other people except those who have fallen in your hands (as prisoners of war) . 

  44. Demsci says:

    When the Islam-apologists like Shabeer respond to our criticism of violent passages in Quran-Sunnah, showing us equally violent passages in the Old Testament, then they convince countless ordinary Westerners, who very much want to be impartial and unprejudiced, and that so often stops a discussion about Islam and it's influence. I have seen this soooo often.

    But now we can retort that yes, the texts are equally violent, but the interpretation of Christians of them is radically and massively different, less literal. And so should the interpretation of Islam by Muslims become one day.

    My point is that it seems to me so important to at least sway the vast majority of the Westerners, who have been so indoctrinated by the Muslims, leftists and political-correct people. And people like those of Clarion Project (editor Ryan Mauro) align with people like Zuhdi Jasser for this purpose it seems to me.

    There are the counterjihadists, like you, Spencer, Geller, David Wood, Ayaan and many more, they seem to me the "bad cops". And they are complemented by Clarion Project, Pipes, Jasser, Fatah, Manji etc. who act as the "good cops". Maybe this works.

    And both groups for sure are in favor of democracy and the constitution of the US. And THAT is what really counts for me. Even if you consider their strategy wrongheaded ( and I don;t believe they consider YOUR strategy wrongheaded, but just not effective enough).

  45. Demsci says:

    Ali Sina, you seem to have facts and logic on your side, to be sure. But Zuhdi Jasser and Tarek Fatah are not alone. As you know there is also Irshad Manji. You already discussed Daniel Pipes, who is also of the opinion that, somehow, a distinction must be made between radical and more democratic Muslims.

    For a few years now there is the website Clarion Project. It produced the movie "Honor Diaries". In it 9 women (most of them Muslima) debate about the influence of a "radical" Islam-interpretation on: Honor killings, FGM and forced marriages. On Fox news it was promoted when CAIR tried to stop it from being shown on campuses, with the reasoning that  the producers had an "Islamophobic agenda".

    A prominent role was for dr. Qanta Ahmed, also claiming to be a Muslim, but against the "wrong, literal" interpretation of Islamic texts by Muslims.

    Only the other day Tony Blair made an influential, though controversial, speech, that the West is in big danger from "radical" Islam, again making the distinction between radicals and "ordinary" Muslims.

    All those mentioned, Jasser, Fatah, Manji, Qanta Ahmed, Daniel Pipes, Clarion Project, Blair, are rejected and called "Islamophobic" and prejudicial by the representatives of Islam, like CAIR. And their many leftist, or political-correct detractors.

    David Wood responded to the Fox-news-controversy about Honor Diaries in a brilliant manner. And of course on the side of the makers and participants of this movie, which is hopefully very influential, just as yours one day hopefully will be.

  46. slaveofprophet says:

    @Ali Sina
    I do not know the whole story of kidnapping . I would like to know whether  these girls  are of non-believers?

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