Predestination and Free Will in Islam

Does God choose to guide people or do we have free will?

One of the most disconcerting concepts in Quran is predetermination (jabr). According to Islam, to believe in Allah is the sole purpose of a human’s life.

“I did not create Jinn and Men except that they may worship me” [Qur’an 51:56].

Also in a Hadith, generally cited by the Sufis, Allah says, “I was a hidden treasure and wished to be known, so I created the people to know me and to worship me”.

On Allah’s recognition depends our chance to enter the Paradise. Failing to recognize him will bring eternal damnation and hellfire. This matter is very important to Allah. He does not like to be ignored and has no mercy on those who do so. This belief is not exclusive to Islam. The Bible also presents a unforgiving and jealous God.

The problem is that in Islam being able to pass the test of faith and to gain admittance to Paradise is not in our hand.  It is Allah who chooses whom to guide and whom to lead astray.

The Qur’an affirms that if Allah so willed, he could certainly have brought every soul its true guidance. But that is not happening as Muhammad makes it clear that Allah does not want to guide everyone and vows to “fill the Hell with Jinns and men all together.”

If We had so willed, We could certainly have brought every soul its true guidance: but the Word from Me will come true, “I will fill Hell with Jinns and men all together. (Q.32.13)

The first question that comes to mind is “why”? Why should a self proclaimed loving god not guide his own children (or as Muslims put it “slaves”)? Why should he leave them to themselves and then come on them with such a wrath and fill the Hell with those whom he purposefully did not guide? This defies logic.

Muslims say that we have free will to accept God or reject him. But this is not what the above verse says. This verse clearly shows that if Allah wanted to guide people he certainly could have done it. Yet, he decided not to guide some to fill the Hell with them. This verse says that humans have no control over being guided. It all depends on Allah’s whim. Even if one wants to be guided, he cannot, because Allah has sealed his heart.

“….Such are men whose hearts Allah has sealed.” (Q.47.16)

I suppose I am among this group because I would love to believe. Believing is blissful. There is nothing more pleasant than thinking someone is taking care of you, answering your prayers and making sure you are safe.  But I simply can’t. It’s not heart, because I really yearn to believe. The problem is that my mind is opened.  In order to believe, I have to close my mind. That is no longer possible.  It’s like wanting to unlearn what you have learned, or to go back to the womb after being born.  I know for a fact that I can never be a believer again.

This god sealing the hearts of people reminds me of Moses and Pharaoh. Each time Pharaoh allowed Moses to take the Jews out of Egypt, God intervened, “made his heart stubborn” and sent a new calamity on the poor Egyptians who had nothing to do with Pharaoh’s decision, until Pharaoh accepted the departure of the Jews. But again God made his heart stubborn and sent on the wretched innocent people, another calamity.

In the Quran Allah curses his creatures and instead of giving them sight makes them blind and deaf.

Such are the men whom Allah has cursed for He has made them deaf and blinded their sight.” (Q47.23)

This conduct is not befitting of God. Why instead of blessing them with guidance Allah would curse them?  Why he would make them deaf and blind, instead of giving them sight and hearing and then punish them? Is this justice?  What would you say of a king blinds his subjects and then punish them for going astray?  Wouldn’t you say he is a psychopath? Would God act like a psychopath?

The riddle becomes more confusing when in the next verse the responsibility of locking their hearts is shifted on the people themselves.

“Do they not then earnestly seek to understand the Qur’an, or are their hearts locked up by them?” (Q.47.24)

Is it Allah that seals the hearts of the people or is it them? These two statements are mutually exclusive. Sometimes the Qur’an contradicts itself in the same verse.

“This is an admonition: whosoever will, let him take a path to his Lord. But ye will not, except as Allah wills … He will admit to his mercy whom He wills. But the wrongdoers – for them has he prepared a grievous penalty.” (Q.76:29-31)

The first part of this verse says people have free will to choose between taking the path or not. Then immediately that is contradicted and it says that Allah “will admit to his mercy whom HE wills.” Either we choose to be guided or Allah chooses. Only one of these statements can be true. And how can God punish people with a “grievous penalty” if He has chosen not to guide them?

If the choice of being guided is made by us, then the verse 32:13, 47:16 and 47:23 are wrong. If they are right and indeed it is God who chooses to guide anyone that he pleases he is unjust. If being guided or not depends on Allah’s will, what is our fault in not being guided? He assigned to us our destiny and he must not punish us for what he has willed for us. This injustice belies another claim of the Qur’an that says Allah is a just god.

”… And Allah means no injustice to any of His creatures.”(Q.3.108)

Why a god who is able to guide people chooses to lead them astray, and then fills the Hell with those whom he himself has misled? Can any Muslim answer this question?

Allah’s Split Personality

The confusion does not end there. The following verses assert that Allah misleads people by making their deeds pleasing to them.

As to those who believe not in the Hereafter, We have made their deeds pleasing in their eyes; and so they wander about in distraction. [27:4]

“Nay! to those who believe not, their pretence seems pleasing, but they are kept back (thereby) from the path. And those whom Allah leaves to stray, no one can guide.” [13:33]”

This is mischievous. Why would God do such thing? But wait a minute. In other parts of the Quran Muhammad says that it is Satan that makes their sinful act seem alluring to them.

“..On the contrary their hearts became hardened, and SATAN made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to them.  [6:43]

Remember SATAN made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to them, and said [8:48]

By Allah, We (also) sent (Our messengers) to Peoples before thee; but Satan made, (to the wicked), their own acts seem alluring: He is also their patron today. [16:63]

Well, that makes sense. Since Satan’s goal is to deceive and mislead, he is capable of doing such thing. So is it Satan or is it Allah that makes sin alluring to people? Could it be that the two are one? Is it possible that Allah is Satan?  How can we be sure that they are not the same? Much of what Allah did and said in the Quran are satanic.  Would it be far fetch to think that the ghost appearing to Muhammad was Satan impersonating himself as Gabriel?  How can we be sure that it was not Satan? Or perhaps Allah has a split personality, like Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hide.

Explaining the Unexplainable

The above is confusing. In some verses we read that it is Allah who seals the hearts of people. In other verses we are told that it is people who seal their own hearts and again we learn that it is Satan who does it. This confusion has fueled heated debates among Muslim scholars throughout the centuries. It caused schisms and bloodshed.

On one hand the bulk of Muslims adhered to the concept of predetermination (jabr = compulsion). The more radical of these “jabrians” were the Asharian who denied all free agency in man.  They argued:

Nothing can happen in the world, whether it respects the conditions and operation of things, or good or evil, or obedience and disobedience, or faith and infidelity … that is not contained in the written tablet of the decree of Allah.” (“Dictionary of Islam” by T.P. Hughes, pages 472-473).

On the other hand the Qadrias and the Mutazilites believed in free will. They were rejected as heretics. They argued that man has absolute freedom of will and is responsible for his own actions. If not so reward and punishment for virtuous acts and sins have no meaning. To support their position they quoted the following verses.

“And whatever affliction befalls on you, it is on account of what your hands have wrought.” (42:30)

“Because Allah will never change the grace which He hath bestowed on a people until they change what is in their (own) souls” (8.53)

“ Allah does not change a people’s lot unless they change what is in their hearts. But when (once) Allah willeth a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.” (13.11)

Those who strive in His path, are guided in the right path, while those who persist in denial and sinful living have their hearts sealed against faith (ii. 7, 26; iv. 155; v;.i. 102).

Allah does not compel belief and leaves the people free to believe or disbelieve (6: 35, 150; xvi-. 9).

Whoever has done an atom’s weight of good shall meet with its reward and whoever has done an atom’s weight of evil shall meet with its consequences (99: 7-8).

Thus, each person could find something in the Qur’an that confirmed his preference in this baffling dilemma of Islamic concept of predetermination (jabr) and free will (Ikhtyar)

Most educated modern Muslims tend to side with the free will, but their opinion is contradicted by several verses that maintain Allah’s decision is arbitrary.  

“Allah blots out and establishes what He pleases.” (3:39).
“Allah has power over all things.” (3:159).

Several verses confirm the idea of a despotic god who does not abide to any norm, is whimsical and unpredictable.

“If Allah had willed he would have made you one nation. But he leads astray whom he will and guides whom he will. But you shall certainly be called to account for all your actions.” (16:93).

Here again, Allah is in charge. He is the one who guides whom he wills. What is unclear is how people can be accountable for their actions if it is Allah chooses not to guide them.  The same concept is conveyed in the following verse.

It is equal to them, whether you warn them or not, they will not believe. Allah has put the seal upon their hearts.” (2:6-7)

The above verse renders futile the whole idea of divine guidance and prophethood.  If Allah has sealed the hearts of people and warning them or not makes no difference, what is the point of sending messengers and warners?

“Whomsoever Allah guides, he is rightly guided, and whom he leads astray, they are the losers! We have created for Gehenna many jinns and men …” (7:178-179)

Here again it is Allah who guides or leads astray people. But this verse goes even further. It says that Allah has deliberately created some jinns and some men and purposefully leads them astray in order to use them as fuel in his Gehenna (Hell). Just to make sure that we have not misunderstood what he said, let’s read more.

“Do ye desire to guide him whom Allah led astray? Whom Allah leads away, you will find no way for him.” (4:88).

“If Allah willed he would have made mankind one nation, but they continue in their differences, excepting those on whom your Lord has mercy. To that end, he created them and perfectly is fulfilled the word of your Lord: ‘I shall assuredly fill Gehenna with jinns and men altogether.'” (11:118-119).

“Allah leads astray whomsoever he will and guides whomsoever he will.” (14:4).

“For Allah leaves to stray whom He wills, and guides whom He wills. So let not thy soul go out in (vainly) sighing after them: for Allah knows well all that they do!” (35:8)

“… Thus doth Allah leave to stray whom He pleaseth, and guide whom He pleaseth:. (74:31)


“With Allah is the argument that reaches home: if it had been His will, He could indeed have guided you all.” (Sura 6:149).

Predestination in Hadith

This confusion is in the Quran, the book that is allegedly the unadulterated, verbatim, word by word message of God.  The hadith is also full of contradictions and absurdities.

Sahih Muslim Book 32, Number 6392:
Narrated Hudhayfah ibn Usayd:
Allah’s Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) said: When the drop of (semen) remains in the womb for forty or fifty (days) or forty nights, the angel comes and says: My Lord, will he be good or evil? And both these things would be written. Then the angel says: My Lord, would he be male or female? And both these things are written. And his deeds and actions, his death, his livelihood; these are also recorded. Then his document of destiny is rolled and there is no addition to and subtraction from it.”

If every detail of the life of an individual in predestined, it is logical to conclude that people have no free will. In that case punishing them for doing things over which they have no control, is unjust.

One argument presented to solve this problem is that God’s knowledge of what man will do does not preclude man’s freedom.

Here is what one Muslim wrote: “The idea that Allah has a foreknowledge of everything and the fact that the events unfold  exactly according to what he predicted, does not imply that humans are don’t have free will. The foreknowledge of God is an acknowledged fact, but it should not be interpreted in the sense of predestination, for if we do so we shall have to conceive of eternity as a storehouse of ready-made events, from which they drop one by one like particles of sand in a glass hour. If we take the foreknowledge to be a reflecting mirror we shall have to deprive the Creator and the Controller of the Universe of His Creative activity.” This view contradicts the Qur’an and many hadiths that unequivocally affirm that destiny is predetermined and it cannot be changed.

This author is contradicting himself in the same paragraph. Do humans have free will or is everything predetermined? Which one is he saying is true?  How can both be true?

Can one do something contrary to what God knows? Wouldn’t that render God ignorant?  Let us say when I was in the womb angles asked Allah what will be the destiny of this foetus and he responded, this foetus will be a boy, his name will be Ali he will grow up to the archenemy of Islam. Can I choose to be something different? If I do, I prove Allah wrong. Therefore, I have no choice. If I have no choice why should I be punished?

Muslims love to criticize the concept of Trinity as absurd. How one can be three at the same time, they argue. But there is nothing irrational in that. Don’t Muslims believe that a man is body, mind and soul at the same time? Isn’t that trinity? Trinity is not illogical. But the Quran is full of illogical things.

Khidhr is a mythological personage that allegedly drank from the water of life (abe hayat), which only he knows its source and has been living for thousands of years. Muhammad believed in this myth and thought Khidhr has been the instructor of Moses and many saints. 

The idea of predetermination is defined in a story told in the Qur’an. (18: 60-82) It is a story of Moses meeting Khidhr, a man wiser than himself. Moses accompanies Khidhr for enlightenment. This character does a lot of strange things. However, when he slays an innocent boy Moses can no longer hold his silence and demands an explanation. Khidhr responds that the lad would have grown up to rebel against Allah and disappoint his pious parents. Hence, he killed the boy to spare his parents from future anguish.

Sahih Muslim Book 32, Number 6434:
Narrated Ubayy ibn Ka’b: Allah’s Apostle (peace_be_upon_him) said: The young man whom Khadir killed was a non-believer by his very nature and had he survived he would have involved his parents in defiance and unbelief.

The boy was punished for a crime that he had not yet committed. This story precludes any chance that the boy could have chosen acted differently from what was determined even before he was born.  The story of Khidhr killing the boy narrated in eliminates free will.  The boy could not have become a believer, which raises anther question. If his destiny was predetermined and the only way to save his parents from the torments of his future disbelief was to kill him before he grew up, why Allah created him in the first place?

In another hadith we learn that Allah has created the Hell and the Paradise and their denizens already.

Sahih Muslim Book 32, Number 6435:
Narrated Aisha: A child died and I said: There is happiness for this child who is a bird from amongst the birds of Paradise. Thereupon Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) said: Don’t you know that Allah created the Paradise and He created the Hell and He created the dwellers for this (Paradise) and the denizens for this (Hell)?

Here Muhammad is saying that the child will not go to Paradise automatically just because he was a child and sinless. Whether he would go to Paradise or not depends on the purpose of his creation. He could go to hell for the sins that he was created to commit, but did not have the chance to commit them because he died prematurely.

With this absurd thinking Muslims have the cheek to criticize Christianity for its concept of the original sin. At least in Christianity one has a chance to believe and be saved. In Islam nothing is certain. One’s fate is already decided. Some of us will go to hell and some will go to heaven irrespective of how we live our lives or whether we believe or not.  It all depends on Allah’s whim and he has made his mind already.  So what is the point of believing or being pious? There is nothing we can do that would change our fate.

The injustice in Muhammad’s concept of predestination did not escape the early Muslims.

Sahih Muslim Book 32, Number 6406:
Narrated Imran ibn Husayn: Abul Aswad reported that Imran asked me: What is your view what the people do today in the world, and strive for, is it something decreed for them or preordained for them or will their fate in the Hereafter be determined by the fact that their Prophets brought them teaching which they did not act upon? I said: Of course, it is something, which is predetermined for them and preordained for them.

He (further) said: Then, would it not be an injustice (to punish them)? I felt greatly disturbed about that, and said: Everything is created by Allah and lies in His Power. He will not be questioned as to what He does, but they will be questioned. Thereupon he said to me: May Allah have mercy upon you, I only meant to ask you in order to test your intelligence.”

There are fundamental flaws in Islam and many Muslims are aware of them. But if they ask a question they will be threatened.

O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which if made plain to you, may cause you trouble… Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith. (Quran. 5:101-102)

The idea of God making people do good or sin and then rewarding or punishing them for things they had no control over, is clearly unjust. If we are all actors following a script why should we be punished or rewarded?  The criminals who followed Allah’s will and did what he had scripted for them should be rewarded in the same way that pious people should be rewarded. The Quran makes it clear that we have no control over our own actions.  But when the questioner asked for clarification he was scolded and threatened. He is told it is not up to you to question God.  Realizing that he is in danger of being branded a heretic he immediately changed his position and said he was just testing the intelligence of his addressee.  Was that answer intelligent? Believe or else is not an intelligent response. It is a logical fallacy. It is called argumentum as baculum (appeal to the stick).

There are hundreds of unanswered questions in Islam, each of which proves this faith is a lie. But Muslims don’t dare to talk about them. They are afraid of being punished, both in this world and in the next.  Difficult questions in Islam are elephants in the room that no one sees or talks about.

Nonetheless, these questions are important. God is not afraid of questions. It was Muhammad the liar who was afraid of them. When you ask questions you are not questioning God, you want to know whether Muhammad was truthfulness or whether he was an impostor.

When Muhammad could not answer a question he issued threats.

Book 32, Number 6420:
Narrated Abu Hurayrah: The polytheists of the Quraysh came to have an argument with Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) in regard to Destiny and then this verse was revealed: “On the day when they are dragged into the Fire upon their faces; taste the touch of Fire. Surely, We have created everything according to a measure”

The hadith narrated by Imran ibn Husayn continues:

Two men of the tribe of Muzaynah came to Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) and said: Allah’s Apostle, what is your opinion? That which the people do in the world and strive for, is something decreed for them, something preordained for them? And will their fate in the Hereafter be determined by the fact that their Prophets brought them teachings which they did not act upon and thus they deserve of punishment?

Thereupon, he said: Of course, it happens as it is decreed by Destiny and preordained for them, and this view is confirmed by this verse of the Book of Allah, the Exalted and Glorious:“Consider the soul and Him Who made it perfect, then breathed into it its sin and its piety.” (91:8).

The verse 91:8 states that it is Allah who inspires in people to sin (fojur) and to piety (taqva). This is in conformity with another verse that says all good things and bad things are from Allah.

Wherever ye are, death will find you out, even if ye are in towers built up strong and high!” If some good befalls them, they say, “This is from Allah”; but if evil, they say, “This is from thee” (O Prophet). Say: “All things are from Allah.” But what hath come to these people, that they fail to understand a single fact? (4.78)

Pay attention to the following hadith. Does it make any sense?

Sahih Muslim Book 32, Number 6407:
Narrated Abu Hurayrah: Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) said: Verily, a person performs deeds for a long time like the deeds of the people of Paradise. Then his deeds are terminated like the deeds of the people of Hell and, verily, a person performs deeds like the denizens of Fire for a long time, then this deed of his is ultimately followed by the deeds of the people of Paradise.

Here Muhammad is saying that it makes no difference whether you commit sin or live in piety, it is Allah who will decide whether you will go to Hell or to Paradise, irrespective of your actions.  Can this capricious wanton deity be God?

Muslims argue that since Allah is the owner of this universe, he can do whatever he wants with it without having to respond to anyone, just as a farmer is entitled to do whatever he wishes with his gardens. A gardener is free to prune any tree, to transplant it and even to cut it and burn it. Since he is the owner his decisions are the law.

Agreed! But unless the gardener is nuts, his actions must be predictable. No gardener would chop and burn the trees that produce good fruits, nurture trees that bring forth bitter fruits, or destroy his garden without any reason. He is free to do whatever he wishes, but unless he is out of his mind he will not do crazy things and will follow the rules of good gardening.  Muhammad is attributing insanity to God.

Even if God can do anything he pleases he will not act crazy. He cannot be unjust or stupid. I own my cat and no one can stop me killing him. But if I do it you’d be right in thinking I am insane.  Just because God can do anything it does not mean he will do stupid things.  Sending sinners to Paradise and pious people to Hell just because he can is insane.

Why Muhammad envisioned and insane god? It’s because he was insane. Allah is the figment of Muhammad’s imagination. Muhammad was a psychopath. His god is just like him.

The fact that God can do anything and he is not accountable to anyone is no excuse for him to do be unjust and do stupid things.  Muhammad describes Satan any time he talks about his god.

God must be reasonable and his actions must make sense.  Why would a just God throw into hell a person who has committed no sin and reward an evildoer?

Allah was Muhammad’s own alter ego. He was everything that the narcissist Muhammad wanted to be. Narcissists want to be loved, feared, respected, and to do as they please and respond to no one. Muhammad lived his wet dream though his sock puppet Allah.  This argument is enough to see Muhammad was a charlatan liar. What he said about God is blasphemy.  Ponder upon the stupidity of the following hadith.

Book 32, Number 6416:
Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-‘As: I heard Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) as saying: Allah ordained the measures (of quality) of the creation fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth, as His Throne was upon water.

Fifty thousand years before the Big Bang (Before the Big Bang time did not exist. So how this fifthly thousand years were measured?) Allah had already decided our fates. That is 13.7 billion years ago. Isn’t it embarrassing that over a billion people follow a crazy man?

According to Muhammad even accidents are predetermined by Allah.

Book 32, Number 6441:
Narrated Abu Hurayrah: … and if anything (in the form of trouble) comes to you, don’t say: If I had not done that, it would not have happened so and so, but say: Allah did that what He had ordained to do and your “if” opens the gate for the Satan.

Men are, therefore, completely subordinate to the overruling power of Allah. They cannot do anything not even prevent an accident. If an airplane falls there is no point in investigating the cause of it. There is no point in finding that out and eliminating it in other airplanes. It was the will of Allah. Be resigned.

The implication is grave.  This mentality counts for the backwardness of the Muslims and their inability to improve their lives.  When things go wrong Muslims don’t try to find the cause of it. They say it was Allah’s will.

The conclusion is that either Allah is a psychopath or Muhammad was a liar.

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  1. Sakat says:

    /One need atleast 36 years to be a decent scholar of Islam./
    And 52 years to its practical implementations especially sura 786 'pedophile' of Quran ha ha ha.

  2. cchuckc says:

    So did you trun 36 today? However you can't be decent and Muslim at the same time, so leave the scholarship to the infidels:-)

  3. slaveofprophet says:

    You are child to understand deep spiritually of Islam. One need atleast 36 years to be a decent scholar of Islam. 

  4. cchuckc says:

    Thats one of the most stupid video presented here. If somebody rapes you, it is his free will that is responsible but since Allah is the ultimate cause of everything, so Allah caused your being raped :-). Sounds silly? Well thats what essentially that person is saying, and he is correct about Islam saying as much.

  5. Phoenix says:

    Predetermined free- will?

    If it's contradictory,it's false.You muslims don't value logic,therefore you don't value truth.So stop crapping on our method of discovering truth ie. logic.

    We as theists (the non-muslim variety) acknowledge that there are constraints and free will does exist too.BUT (and its a big but)…they do not occupy the same time and space,therefore constraints are not fatal to free will.
    That was a simple deductive argument for free will.You can attack the logic,the grounding,the coherence and test it with a Reductio Ad Absurdum.

  6. Phoenix says:

    So much contradictions in 4 minutes is astounding.But these statements really expose the non-coherence in Islam's version of Occasionalism.
    He starts off by saying ,you have different types of causes and Allah is the ultimate causer BUT there is no real causation in the world,cause and effect is an illusion.
    1:55" Actions is DIRECTLY* from Allah".Then in 3:47 he says we believe people are responsible for their actions.
    dictionary definition of directly 1."without changing direction or stopping".2."with nothing or no one in between."
    In other words,people are responsible for the actions which they can't stop and have no control over that Allah has caused (which is an illusion btw)
    Has Allah predetermined this imams stupidity?

  7. Demsci says:

    Fatima, you wrote:
    //"but we have the choice to accept Islam or reject it, but those who reject Islam are pre destined for the hell fire"//
    Ali Sina wrote in the article:
    //" I really yearn to believe. The problem is that my mind is opened.  In order to believe, I have to close my mind."//

    If you only meant by choosing to believe, believing in God and that HE gives you guidance when you ask for it, well, then you believe in something that cannot be proven to be untrue and that could still be combined with an open mind for most other beliefs, theories, facts.

    But in order to accept the WHOLE of Islam, you gamble to believe in some of the most unlikely stories, long since challenged by people with alternative contradicting beliefs, theories and yes, facts, that are much more likely to be TRUE than Islam. with much more evidence and logic.

    If one tries to practice and promote some kind of societal theory like communism, fascism, democracy or shariah, or some kind of diet, one can say one does it for the beneficial effects for society and for one's figure/ health.

    But by accepting Islam you also accept all it's stories as true and you close your mind to contradicting alternative beliefs, theories, even facts.

    And look at one of the effects, rewards that you seem to have accepted the call of Islam for;

    you want the effect of going to heaven, instead of going to hell!

    But can you honestly say, that you first and foremost believe Islam to be the most true, logical beliefsystem?

    You see, in that case you would still believe Islam if it was said and you also believed: That the Muslims are not going to heaven. Because then you still would want to follow the most true beliefs, theories, facts.

    But we are tempted to believe that people like you gave up on the truth, gave up on an open mind because you longed for a belief like Islam and for heaven and for it's other effects.

    But remember, if Islam is not true, you believing it is, will not give you heaven!

  8. fatima1433h says:

    Asalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, 

    [youtube ETs18j9-jPA youtube]

  9. cchuckc says:

    But suppose in due course you realize that Islam is a false religion. It was all a hoax, then will you leave Islam?

  10. fatima1433h says:

    Asalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

    My understanding as a revert Muslim is we have the free will to choose Islam or not to believe, but when we believe and practice Islam, Allah will then guide whom he chooses and send astray as he chooses for those Muslims who are not listening to the message because we are to always pray for guidance. The more we believe and pray for guidance and search for knowledge Allah will clear the path and guide us, those who choose to just ignore this, Allah will send astray in order to cause difficulties so they will return to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, but we have the choice to accept Islam or reject it, but those who reject Islam are pre destined for the hell fire.  But I am not a scholar, this is just how I have come to understand since I heard the call to Islam. May Allah guide us all to Islam, the religion of peace … ameen

  11. ihateislam says:

    Good one Bharat. "–ham head". I never thought of it that way. You can see why they behave the way they do.

  12. ihateislam says:

    First of all I thank you for your story. Based on that experience you can now come to grips with what evil we face everyday. The followers of the dreamer have vowed to accomplish what your friend told you just as it is their goal to dominate the world. But they are also up against several odds. I am a Christian who does not believe in turning the cheek always to the muhammadan. A man has two cheeks and after having turned the second one, as the Holy Bible says, there is none other to be turned. Now to your question. There are as many as 200 different languages in Nigeria even though only three are made official together with English. So a word may have a different meaning in several languages. Duru, as a name, is answered by some part of southern Nigeria. But what I said in response to charcoal/narcotics means in another language "completely rotten". She spoke to me in a language I do not and will never care to understand. So I reciprocated.

  13. ihateislam says:

    All over muhammadistan.

  14. ihateislam says:

    Read the post again. It is self explanatory.

  15. ihateislam says:

    What morals do you have to impart to anyone? Muhammadans are poisonous ivies. Children should dread getting close let alone being allowed to play with them. Sleeping with a six year old child is a muhammadan specialty. I cannot allow my little girl to fall prey to a monster. Sometime ago in one of our states a Christian girl was kidnapped and the criminal who did that refused to release her on the ground that she had now become his wife and setting her free would cause her to revert to Christianity. He was older than a grandfather and was hiding a prepubescent girl. Kidnapping for ransom and rape is very rife among muhammadans. Every offer by a muhammadan is a trap.

  16. ihateislam says:

    A muhammadan is ever a busy body. Keep poking your fat nose everywhere.

  17. narcole1919721 says:

    I know you dont 'think' 😉

  18. narcole1919721 says:

    Keep buttering up 😉

  19. narcole1919721 says:

    Kidnapping? Thats ur thought? 'o' i only intended to make them smile and play with moslems. Since you as father unable to educate morals 🙂

  20. narcole1919721 says:

    Evidence from what? Could you repeat?

  21. narcole1919721 says:

    Darul islam? Where?

  22. sakat_1408_123 says:

    Dear ihateislam
    What do you mean by 'Duru' in Nigerian language.During my higher education in the University I had many friends of other nationality .I remember one of my friends name was Sunday Duru and his father was petroleum minister of Nigeria at that time.Many of us were living in rented premises including many Nigerians.There were two brothers who were Muslims and there were two friends who were Christians all of us were friends (we were marijuana friends) .One day while returning to room i saw many people were gathered in front of the room of those christian friends. Peter the tall guy was inside and Francis a short guy was crying out side their room for help .I ran towards their room ,the door was locked from inside ,then i peeped through window and couldn't believe my eyes .First time in my life i saw bloody beating of an helpless person .Peter was tide to a chair ,and those two brothers were beating him ruthlessly to his death .Many people were witnessing the incident ,but none of us has daring to interfere .I want to save the life of my friend Peter ,but i don't know how ,suddenly an idea flashed in my mind .I started shouting ,'Police';'Police' and knocked the door very hard.Suddenly both brothers stopped beating Peter and ran away from that place.Then i and Francis ran inside the room ,Peter was unconscious ,the blood was oozing from his eyes ,ears and from mouth and from all part of his body .I called ambulance and shifted him to the Hospital .It took two months to recover.Later one day i asked Abraham another Nigerien friend of mine.What was the reason for that fight ,he said the war is age old they want to dominate us Christians.Your all post confirm his statement.

  23. Bharat says:

    Allah was just an alter ego of Muh_ham_head. Nothing about the cult makes any sense.

  24. Simple Logic says:

    @ narcole,  
    Just tell me why the ten of thousands of moslems are dying to go western countries, risking their lives on the high seas to be smuggled into Europe and Australia. Don't they love living in their Darul Islam?

  25. Demsci says:

    //"As demsci ur follower said, you intentionally made up stuff in blackening the most beloved persons name, to seek attention from the lovers"'//

    And of course I never said that Ali Sina or supporters intentionally made up stuff when attacking Muhammad.

    I think that that would backfire, because if "stuff were made up about Muhammad", then long since the Muslims would have effectively refuted it and exposed Ali Sina for being a liar.

    But the thing is that Ali Sina, Robert Spencer and David Wood etc and many posters (supported by many Arab speaking apostates) for their arguments again & again use and show evidence from:

    Texts from Quran-Hadiths-Sira and explanations thereof by Islamic Arab speaking clerics and other Muslims,

    the texts and even interpretations of which give them arguments that are very hard to refute for Muslims.

  26. ihateislam says:

    A world without muhammadanism.

  27. ihateislam says:

    Muhaamadanism is the problem of the world. No other religion (if one can call it that) gives anybody headaches.

  28. Demsci says:

    //"As demsci ur follower said, you intentionally made up stuff in blackening the most beloved persons name, to seek attention from the lovers"'//

    You mean that I said that Ali Sina et al used the tactic of attacking Muhammad so as to shock Muslims and to make them start thinking? Which is perfectly legitimate under freedom of speech. For Muslims vice versa also.

    Look, Ayaan Hirsi Ali said already in 2002 that many Muslims will be offended by the slightest criticism on Islam. And when there are only politie critics of Islam, these will be resisted and maligned as malignant villains. But when someone goes all out in discrediting Muhammad, Muslims will be much more  reasonable towards polite critics of Islam. It is called the tactic of bad cop good cop.

  29. ihateislam says:

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate your gesture.

  30. cchuckc says:

    Brother that is typically insensitive muslim ranting. Only a sick person can bring in kids into a debate as if that makes her/his comment commendable or funny even. Alas, we live in a world infested with such peoples!!

    Regards to your family and wishing them well.

  31. ihateislam says:

    What is your business with my kids? Are you into kidnapping too? I know that to be a muhammadan passion also.

  32. sakat_1408_123 says:

    I don't think Sina loves his self more then humanity.

  33. ihateislam says:

    Dolls but do the eating yourself to get hydrated.

  34. ihateislam says:

    That is why there are suspects.

  35. ihateislam says:

    She has no need for worthless ventures.

  36. ihateislam says:

    You are a perfect example of that.

  37. ihateislam says:

    What difference does it make?

  38. ihateislam says:

    Hello!! My doll wants to know if someone is at home to change her diapers?

  39. narcole1919721 says:

    Ima rest after making lots of cookies i cant count. i planned to share with ur kids. there clown shape, chicken shape, butterfly shape, moon shape, also heart shape. which shape i should give? ;D oh i did zikr when making them. Hopefuly anyone who eats will get hidayah and soft heart 😉 

  40. ihateislam says:

    Why would my wife talking to my mum be a problem while I am on this blog? My wife knows what I am doing. It is because your brain runs riot all the time that is why you always think negatively.

  41. narcole1919721 says:

    Hehe. suspicious 😉

  42. ihateislam says:

    A criminal will be held in detention until the investigation is completed. If the offense is bailable, he is released on bail on meeting the prescribed conditions. Thereafter, he/she stands trial and when found guilty gets a jail term. Presumption of innocence does not preclude the law process taking its full course. My field is not relevant to my presence in this site.

  43. narcole1919721 says:

    Ur wife should convert to islam too. whats her email? i want to invite her as friend or sister ;D

  44. narcole1919721 says:

    Usually a person who talks harsh has a fragile heart…and he uses barrier cos of his sensitvity with rudeness…awww

  45. ihateislam says:

    Ur duru nwanga.

  46. ihateislam says:

    Suits you fine. As for the part of her mother being a convert to muhammadanism from Christianity, she has a right to choose what she wants for herself. However, I do not rule out the possibility of a garnished story here for effect. Why was that not mentioned before now? Quite an afterthought.

  47. narcole1919721 says:

    You mean you still dont want me to leave even on eid ? 😉 aww

  48. narcole1919721 says:

    ._. hello? *echoes* anybody at homeeee? *echoes*

  49. ihateislam says:

    I will miss your childishness that keeps me laughing anytime I read your post. As a matter of fact, what you call "eid" has no meaning to you and definitely has none to me. So ditch it.

  50. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol i said with somebody else. could be ur mom. Lolol u always think negative x'D

  51. ihateislam says:

    Go and find out from your jihadist compatriots when a bone in the throat this site is to them. Otherwise they would not have banned it. Why use a sledge hammer on something if it is harmless?

  52. ihateislam says:

    It shows the direction of your filthy mind just as that of Muhammad who when, he said he was fasting, would fondle a 6 year old child. I know you are missing the touch of your bf but he is not feeling the same way about you. That gives you more room to solicitate.

  53. narcole1919721 says:

    Theres presumption of innocence in law. whats ur field? 🙂 

  54. narcole1919721 says:

    Ur dhal ;D

  55. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol how serious. Only you and i here lol

  56. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol here? On site? Are ur kids on website? x'D

  57. narcole1919721 says:

    Anyway, if ur wold of dragons had no islam, whats ur next move, which religion would you hate next then? 😉

  58. narcole1919721 says:

    World of dragons, yeah right x'D

  59. narcole1919721 says:

    Oh about my bf. i did say he left, but i didnt say he came back 😉 his mom was a christian. Converted to islam 😉

  60. ihateislam says:

    More important in terms of negativity as muhammadanism has a conman as its prophet. Surely such a contaminant deserves paying much attention to.

  61. narcole1919721 says:

    Oh yeah ur life is full of muhammadanator activities 😉 anyway eid is coming, will u be okay without me here? Im worried. U might miss me 😉

  62. narcole1919721 says:

    Psst, be careful. While ur talking here on net, she might be with somebody else 😉

  63. narcole1919721 says:

    You obviously emphasizing that islam is more important than christianity . Thank you 🙂

  64. ihateislam says:

    The word "dull" should read "doll".

  65. ihateislam says:

    That is a 'revelation' akin to what Muhammad used to deceive people with. My wife is too mature to even look at such nonsense. Look for something better to do.

  66. ihateislam says:

    My life is full of activities. Your unsolicited offer is uncalled for and rejected. If you are nice at all your " bf" would not have left you. By the way, I think he is not a muhammadan at all for not having done what the quran enjoins. When he found you to be rebellious, it was unmuhammadan of him to have walked away. He should have whipped you. He would have had the scriptural authority and that of the ulema and ummah for such action. But he is very bereft of any knowledge of the quran. May be his reason for not having done so was because both of you were living in sin. THAT REQUIRES RAJAM JUSTICE.

  67. ihateislam says:

    Where has he gone to? I thought your belief is that allah aka Muhammad lives for ever? He said that whenever any of his followers invokes him in his/her prayer, his soul will return to his body(though skeletal now) and he will rise to answer or bless the person. You and billions of others invoke his name several times a day which means that his spirit/soul is perpetually in his body. Why would you say he is not here? There is nothing irrational about that. No I am not aware of you reflecting my condition. I do not worship what you worship or follow somebody who had a central nervous system problem.

  68. ihateislam says:

    The world will become a better place for all including you.

  69. ihateislam says:

    If so, why waste your time being here? On the contrary, as you are a witness, everything on this site is very serious.Our purpose is very open : to expose muhammadanism. If this site were not to be serious, it would not have been banned in muhammadan countries. Very few sites have that distinctive honor.

  70. ihateislam says:

    I am not here to propagate Christianity but to expose the false prophet and his doomsday cult. I tried preaching Christianity on muhammadan websites and was banned. Sina is a magnificent human being for providing this blog so that those, like you, who are at their wits end, due to frustrating episodes in life, may still feign to have some purpose. He will not ban you except you contravene the rules. We only responded to your posts to stop you from bragging that nobody ever took up you challenge. "Dr Okubo", the 'spell caster' is doing what Muhammad did over 1400 years ago :con people. He will be very useful to you since you have a fascination for such shady characters.

  71. narcole1919721 says:

    Okay. I got it. ur life is dull. N ur not satisfied with ur wife n kids. i dont mind entertaining u. im nice 🙂

  72. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol ur talking about prophet whos not here. dont u think its irrational? are you aware im reflecting ur condition? 😉

  73. narcole1919721 says:

    And after that mission accomplished, then what? 😉

  74. ihateislam says:

    Quite rightly you are the toy and playing with you takes the dullness away from your life and enlivens you.

  75. narcole1919721 says:

    Nothing serious on this site. I noticed u n ur group hiding secret purposes behind this 🙂

  76. narcole1919721 says:

    I accidentally went here, and its you who kept messaging me. my very first comment kept being responded by  you and others. im waiting to get banned. But it seems that either sina likes me or afraid of me 😉 ur a christian, but never preached christianity which u shud promote here if u think its true. sometimes i wonder whether ur dr okubo the spell caster x'D

  77. ihateislam says:

    My communication with GOD is a personal issue not meant for a public forum. I am not a mhammadan who makes show of everything. My interest in muhamadanism, what you call prophet and his movement is to help expose the lies the contain so that the unwary will become aware.

  78. ihateislam says:

    You are gradually admitting that the purpose of your being on this site is to get hooked. That explains why you choose to stay here permanently. I have heard about 'internet romance' but in you I am experiencing a solicitous person for that for the first time.

  79. ihateislam says:

    Recipe of the cookies you burnt.

  80. ihateislam says:

    Confirmation that you are a toy to be played with on this blog. Nothing serious at all is to be discussed with you.

  81. ihateislam says:

    I have told you that anyone who follows an epileptic is bound to think and behave irrationally. You are having hallucinations about my children whose whereabouts remain a mystery to you. So how can you give them milk when you have not seen them? My sympathy goes to the families of the children charcoal/narcotics has just poisoned. For the good of the general public, please avoid muhammadan milk whether it is offered to you in its natural receptacle or in powdered or condensed form. It is more potent than cyanide.

  82. narcole1919721 says:

    Im the toy, and ur muhammadanator and ur life is dull? ;D

  83. ihateislam says:

    You are a toy on this blog just as Muhammad had Aisha as his life dull.

  84. narcole1919721 says:

    How many times a day you open bible? im pinching u to wake u up. Ur obsessed with islam, prophet n moslems 😉

  85. narcole1919721 says:

    Im not lying that i got it from ur wife. aint ur wife internet 😉

  86. narcole1919721 says:

    But u lied to ur wife by telling u work for her, in fact ur teasing a woman making cookies :/

  87. narcole1919721 says:

    But i got the recipe from ur wife :/

  88. narcole1919721 says:

    So ur not human being? 'o'

  89. narcole1919721 says:

     but i just gave ur kids the milk…i didnt know it contained that. Omg

  90. narcole1919721 says:

    Toying? u like playing with kids? 😉

  91. ihateislam says:

    You need to pinch your entire self to wake you up from the muhammadan nightmare.

  92. ihateislam says:

    Muhammadan milk is laced with cyanide. It will not only retard growth but end life completely.

  93. ihateislam says:

    Never obsessed but toying with you.

  94. ihateislam says:

    Any name which includes Muhammad or allah is not meant for human beings. They are not even good enough for dogs.

  95. ihateislam says:

    His honesty was seen in the amount of booty he collected after wars ordered by himself aka allah.

  96. ihateislam says:

    Muhammadan cookies are tasty the muhammadan way. They are not meant for nonmuhammadans.

  97. narcole1919721 says:

    *pinches ur nose*

  98. narcole1919721 says:

    Milk is good for growth. Do you sell here?

  99. narcole1919721 says:

    So ur name is Muhammadanator ibn slave of Allah? 🙂

  100. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol how could a liar accusing a honest innocent person a liar 

  101. narcole1919721 says:

    But the cookies are tasty 😉

  102. ihateislam says:

    You mean it is infantile mentality to laugh at somebody who debases herself to the point of believing that an impostor was a prophet? It is the believer in such a LIAR who is infantile and you perfectly qualify for that title.

  103. ihateislam says:

    Every muhammadan is as poisonous as a black adder and so is his/her gift. Your cookies are parcel bombs. Keep the for your fellow muhammadans.

  104. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol infantile mentality…correct, thats you who keep doing that toward the most beloved prophet x'D

  105. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol i was just asking. Who knows i could visit and share eid cookies, and they'll love me and follow me, su2u zhon x'D

  106. ihateislam says:

    Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Mutallib since you pretend not to know.

  107. ihateislam says:

    Thoroughly ammussed by such infantile mentality.

  108. ihateislam says:

    So that your co-jihadists will go and blow up the school. That is a practical teaching from your dubious prophet.

  109. ihateislam says:

    Nobody who follows that impostor knows any better.

  110. Agracean says:

    Grow up, kid!

  111. narcole1919721 says:

    As if your mom could teach you to behave good. Anyway if i pinch your nose, will you say that my prophet asked me to do that? x'D

  112. narcole1919721 says:

    Do you love ur kids? where are their schools? 🙂

  113. narcole1919721 says:

    How did you feel when i was talking about ur mom as mirror?

  114. narcole1919721 says:

    Decent who? ._.

  115. narcole1919721 says:

    Why, obsessed with me? 😉

  116. narcole1919721 says:

    Wild impostor who? you? 😉

  117. ihateislam says:

    Can you mention just one thing that has been falsely labeled against that wild impostor?

  118. ihateislam says:

    Does any muhammadan here know the names of your own family members?

  119. ihateislam says:

    You are doing what your 'prophet' asked you to do : show in public how filthy your mouth can be.

  120. ihateislam says:

    That is muhammadan etiquette which is slum prudery to decent people.

  121. narcole1919721 says:

    Sina who do you love? besides ur self ofcourse 😉

  122. narcole1919721 says:

    Does any moslem here know the names of sinas family members 😉

  123. narcole1919721 says:

    Oops my bad, my prophet banned me that. Astaghfirullah ^^'

  124. narcole1919721 says:

    Your mom 😉

  125. ihateislam says:

    Muhammad had no mental capacity to believe anything rational. He was epileptic and constantly had a nervous breakdown the product of which he fraudulently called 'revelation'. But he had a fascination for myths which he highly promoted to deceive the ignorant people.

  126. narcole1919721 says:

    As demsci ur follower said, you intentionally made up stuff in blackening the most beloved persons name, to seek attention from the lovers 🙂

  127. narcole1919721 says:

    And prophet mu7ammad shollallahu 3alaihi wa sallam didnt believe it. maybe muhammadanator does 😉

  128. narcole1919721 says:

    Khidir didnt drink water of life. its well known as persians myth 😉

  129. narcole1919721 says: accounts. muhammadanator, u always follow me, ull follow my prophet too 😉

  130. ihateislam says:

    World Viewer,
    The interesting but sad thing is that muhammadans practice their religion of falsehood more freely in the West than in their countries. It is in the West that they run to for asylum when persecuted at home. What does that tell us? That the entire muhammadan facade is more rotten than a sepulcher.

  131. ihateislam says:

    It is your feeling as you have no way of proving your assertion.

  132. narcole1919721 says:

    Lol you never read quran. Dont pretend you did 😉

  133. chrisheath says:

    I'm always amazed at Muslims. The discussion regarding hearts being sealed, for example. The Koran is in total contradiction and confusing. How to make sense of it? Simple, Introduce the concept of ' not necessarily for ever'. Ummm – but I though Gods word, the Koran, was perfect and complete. Muslims keep having to alter the words or the meaning, to make sense, not realising as they do so, they are going against the very beliefs that they hold with such religious fervour. Ah well…..

  134. World Viewer says:

    From Rightside view
    The promotion of ritual human sacrifice and cannibalism has been a topic of discussion on two Egyptian TV programs recently.

    On Al-Tahrir Egyptian TV advisor Ahmad Abdo Maher, discuses the high-school curriculum issued by the highest religious authority in Egypt, Al-Azhar University, which encouraged students to cannibalize apostates and Muslims who abandon praying. The schoolbook stipulated that the act can be carried out so long the human flesh is eaten uncooked in respect to the dead body and that the act “does not necessitate a governor’s consent or is it punishable by law.” [1]

    Here is the video:

    The other popular television program, Al-Nas [click here] with Safwat Hegazy, a famous Egyptian cleric who launched Mohammed Mursi’s campaign in 2012, sanctioned Aztec-style, ritualistic human sacrifice of a Shia cleric named Yasar Habib. Hegazy justified his threat against Habib, who resides in Great Britain, by giving a case-in-point from Islamic history. Hegazy made reference to when the governor of Iraq – Khalid Abdullah al-Kasri – dragged a shackled Jaad bin Durham to the mosque in Kufah and used him as the sacrificial offering (instead of an animal) and then crucified him:

    Does cannibalism make the case FOR Islamophobia? Pre-order the new book from Walid Shoebat, The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA: Jihad by the Word; America’s Final Warning

    Hegazy reminded his viewers that when Al-Kasri made his speech that day saying, “O people, sacrifice, Allah accepted your sacrifices. I am now sacrificing Jaad bin Durham.” Al-Kasri then slaughtered him in the mosque on the Sacrifical Day 119 A.H. This set the precedent that using a human being on the Islamic holiday – known as The Festival of Sacrifice – instead of an animal was preferable.

    The supporting views on such an edict are so pervasive that even one blog, The Cole Children Forum for Muslim children shares the story, since the account is supported by several of the most forceful theologians during the history of Islam like Al-Shafi’, Ibin Tayymiya, Bukhari, Dhahabi, Ibin Al-Qiyam, Darami and Ibin Katheer. [2]

    While Muslim scholars do not question the authenticity of the event, some question the legality of the act, since it is understood that Eid Al-Adha, The Festival of Sacrifice is – according to Islam – the commemoration of Abraham’swillingness to sacrifice his son Ishmael but that he is remembered for sacrificing an animal (not a human being).

    However, Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-Rajihi, a respected scholar in Saudi Arabia, expressed support for human sacrifice in at least one speech. Al-Rajihi’s is not someone to be ignored; he is a scholar who educated the previous chief Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the renowned Muhammad Ibrahim Al Sheikh.

    Today, Al-Azhar is a part of the Egyptian government and has the power to enact edicts as mandated by the new constitution. Under article 4, it states:

    “The noble Azhar is an independent Islamic institution of higher learning. It handles all its affairs without outside interference. It leads the call to Islam and assumes responsibility for religious studies and the Arabic language in Egypt and the world. The Azhar’s Body of Senior Scholars is to be consulted in matters pertaining to Islamic law (sharia).”

    While cannibalism is prohibited in Islam, exceptions do exist for apostates, adulterers and enemy combatants. The difficulty for some moderate scholars is that such an edict comes from the highest authority of Islamic jurisprudence. Abu ʿAbdullah Muhammad ibn Idris al-Shafi‘i, the founder of the major Shafie school of Sunni Islamic thought, writes:

    “One may eat the flesh of a human body. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim under Muslim rule (because he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner because he belongs to other Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter or an adulterer and eat his body.” [3]

    Such edicts are even being disseminated by many Muslim clerics in Egypt. Prominent Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Yaqub recently made a speech encouraging the cannibalization of Jewish flesh:

    “Our hatred, animosity, and rage toward the Jews grow. Our hatred of the Jews grows when we see them destroying our brothers. Rage boils within us. If only we could strangle the criminal Jews… If only we could strangle the Jews with our bare hands, and bite their heads off with our teeth, not with weapons.”

    Sheikh Safwat Hegazy has repeated a similar mantra when it comes to the desire to cannibalize Jews:

    “If our rulers let us, we would catch you [Jews] in the street, and we would devour you with our teeth.”

    Islamic history documents several acts of Islamic cannibalism. In 1148, one criminal named Rudwan fled from the police only to be arrested, put to death, decapitated, and cut to pieces. Those pieces were then eaten by Egyptian soldiers who believed that they would absorb his courage. [4]

    The phenomenon is not only historic, such ritualistic sacrifices exist today including crucifixions and cannibalism in Ramallah, using the flesh of Jews.

  135. Sagar mehta says:

    Hello i think u are European. Whatever line you are arguing over, they are less known. You better see other lines to learn how horrible they are

  136. bbnasjk says:

    Mr Ali sina. I am not a Muslim, yet i find your arguments are full of fallacies. You have interpreted them wrongly.
    Firstly, How can you say that Quran is full of grammatical errors, when you own articles have punctuation, grammar and spelling errors ? I think you don't qualify to judge the grammar in Quran because you don't know grammar yourself!

    I would like to argue that the first 2 quotes you have tried to explain.

    “I did not create Jinn and Men except that they may worship me”
    You said failing to worship and recognize allah will make one burn in hell and one who worship allah will go to heaven.
    Everyone believes that this world is a polluted world, nuclear weapons, murders, rapes, extortion, war,
    THIS is the hell God is talking about. If one worship god, one will inherit the qualities of god (love, peace, forgiveness, tolerance etc). One will be a better human being and so, will qualify to go to heaven. Who continues to do inhuman things like murder, kidnap, killings etc, will not go to heaven. Was that so difficult ?? or do you think that criminals qualify to go to heaven ?
    So, it actually means to make oneself good, and make oneself worthy to go to heaven.

    and the second one, allah will not lead all to heaven and make them suffer in hell.
    this one follows from the first one.
    All wont qualify to go to heaven, hence will die in the hell (the earth is a hell because of our crimes, lack of compassion, inhumane nature)
    God wont lead few people to heaven because they dont deserve to be led, Not you, not me, But think of the barbarous criminals who did barbarous crimes, their hearts are sealed, no one can teach them humanity, compassion, music, poetry.
    Example, In a competitive exam, thousands of people participate and only a few hundreds crack it.
    similarly of all the people in the world right now, everyone will not make it to heaven. Simply because if they do, that place wont be heaven. maybe you will, or people in this website will. But people who killed people with cold hearts will not make it to heaven. people who are criminals wont make it.
    God chooses, in his own divine way,
    If we believe in him, and worship him, we must believe that he chose us. Whoever doesn't worship God is because God didnt chose him to be a part of heaven.

  137. Ali Sina says:

    Don’t keep that to yourself. Make sure that everyone learns this truth and specially innocent clueless girls be warned dating a Muslim man. Islam spreads through lies. The best weapon to defeat it is spreading the truth.

  138. Chiulo-Ruiz says:

    Also in a Hadith, generally cited by the Sufis, Allah says, “I was a hidden treasure and wished to be known, so I created the people to know me and to worship me”.

    How pathetic a needy "GOD"! Where is your "Goddess"?

  139. Julia says:

    Thank you SARAH for your HONESTY ! Be careful though if your EVIL EX-muslim husband still lives.
    You have seen it for yourself.
    The TRUTH will destroy this backward fake religion !

  140. Sarah says:

    I was married to Muslim man. He was praying 5 times, following and reading Kuran, and all the time talking about killing being ok, violence is a way to protect yourself and trying to prove to me that this is ok in Islam. He spent hours watching youtube most violent war videos, criticizing everybody else but not Muslims. Time with him was like a nightmare. He showed me how Islam was religion without love, withour forgiveness, and a fear of God instead of loving God. In my opinion, there is no way this ideology can come from God. My God is loving, inviting and forgiving.

  141. MOSIBUR RAHAMAN says:


  142. Worldpeace says:

    “The conclution is that, either Allah is apsychopath or Muhammad was a liar”,I prefer the latter propostion if Allah is the true GOD of love and universal mercy.

  143. Sanada_10 says:

    Christians also have that experience. Subjective statement can be countered by another.

  144. Sanada_10 says:

    In Islam, silly. The church is already answered if you really read anything here. xD

  145. Sanada_10 says:

    Oh, seal doesn’t mean forever and the seal of the prophet means forever? Let’s ponder upon it:

    !. Where is the verse that mentions this “temporary condition”?
    2. Allah planted the seal so logically Allah himself is the only one who can remove it.
    3. Instead of helping the fragile human (who he created it that way), he chose to push them away from the path.
    4. Out of nowhere, the program he planted called human nature, can break the seal the almightly Allah planted which leads to:
    5. Allah’s motive of creating this human nature and seal. He was aware of the consequence, wasn’t he?

  146. Sanada_10 says:

    You wrote, “Does doing so mean that I've prevented him from being with us or didn't want him to come in?”

    Sigh, a classic analogy from a believer and you are just the same with someone I talked too regarding god and its attribute. These are your mistakes:

    “My son has the option of living with me, but if he'd prefer to sleep in a tent on the front porch instead of coming in, I"ll close the door at night.”

    Note that you didn’t create your son, don’t know his thought, his future, and his deepest secret aka flow of mind. Comparing god with human is classic play and this is wrong. If you insist that god is like this then why don’t call it “human god”?

    In here, you are totally disconnected to your son and you have no control over his mind. You don’t prevent him because you are just human like him.

    Your answer is exactly the same with Christian named Agracean here so I suggest you try to answer my queries about it:

    Try to browse all queries, I just gave 2 to simplify things.

    The list of the mistakes:

    Comparing human to god in every detail can lead to:
    1. Assumption of god who behaves like human which is absurd even if you look at Islamic claim about god.
    2. We have human god so why don’t we have human purpose called testing? The all knowing god needs a test to know the heart and worth of a human.
    3. The real purpose of god if we look at his ability. Angel is the one comparable to his desire.
    4. Take the whole package for fairness and insert the blemish of human too. God can behave like human who can make mischief and wrong deed for personal gain.

  147. Hassan says:


  148. John K says:

    Too much spam advertising a sociopathic religion.

  149. John K says:

    "He only seals it if He wants."

    Isn't that fair? How can you believe such ridiculous nonsense?

  150. John K says:

    No, Dr. Sina uses the sahih hadiths and sira as the proper sources to explain the verses. The Quran states that it is a clear book for our understanding. There is no misinterpretation. You need to accept that your books say what they say and stop making excuses for them. Either you are a true Muslim who believes and worships the Quran's teachings, or you are an unbeliever. Make up your mind.

  151. all mino says:

    do you agree, that sex with child is something divine?
    do you agree, that killing people that critize Muhammad, is something divine?

  152. all mino says:

    Allah is from Muhammad. Did you know about what Muhammad did? LEARN IT FIRST!!
    read it from Sirah Ibn Ishaq, and the Hadith itself.

  153. Hayyah says:

    (cont.) I write this from personal experience — I went from being blind to seeing. A complete psychological, emotional, physical transformation. I see now, now that I love Allah, what I couldn't see before, back when I wanted to be my own god, like how shaytaan wants to be his own god rather than show humility and find true peace.

    Wa salaam

  154. Hayyah says:

    (cont.) As for the eyes and ears being sealed, it's the same idea as above. And we may not have vision and hearing to open us up to the present, but we would still have memory, and our inner knowledge, and touch and smell, so yes there still is adequate basis for sound free will. This verse was put there so that those who do believe can understand how non-believers misunderstand and even distort verses, calling them irrational when they really do make spiritual sense — because they have chosen to turn away, and worn down their conscience and fitrah, to the point where it's like they're blind, they've become immune to what's right in front of their eyes. And since we have free will, Allah swt won't force them to change, they have been adequately guided, but chose to go their own way and create their own world — just like in the analogy, my son chose to sleep outside the house and create his own camp, in this sense, people who turn away choose to sleep outside the Reality Allah Created, and create their own world, and cannot see in (are blind to) Allah's World.

  155. Hayyah says:

    (cont.) Doing what is haram long enough causes us to have a seal on our hearts, because the more times we do what we shouldn't, the more common it seems, and we don't feel bad, so that eventually, we don't care to stop, because we've worn down our conscience. That is like a seal, and yes it's very hard to turn back once we've destroyed our conscience and nearly extinguished our fitrah, but it is possible, if we open our eyes.

  156. Hayyah says:

    (cont.) As for free will vs. predestination, it's not really predestination per se, but pre-knowledge. Allah swt is not human; He (or She or It) transcends our understanding of space and time (even Einstein and String Theory come close to understanding that space and time are not as we see them). Allah swt can see what we choose to do all at once, as He can see the whole existence of the world in one flash. So He already knows about us, about our whole lives, and where we'll end up, though what we'll do and where we'll end up is still our choice. He observes and knows that, but doesn't dictate it. So He knows that hell will include jinn and men, but the jinn and men got there from their own free will, and were adequately warned all along the way, and given a fitrah and prophets and texts and certain life evens to help guide them, though they may turn away and therefore, willingly, extinguish their connection to their fitrah.

  157. Hayyah says:

    (cont.) A seal doesn't necessarily mean forever. We open food every day by breaking seals. Sealing our parts is part of human nature — and Allah created human nature — when we turn away from things. Once we determine that we do not want to be with our spouse, and we move away, and time passes, there is distance between us, and eventually we stop feeling the love and move on. This is a seal. But people can get even to this point, but then turn back. Allah swt has made it infinitely clear in so many sources that when we walk toward Him, He runs to us. But He's not going to keep knocking forever on the front door when we refuse to answer it.

  158. Hayyah says:

    (cont.) As for Allah sealing the heart, He only seals it if He wants. This part is the qualifier, because elsewhere we are told that if we want to be with Him, then He wants even more to be with us, such as when Allah swt says:
    "He who comes with a good deed, its reward will be ten like that or even more. And he who comes with vice, his reward will be only one like that, or I can forgive him. He who draws close to Me a hand's span, I will draw close to him an arm's length. And whoever draws near Me an arm's length, I will draw near him a fathom's length. And whoever comes to Me walking, I will go to him at speed. And whoever faces Me with sins nearly as great as the earth, I will meet him with forgiveness nearly as great as that, provided he does not worship something with me."

  159. Hayyah says:

    Misinterpretation and misunderstanding. You're taking verses literally instead of understanding their meaning, and ignoring the sources which explain these.

    My son has the option of living with me, but if he'd prefer to sleep in a tent on the front porch instead of coming in, I"ll close the door at night. Does doing so mean that I've prevented him from being with us or didn't want him to come in? No — it was his own choice. He also knew ahead of time that I'd close the door (yes, I'm merciful and tell him ahead of time, just like Allah does). This is an analogy to Allah swt sealing the hearts. If we choose to turn away from Him and we do not love Him or want to be with Him, then we are really the ones putting a seal on our hearts. Just like my son in this case chooses not be be inside with us, and I say 'ok' and close the door. My son is the one causing separation, not me, though I am the one who closes the door — after telling him that I would.

  160. vivek says:

    GOD created this universe for LEELA (FUN)!! souls than follow the journey as per KARMA(DEEDS) ,opposite is required for existence of this universe.only if there is night u can understand and appreciate day, only when there is badness one can appreciate goodness-this is how the software of universe works,but in this game humans are given choice of free will,but that choice is influenced by the intelligence of ones own KARMA,but still the fruit one receives is because of the grace of GOD ……

  161. Sanada_10 says:


    There is nothing wrong in that interpretation. Take example of free will. Pretending that personal god is real then what is a “free will”? Is there such a thing called “free” when comes to a “supreme controller” like god? Doesn’t god control all things, flows, decisions, events etc? Did he even think about this when he wanted to create the creature named human?

    God should be all knowing thus he should be the one that causes all of these life games. Why did humans do evil? Forget about the definition of evil here, coz evil is relative. Back to humans, so why did humans do it? Who put the seed in those evil deeds? Who stimulate them to do that? Who’d designed humans such as this that inclined to their desire? Who’d created their tendency, nature, intelligence, environment etc?

    Let’s take a look at the verse 13 in Surah 32,

    If We had so willed, We could certainly have brought every soul its true guidance: but the Word from Me will come true, "I will fill Hell with Jinns and men all together."

    What does this mean? What is the meaning of “if we had so willed”? Sure, if you are biased or if you are a muslim, you will accept the explanation that says, “there is no free will”. But this is incorrect since the goal, or should I say, the main desire of god is to be known and worshipped. This is the ideal situation and method for god to achieve this desire. Beside, why does the supreme, infinite, needless being need all of these desires?

    It’s simple. That verse means “we had no such strong will”. Read also,

    Q 26:4. If [such] were Our Will, We could send down to them from the sky a Sign, to which they would bend their necks in humility.

    God in Quran is playing game with humans, he likes to see humans worship him but at the same time he loves to see humans burning in hell. He chose not to send the sign that would make human (with free will of course) bow down in awe. Now, why does a god do all of these? This is all human’s traits and it exists because human has a body, a mortal one whom can feel insecurity. Of course all of these are based on the premise that “the omnipotent, needless god does this to satisfy his needs” which is a fallacy itself.

    So, how do you solve this then? You put a human named Muhammad in here and voila, we have the answer. Muhammad was angry because of the rejection he’d received. He vowed using his imaginary friend named Allah to burn them all in hell. Pay attention to the words, “but the Word from Me will come true”. This came from his offended feeling.

    As for your post, you wrote, “They are metaphors but the writer has taken them literally.”

    Just because you say that’s a metaphor doesn’t mean it’s a metaphor until you prove it here. Be specific, next time.

    You wrote, “And as for saying Allah guides who he wants to guide; he guides those who want to be guided.”

    What had caused “those who want to be guided”? Who’d designed that trait? Don’t be naïve. When you look at naughty kid, you advice him, if the kid refuses, you reason with him not mislead him yourself coz the mindset is different from you. What if the kid still refuses? You provide concrete example to make him learn the world, not misleading him again and beating him forever. In here, god is deliberately hiding from humans but at the same time he forces humans to accept him. Sounds psychopathic, isn’t it? When refused, he got angry but still hiding, never wants to be found. How does he show his anger while hiding like that? He’s using a human called prophet. How do you know which human reflect his anger and which not, why does he even use human who has the capability to lie?

    Quran states clearly that Allah can do as he pleases and this indicates that he can lie also. What kind of lie, you ask? You don't want to know.

    You wrote, “And it's a shame that you went to so much effort to find about Islam just so that you could slate it”

    Again, just because you call it “a shame” doesn’t mean it’s a shame. Islam stands on absurd theological ground and human blunder.

    You wrote, “Maybe if you actually paid attention, you could have put it to good use.”

    Islam is useless, that’s fact. It is destructive rather than constructive.

  162. Anon says:

    This argument is clearly one sided and interprets all of the Quranic verses and hadiths incorrectly. The writers lack of knowledge and understanding is clearly evident. Many of the quotes are misinterpreted. They are metaphors but the writer has taken them literally. And as for saying Allah guides who he wants to guide; he guides those who want to be guided.

    And it’s a shame that you went to so much effort to find about Islam just so that you could slate it. Maybe if you actually paid attention, you could have put it to good use.

  163. raiyu says:

    Thank u Mr. Sina for these informations..they really answers a lot of questions. There are a lot of error and confusions in the Quran that Muslim people refuse to admit.
    Especially regarding the issue of apostasy. Muslim claimed that in the Quran, those who are apostate should be killed.
    One question they should ask themselves before they decide to kill an apostate, ” How in the world these people suddenly renounce Islam?”
    I have heard that even Imams become apostate. Was it because these Imams are lack of knowledge in Islam? Of course not. If they don’t have the knowledge, how did they become Imam in the first place?
    One answer for this question. Because Allah has will it to happen.
    “Allah blots out and establishes what He pleases.” (3:39).
    “Allah has power over all things.” (3:159).
    “It is equal to them, whether you warn them or not, they will not believe. Allah has put the seal upon their hearts.” (2:6-7)
    “Whomsoever Allah guides, he is rightly guided, and whom he leads astray, they are the losers! We have created for Gehenna many jinns and men …” (7:178-179)
    – To the muslim readers who read this. Please think again. Whom should you blame?

  164. raiyu says:

    after reading this, now its clear that muslim people should not blame apostates like me for turning our back away from Islam. It is the will of Allah. Because it is stated that:
    “….Such are men whose hearts Allah has sealed.” (Q.47.16).
    Allah has sealed our hearts from continuing being a Muslim. Allah has guided us to being apostates.
    But still muslim people blame it on apostates themselves. Blame it on Allah. Don’t punish us for what Allah had made us to do, you silly Muslims.

  165. Guest says:

    The Bible also presents a unforgiving and jealous God.

    This is especially true of NT ONLY, NOT OT.

    The problem is that in Islam being able to pass the test of faith and to gain admittance to Paradise is not in our hand. It is Allah who chooses whom to guide and whom to lead astray.

    Now this may be stated explicitly in Islam (at the least islam is honest), but this is the case with bible or any other religion that believes in omniscient and omnipotent "god".

    Predestination is NOT a problem per say, unless the religion believes in creation-ex-nihilo and eternal hell simultaneously.

    One could ask a simple question as to why an allegedly omniscient "god" of bible knowingly create a soul destined for eternal hell?

    The presence or absence of "free-will (what ever your understanding of this term is)" is irrelevant.

    The very act of knowingly creating a soul from nothing destined for eternal hell is the very definition of predestination. The initial condition (creation) already determines the end of the soul. Without the creation of the soul, there is no one to endure eternal torture. Without creation of the soul, there is no "free-will", nor the actions of the soul that will lead him/her to eternal hell. The particular path the soul takes is also predetermined right at the point of creation. All the parameters or characteristics of the soul, its environment etc. are all predetermined, because this god has absolute control over the make-up of the soul, body, environment etc. at birth, which in turn determines all his future choices.

    How can an allegedly all loving god knowingly create and let his own creation be eternally tortured?

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