Should We Fear God?

Dear Sir,

My wife and I, along with our children, left Islam on 14-07-2013.  We are happy of our decision during the day, but at night we start to think that we have made sin and Allah will punish us.  

I kindly request you to please help us deal with this.  I know I’ll not return in that bog but it’s a critical problem with me because I’ve not announced it publicly. My father will not accept it and  I may lose him.  What should I do? I have no problem form my wife side. She also does not believe in this cult (Islam) and wants to forget her past and live a new life.

With Regards

Nizam  (not real name)

holographic universe


Dear Nizam.


Your email contains two questions.  I have already addressed the second question several times.  You don’t have to tell anything to your family.  There is no point to hurt their feelings and to put yourself in difficulty.   Muslims don’t mind if you are not a practicing believer. They are only offended if you are no longer a believer.  Keep your relationship with your family apart from your beliefs.  If and when you find them receptive, you can tell them the truth, gradually. But never let your beliefs ruin your relationship with your loved ones.  We are not in this world to play spiritual gurus to others. We are here to love others, specially our kit and kin.

As for your fear of God’s punishment, it is an unfounded fear.  God will not punish you. God will not judge you, even if you commit a sin. There is no judgment in God.  There is only love – unconditional love – only acceptance.   Just as there is no shadow in sun, there is no vengefulness or wrath in God.

I had a cat that I loved unconditionally. There was nothing he could do that could have made me love him less, let alone punish him. His death was a painful loss.  It is four years since he was hit by a car and my heart still yearns for him. At nights I close my eyes and imagine him sleeping over my feet, where he liked to sleep. I am an imperfect human and that animal was not related to me. If we humans can love an animal so unconditionally, imagine how God, a perfect being with infinite love, can love his own creation.

Those who talk about the wrath of God don’t know God. They are liars and deceivers who want to control you through fear.

In order to differentiate true spiritual teachings from false doctrines we have to understand the nature of God.  God is pure love and pure consciousness.  The nature of God is not different from our own nature.   We are made in the semblance of God. To know God all we have to do is to look into our own soul. If you want to see God don’t look upward; look inward.  The more we acquire consciousness and the more we grow in love, the more godlike we become.

We have a dual nature: an animal nature and a spiritual nature.  Fear, envy, anger, guilt, shame and all negative feelings derive from our animal nature. Love, joy, compassion, serenity, confidence and all things that uplift our soul are from our spiritual nature. You can see God when you look into your spiritual nature.  God is not out there. He is in here. The temple of God is not a building made of stone and bricks.  You are the temple of God. Your heart is the throne of God. It is up to you to keep God’s temple and throne clean and sanctified so He can occupy them. Sun shines everywhere, but if your mirror is dusty, it does not reflect its light.

Jesus said he is the son of God. He also said all of us are children of God. Children resemble their father. We all carry the spirit of God in us in the same way that we carry the genes of our physical father in our physical body.  We resemble our father, because half of our genes come from him. We also resemble our mother, because the other half of our genes come from her. But all of our spiritual essence comes from God. We are the colons of God.  Our spirit is the same spirit of God.  We are God in the same way that a drop is ocean.

Muhammad thought it is blasphemy to say Jesus is God. That spiritually blind man had no understanding of God. He envisioned God as a king, a despot that does as he pleases and is bounded by no rules, including his own.  In his petty divine weltanschauung God is a slave master and people are his slaves and he punishes ruthlessly those who fail to obey him. The tragedy is when 1.5 billion people follow that spiritual dunce and seek guidance from a lost soul bereft of any spiritual insight.

Jesus understood the nature of God. Not only he  was God, you and I are also God.  Everything is God. The universe is a reflection of God. We are all lights of God with different wave lengths.


Newton found out that the white light of the sun can be broken into seven colored lights.  There are more colors in the white light, but we can see seven of them. These seven colors combine and create infinite colors, millions of which are distinguishable by our eyes.  The colors that make the world so beautiful and diverse are in essence the same.  They are all reflections of sunlight.  Likewise, our spiritual essence and the spiritual essence of all beings – animals, plants and inanimate things – are from God.  Everything is the manifestation of God – a reflection of His being. Everything is God. There is nothing but God.

What is God? God is pure consciousness Pure consciousness is pure love.

Some years ago, I had a unique experience.  While I was taking shower, for a few seconds, suddenly, I was shown a world of pure consciousness.  I saw nothing with my eyes and heard no voices with my ears, but it was as if the entire knowledge of the universe was accessible to me and I could download them instantly just by turning my focus on them.  The best way to describe it is to imagine that I was standing in an unknown place in the middle of darkness.  Suddenly, there is lightening and everything is illumined for a short time. In those few seconds, I see the most incredible scenes surrounding me.  This wasn’t a visual experience. It was an experience in consciousness. You must have heard the story of Archimedes running out of his bath tub shouting eureka, eureka. We are all familiar with moments of aha,  when we say a lamp goes on in our head.  This was of that nature, but infinitely more powerful. Not a lamp but a sun went on in my head.

In those brief moments I understood that matter is conscious and it is in constant struggle to gain more existence. You see, existence has different degrees. A rock, a tree, a cat and a human all have physical existence.  But there is an existence in each higher realm that is absent in the lower realm.  There is life in the tree that is absent in the rock. There are senses in the cat that are absent in the tree and there is a higher level of consciousness in the human that is in absent in the cat.  Therefor, there is more existence in the human than there is in the cat. There is more existence in the cat that there is in the tree and there is more existence in the tree that there is in the rock.  Evolution is the struggle of the matter to attain  more existence. Existence is consciousness. Evolution is the means to acquire more consciousness.

What is the source of all these levels of existence? It is the infinite realty. It is pure consciousness and pure love.  The physical reality is founded on this consciousness.  Consciousness is what brings the matter into being. Not only atoms and molecules, everything, including life and senses derive from consciousness.

The more evolved the matter becomes the more it reflects God.  Complexity of the structure in the matter allows it to tune better into God and acquire more existence.  Matter is the mirror of God.  And since God is consciousness, the struggle of the matter is to gain more consciousness.  To be or not to be, is the dilemma of the matter and the force behind the evolution. It is this desire to be that brings forth stars, planets, life and intelligence. Things come into being  through consciousness. The universe is aware of itself.

I understood that everything is a  receiver. The difference between a computer  and a radio is that computer is a processor, like a juicer, while radio is a receiver. It receives imperceptible radio waves from an external source and transforms them to audible sounds.  That is what our bodies are. They are receivers. Our reality is somewhere else.

This receiver has gone through a series of evolutions. The more evolved it becomes the crisper it will sound. Think of television as an evolved radio. A television is a radio that in addition to sounds, it also receives images. The first televisions were in black & white. They evolved to become color televisions.  Today’s televisions are much more color realistic than those of a few years ago.  There is no reason to believe this is the end. Future televisions can be holographic where images can be viewed in 3D.

Matter undergoes a similar evolution. The more it evolves a better receiver it becomes. But what is it that matter receives? Where is the station that broadcasts existence, life, senses and consciousness? This station is the source of all things. Some call it God. That is where we are. We are in God.

We are not here. Nothing is here.  What you see is only a mirage – a hologram. Our reality is elsewhere.  We have never left the Source.  Our spirit (the real we) is never born and it will never die.  We have been with God and will be with Him forever.  We are spiritual beings, as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, having a physical experience. We are God, eternal as God himself.

Now, all this may sound mystical gobbledygook, but it is the latest theory of the universe backed by a growing number of top theoretical physicists.  They say the universe is a hologram. The information that makes us comes from elsewhere, a matrix, outside the universe.  You can call it God, Source, Infinite Consciousness, or whatever you like.

What I learned in this experience went against everything I knew of reality.  My understanding of the brain was that it works like a computer.  It generates our thoughts and experiences.  The idea that we are actually receivers was so bizarre that I did give the experience much thought.  It is only recently, that I have come across new discoveries in physics that seem to validate that experience.

Everything is a reflection of God. The immense love that exists in dogs is a reflection of the universal and unconditional love of God in this highly evolved animal. Yes this magnificent animal that was so despised by the spiritual dwarf Muhammad is a manifestation of God just as we are and just as everything else is. However, humans are the most evolved biological receivers in this planet. I say in this planet, because there are more evolved beings in other planets. We can reflect God with more intensity than any other animal.  If animals can be equated to a radio that can receive only the sound of God we are like color television that can receive God’s image, i.e., his consciousness and love, in full color, with utmost fidelity.

The challenge is the level of godhood that we can receive.  If God is love, the more we love, the more godlike we become. The question of good and evil is mute. Just as there is no shadow in light there is no evil in God.  It is all hues of goodness.  The darkness of hell is where there is little or no love.  Where there is no love there is no God. Where there is no God, is hell.

How did Muhammad understand God?  His entire harebrained religion is based on fear. Virtually ALL the emails Muslims send me echo this fear.  Every Muslim, whether educated or not, warns me of the punishment that is awaiting me. Fear has paralyzed their brains.   But fear of God is as absurd as fear of love.  How can one fear love? Fear comes from ignorance.  Muhammad was blind to spirituality and God. He was a narcissist and like all sociopaths used fear as a tool for manipulation.  It is a tragedy that 1.5 billion benighted people let themselves to be fooled by a dead psychopath. Muslims live in hell and have made the world hellish because their heart is filled with fear.  Love cannot enter a heart that is defiled by fear and thus  Muslims have separated themselves from God. They worship the fantasies of a mentally sick man and consider themselves to be the best of creation.  They live in hell both in this world and in the next.

There is no difference between this world and next world. We are already in the next world. It is that our head is so deeply stuck in this world that we can’t see our entire being, our soul, is already in the  invisible world. If you have no love for your fellow being, if you think the world is divided between Muslims and kafirs, and that those who don’t share your Muhammadan insanity are the worst of the creatures (Q. 98:6) while you and your fellow terrorist co-coreligionists are the best of people (Q. 3:110); if you think God has instructed you to be harsh with non Muslims (Q. 9:71), and has told you to not take them as friends (Q. 5:51) but cast terror in their hearts (Q. 8:12),  you are already in hell.  You are not just aware of it yet. Once the illusion of this life is removed, you will find yourself in the depth of hell. Your hatred of other humans has darkened your soul to such an extent that no light of God can reflect in it. Where there is no love, there is no God and where there is no God, is hell.

You have been fooled my friend, utterly fooled by a psychopath. He is in hell and you are with him now.  But I doubt you will meet each other. The denizens of hell are not aware of others.  They are so self absorbed that they will pass their eternity in isolation. Get rid of your hatred and realize that mankind is you. God does not give a damn about our beliefs. All that matters is love.  All love is from God, just as all colors are from sun. If you don’t love others it is because you have no love in you. It means you have no God in you.  God’s love is always there. It is you who have turned your back to Him.

You can’t serve two masters. You can’t follow a thug, a rapist, a mass murderer who had no love for anyone but himself, whose entire life was filled with crimes and depravity and follow the God of love at the same time.  What is wrong with you? How do you expect a criminal like Muhammad guide you to God? Come to your senses and leave this stupidity behind. You are the child of God.  Open your heart to love and to God and embrace all humanity in amity and love.   You can’t love God if you don’t love your fellow human.

Jesus unveiled this truth in a parable. He said, “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’  Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Mathew 25: 34-40)


I was hungry and you gave me something to eat

It is through love of our fellow being that we can love God. God is in people, the ordinary people that we meet and treat on daily basis.  And all you Muslims are told is to hate these people because they don’t believe in your asinine faith.  How pathetic of you!  You have learned all the sciences and can copy others like monkeys. You know computer, medicine, and even how to make atomic bomb, but you know nothing of God, of love and of truth.

Muslims burn church in Nigeria

Soon shall we cast terror in the hearts of unbelievers (Q. 3:151)

Muslim massacre Christians in Nigeria

Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger. (Q. 8:12)

This article was very different from any article I have written so far.  I touched a ground that I have not done before. But the discoveries made in quantum physics in the early years of the new century are revolutionizing our understanding of the universe and giving a new insight into our origin and who we are.  The dichotomy between science and spirituality is rapidly disappearing.  The purely materialistic interpretation of existence is no longer tenable.

At the same time I agree with Professor Dawkins and his criticism of religion. Dogmatic religion is poison.  Although I don’t suggest you follow anyone, I find beauty and wisdom in the teachings of Buddha, Jesus and a many Hindu philosophies.  Sadly, hardly any of their followers embody the wisdom of their masters.  However, science is finally validating much of what these enlightened souls have taught.

Materialism is dying. Quantum physics is showing us that the Newtonian world that we are familiar with, is actually not the reality of the universe. The foundation of the universe is based on particles that do not obey the Newtonian laws.  In fact, the universe could  well be only one particle that is manifesting itself in infinite places simultaneously and interacting with itself giving the illusion of an infinite universe.  Puzzled? Don’t be. The One-Electron Universe theory is the most plausible theory of the universe proposed by the Nobel Prize winner John Wheeler and it could very well be the case.

Imagine the consequence of it. This means we are made of the same electron.  We are the same thing repeating itself in multiple forms. Imagine then how ridiculous is when we hate one another and fight with each other. Have you seen a cat threatening his own reflection in a mirror?

This is truly an exciting time to be alive. For the first time we are at the threshold of unraveling the biggest mystery of existence: the origin of the universe. And it is nothing like our ancestors, or even ourselves a few years ago, could have envisioned.

Those interested in the subject of holographic universe may want to watch these videos.


And I strongly invite you to listen to the stories of these two ladies who died, went to the other world and came back to tell us about it.

Watch them and be prepared to change your world view.  The reality is like nothing we thought.


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  1. Hamba Allah says:


    Worship Allah Lord of All Worlds!
    Look for religion pure one God!
    Then we started talking goodness and truth.
    Do not hang the truth without God, then said, "Truth is the Fickle" so we argue about the truth coachman.
    say Al-Haq (Allah is the Supreme correct).
    We are the same product from the Creator.
    Meditate if we are intelligent people (logical thinking).

    Sembahlah Allah Tuhan Seluruh Alam !!!
    Carilah Agama yang "Murni" Meng-Esa-kan Tuhannya !!!
    Barulah kita mulai bicara kebaikan dan kebenaran.
    Janganlah kita menyandarkan kebenaran kepada tanpa Tuhan kemudian mengatakan "Kebenaran Adalah Fana" sehingga kita berdebat kusir tentang kebenaran.
    katakanlah Al-Haq (Allah yang Maha Benar).
    Kita adalah satu produk satu Pencipta.
    Renungkanlah jika kita orang-orang yang berakal (logis dalam berpikir).

  2. @EqbalAnwari says:

    Dear Sina, 
    I would very much like to follow you on twitter; as I frequently surf over it. Kindly give your twitter name.
    Appreciate it. 

  3. Raj says:

    Dear Ali Sina,
    Lots of love and respect.
    Just wanted to ask you, are you a Hindu?? or do you know Sri Sri Ravishankar ?? If yes, any thoughts on his movement??
    Thanks for doing a great service to all of us,

  4. Nizamuddin Sheikh says:

    "Atheists are evil!
    Muslims claim that atheists are evil, since we supposedly have no basis for our moral code. Other than our own desire not to do evil. Well, maybe I am evil. You tell me:
    • I’m evil because I’ve never excluded someone from my circle of friends because of their skin color or their sexual preference.
    • I’m evil because I’ve never condemned anyone to a mythical Hell because I didn’t like their beliefs.
    • I’m evil because I’ve never treated women as second-class citizens.
    • I’m evil because I’ve never shunned friends just because they got divorced.
    • I’m evil because I’ve never condemned someone for drinking alcohol. (But in heaven there is full authority to drink. 
    • I’m evil because I’ve never claimed to follow a leader and then done exactly the opposite of everything he taught.
    • I’m evil because I’ve never killed anyone because they wouldn’t follow a book 
    • I’m evil because I’ve never voted for a politician who tried to turn this country into a theocracy.
    • I’m evil because I’ve never beaten my children with a rod….hell, I’ve never even spanked them.
    • I’m evil because I’ve never taught  my children that kafir will be in Hell and Muslims will be in heaven while they have made lots of sin but Allah will forgive them.

  5. aminthemystic says:

    So, Sina has turned Xtian . . . tut, tut . . . .was Spencer not giving you money?

    Do you think Pipes will love you now?

    – – –

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. .

    I needed a laugh . . .

  6. munmun says:

    Dear Mr Sina, I liked your views expressed in article 'should we fear god' very much. This is the best piece I've read on this subject till date. Thank you! Previously I knew your sharp tongue and as critics say, Islam bashing, but you are much more than that. Though it's irrelevant, I feel you are an Indian.

  7. Ahmed says:

    So the lady came back! Seriously? I didn't expect this from Ali Sina. People won't believe what spiritual experiences religious people have but we'll believe that a lady came back? WOW. This one was disappointing.

  8. Ali Sina says:

    “Sometimes I talked with Muslims in the chat rooms, and no knowing me (they only knew I’m woman) they written that love me, want to marry me etc.”

    This is called love jihad. Muslim men are out there to deceive inexperienced and lonely non-Muslim women, to use them form visa, or use them sexually, or if they are fool enough use them as suicide bombers. There is no love in Islam. Muslims can’t love anyone because they can’t love themselves. There is no such thing as love in Muslims. If you find a Muslim still capable of loving, it is because he is not a real Muslim.

    God fills the hearts of every soul at birth with love. Everyone is a piece of God. So if you see a Muslim capable of loving it is the residue of God’s love still lingering in him. But light can be covered. A little dirt on a window can darken the room preventing the sunlight to enter. Islam is that filth that darkens the heart of Muslims, Without the light of God they lose every trace of humanity and can even kill children with no pangs of conscience, As in these cases

  9. takatam says:

    Very good article and entire website. You can write beautifully (I'm not sure it is suitable world:-)) about self-respect, self-esteem, love, empathy, even God (though you are atheist?) etc. I'm really impressed. I've never been Muslim, and I never even know any Muslim in real world. I've always heard bad things about Islam, but after reading Your articles I'm aghast and frightened – I didn't think that Islam is SUCH religion. Sometimes I talked with Muslims in the chat rooms, and no knowing me (they only knew I'm woman) they written that love me, want to marry me etc. and I was always amazed at it. Now I understand why they talking like this. They have the mentality of children. One of them said me that 30 years ago scientist discovered something what was went down in the Qur'an – that was something about mother's womb – now I know he spoke about "Miracles Of The Qur'an" – God teach biology (and not only) by the Qur'an. Thank you for information. All the best.

  10. sebastian shaw says:

    sir but the biggest problem is that surahs of quran are not arranged according to chronology and one who is ignorant about this fact can take quran anyway one wants it thats why we have peaceful as well as violent muslims if the surahs were arranged according to chronology one can get an insight into mind of writer about the true message he wants to convey

  11. NabiCabul says:

    Saint Ali Sina 😀

  12. Aryan Hindu says:

    I want to thank Ali Sina for removing the fear of Allah from my mind. I am a born Hindu and like most Hindus are taught that all gods were true and should be respected. So while we disliked Muslims slightly we respected Allah and Mohammed. So one fine day I decided to read Koran. After reading Koran I FELT THAT SOMEONE HAS THREATENED ME. It made me angry and uneasy. But I was meant to respect Koran, a book which threatens Hindus like me. Only after reading Sina's website I came to the correct understanding of Allah. He freed me from the fear of offending 'Allah the god'. Thank you Ali Sina.

  13. Denial is no proof says:

    Jai guru alisina
    Ahambrahmasmi, tatvamasi.
    I am god .
    Your philosophy is dharma. The righteousness.

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