Who is Deaf, Dumb and Blind?

A Muslim wrote to me saying he read some of my articles and believes that I got it all wrong. He advised that I should read the Quran to have a correct understanding of Islam. When a Muslim tells me I should read the Quran I know that he has not read that book. The Quran is an ugly book, written by an illiterate who could not compose clear and comprehensive sentences. As the result the book is tedious and no fun to read. Few Muslims ever read it.

I told this Muslim that I know the Quran as well and the life of Muhammad quite well and suggested he should read them. He wrote back saying he opened the Quran at random and read the Sura 47 and found it quite interesting. He asked me what is wrong with that sura.

It is amazing that even when Muslims read the Quran they can’t see what is wrong with it. In this article I will explain the content of this short chapter and encourage Muslims to read the Quran as they would any other book, i.e. with critical eyes, not as believers. They then may get a different picture.

The Sura 47 is named after Muhammad because he mentioned his name in verse 2. The other name of this sura is ‘al Qital’ (fighting), which is derived from the sentence wa dhukira fi-hal-qital in verse 20 that encourage Muslim to fight.

This chapter was dictated after Muhammad migrated to Medina and began his career as a highway robber, raiding and looting villages and towns.

It says that Muslims should fight the non-Muslims whose good deeds are devoid of virtue, “All the good deeds of the non-Muslims are in vain. (47:8-9) Only Muslims are righteous. This is typical of cults. Cult leaders divide the world between believers and unbelievers (us vs. them) and vilify the unbelievers while instill in the believers a sense of superiority. Muhammad said the unbelievers are the worst animals, (8:55) hated by God and fuel for hell. They are like cattle and will have for their dwelling hell fire (47:12) while Muslims are the best people (3:110). He also said. God forgives the sins of the righteously striving believers who have faith in what is revealed to Muhammad – which is the Truth from his Lord (47:2).

Worst than animals

Worst than animals


The best of people

The best of people

In nowhere Muhammad attempts to prove his claim. He simply testifies to the truth of his own claim and expects everyone to believe him with no evidence. His proof is threat. In verse10 he says, “Have they not traveled through the land and seen the terrible end of those who lived before them? God brought upon them utter destruction and the disbelievers will also face similar perdition.” And “How many towns, (bigger than Mecca) have We destroyed and left helpless?” (47:13).

Everyone dies. How can death be the proof for the claim of Muhammad? Can’t any charlatan use the same argument to establish his claim? “One day you will die and will have to answer God so you better believe in me,” is a stupid argument. It does not prove the truth of one’s claim.

Threats such as “How terrible it will be for them when the angels take away their souls by striking their faces and their backs” (47:27) that abound as proof of Islam can easily be used against Muhammad and Muslims too. If God is just, it is Muhammad and Muslims who would spend their eternity in hell for all the crime they have committed and Muslim continue to commit against mankind.

The only argument Muhammad ever gave in support of his claim was threat which abound in the Quran. To say “if you don’t believe me my followers will kill you an you will also burn in hell, therefore I am a prophet of God,” is not a very intelligent argument.

After establishing his truth, with logical fallacies, Muhammad then instructed his followers to fight and strike off the heads of those who disbelieve (47:4). Most translators have felt the need to insert in parenthesis, (in the battle). However, the Arabic verse says, “When you meet those who disbelieve, smite their necks.” The battle starts anytime Muslims want it. A Muslim can arm himself with AK 47 and start shooting non-Muslims, and a peaceful day is transformed in a day of war. The same verse says, take the unbelievers as captives, whom then you can free with ransom. That is what ISIS and Boko Haram do.

He says fighting the unbelievers “is a law” and had God wanted, He could have granted the believers victory without needing them to fight, but He wants to test the believers’ faith. Thus a Muslim can prove his faith by fighting and by killing the non-Muslims. “We shall certainly test you until We know those who fight hard for the cause of God and those who exercise patience. (47:31).

It is not hard to see the similarity of Islam to any gangster group where the newcomers have to kill someone in order to prove their loyalty to the gang. The verse 4 in this sura clearly states that Allah can make his religion victorious without needing Muslims to kill, but he wants them to kill the unbelievers to prove their faith. The history of early Islam is full of examples where Muslims offered to kill their own father and mother to prove their faith. I have given details of some of those stories in my book The Life of Muhammad.

He asked his followers to fight for him and to finance his raids and called those who did not pay handsomely, niggardly and humiliated them publicly. “Should He ask for your possessions you would be niggardly as it would be hard for you to give. Thus, He would make your malice become public (47:37).” And, “It is you who are asked to spend for the cause of God, but some of you behave in a niggardly way. Whoever behaves miserly does so against his own soul. God is Self-sufficient and you are poor. If you were to turn away from Him, He would just replace you with another people, who will not be like you.” (47:38).

He promise everlasting happiness and improvement of the condition of those who wage war for him and also admission to Paradise where streams of unpolluted water, milk of unchangeable taste, delicious wine, and crystal clear honey flow, and where they can eat all kinds of fruits. On the other hand, he promised to those who did not believe in him eternal hellfire and drinks of boiling water which will rip their intestines to bits? (47:15).

Arabs were never famous for their morals at any time in history. However, even for them the idea that God would want His believers to fight and kill other was something hard to swallow. Most believers of Medina were particularly loath in fighting. Since they feared for their live to say Muhammad is lying, they said “Why is a chapter about fighting for the cause of God not revealed?” (47:20) He said there is sickness in the heart of those who say such thing and went on to ordering the believers to fight and to kill. All the suras he dictated in Medina are injunctions to fight. He said, “Since they have (pledged) us obedience, it would be more proper for them, when it is decided (that everyone must take part in the battle), to remain true (in their pledge to God) (47:21) and obey Muhammad.

That is the problem with being a Muslim. Once you pledge obedience to Islam you can’t refuse the orders of Muhammad to fight, or you won’t be true in your pledge and faith. Once a person accepts Islam he or she becomes a potential terrorist.

In Medina Muhammad created a state of total terror. No one dared to say what they thought about him openly. So when he insisted that they should go to war some of the believers said, “We shall obey you in some matters,” They did not want to kill people. They knew that a real God would not tell people to engage in highway robbery, to raid, to loot and to rape.

The atmosphere of Medina was no different to James’ Town or any cult compound where the cultists fear each other and where the dissenters are punished harshly. Muhammad said he could sense some people did not like to go to war from the “tone of their speech.” (47:30) He condemned them and warned them of their terrible punishment. “Those who have reverted to disbelief after guidance has become manifest to them, have been seduced and given false hopes by Satan. (47:25)

The truth is that Muslims are the ones who are given false hope by Satan. Those who reverted did not do so in the hope to enrich themselves with booty, wealth, and the lust for captured women or virgins in Paradise. They left Islam because they realized Muhammad was a liar giving them false hopes.

In this sura he said, “Do not be weak hearted and do not appeal for a settlement when you have the upper hand.”  And “God is with you and He will never reduce the reward for your deeds” (47:35). Those who think they can co-exist with Muslims are deluded. Muslims will settle for nothing less than total supremacy.

As long as Muslims have the upper hand they will continue waging jihad and with each victory they will increase their terror. They will only settle when they are crushed and have no chance of winning. The reason jihad is launched again is because Muslims feel strong again. It will end when they are defeated and subdued. Muslims are peaceful only when they are kept under the boot. If not they will be at your throat. This is the ethos of Islam, and the mindset of the psychopath. Muslims are psychopathic to the extent that they emulate their prophet.

The irony is that despite numerous injunctions to fight and to loot the wealth of others Muhammad also said, “The worldly life is only a childish game. If you have faith and piety, you will receive your rewards and God will not ask you to pay for them.” (47:36). If the worldly life is only a childish game why was he so keen to rob the wealth of others and amass so much wealth? Why would he brag, “I have been promised the wealth of this world?” Jesus did live a life worthy of a prophet. Muhammad’s life was that of a thug and a highway robber.

The verse 11 of this sura says God is the guardian of the believers, but the disbelievers have no guardian. Considering the wretched state of the Muslim world it seems that Muslims’ god is doing a very poor job in guarding them. They all want to escape their Islamic countries where Allah is in charge and come to kafir lands.

Anyone who reads the Quran can see this book is evil. Muslims are ignorant of its content and yet they encourage others to read it.   In this sura Muhammad said the disbeliever are deaf, dumb, and blind (47:23). Who is deafer, dumber and blinder than Muslims? He said the unbelievers do not think about the Quran or their hearts is sealed. (47:24). As we saw, it is the hearts of Muslims that is sealed. Any rational person who reads the Quran can see this book is satanic.

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