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The Portrait of a Moderate Muslim

    Sheila Musaji responded again. But she did not answer any of my questions. She wrote, “I have no obligation to discuss any of these issues with him.” (That “him” is me. Sheila...

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Ali Sina vs. Sheila Musaji

Even though Sheila Musaji refuses to interact with me directly, apparently she reads my responses and your comments and responds on her site.  She does not think it is necessary to let me know...

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Sheila Musaji and Fear of Freedom

This article is in response to Sheila Musaji’s answer to my email to her.  You can read our previous interaction here.   Dear Ms. Musaji, You start your response by addressing me, “Dear Ali...

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An Olive Branch For Sheila Musaji

Last night, searching the web, I stumbled upon website and read a few articles by Sheila Musaji.  Ms. Musaji has dedicated all her energy to malign the anti-Jihad activists such as Wafa Sultan,...

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Ali Sina Debates a Palestinian over Israel

The following message was originally posted in and generated close to 1800 comments. I think if you become muslims again you will be out of business – You are benefiting from this situation...,